History Of French Horror Films Collection

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history of french horror films collection

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Blood And Roses/Blood.&.Roses.avi737.0MB


Brotherhood Of The Wolf/VTS_01_1.avi704.0MB

Empire Of The Wolves/vlc-record-2010-03-18-16h09m58s-Empire Of The Wolves-.avi703.0MB

Tell No One/VTS_09_1.avi702.0MB

Lady Blood/Lady Blood.avi702.0MB

Crimson Rivers 2 ANGELS OF THE APOCALYPSE/vlc-record-2010-05-10-12h55m56s-The Crimson Rivers 2-.avi702.0MB

Baby Blood/VTS_01_1.avi702.0MB


Bloody Mallory/VTS_01_1.avi701.0MB

Dont Look Back/VTS_01_1_agk.avi701.0MB


A L' Adventure/A l aventure.avi701.0MB

Class Trip/VTS_02_1.avi701.0MB

The Horde/The Horde.avi701.0MB


Dans Ma Peau/VTS_01_1.avi701.0MB


Crimson Rivers/VTS_01_1.avi701.0MB

Eden Log/VTS_01_1.avi701.0MB

Ma Vie Est Un Enfer/Ma Vie Est Un Enfer.avi701.0MB

Switchblade Romance/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

Frankenstein 90/vlc-record-2010-02-16-16h15m23s-Frankenstein 90 COMEDY HORROR-.avi700.0MB


La Belle Captive/La Belle Captive.avi700.0MB

Fears Of The Dark/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

The Blood Rose/VTS_06_1.avi700.0MB

The Exterminating Angels/VTS_03_1.avi700.0MB


St Ange/VTS_02_1.avi700.0MB

The Vanishing/VTS_02_1.avi700.0MB

Trouble Every Day/VTS_10_1.avi700.0MB

Flesh Of The Orchid/Flesh Of The Orchid.avi700.0MB

Mill Of The Stone Women/VTS_04_1.avi700.0MB


Hunchback Of Notre Dame/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

They Came Back/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB




Red Lights/RedLights.avi700.0MB



Night Of Death/VTS_04_1.avi700.0MB

Daugters Of Darkness/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

The Doctor's Horrible Experiment/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

Seven Women For Satan/VTS_03_1.avi700.0MB

Girl Slaves Of Morgana Le Fay/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

The Hands Of Orlac/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

Expulsion Of The Devil/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

The Witching Hour/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

One Deadly Summer/One Deadly Summer.avi700.0MB

Doctor Jeckyll's Mistresses/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

