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Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1982) Mainstream/01 The Calling.mp318.0MB

Songs/Renee Garcia/(1992) Living in Vertical/04 Deepest Love.mp314.0MB

Songs/Rick Elias/(1990) Rick Elias & The Confessions/05 Someday.mp314.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/11 The Gods Of Men (Extended Version).mp314.0MB

Songs/Nancy Honeytree/(1979) Maranatha Marathon/07 Psalm 57.mp314.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/02 Keep Me Runnin'.mp313.0MB

Songs/Rick Elias/(1990) Rick Elias & The Confessions/08 Without One Word.mp313.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/08 Christmas At Denny's.mp313.0MB

Songs/Nancy Honeytree/(1979) Maranatha Marathon/05 Father Lift Me Up.mp313.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/05 You're Loved Tonight.mp313.0MB

Songs/Northbound/(1983) Northbound/04 What Do You Do.mp313.0MB

Songs/Randy Matthews/(1973) Son of Dust/09 Didn't He.mp313.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1982) Get the Drift/10 I Would Have Listened.mp312.0MB

Songs/Renee Garcia/(1992) Living in Vertical/03 I See Love.mp312.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1986) This Town/04 This Town.mp312.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1983) Equater/06 China.mp312.0MB

Songs/Rick Elias/(1990) Rick Elias & The Confessions/09 Stones.mp312.0MB

Songs/Northbound/(1983) Northbound/02 Maybe Tonight.mp311.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/06 True Blood.mp311.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/05 You Can Still Walk Tall.mp311.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/01 Starlings.mp311.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1982) Get the Drift/04 Somebody Told Me.mp311.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/02 Stand Like Steel.mp311.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/09 Judgement Day.mp311.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/01 King Of Hearts.mp311.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1982) Get the Drift/02 All Very Well.mp311.0MB

Songs/Randy Matthews/(1973) Son of Dust/05 Brown Eyed Woman.mp310.0MB

Songs/Rick Crawford/(1991) Our Town/10 Hold On To Love.mp310.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1986) This Town/01 It's The Heart That Matters.mp310.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/11 Ready To Go.mp310.0MB

Songs/Rick Elias/(1990) Rick Elias & The Confessions/06 The Word Is Love.mp310.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1986) Live & Learn/06 Let Love Happen To You.mp310.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1986) This Town/10 Where Love Begins.mp310.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1986) This Town/06 Get Into Motion.mp310.0MB

Songs/Renee Garcia/(1992) Living in Vertical/08 Imagination.mp310.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1982) Mainstream/02 Mainstream.mp310.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1983) Equater/04 Even The Best Of Friends.mp310.0MB

Songs/Rick Crawford/(1991) Our Town/08 We Are One.mp310.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1986) Live & Learn/02 Live And Learn.mp310.0MB

Songs/Renee Garcia/(1992) Living in Vertical/01 More Than Fascination.mp310.0MB

Songs/Renee Garcia/(1992) Living in Vertical/09 I Want To Be Used For You.mp310.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1983) Equater/02 Big Ideas (In The Shrinking World).mp310.0MB

Songs/Northbound/(1983) Northbound/06 Life Without Your Love.mp310.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/05 Puppet Strings.mp310.0MB

Songs/Renee Garcia/(1992) Living in Vertical/06 I've Got My Eye On You.mp310.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1986) This Town/05 It's Alright To Cry.mp310.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/09 Love Tells No Lies.mp310.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1986) This Town/09 Hey Frankie.mp310.0MB

Songs/Northbound/(1983) Northbound/03 Livin' In The Light.mp310.0MB

Songs/Rick Crawford/(1991) Our Town/03 Our Town.mp310.0MB

Songs/Rick Crawford/(1991) Our Town/05 Calvary.mp39.0MB

Songs/Renee Garcia/(1992) Living in Vertical/02 Running From A Legacy.mp39.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1990) The Chisel/02 The Chisel.mp39.0MB

Songs/Rick Elias/(1990) Rick Elias & The Confessions/02 Streets Of Rome.mp39.0MB

Songs/Rick Crawford/(1991) Our Town/07 Cristo Te Ama (Christ Loves You).mp39.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1982) Mainstream/09 It Is Done.mp39.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1986) This Town/07 Army Of Love.mp39.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1983) Equater/07 Cosmetic Fixation.mp39.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1982) Mainstream/08 One Song Is Not Enough.mp39.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/04 Bells.mp39.0MB

Songs/Renee Garcia/(1992) Living in Vertical/05 Living In The Vertical.mp39.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1986) Live & Learn/05 So Good To Know.mp39.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/03 The Gods Of Men.mp39.0MB

Songs/Rick Elias/(1990) Rick Elias & The Confessions/01 Confession Of Love.mp39.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/03 I Don't Ever Want To Live Without You.mp39.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1990) The Chisel/05 The Darker The Night.mp39.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1990) The Chisel/01 The Harder The Wind Blows.mp39.0MB

