Planningtorock 2006-2014 (Discography 3 Albums)

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The torrent has 44 files, total 339.0MB, created at Dec. 11, 2014.

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planningtorock 2006-2014 discography 3 albums

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Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/10. Public Love.mp315.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/10. Black Thunder.mp312.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/04. Going Wrong.mp311.0MB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/09. Steps.mp311.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 2/02. Privates.mp311.0MB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/07. Misogyny Drop Dead.mp311.0MB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/12. Patriarchy Over & Out.mp311.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/02. The One.mp310.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/08. Never Going Back.mp310.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/06. The Breaks.mp310.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/12. 9.mp310.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/09. Jam.mp310.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/07. Living It Out.mp310.0MB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/05. Let's Talk About Gender Baby.mp310.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/05. I Am Your Man.mp39.0MB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/03. Human Drama.mp39.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/08. Milky Blau.mp39.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 2/03. My Valuable Hunting Knife.mp39.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/07. Don't Want What You Don't Want.mp39.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 2/01. Doorway (Jamroll Version).mp39.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/02. Bolton Wanderer.mp38.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/03. Changes.mp38.0MB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/02. All Love's Legal.mp38.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/01. Doorway.mp38.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/03. Manifesto.mp37.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 2/04. Summer Save Me.mp37.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/09. I Wanna Bite Ya'.mp37.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/11. Have It All.mp37.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/04. Local Foreigner.mp37.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/10. Think That Thought.mp37.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/12. When Are You Gonna Start.mp36.0MB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/04. Answerland.mp36.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/05. Hiding Where I'll Find Me.mp36.0MB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/11. Janine.mp34.0MB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/01. Welcome.mp34.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/06. Take It Away.mp34.0MB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/11. Purple Love.mp33.0MB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/08. Beyond Binary Binds.mp33.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/01. The PTR Show.mp32.0MB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/06. Words Are Glass.mp32.0MB

Planningtorock-2006-Have It All/cover.jpg66.0KB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 2/cover.jpg53.0KB

Planningtorock-2011-W (2 CD)/CD 1/cover.jpg53.0KB

Planningtorock-2014-All Love's Legal/cover.jpg48.0KB

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