The Last Emperor

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The torrent has 144 files, total 722.0MB, created at Dec. 24, 2014.

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the last emperor

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The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Secret Wars II The Long Awaited Sequal.mp313.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Secret Wars I (Instrumental).mp310.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - 1991 - Freestyle II.MP39.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - 1991 - Freestyle IIIIII.MP38.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - 1991 - Freestyle IIIII.MP38.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Bums (Instrumental).mp38.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Bums.mp38.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Secret Wars I (Demo).MP37.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Secret Wars I.mp37.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-0000 - 0ne Life {Poetic&Esthero}.mp37.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Secret Wars I (Remix).mp37.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Secret Wars I (89.1 Original Debut).mp37.0MB

The Last Emperor-2001-TheLostEmpire - The Dozen.mp37.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Dedication.mp37.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Animalistics.mp37.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Dozens.MP37.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Animalistics (Remix).MP37.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Still I Rise.mp37.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Meditation (Remix).mp37.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Keep Pushing.MP37.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Heaven (Remix).mp37.0MB

The Last Emperor-2003-TheLastEmperor - Contact.mp37.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Meditation (Demo).MP36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - Single Mother.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Black Magic.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Not II Far.MP36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - 0ne Life {Poetic & Esthero}.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Party Crashers.MP36.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Gotta Have Love.MP36.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - The Underground.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2001-TheLostEmpire - Echo Leader.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Echo Leader.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Prisoner.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2001-TheLostEmpire - Jungle Cats.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Monumental.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Some Love Some Hate.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - Karma.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Secret Wars II The Long Awaited Sequal (FasterBPM).mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Caravan.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Whos That.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Bums (Demo).MP36.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - 1991 - Freestyle III.MP36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2001-TheLostEmpire - The Umph {CocoaBrovas}.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Keep On.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Suzi Wong.mp36.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Rock The Spot.MP36.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Dozens.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - Do You Care !.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - The Incredible Man.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Turning Around.MP35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2001-TheLostEmpire - Fo Rel.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - CIA (KRS-One-ZachDeLaRocha) (Remix).mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - Lets Ride.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Bums (Remix).MP35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - Tiger Trail.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Mind Over Matter.MP35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2001-TheLostEmpire - The Banger {TiyePhoenix}.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - The Expedition.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Clear Day (MastaAce-DaveDeLaSoul).mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Takin Out MCs.MP35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Black Apache.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Heavy Weight Invinsible.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Charlie.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2003-TheLastEmperor - Do You Remember.MP35.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Love.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Against I (DeadPrez).mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Yeah {KRS-One-YZ-ChannelLive}.MP35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - The Drifter.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Evolution.MP35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Blackboard Jungle.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2003-TheLastEmperor - Dangerous.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Faux Pas.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Tenement Building.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - Here We Are.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Suzie Wong.mp35.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Drifter.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - Shine.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Fo Real.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Hustlers Theme.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Black (M1DeadPrez).mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Keep On {Demo}.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - CIA (KRS-One-ZachDeLaRocha).mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2003-TheLastEmperor - After Midnight.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Dynamics.MP34.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - 1991 - Freestyle I.MP34.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Universal News.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - Clear Day {MastaAce&Trug}.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Why Don't We Fall in Love.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Mystery Man.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - Hold On.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2001-TheLostEmpire - Hustlers Theme.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2001-TheLostEmpire - Rap Tyranny.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - I Got it Made.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - 1991 - Freestyle IIIIIII.MP34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2003-TheLastEmperor - Mystery Man.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - One Style MC!.MP34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Emperor of Rhyme Spellbound.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-PalaceOfThePretender - The Great Pretender.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Complex Simplicity.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Awh Yeah.mp34.0MB

The Last Emperor-2001-TheLostEmpire - He Lives {Rza}.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - 2012.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - Freestyle - Jesus Walks.MP33.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Afta Midnight (PaulYams-SatOne).mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-2003-TheLastEmperor - Nile Nutrition.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - Freestyle 2.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Thats Whats Up.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Red Planet.MP33.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Claimin Respect.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - Freestyle - NYU.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Do U Remember.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - U Talk 2 Much.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Heaven (Remix).mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Heaven.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Diss Myself.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - 1991 - Freestyle IIII.MP33.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures -.bmp3.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Revolutionary.mp33.0MB

The Last Emperor-2003-TheLastEmperor - Dredi Knight.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Some Love Some Hate Remix (Saigon).mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - Freestyle - Game Over.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Monolith.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Over & Over.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Soul Instrument.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - The Empire Strikes Back.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - Freestyle - Saga Continues.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-2001-TheLostEmpire - Monolith.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Meditation.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Two Steps.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Keep On 2003.MP32.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - 89.1 First NYC Appearence.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Schoolrhyme Krush.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-0000-Freestyles - Freestyle.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-2000-LegendOfBigfoot - Heaven.mp32.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Trouble This Year.mp31.0MB

The Last Emperor-3000-0000 - Rock 2 This.mp31.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - CIA Verse.mp31.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Meditations.mp31.0MB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - Homage to All Natives.mp31.0MB

The Last Emperor-2003-TheLastEmperor - Othello.mp3870.0KB

The Last Emperor-2003-TheLastEmperor - Civil War.mp3854.0KB

The Last Emperor-2004-HiddenTreasures - The Banger (PrincePaul).mp3497.0KB

The Last Emperor-.jpg341.0KB

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