Songs/Northbound/(1983) Northbound/05 Evening Song.mp39.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1986) Live & Learn/04 Keep The Light On.mp39.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1982) Get the Drift/01 Midnight Diamond.mp39.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1982) Mainstream/04 Come And Give It All You've Got.mp39.0MB

Songs/Rick Elias/(1990) Rick Elias & The Confessions/10 Stripped.mp39.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1986) Live & Learn/01 Everlasting Joy.mp39.0MB

Songs/Renee Garcia/(1992) Living in Vertical/07 The Bounce.mp39.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/06 Until You're Love Broke Through.mp39.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/04 Friend Of Old.mp39.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1986) Live & Learn/09 Beautiful The Dreamer.mp39.0MB

Songs/Rick Crawford/(1991) Our Town/02 Angel On The Way.mp39.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1986) This Town/03 Break My Heart.mp39.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1982) Get the Drift/09 Rising.mp39.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1982) Get the Drift/08 Feeling Alright.mp39.0MB

Songs/Rick Crawford/(1991) Our Town/04 Lord Of My Life.mp38.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1986) Live & Learn/03 Never Be Another.mp38.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/01 I Am Your Child.mp38.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1986) This Town/08 Starting Over.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/07 I've Got News For You.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/10 Good News.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1983) Equater/01 Light Of The World.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1983) Equater/10 World Without Pain.mp38.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1986) Live & Learn/08 Praisemaker.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/09 Christmas Song For All Year 'round.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1983) Equater/08 Turning Thirty.mp38.0MB

Songs/Nancy Honeytree/(1979) Maranatha Marathon/02 The Pilgrim.mp38.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1982) Mainstream/06 Give It Up.mp38.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1982) Get the Drift/05 So Far So Gd.mp38.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1990) The Chisel/09 Crimson Stream.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/03 The Winner (High Card).mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/01 I Could Never Say Goodbye (Duet With Amy Grant).mp38.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1982) Mainstream/03 Man Out Of Time.mp38.0MB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/07 Too Cool For Sunday School.mp38.0MB

Songs/Rick Crawford/(1991) Our Town/06 He Carries You.mp38.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1986) Live & Learn/07 A Holy Nation.mp38.0MB

Songs/Rick Elias/(1990) Rick Elias & The Confessions/04 Before The Fall.mp38.0MB

Songs/Northbound/(1983) Northbound/08 When I Look In Your Eyes.mp38.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1990) The Chisel/04 Surrender.mp38.0MB

Songs/Nancy Honeytree/(1979) Maranatha Marathon/08 Bethel.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/02 Love Beyond Reason.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/08 Angry Young Men.mp38.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1982) Mainstream/07 Believing For The Best In You.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/04 Lung Cancer.mp38.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1984) Missing in Action/04 The Voice.mp38.0MB

Songs/Northbound/(1983) Northbound/01 Dancing In The Aisles.mp38.0MB

Songs/Rick Crawford/(1991) Our Town/09 Jesus Loves The Little Children.mp38.0MB

Songs/Northbound/(1983) Northbound/07 You Got Me Singin'.mp38.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1984) Missing in Action/02 Missing In Action.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Matthews/(1973) Son of Dust/01 Holy Band.mp38.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1984) Missing in Action/01 Come Over (To My Heart).mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/10 Cross That Line.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/10 Weight Of The Sky.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1983) Equater/09 Hide Them In Your Love.mp38.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/08 Song For Sarah.mp37.0MB

Songs/Rick Elias/(1990) Rick Elias & The Confessions/03 Miles And Miles.mp37.0MB

Songs/Randy Matthews/(1973) Son of Dust/06 Here I Am.mp37.0MB

Songs/Rick Elias/(1990) Rick Elias & The Confessions/07 Riot (Comin' On).mp37.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/12 The Winner.mp37.0MB

Songs/Rick Crawford/(1991) Our Town/01 All Of Me.mp37.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1982) Get the Drift/06 Dance.mp37.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1990) The Chisel/03 Believers.mp37.0MB

Songs/Russians/(1983) Love Forever More/10 I'll See The Savior.mp37.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/14 Keep Me Running.mp37.0MB

Songs/Russians/(1983) Love Forever More/05 The Devil's Trap.mp37.0MB

Songs/Nancy Honeytree/(1979) Maranatha Marathon/03 Live For Jesus.mp37.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1984) Missing in Action/05 Deception.mp37.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1984) Missing in Action/07 Seven 8.mp37.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1986) This Town/02 Hide And Seek.mp37.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1982) Get the Drift/07 Don't Turn Your Ba.mp37.0MB