Female Vampire/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

The Awful Doctor Orloff/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

Secret Things/Secret Things.avi700.0MB



Les Diaboliques/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

Harry He' s Here To Help/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

Zombie Lake/VTS_02_1.avi700.0MB

Serial Lover &&/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB


I Am The Ripper/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

Deep In The Woods/VTS_11_1.avi700.0MB

The Tenant/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

The Night Of The Hunted/VTS_03_1.avi700.0MB

Silent Hill/VTS_02_1.avi700.0MB

Histoires Extroardinaires/VTS_02_1.avi700.0MB

Doctor Orloff Against The Invisible Man/VTS_02_1.avi700.0MB

Un Jeu D'Enfants/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB

Traitement De Choc/VTS_01_1.avi700.0MB





Swimming Pool/VTS_01_1.avi699.0MB

Les Louves/UVS100202-002.avi699.0MB


Anatomy Of Hell/Anatomy Of Hell.avi699.0MB

The Living Dead Girl/VTS_01_1.avi699.0MB

The Grapes Of Wrath/VTS_02_1.avi699.0MB

Pierrot Le Feu/PierrotLeFeu.avi699.0MB

Dont Deliver Us From Evil/VTS_04_1.avi699.0MB

Fall Of The House Of Usher/Fall Of The House Of Usher.avi699.0MB

Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls/VTS_01_1.avi699.0MB

Devil Story/VTS_01_1.avi699.0MB

Oasis Of The Zombies/VTS_01_1.avi699.0MB

Eyes Without A Face/VTS_01_1.avi699.0MB




The Butcher/VTS_02_1.avi698.0MB

The Rape Of The Vampire/VTS_01_1.avi698.0MB

I Stand Alone/VTS_01_1.avi698.0MB

The Beast/VTS_01_1.avi698.0MB


Ogroff Mutilator/VTS_01_1.avi698.0MB

J' Accuse 1938/UVS100130-002.avi698.0MB

J' Accuse 1919/J' Accuse Part 1/VTS_01_1.avi698.0MB

George Melies; FIRST WIZARD OF CINEMA (1896-1913)/Disc 5/VTS_01_1.avi698.0MB

George Melies; FIRST WIZARD OF CINEMA (1896-1913)/Disc 1/VTS_01_1.avi698.0MB

Inland Empire/Inland.Empire[2006]DVDrip[Eng]-Kole.avi698.0MB

George Melies; FIRST WIZARD OF CINEMA (1896-1913)/Disc 3/VTS_01_1.avi698.0MB

George Melies; FIRST WIZARD OF CINEMA (1896-1913)/Disc 4/VTS_01_1.avi698.0MB


The Broken/The Broken.avi697.0MB


Noce Blanche/Noce Blanche.avi697.0MB

Dark Portals/Dead Portals.avi695.0MB

George Melies; FIRST WIZARD OF CINEMA (1896-1913)/Disc 2/VTS_01_1.avi689.0MB

Rabid Grannies/Rabid Grannies.avi680.0MB

La Belle et la Bête/La Belle et la Bête.avi648.0MB

La Belle et la Bête/La Belle et la Bête.avi648.0MB


La main du diable/La Main Du Diable - Maurice Tourneur.avi554.0MB


J' Accuse 1919/J' Accuse Part 2/VTS_01_1.avi349.0MB


An Chien Andalou/VTS_01_1.avi199.0MB

Satan/Sheitan (2006) [FR] [DVDRip] [KooKoo] [1337x].sub5.0MB

Les Diaboliques/Les diabolique.srt184.0KB

Ma Vie Est Un Enfer/Ma Vie Est Un Enfer.srt177.0KB

Traitement De Choc/Traitement de choc.srt176.0KB

Secret Things/Secret Things.srt159.0KB


Pierrot Le Feu/PierrotLeFeu.srt150.0KB

The Doctor's Horrible Experiment/The doctors horrible experiment.srt145.0KB




The Vanishing/The vanishing.srt116.0KB

The Butcher/The butcher.srt116.0KB


Class Trip/Class trip.srt112.0KB

Bloody Mallory/Bloody mallory.srt109.0KB

Red Lights/RedLights.srt108.0KB

Un Jeu D'Enfants/Un jeu d'enfants.srt104.0KB

La main du diable/La Main Du Diable - Maurice Tourneur.srt102.0KB

Mill Of The Stone Women/Mill of the stone women.srt101.0KB

They Came Back/They came back.srt100.0KB

Histoires Extroardinaires/Histoires extrroardinaires.srt100.0KB


Night Of Death/NewFile.srt93.0KB

Noce Blanche/Noce Blanche.srt93.0KB

Girl Slaves Of Morgana Le Fay/Girl slaves of morgana le fay.srt92.0KB

The Horde/The Horde.srt90.0KB

A L' Adventure/A l aventure.srt85.0KB

Satan/Sheitan (2006) [FR] [DVDRip] [KooKoo] [1337x].idx84.0KB

La Belle Captive/La Belle Captive.srt83.0KB

The Exterminating Angels/Les.Anges.Exterminateurs.FS.FRENCH.DVDRip.XviD-CRiMETiME.srt80.0KB

