Rocktone (Formanta) UDS Drum Samples

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The torrent has 45 files, total 50.0MB, created at Dec. 17, 2014.

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uds drum samples formanta rocktone

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Torrent Contents ( 45 files)

electric synthesized loops/drum'n bass long loop C# (153 bpm).wav36.0MB

electric synthesized loops/funk loop C# (153 bpm).wav2.0MB

electric synthesized loops/funk loop 2 (152 bpm).wav2.0MB

electric synthesized loops/jungle loop (204 bpm).wav1.0MB

electric synthesized loops/hip hop loop (153 bpm).wav1.0MB

synthesized samples/cymbal.wav490.0KB

clear samples/cymbal.wav490.0KB

electro synth samples/splash.wav393.0KB

electro synth samples/china.wav392.0KB

electro synth samples/hi tom.wav361.0KB

electro synth samples/mid tom.wav341.0KB

electro synth samples/low tom.wav339.0KB

electro synth samples/snare electric.wav317.0KB

electro synth samples/floor tom.wav280.0KB

percussion synth samples/water low.wav247.0KB

electro synth samples/crash.wav246.0KB

synthesized samples/low tom.wav210.0KB

electro synth samples/clap.wav198.0KB

synthesized samples/sd.wav175.0KB

electro synth samples/big drum.wav171.0KB

synthesized samples/hi tom.wav169.0KB

synthesized samples/clap.wav144.0KB

electro synth samples/snare.wav143.0KB

electro synth samples/open hi hat.wav143.0KB

synthesized samples/bd.wav142.0KB

percussion synth samples/indian water hi.wav140.0KB

percussion synth samples/indian water low.wav137.0KB

synthesized samples/mid tom.wav124.0KB

percussion synth samples/water.wav122.0KB

electro synth samples/ride bell.wav122.0KB

percussion synth samples/indian water mid.wav112.0KB

electro synth samples/closed hi hat.wav97.0KB

percussion synth samples/deep water.wav90.0KB

synthesized samples/hi hat.wav77.0KB

clear samples/hi hat.wav77.0KB

percussion synth samples/conga low.wav59.0KB

clear samples/low tom.wav53.0KB

clear samples/mid tom.wav50.0KB

clear samples/bd.wav44.0KB

clear samples/hi tom.wav40.0KB

clear samples/sd.wav38.0KB

percussion synth samples/cow bell 1.wav37.0KB

percussion synth samples/conga hi.wav35.0KB

percussion synth samples/cow bell 2.wav35.0KB

clear samples/clap.wav8.0KB

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