Songs/Nancy Honeytree/(1979) Maranatha Marathon/04 That's When We Learn To Fly.mp37.0MB

Songs/Nancy Honeytree/(1979) Maranatha Marathon/06 Rughteous Rock 'n' Roll.mp37.0MB

Songs/Nancy Honeytree/(1979) Maranatha Marathon/01 Maranatha Marathon.mp37.0MB

Songs/Richie Furay/(1978) Dance a Little Light/10 Stand Your Guard.mp37.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1984) Look Who Loves You Now/05 Emotions Wound Us So.mp37.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1984) Tender Heart/04 The Darker The Night.mp37.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1982) Mainstream/05 Praise His Name And See It Happen.mp37.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1990) The Chisel/08 Thender Heart.mp37.0MB

Songs/Randy Matthews/(1973) Son of Dust/10 Pharaoh's Hand.mp37.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1983) Equater/05 American Fast Food.mp37.0MB

Songs/Russians/(1983) Love Forever More/08 He Knows Me.mp37.0MB

Songs/Painted Orange/(1984) Painted Orange/06 Stay Please Stay.mp37.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1984) Electric Eye/01 Neon.mp37.0MB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/03 I Believe In Him.mp37.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/11 Janet.mp37.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1984) Tender Heart/02 Even The Stones.mp37.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1990) The Chisel/07 Cover Me Lord.mp37.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/06 First Prayer.mp37.0MB

Songs/Painted Orange/(1984) Painted Orange/01 Colours.mp37.0MB

Songs/Robin Crow/(1985) Seven Seventy-Seven/04 Let The Truth Come Out.mp37.0MB

Songs/Painted Orange/(1984) Painted Orange/07 To Carry On.mp37.0MB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/05 I Forgot.mp37.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1984) Look Who Loves You Now/06 Wandering The Night.mp37.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1986) No Kidnap Today/02 Healer.mp37.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1982) Michele Pillar/10 I Can Do It All By Myself.mp37.0MB

Songs/Robin Crow/(1985) Seven Seventy-Seven/08 Quiet Times.mp37.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1982) Michele Pillar/08 In Nazareth There's A Carpenter.mp37.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1984) Electric Eye/08 Electric Eye.mp37.0MB

Songs/Northbound/(1983) Northbound/09 Easy Street.mp36.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1984) Missing in Action/10 Where Do We Go From Here.mp36.0MB

Songs/Painted Orange/(1984) Painted Orange/03 Amanda.mp36.0MB

Songs/Randy Matthews/(1973) Son of Dust/02 The Bad Hasn't Made It Better.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1986) No Kidnap Today/08 Two Edged Sword.mp36.0MB

Songs/Painted Orange/(1984) Painted Orange/09 Bow Down.mp36.0MB

Songs/Painted Orange/(1984) Painted Orange/04 Voyager.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1983) Reign On Me/05 There He Was.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1982) Michele Pillar/01 Walk Across Heaven.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1984) Tender Heart/06 Crimson Stream.mp36.0MB

Songs/Randy Matthews/(1973) Son of Dust/07 On The Road.mp36.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/02 The Rock Medley.mp36.0MB

Songs/Painted Orange/(1984) Painted Orange/02 Shake Me.mp36.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/13 News For You.mp36.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/07 07 - The Soul Medley.mp36.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/07 Strong Hand Of Love.mp36.0MB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/11 I Belong To You.mp36.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1982) Get the Drift/03 Junior.mp36.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/16 Randy And Larry Writing Heart Lock.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1986) No Kidnap Today/07 Secret Admirer.mp36.0MB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/01 Somebody Loves You.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1990) The Chisel/06 Every Single Step.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1984) Tender Heart/09 I Have Returned.mp36.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1984) Electric Eye/03 Scene Of The Crime.mp36.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1982) Koo-ah/09 I Wanna Be Like You.mp36.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1984) Electric Eye/04 Fast Forward.mp36.0MB

Songs/Painted Orange/(1984) Painted Orange/08 You Walked.mp36.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/02 One Way Out.mp36.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/07 Hymn.mp36.0MB

Songs/September/(1984) Lines are Falling/07 Somethin's Comin'.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1984) Tender Heart/07 Another Song Of Praise.mp36.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1984) Missing in Action/09 Lifetime Guarantee.mp36.0MB

Songs/Randy Matthews/(1973) Son of Dust/03 It Ain't Easy.mp36.0MB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/04 Give It All You Got.mp36.0MB

Songs/Painted Orange/(1984) Painted Orange/10 Hands.mp36.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1983) Equater/03 Shut De Do.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1986) No Kidnap Today/03 Holy Is Our God.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1984) Look Who Loves You Now/08 Here We Go.mp36.0MB