Harry He' s Here To Help/Harry he's here to help.srt72.0KB

The Grapes Of Wrath/The grapes of wrath.srt66.0KB

Deep In The Woods/Deep in the woods.srt64.0KB


Eyes Without A Face/Eyes Without A Face.srt57.0KB

Serial Lover &&/Serial lover.srt55.0KB


La Belle et la Bête/La Belle et la Bête.srt52.0KB

Dont Deliver Us From Evil/Dont deliver us from evil.srt50.0KB


The Witching Hour/The witching hour.srt48.0KB

Dans Ma Peau/Dans ma peau.srt48.0KB

Frankenstein 90/frankie.srt47.0KB

J' Accuse 1919/J' Accuse Part 1/J'accusepart1.srt45.0KB


I Am The Ripper/I am the ripper.srt44.0KB

The Rape Of The Vampire/The rape of the vampire.srt42.0KB


The Night Of The Hunted/The night of the hunted.srt35.0KB

The Blood Rose/The blood rose.srt35.0KB

Fears Of The Dark/Fears of the dark.srt34.0KB

J' Accuse 1919/J' Accuse Part 2/J'accusepart2.srt29.0KB

Seven Women For Satan/Seven women for satan.srt27.0KB


Anatomy Of Hell/Anatomy Of Hell.srt25.0KB


The Living Dead Girl/The living dead girl.srt23.0KB


La Belle et la Bête/La Belle Et La Bete (1946).txt15.0KB

Mill Of The Stone Women/Mill Of The Stone Women (1960).txt12.0KB

Oasis Of The Zombies/Oasis Of The Zombies (1981).txt11.0KB

History Of French Horror Films (1896-2010).txt10.0KB

George Melies; FIRST WIZARD OF CINEMA (1896-1913)/George Melies; FIRST WIZARD OF CINEMA (1896-1913).txt8.0KB

Blood And Roses/Blood And Roses (1960).txt8.0KB

Seven Women For Satan/Seven Women For Satan (1976).txt8.0KB

Dont Deliver Us From Evil/Dont Deliver Us From Evil (1971).txt8.0KB

Vinyan/Zombie Lake (1981).txt6.0KB

Girl Slaves Of Morgana Le Fay/Girl Slaves Of Morgana Le Fay (1971).txt6.0KB

Faceless/Faceless (1988).txt6.0KB

Satan/Sheitan (2006).txt6.0KB

Trouble Every Day/Trouble every day.srt6.0KB

Daugters Of Darkness/Daughters Of Darkness (1971).txt6.0KB

Bloody Mallory/Bloody Mallory (2002).txt6.0KB

Inland Empire/Inland Empire (2006).txt6.0KB

Brotherhood Of The Wolf/Brotherhood Of The Wolf (2001).txt6.0KB

Switchblade Romance/Switchblade Romance (2003).txt6.0KB

The Witching Hour/The Witching Hour (2006).txt5.0KB

Frontiers/Frontiers ( 2007).txt5.0KB

The Butcher/The Butcher (1970).txt5.0KB

Empire Of The Wolves/Empire Of The Wolves (2005).txt5.0KB

Vinyan/Vinyan (2008).txt5.0KB

The Vanishing/The Vanishing (1988).txt5.0KB

Crimson Rivers/The Crimson Rivers (2000).txt5.0KB

Hunchback Of Notre Dame/Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1956).txt4.0KB

I Stand Alone/I Stand Alone (1998).txt4.0KB

Female Vampire/Female Vampire (1973).txt4.0KB

Tell No One/Tell No One (2006).txt4.0KB

Hellphone/Hellphone (2007).txt4.0KB

Eyes Without A Face/Eyes Without A Face (1960).txt4.0KB

Dans Ma Peau/In My Skin (2002).txt4.0KB

Night Of Death/Night Of Death (1980).txt4.0KB

The Beast/The Beast (1975).txt4.0KB

Trouble Every Day/Trouble Every Day (2001).txt4.0KB

Ogroff Mutilator/Ogroff The Mad Mutilator (1983).txt4.0KB

Dark Portals/Dark Portals- THE CHRONICLES OF VIDOCQ (2001).txt4.0KB

Deep In The Woods/Deep In The Woods (2000).txt4.0KB

Malefique/Malefique (2003).txt4.0KB

Vertige/Vertige (2009).txt4.0KB

Mutants/Mutants (2009).txt4.0KB

Dont Look Back/Dont Look Back (2009).txt4.0KB

Harry He' s Here To Help/Harry He' s Here To Help (2000).txt3.0KB

They Came Back/They Came Back (2003).txt3.0KB

The Broken/The Broken (2008).txt3.0KB

Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls/Revenge Of The Living Dead Girls (1987).txt3.0KB

