Cult of the Golden Scarab

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cult of the golden scarab

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Common Items/Coffee.eon5.0MB

Exhibit Items/The Secret Chamber.eon4.0MB

Unique items/Tablet of Nhing.eon4.0MB

Common Items/G'harne Fragments.eon4.0MB

Exhibit Items/Feather of Ma'at.eon2.0MB

Ancient Ones/Azhu-Thoth.eon2.0MB

Ancient Ones/Baneb-Djedet.eon2.0MB


Common Items/Umbrella.eon1.0MB

Common Items/Consecration.eon1.0MB

Spells/Seal of Horus.eon1.0MB

Exhibit Items/Spells of Coming Forth.eon1.0MB

Common Items/Hand Grenade.eon1.0MB

Exhibit Items/Osiris Glaive.eon1.0MB

Spells/Call Artifact.eon1.0MB

Spells/Markings of Isis.eon1.0MB

Common Items/Spectacles.eon1.0MB

Exhibit Items/Headdress of Geb.eon1.0MB



Allies/Robert Harrison Blake.eon1.0MB

Investigators/Jon Whitefeather (the Medicine Man).eon981.0KB

Unique items/Revelations of Glaaki.eon969.0KB

Unique items/Kephrian Gem.eon959.0KB

Ancient Ones/Nyarlath-Hotep.eon944.0KB

Guardian/Egyptian Exhibit.eon931.0KB

Common Items/Flare Gun.eon896.0KB

Allies/Tabitha Phelps.eon802.0KB

Exhibit Items/Flask of the Elder.eon798.0KB

Exhibit Items/Ring of Set.eon785.0KB

Unique items/Hand of Glory.eon785.0KB


Common Items/Exercitatio Anatomica.eon756.0KB



Unique items/Charm of Cats.eon724.0KB


Ancient Ones/Ur-Sphinx.eon708.0KB


Spells/Fires of Rlyeh.eon701.0KB

Spells/Funeral Spell.eon698.0KB

Exhibit Items/Armour of Osiris.eon684.0KB

Monsters/Lord of the Nile.eon680.0KB

Spells/Chant of Thoth.eon675.0KB

Ancient Ones/Nephren-Ka.eon670.0KB

Exhibit Items/Canopic Jars.eon664.0KB

Spells/Spell of the Twelve Caves.eon652.0KB

Common Items/Artifact Hunt.eon648.0KB

Spells/Embalming Rite.eon633.0KB

Spells/Secret Word of Sekhmenkenhep.eon632.0KB


Common Items/De Masticatione Mortuorum.eon620.0KB

Unique items/Courage Glyph.eon611.0KB

Unique items/Parchments of Pnom.eon611.0KB

Investigators/Harriet Klaus (the Hierodule).eon610.0KB

Exhibit Items/Mirror of Nitocris.eon605.0KB

Spells/Clutch of Nyogtha.eon584.0KB



Spells/Send Dream.eon578.0KB

Spells/Eldritch Hex.eon568.0KB

Spells/False Fellowship.eon564.0KB

Common Items/Hieroglyphica.eon563.0KB

Common Items/Clasp of Newet.eon561.0KB

Allies/Cecily Prinn.eon556.0KB

Allies/Georgina Lucas.eon555.0KB

Unique items/Lodge Signet.eon544.0KB


Exhibit Items/Bloody Tongue.eon523.0KB

Allies/Cyprian Sincaul.eon519.0KB


Common Items/Diplomatic Papers.eon506.0KB

Exhibit Items/Mark of Bast.eon505.0KB

Monsters/Typhonian Beast .eon497.0KB

Spells/Vision Quest.eon495.0KB

Common Items/Celeano Fragments.eon485.0KB


Spells/Restore Youth.eon476.0KB

Exhibit Items/Aegyptus Emblem.eon475.0KB

Common Items/Service Revolver.eon467.0KB

Spells/Incantation of Knut.eon453.0KB

Exhibit Items/Face of Ahtu.eon453.0KB

Spells/Command Dhole.eon452.0KB

Exhibit Items/Reliquary of Leng.eon450.0KB


Common Items/Hunting Permit.eon447.0KB

Common Items/Rotary Saw.eon428.0KB

Allies/Harley Warren.eon427.0KB

Exhibit Items/Book of Anubis.eon416.0KB

Allies/Clara Geddes.eon415.0KB

Exhibit Items/Pharaonic Khopesh.eon414.0KB