Songs/Robin Crow/(1985) Seven Seventy-Seven/03 Starting Over.mp36.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/09 I Will Lift My Voice.mp36.0MB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/08 I'm Not That Kind Of Guy.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1986) No Kidnap Today/09 Death Died.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1984) Tender Heart/03 Tender Heart.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1983) Reign On Me/02 He Rolled Away The Stone.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1986) No Kidnap Today/06 Black Or White.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1982) Michele Pillar/02 You Were There All Along.mp36.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1984) Electric Eye/02 Boxes.mp36.0MB

Songs/Russians/(1983) Love Forever More/03 Golden City.mp36.0MB

Songs/Nancy Honeytree/(1979) Maranatha Marathon/10 Do You Love Me.mp36.0MB

Songs/September/(1984) Lines are Falling/02 Too Little Time.mp36.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/07 Create In Me A Clean Heart.mp36.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1984) Tender Heart/01 Believers.mp36.0MB

Songs/September/(1984) Lines are Falling/01 Lines Are Falling.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1984) Look Who Loves You Now/04 Just Take A Step.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1982) Michele Pillar/03 More Than Just A Man.mp35.0MB

Songs/Russians/(1983) Love Forever More/04 Step By Step.mp35.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/10 Help Me Out.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1983) Reign On Me/06 My Heart Is A Stone.mp35.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/04 Just Visiting.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1984) Look Who Loves You Now/01 Each Day He Gives Me.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1986) No Kidnap Today/10 Vigilant.mp35.0MB

Songs/Robin Crow/(1985) Seven Seventy-Seven/01 Titanic.mp35.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1984) Missing in Action/08 Give It Up.mp35.0MB

Songs/Russians/(1983) Love Forever More/07 Feeling.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1986) No Kidnap Today/04 After Your Eyes.mp35.0MB

Songs/September/(1984) Lines are Falling/08 You Don't Love Me.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1982) Michele Pillar/07 The Things I Hope For You.mp35.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1984) Missing in Action/06 Better Way.mp35.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1982) Koo-ah/04 Eternity.mp35.0MB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1984) Missing in Action/03 Really Takes Care.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1983) Reign On Me/09 One Move Of Your Spirit.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1982) Michele Pillar/05 Free From The Night.mp35.0MB

Songs/Nancy Honeytree/(1979) Maranatha Marathon/09 Go To Church.mp35.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1986) Wear Your Colors/08 Nightfall.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1982) Michele Pillar/04 You've Known Me All My Life.mp35.0MB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/02 I Ain't Clowning Around (No More With God).mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1984) Look Who Loves You Now/10 I Want To Make A Difference.mp35.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1984) Electric Eye/05 Masks.mp35.0MB

Songs/Randy Matthews/(1973) Son of Dust/08 Evacuation Day.mp35.0MB

Songs/Russians/(1983) Love Forever More/02 Castles Of Sand.mp35.0MB

Songs/Painted Orange/(1984) Painted Orange/05 Standing Still.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1983) Reign On Me/08 When Love Draws Near.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1984) Look Who Loves You Now/07 To Worship You.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1984) Look Who Loves You Now/09 One Day Like Him.mp35.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/04 Answering Machine.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1982) Michele Pillar/06 Rock Of Love.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1991) The Race/05 Cry From The East.mp35.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/01 Future Now.mp35.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/03 Changed.mp35.0MB

Songs/Robin Crow/(1985) Seven Seventy-Seven/05 Lift Up Your Voices.mp35.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/01 He Lives In Me.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1984) Look Who Loves You Now/02 Look Who Loves You Now.mp35.0MB

Songs/September/(1984) Lines are Falling/09 Hold Your Ground.mp35.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1982) Koo-ah/08 Just A Little Bit More.mp35.0MB

Songs/Randy Matthews/(1973) Son of Dust/04 Mighty Fine.mp35.0MB

Songs/September/(1984) Lines are Falling/04 Calling For You.mp35.0MB

Songs/Russians/(1983) Love Forever More/01 Love Forever More.mp35.0MB

Songs/Robin Crow/(1985) Seven Seventy-Seven/07 Seven Seventy-Seven.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1991) The Race/08 Morning Light.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1986) No Kidnap Today/01 No Kidnap Today.mp35.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1984) The Wild Frontier/04 Words On The Wind.mp35.0MB

Songs/Russians/(1983) Love Forever More/06 Someone To Share.mp35.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1984) The Wild Frontier/09 Evangeline.mp35.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/05 Under The Gun.mp35.0MB

Songs/September/(1984) Lines are Falling/03 Ready To Live.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1984) Look Who Loves You Now/03 He'll Shine His Light On You.mp35.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1982) Koo-ah/02 Spirit.mp35.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1986) Wear Your Colors/07 Unchained.mp35.0MB

Songs/Robin Crow/(1985) Seven Seventy-Seven/09 Third World.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1990) The Chisel/10 Alleuia Praise The Lord.mp35.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1991) The Race/02 Heartbreak City.mp35.0MB