An Chien Andalou/Un Chien Andalou (1929).txt3.0KB

Belphagor/BELPHEGOR Phantom Of The Louvre (2001).txt3.0KB

Inside/Inside (2007).txt3.0KB

Class Trip/Class Trip (1998).txt3.0KB

Gradiva/Gradiva (2006).txt3.0KB

Baise-Moi/Baise Moi (2000).txt3.0KB

Devil Story/Devil Story (1985).txt3.0KB

The Night Of The Hunted/The Night Of The Hunted (1980).txt3.0KB

Histoires Extroardinaires/Histoires Extroardinaires (1968).txt3.0KB

Baby Blood/Baby Blood (1990).txt3.0KB

La main du diable/La Main Du Diable (1943).txt3.0KB

St Ange/Saint Ange (2004).txt3.0KB

The Grapes Of Wrath/The Grapes Of Death (1978).txt3.0KB

CALVAIRE/Calvaire (2004).txt3.0KB

The Rape Of The Vampire/The Rape Of The Vampire (1968).txt3.0KB

Eden Log/Eden Log (2007).txt3.0KB

Les Diaboliques/Les Diaboliques (1955).txt3.0KB

Irreversible/Irreversible (2002).txt3.0KB

Doctor Orloff Against The Invisible Man/Doctor Orloff Against The Invisible Man (1971).txt2.0KB

Them/Them (2006).txt2.0KB

MulhollandDrive/Mulholland Drive (2001).txt2.0KB

Sombre/Sombre (1998).txt2.0KB

Cache/Cache (2005).txt2.0KB

The Living Dead Girl/The Living Dead Girl (1982).txt2.0KB

Serial Lover &&/Serial Lover (1998).txt2.0KB

Doctor Jeckyll's Mistresses/Doctor Jeckyll's Mistresses (1964).txt2.0KB

Silent Hill/Silent Hill (2006).txt2.0KB

The Blood Rose/The Blood Rose (1970).txt2.0KB

Martyrs/Martyrs (2008).txt2.0KB

The Tenant/The Tenant (1976).txt2.0KB

Les Louves/Les Louves (1957).txt2.0KB

J' Accuse 1938/J' Accuse (1938).txt2.0KB

The Awful Doctor Orloff/The Awful Doctor Orloff (1962).txt2.0KB

The Doctor's Horrible Experiment/The Doctor's Horrible Experiment (1959).txt2.0KB

Fears Of The Dark/Fears Of The Dark (2007).txt2.0KB

J' Accuse 1919/J' Accuse (1919).txt2.0KB

Traitement De Choc/Traitement De Choc (1973).txt2.0KB

Rabid Grannies/Rabid Grannies (1988).txt2.0KB

Leonor/Leonor (1975).txt2.0KB

Resonnances/Resonnances (2006).txt2.0KB

Un Jeu D'Enfants/Un Jeu D' Enfants (2001).txt1.0KB

Aquarium/Aquarium (2002).txt1.0KB

Six-Pack/Six- Pack (2000).txt1.0KB

Fall Of The House Of Usher/Fall Of The House Of Usher (1928).txt1.0KB

Humains/Humains (2009).txt1.0KB

Frankenstein 90/Frankenstein 90 (1984).txt1.0KB

Crimson Rivers 2 ANGELS OF THE APOCALYPSE/The Crimson Rivers 2-Angels Of The Apocalypse (2004).txt1.0KB

The Hands Of Orlac/The Hands Of Orlac (1964).txt1.0KB

Lady Blood/Lady Blood (2010).txt1.0KB

Broceliande/Broceliande (2002).txt1.0KB

Requiem/Requiem (2001).txt1.0KB

I Am The Ripper/I Am The Ripper (2004).txt1.0KB

An Chien Andalou/Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt1.0KB

Expulsion Of The Devil/Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt1.0KB

Fall Of The House Of Usher/Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt1.0KB

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J' Accuse 1919/Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt1.0KB

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La Belle et la Bête/Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt1.0KB

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