Lynda - Developing For The Apple Icloud Api With IOS

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lynda - developing for the apple icloud api with ios

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05. Working with iCloud Documents/05_05-Handling document metadata events.mp427.0MB

04. Working with iCloud Key-Value Pairs/04_05-Handling updated notes.mp422.0MB

02. Building the Note-Taking App/02_06-Displaying and saving notes.mp420.0MB

04. Working with iCloud Key-Value Pairs/04_02-Using iCloud as your main data source.mp417.0MB

02. Building the Note-Taking App/02_05-Adding notes.mp415.0MB

06. Conclusion/06_01-Next steps.mp413.0MB

05. Working with iCloud Documents/05_01-Understanding the UIDocument class.mp413.0MB

03. Preparing the App to Use iCloud/03_01-Understanding what iCloud does.mp412.0MB

04. Working with iCloud Key-Value Pairs/04_04-Handling deleted notes.mp411.0MB

05. Working with iCloud Documents/05_04-Tracking changes and autosaving documents.mp411.0MB

02. Building the Note-Taking App/02_07-Sorting and deleting notes.mp410.0MB

02. Building the Note-Taking App/02_04-Creating helper methods for manipulating data.mp49.0MB

04. Working with iCloud Key-Value Pairs/04_03-Adding notes when cloud data is found.mp49.0MB

04. Working with iCloud Key-Value Pairs/04_01-Understanding key-value pairs in iCloud.mp49.0MB

02. Building the Note-Taking App/02_03-Building the data model and constants.mp48.0MB

02. Building the Note-Taking App/02_02-Creating the project.mp47.0MB

05. Working with iCloud Documents/05_03-Opening, closing, and saving documents.mp46.0MB

01. Introduction/01_01-Welcome.mp46.0MB

05. Working with iCloud Documents/05_02-Working with cloud document URLs.mp46.0MB

02. Building the Note-Taking App/02_01-Understanding class structure for this app.mp45.0MB

01. Introduction/01_04-Demoing the finished app.mp45.0MB

03. Preparing the App to Use iCloud/03_02-Making your app compatible with iCloud in the developer portal.mp44.0MB

05. Working with iCloud Documents/05_06-Deleting a document from iCloud.mp44.0MB

03. Preparing the App to Use iCloud/03_03-Modifying your project`s properties for iCloud connectivity.mp42.0MB

01. Introduction/01_02-What you should know before taking this course.mp41.0MB

01. Introduction/01_03-Using the exercise files.mp41.0MB

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