Songs/September/(1984) Lines are Falling/10 Far From There.mp35.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1985) You're My Road/09 The Old Man.mp35.0MB

Songs/Recess/(1989) Recess/02 Reckless.mp35.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1986) Wear Your Colors/10 Line Of Fire.mp34.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1983) Reign On Me/07 Don't Wait Too Late.mp34.0MB

Songs/Robin Crow/(1985) Seven Seventy-Seven/06 Beatitudes.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/11 Still Small Voice.mp34.0MB

Songs/Robin Crow/(1985) Seven Seventy-Seven/02 God So Loved.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1986) Wear Your Colors/02 Flex.mp34.0MB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/10 What I'm Living For.mp34.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1987) No Frills/08 Celebration (I Wanna Be There).mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1982) Koo-ah/05 Heaven Was Made For Everybody.mp34.0MB

Songs/Recess/(1989) Recess/10 Are We Wastin' Time.mp34.0MB

Songs/Recess/(1989) Recess/01 Born Again (And I Love It).mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1982) Koo-ah/01 Fly Me To Heaven.mp34.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/15 Forever King.mp34.0MB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/09 Peanut Butter And Jelly.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/07 The Heartland.mp34.0MB

Songs/Mustard Seed Faith/(1975) Sail on Sailor/10 Back Home.mp34.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1983) Reign On Me/01 Shout It From The Rooftop.mp34.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1984) Electric Eye/10 Shout It Out.mp34.0MB

Songs/Richie Furay/(1978) Dance a Little Light/03 Ooh Dreamer.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/04 Lighthouse.mp34.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1984) Electric Eye/07 Emerald City.mp34.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1982) Michele Pillar/09 You.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/06 High School Reunion.mp34.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1991) The Race/06 Alone.mp34.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1987) No Frills/03 Walls.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1986) Wear Your Colors/09 Hats Off To You.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/11 Who Is He.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1985) You're My Road/04 We Are The Chosen.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1985) You're My Road/02 You're My Road.mp34.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1991) The Race/07 Last Night On Earth.mp34.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/09 Burn It Up.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/09 Bright Light.mp34.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/10 The Big Sleep.mp34.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/06 Jump Cut (Just Like Real Life).mp34.0MB

Songs/Malcolm And Alwyn/(1973) Fool's Wisdom/10 It's Here The Answer Lies.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1982) Koo-ah/07 Crossfire.mp34.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1984) The Wild Frontier/10 Hope Of Glory.mp34.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1989) Light Your World/03 Light Your World.mp34.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1983) Reign On Me/03 Reign On Me.mp34.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/02 Arise My Love.mp34.0MB

Songs/Recess/(1989) Recess/06 Dead Ain't Always Six Feet Un.mp34.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1984) Electric Eye/09 Bobby.mp34.0MB

Songs/Russians/(1983) Love Forever More/09 The Voice.mp34.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/11 Just Make Up Your Mind.mp34.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1984) Tender Heart/10 Alleluia Praise The Lamb.mp34.0MB

Songs/Mark Farner/(1988) Just Another Injustice/02 Judgment Day Blues.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1982) Koo-ah/03 The Rock Was Rolled Away.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/01 Go Through Fire.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1985) You're My Road/05 You've Only Got One Life.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/05 The Power.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1982) Koo-ah/06 You Can Still Rock & Roll.mp34.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1987) No Frills/05 I Will Be There For You.mp34.0MB

Songs/September/(1984) Lines are Falling/06 Never Never.mp34.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/13 Marvelous In Our Eyes.mp34.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1987) No Frills/09 When Love Comes Home.mp34.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1989) Light Your World/05 Trust His Heart.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1985) You're My Road/03 One Child In Pain.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/03 Show Your Glory.mp34.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1987) No Frills/06 Something Better.mp34.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1984) Electric Eye/06 Just What I Need.mp34.0MB

Songs/Recess/(1989) Recess/05 Search Me.mp34.0MB

Songs/Mark Farner/(1988) Just Another Injustice/03 Isn't It Amazing.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1985) You're My Road/07 Runaway.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1985) You're My Road/01 Don't Say Suicide.mp34.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1991) The Race/01 Faithful Forever.mp34.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1984) Tender Heart/08 Say So.mp34.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/02 Push And Shove.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1986) Wear Your Colors/06 Got The Rock.mp34.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1983) Reign On Me/04 Look Up.mp34.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1991) The Race/04 Kingdoms.mp34.0MB

Songs/Mark Farner/(1988) Just Another Injustice/09 The Writing On The Wall.mp34.0MB

Songs/Pete Carlson/(1982) Dreamer's Dream/05 Warm Fire In A Cold World.mp34.0MB

Songs/September/(1984) Lines are Falling/05 Night Song.mp34.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1989) Light Your World/08 Without A Word.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/04 Blessing, Honour.mp34.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/11 Trophies Of Grace.mp34.0MB