Unique items/Household God.eon408.0KB

Investigators/Sue Weatherby (the Aviatrix).eon390.0KB

Monsters/Tomb-Thing (VARIANT 3).eon386.0KB

Monsters/Tomb-Thing (VARIANT 1).eon386.0KB

Monsters/Tomb-Thing (VARIANT 2).eon386.0KB

Spells/Mirror of Tarkhun Atep.eon382.0KB

Investigators/Janice Hathaway (the Assistant Curator).eon380.0KB

Exhibit Items/Stygian Dagger.eon371.0KB

Monsters/Insect Swarm.eon368.0KB

Allies/Carl Sanford.eon367.0KB

Spells/Nyhargo Spiral.eon366.0KB

Herald/Golden Scarab Cult.eon355.0KB

Exhibit Items/Mask of the Black Ram.eon355.0KB

Exhibit Items/Litany of Re.eon353.0KB

Unique items/Whispering Hide.eon329.0KB

Common Items/Skull Token.eon325.0KB

Common Items/Rosary.eon314.0KB

Common Items/Decipher Cartouche.eon296.0KB

Spells/Cthulhu Prayer.eon296.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Rivertown 2.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Rivertown 4.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Rivertown 3.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Rivertown 1.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Easttown 3.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Merchant District 1.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Miskatonic University 3.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Merchant District 4.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Merchant District 3.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Northside 4.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/French Hill 3.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Miskatonic University 2.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Southside4.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/French Hill 1.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Merchant District 2.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Uptown 1.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Southside 3.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Downtown 1.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Miskatonic University 4.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Easttown 2.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/French Hill 4.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Miskatonic University 1.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Downtown 3.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Easttown 1.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Downtown 4.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Northside 2.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Southside 2.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Uptown 2.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/French Hill 2.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Easttown 4.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Downtown 2.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Southside 1.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Northside 1.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Northside 3.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Uptown 4.eon292.0KB

