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Prime of My Life/08 - Phyllis Hyman - Living in Confusion.mp316.0MB

Prime of My Life/05 - Phyllis Hyman - When I Give My Love (This Time).mp316.0MB

Prime of My Life/09 - Phyllis Hyman - Meet Me on the Moon.mp315.0MB

Living All Alone/10 - Phyllis Hyman - Run Jesse Run.mp315.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/10 - You Know How To Love Me.mp313.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/07 - Loving You, Losing You.mp313.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/11 - Phyllis Hyman - Riding The Tiger .mp312.0MB

Prime of My Life/03 - Phyllis Hyman - Don't Wanna Change the World.mp312.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/06 - When I Give My Love (This Time).mp312.0MB

Prime of My Life/04 - Phyllis Hyman - Prime of My Life.mp312.0MB

Living All Alone/01 - Phyllis Hyman - Living All Alone.mp311.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/04 - Living Inside Your Love.mp311.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/10 - Living In Confusion.mp311.0MB

Living All Alone/05 - Phyllis Hyman - Old Friend.mp311.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/17 - Phyllis Hyman - Meet Me On The Moon .mp311.0MB

Living All Alone/04 - Phyllis Hyman - Slow Dancing.mp310.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/02 - Betcha By Golly wow.mp310.0MB

Prime of My Life/02 - Phyllis Hyman - I Found Love.mp310.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/04 - Tonight You And Me (Disco Version).mp310.0MB

Prime of My Life/07 - Phyllis Hyman - Walk Away.mp310.0MB

Prime of My Life/01 - Phyllis Hyman - When You Get Right Down to It.mp310.0MB

Prime of My Life/06 - Phyllis Hyman - I Can't Take It Anymore.mp310.0MB

Living All Alone/03 - Phyllis Hyman - If You Want Me.mp310.0MB

Living All Alone/06 - Phyllis Hyman - You Just Don't Know.mp39.0MB

Living All Alone/07 - Phyllis Hyman - Ain't You Had Enough Love.mp39.0MB

Living All Alone/08 - Phyllis Hyman - Screaming at the Moon.mp39.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/14 - Phyllis Hyman - Don't Wanna Change The World .mp39.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/09 - Phyllis Hyman - Just Another Face In The Crowd .mp39.0MB

Prime of My Life/10 - Phyllis Hyman - Whatever Happened to Our Love.mp39.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/08 - Phyllis Hyman - Can't We Fall In Love Again .mp39.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/01 - Can't We Fall In Love Again (Duet With Michael Henderson).mp39.0MB

Living All Alone/09 - Phyllis Hyman - What You Won't Do for Love.mp39.0MB

Living All Alone/02 - Phyllis Hyman - First Time Together.mp39.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/05 - Gonna Make Changes.mp38.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/05 - Let Somebody Love You.mp38.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/13 - Phyllis Hyman - Living All Alone .mp38.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/14 - Living All Alone.mp38.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/03 - Phyllis Hyman - I Don't Want To Lose You .mp38.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/06 - The Answer is You.mp38.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/11 - I Don't Want To Lose You.mp38.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/12 - The Sunshine In My Life.mp38.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/07 - Phyllis Hyman - Under Your Spell .mp38.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/11 - Under Your Spell.mp38.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/07 - Why Did You Turn Me On.mp37.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/12 - Phyllis Hyman - Old Friend .mp37.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/02 - Don't Tell Me, Tell Her.mp37.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/08 - We Both Need Each Other (Norman Connors & Michael Henderson).mp37.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/10 - Phyllis Hyman - The Love Too Good To Last .mp37.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/13 - Old Friend.mp37.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/01 - Be Careful (How You Treat My Love).mp37.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/08 - Just Me And You.mp37.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/03 - No One Can Love You More.mp37.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/03 - I Ain't Asking.mp37.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/12 - Give A Little More.mp37.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/09 - We Should Be Lovers.mp36.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/02 - Phyllis Hyman - Loving You - Losing You (Single) .mp36.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/06 - Phyllis Hyman - You Know How To Love Me (Single) .mp36.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/16 - Phyllis Hyman - I Refuse To Be Lonely .mp36.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-2/09 - Falling Star.mp36.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/15 - Phyllis Hyman - Living In Confusion (Single) .mp36.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/01 - Phyllis Hyman - Betcha By Golly Wow (Single) .mp36.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/14 - Somewhere in My Lifetime.mp35.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/04 - Phyllis Hyman - Somewhere In My Lifetime .mp35.0MB

The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman/CD-1/13 - In A Sentimental Mood.mp35.0MB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/05 - Phyllis Hyman - Here's That Rainy Day .mp34.0MB

Living All Alone/Front.jpg1.0MB

Living All Alone/Back.jpg949.0KB

Living All Alone/Booklet.jpg699.0KB

Living All Alone/CD.jpg305.0KB

Prime of My Life/phyllis_hyman_-_prime_of_my_life_b.jpg127.0KB

Prime of My Life/phyllis_hyman_-_prime_of_my_life_a.jpg103.0KB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/cover.jpg17.0KB

Ultimate Phyllis Hyman/Tracks & Info.txt4.0KB

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