Songs/Recess/(1989) Recess/04 Nothin' I Wouldn't Do.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1985) You're My Road/08 We Are Yours.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1989) Midnight Sun/04 I'll Be Satisfied.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/08 A.S.S.E.F.mp34.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1987) No Frills/07 Cantabile.mp34.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/03 Safety In Numbers.mp34.0MB

Songs/Reba Rambo/(1979) The Prodigal/06 Sparkling Gold.mp34.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1987) No Frills/02 Dancing Too Close.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/11 Lord Of All.mp34.0MB

Songs/Recess/(1989) Recess/07 Choices.mp34.0MB

Songs/Recess/(1989) Recess/03 Time Out.mp34.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1984) The Wild Frontier/03 The Dying Breed.mp34.0MB

Songs/Mustard Seed Faith/(1975) Sail on Sailor/09 More Than Sunlight.mp34.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/07 Incommunicado.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1982) Koo-ah/10 Melt My Heart.mp34.0MB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/05 Rhythmic Thang.mp33.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1986) No Kidnap Today/05 The Blind Leading The Blind.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/02 Got Your Word On It.mp33.0MB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/08 Next Big Thing.mp33.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1984) The Wild Frontier/01 The Wild Frontier.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1986) Wear Your Colors/03 This Raging Fire.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1989) Midnight Sun/03 Young Boy Young Girl.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1989) Light Your World/10 Not The Half Has Been Told.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pete Carlson/(1982) Dreamer's Dream/08 What A Friend.mp33.0MB

Songs/Recess/(1989) Recess/09 Don't Keep It Inside.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pete Carlson/(1982) Dreamer's Dream/03 Dreamer's Dream.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/06 Real Salvation.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1989) Midnight Sun/02 I Can I Will.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1989) Midnight Sun/08 Plenty Of Love.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1985) You're My Road/06 House Calls.mp33.0MB

Songs/Mustard Seed Faith/(1975) Sail on Sailor/05 Dried Up Well.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/08 Children Of The King.mp33.0MB

Songs/Malcolm And Alwyn/(1973) Fool's Wisdom/04 Growing Old.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1989) Light Your World/02 Square Peg, Round Hole.mp33.0MB

Songs/Mark Farner/(1988) Just Another Injustice/04 Come To Jesus.mp33.0MB

Songs/Reba Rambo/(1979) The Prodigal/03 Sing A Love Song.mp33.0MB

Songs/Mustard Seed Faith/(1975) Sail on Sailor/03 Can't Work Your Way To Heaven (Let Him).mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1986) Wear Your Colors/05 Lemme At 'em.mp33.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1987) No Frills/01 Faithful.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1985) You're My Road/10 Can't Stop.mp33.0MB

Songs/Mark Farner/(1988) Just Another Injustice/01 Airborne Ranger.mp33.0MB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1987) No Frills/04 The Right Thing.mp33.0MB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1983) Reign On Me/10 Song Of Praise.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pete Carlson/(1982) Dreamer's Dream/06 Take Me Away.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pete Carlson/(1982) Dreamer's Dream/01 Let Him Hold Your Heart.mp33.0MB

Songs/Malcolm And Alwyn/(1973) Fool's Wisdom/06 Heaven Or Hell.mp33.0MB

Songs/Mark Farner/(1988) Just Another Injustice/08 Just Another Injustice.mp33.0MB

Songs/Richie Furay/(1978) Dance a Little Light/05 Someone Who Cares.mp33.0MB

Songs/Richie Furay/(1978) Dance a Little Light/01 It's Your Love.mp33.0MB

Songs/Reba Rambo/(1979) The Prodigal/07 I Have To Smile.mp33.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1984) The Wild Frontier/07 Get Together.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/05 We Will Not Bow To The World.mp33.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1984) The Wild Frontier/06 What Do You Want From Life.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/08 Peer Pressure.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/05 Say Yes.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/10 Can't Get Too Much Of You.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1986) Wear Your Colors/01 Wear Your Colors.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pete Carlson/(1982) Dreamer's Dream/04 The Love Of God.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pete Carlson/(1982) Dreamer's Dream/02 Run Inside.mp33.0MB

Songs/Reba Rambo/(1979) The Prodigal/01 Never Ending Love.mp33.0MB

Songs/Mark Farner/(1988) Just Another Injustice/10 Only You.mp33.0MB

Songs/Richie Furay/(1978) Dance a Little Light/08 Bittersweet Love.mp33.0MB

Songs/Malcolm And Alwyn/(1973) Fool's Wisdom/08 The World Needs Jesus.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/06 Come Let's Worship Him.mp33.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1991) The Race/03 Let My Heart Be The First To Know.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pete Carlson/(1982) Dreamer's Dream/10 Thanksong.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1989) Light Your World/04 Father Of Love.mp33.0MB

Songs/Reba Rambo/(1979) The Prodigal/05 The Prodigal ... According To Reba.mp33.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1984) The Wild Frontier/02 Here Come The Big Guitars.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1989) Midnight Sun/01 Streetwise.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/06 All Things.mp33.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1991) The Race/09 Burn It Up.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1989) Light Your World/06 Talking To You.mp33.0MB

Songs/Mark Farner/(1988) Just Another Injustice/07 Workin' For The Winner.mp33.0MB

Songs/Malcolm And Alwyn/(1973) Fool's Wisdom/03 Tomorrow's News.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/04 Forevermore.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1986) Wear Your Colors/04 Hungry.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/03 She's So Hard.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1989) Midnight Sun/07 No Man Will Know.mp33.0MB

Songs/Malcolm And Alwyn/(1973) Fool's Wisdom/01 Say It Like It Is.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/04 Rise Up Get Ready.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1989) Light Your World/07 So It Goes.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/03 New 80's Man.mp33.0MB

Songs/Malcolm And Alwyn/(1973) Fool's Wisdom/05 Things Are Getting Better.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1989) Midnight Sun/06 Somethin' You Got.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/06 What Can One Person Do.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/12 Innocent Man.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1989) Midnight Sun/10 The Lost Can Still Be Found.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/04 Your Money Or Your Life.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pete Carlson/(1982) Dreamer's Dream/07 Lead Me In Your Love.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/06 Refresh My Heart.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/09 Out In The Open.mp33.0MB

Songs/Mark Farner/(1988) Just Another Injustice/05 Give Me The Works.mp33.0MB

Songs/Recess/(1989) Recess/08 Back Off.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/03 What Goes Around Comes Around.mp33.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/07 Tammy.mp33.0MB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1991) The Race/10 Kingdoms (Intrumental Reprise).mp33.0MB

Songs/Mark Farner/(1988) Just Another Injustice/06 An Emotional Look At Love.mp33.0MB

Songs/Mustard Seed Faith/(1975) Sail on Sailor/07 Lighter Side Of Darkness.mp33.0MB

Songs/Reba Rambo/(1979) The Prodigal/11 Yeshua Is Risen.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/07 The One, The Only Jesus.mp33.0MB

Songs/Mustard Seed Faith/(1975) Sail on Sailor/08 Sweet Jesus Morning.mp33.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/09 All And More.mp33.0MB

Songs/Richie Furay/(1978) Dance a Little Light/04 Yesterday's Gone.mp33.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1989) Midnight Sun/09 Tear Down The Walls.mp33.0MB

Songs/Malcolm And Alwyn/(1973) Fool's Wisdom/02 Fool's Wisdom.mp32.0MB

Songs/Mustard Seed Faith/(1975) Sail on Sailor/01 The Question.mp32.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1984) The Wild Frontier/05 What's My Line.mp32.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/10 And We Behold Him.mp32.0MB

Songs/Mustard Seed Faith/(1975) Sail on Sailor/06 Sail On Sailor.mp32.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/10 Smooth Sailing.mp32.0MB

Songs/Reba Rambo/(1979) The Prodigal/02 He Can Be.mp32.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/14 Lord Of Hosts.mp32.0MB

Songs/Reba Rambo/(1979) The Prodigal/04 The Best You You Can Be.mp32.0MB

Songs/Malcolm And Alwyn/(1973) Fool's Wisdom/07 Seed Of Corn.mp32.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/05 Do You Believe 2.mp32.0MB

Songs/Richie Furay/(1978) Dance a Little Light/07 This Magic Moment.mp32.0MB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1989) Midnight Sun/05 Dedicated.mp32.0MB

Songs/Mustard Seed Faith/(1975) Sail on Sailor/02 Let Go.mp32.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1984) The Wild Frontier/08 Defender.mp32.0MB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/06 Penny Arcade.mp32.0MB

Songs/Richie Furay/(1978) Dance a Little Light/09 You Better Believe It.mp32.0MB

Songs/Richie Furay/(1978) Dance a Little Light/06 Dance A Little Light.mp32.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/01 Rejoice.mp32.0MB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/08 Pharaoh, Pharaoh.mp32.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/08 He That Winneth Souls.mp32.0MB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/03 Sitting On The Steps.mp32.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1989) Light Your World/01 Love Is.mp32.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/09 Soul Security.mp32.0MB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/01 Get With The Rhythm.mp32.0MB

Songs/Richie Furay/(1978) Dance a Little Light/02 Your Friends.mp32.0MB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/05 Practical Ways.mp32.0MB

Songs/Reba Rambo/(1979) The Prodigal/09 Enchanting Isle Of The Son.mp32.0MB

Songs/Mustard Seed Faith/(1975) Sail on Sailor/04 Once I Had A Dream.mp32.0MB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/02 Looking For Love.mp32.0MB

Songs/Pete Carlson/(1982) Dreamer's Dream/09 Lord Of The Universe.mp32.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/12 No Way.mp32.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/08 Jesus.mp32.0MB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/07 This Little Light Of Mine.mp32.0MB

Songs/Reba Rambo/(1979) The Prodigal/08 The Singer.mp32.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/02 Going Up.mp32.0MB

Songs/Reba Rambo/(1979) The Prodigal/10 Never Again.mp32.0MB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/09 Shut De Do.mp32.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/01 Gonna Live.mp32.0MB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/10 It's Gonna Rain.mp32.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/10 Real Thing.mp32.0MB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/11 Having Fun.mp32.0MB

Songs/Newsong/(1989) Light Your World/09 Soli Deo Gloria.mp32.0MB

Songs/Malcolm And Alwyn/(1973) Fool's Wisdom/09 Always On My Mind.mp32.0MB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1984) Tender Heart/05 Reprise.mp31.0MB

Songs/Rick Crawford/(1991) Our Town/11 Cristo Te Ama (Reprise).mp31.0MB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/15 Let Me Do It.mp31.0MB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/12 Refresh My Heart (Reprise).mp3449.0KB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/Cua- No Mystery.jpg448.0KB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1982) Mainstream/folder.jpg158.0KB

Songs/Mustard Seed Faith/(1975) Sail on Sailor/folder.jpg139.0KB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1986) This Town/folder.jpg132.0KB

Songs/Nancy Honeytree/(1979) Maranatha Marathon/folder.jpg127.0KB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1983) No Mystery/folder.jpg116.0KB

Songs/Rick Elias/(1990) Rick Elias & The Confessions/folder.jpg114.0KB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1982) Koo-ah/folder.jpg104.0KB

Songs/Renee Garcia/(1992) Living in Vertical/folder.jpg101.0KB

Songs/Rhythmn And News/(1990) Get with the Rhythm/folder.jpg99.0KB

Songs/Rebecca St. James/(1991) Refresh My Heart/folder.jpg99.0KB

Songs/Malcolm And Alwyn/(1973) Fool's Wisdom/folder.jpg61.0KB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1986) No Kidnap Today/folder.jpg55.0KB

Songs/Robin Crow/(1985) Seven Seventy-Seven/folder.jpg47.0KB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1984) Tender Heart/folder.jpg47.0KB

Songs/Recess/(1989) Recess/folder.jpg46.0KB

Songs/Russians/(1983) Love Forever More/folder.jpg42.0KB

Songs/Northbound/(1983) Northbound/folder.jpg42.0KB

Songs/Mark Farner/(1988) Just Another Injustice/folder.jpg38.0KB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1984) The Wild Frontier/folder.jpg37.0KB

Songs/Newsong/(1988) Say Yes/folder.jpg36.0KB

Songs/Randy Matthews/(1973) Son of Dust/folder.jpg34.0KB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1983) Reign On Me/folder.jpg34.0KB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1985) You're My Road/folder.jpg33.0KB

Songs/Michael & Stormie Omartian/(1991) The Race/folder.jpg32.0KB

Songs/Newsong/(1989) Light Your World/folder.jpg31.0KB

Songs/Michael James Murphy/(1990) The Chisel/folder.jpg30.0KB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1989) Return To Paradise/folder.jpg29.0KB

Songs/September/(1984) Lines are Falling/folder.jpg27.0KB

Songs/Michele Pillar/(1982) Michele Pillar/folder.jpg26.0KB

Songs/Rob Frazier/(1990) Heartland/folder.jpg26.0KB

Songs/Pax/(1982) Pax/folder.jpg26.0KB

Songs/Prodigal/(1985) Just Like Real Life/folder.jpg26.0KB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1976) Welcome to Paradise/folder.jpg23.0KB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1984) Missing in Action/folder.jpg22.0KB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1985) Love Beyond Reason/folder.jpg20.0KB

Songs/Painted Orange/(1984) Painted Orange/folder.jpg18.0KB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1986) Wear Your Colors/folder.jpg17.0KB

Info/Christian Oldies 9.txt14.0KB

Songs/Randy Stonehill/(1983) Equater/folder.jpg14.0KB

Songs/Scott Anderson/(1989) Somebody Loves You/folder.jpg14.0KB

Songs/Rick Cua/(1989) Midnight Sun/folder.jpg13.0KB

Songs/Mark Williamson Band/(1982) Get the Drift/folder.jpg12.0KB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1986) Live & Learn/folder.jpg10.0KB

Songs/Paul Smith/(1987) No Frills/folder.jpg9.0KB

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