Arkham Encounters/Uptown 3.eon291.0KB

Ancient Ones/Nitocris.eon291.0KB

Exhibit Items/Last Mask of Ramases.eon290.0KB

Unique items/Zanthu Tablets.eon287.0KB

Spells/Bind Machine.eon266.0KB

Exhibit Items/Aldebaran Key.eon257.0KB

Allies/Abigail Foreman.eon247.0KB

Monsters/Chaos Mask.eon241.0KB

Exhibit Items/Rod of Sarnath.eon238.0KB

Exhibit Items/Shining Trapezohedron.eon232.0KB

Common Items/Infiltrate Cult.eon226.0KB



Exhibit Items/Book of the Celestial Cow.eon218.0KB


Allies/Halpin Chalmers.eon214.0KB

Common Items/Switchblade.eon214.0KB

Monsters/Omen Bird.eon196.0KB

Allies/Gustaf Johansen.eon189.0KB

Allies/Niles Masters.eon175.0KB

Common Items/Electric Torch.eon164.0KB

Investigators/Horace Falconer (the Veteran).eon146.0KB

Exhibit Items/Jackal Statue.eon144.0KB

Unique items/Spear of Celephais.eon138.0KB

Allies/Elspet Carls.eon133.0KB

Designer's Notebook.docx132.0KB

Investigators/Jack Halman (the Federal Agent).eon127.0KB

Investigators/Marie Et-Neit (the Awakened Mummy).eon113.0KB

Common Items/Opium Pipe.eon106.0KB

Investigators/Cyrus Crookes (the Hermetic Priest).eon105.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 11 - The Maw of Ammit.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Environment (Urban) - Damned Foreigners!.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Environment (Mystic) - The Curse of Nephren-Ka.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 08 - Gold Rush.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 15 - Children of Bubastis.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Environment (Weather) - The Rising of the Nile.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 04 - Birds of Ill Omen.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 06 - Feeding Frenzy!.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 10 - The Riddle of the Sphinx.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 02 - A Curse on Tongues.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 12 - Marking of Doors.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 09 - The Sending of the Soul.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Rumor 4 - Sarcophagus of Gold.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Rumor 3 - Sarcophagus of Lunacy.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 07 - Floodwaters Subside .eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Rumor 2 - Sarcophagus of Sorcery.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Rumor 1 - Sarcophagus of Decay.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 05 - Decadence Rewarded.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 13 - Strange Sightings (1).eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 14 - Strange Sightings (2).eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 03 - Falling Star.eon92.0KB

Mythos Cards/Headline 01 - Ancient Barrow Discovered.eon92.0KB

Unique items/Testament of Carnamagos.eon84.0KB

Common Items/Jemmy.eon80.0KB

Exhibit Items/Golden Fang of Apep.eon77.0KB


Unique items/Book of Azathoth.eon62.0KB

Golden Scarab.jpg60.0KB

Allies/Harold Copeland.eon45.0KB

Card List.docx21.0KB

Arkham Encounters/(ARKHAM ENCOUNTER DECKS).eon19.0KB

Monsters/(MONSTERS SHEET).eon17.0KB

Exhibit Items/(EXHIBIT ITEM DECK).eon15.0KB

Common Items/(COMMON ITEM DECK).eon15.0KB

Spells/(SPELL DECK).eon14.0KB

Mythos Cards/(MYTHOS DECK).eon12.0KB

Other World encounters/(OTHER WORLD ENCOUNTERS).eon12.0KB

Allies/(ALLY DECK).eon10.0KB

Skills/(SKILL DECK).eon10.0KB

Unique items/(UNIQUE ITEM DECK).eon10.0KB


Ancient Ones/Plague cards/(PLAGUE DECK).eon7.0KB

Ancient Ones/(ANCIENT ONES).eon4.0KB

Guardian/Day & Night card/(Day-Night 'deck').eon3.0KB

Ancient Ones/Plague cards/Abundance of Frogs.eon3.0KB

Ancient Ones/Plague cards/Tide of Blood.eon3.0KB

Ancient Ones/Plague cards/Swarm of Locusts.eon3.0KB

Ancient Ones/Plague cards/Shroud of Darkness.eon3.0KB

Ancient Ones/Plague cards/Pestilence.eon3.0KB

Ancient Ones/Plague cards/Surfeit of Boils.eon2.0KB

Ancient Ones/Plague cards/Death of the First.eon2.0KB

Ancient Ones/Plague cards/Cloud of Gnats.eon2.0KB

Ancient Ones/Plague cards/Fury of Hailstones.eon2.0KB

Ancient Ones/Plague cards/Horde of Beasts.eon2.0KB

Other World encounters/Red 1 - R'lyeh & Abyss.eon2.0KB

Guardian/Day & Night card/Night.eon2.0KB

Guardian/Day & Night card/Day.eon2.0KB

Other World encounters/Green 4 - Dreamlands & Leng.eon2.0KB

Other World encounters/Blue 1 - Dreamlands & Yuggoth.eon2.0KB

Other World encounters/Blue 2 - Abyss & Yuggoth.eon2.0KB

Other World encounters/Red 3 - R'lyeh & Dreamlands.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Green 1 - Dreamlands & City of Great Race.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Yellow 4 - R'lyeh & City of Great Race.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Green 5 - Leng & Celeano.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Yellow 1 - City of Great Race & Yuggoth.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Blue 4 - Dreamlands & Abyss.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Red 2 - R'lyeh & Leng.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Red 4 - Abyss & Dreamlands.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Yellow 5 - Dreamlands & Yuggoth.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Blue 5 - Yuggoth & Celeano.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Yellow 6 - Dreamlands & City of Great Race.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Blue 3 - Abyss & Celeano.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Green 2 - City of Great Race & Celeano.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Red 6 - Dreamlands & Leng.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Blue 6 - Dreamlands & Celeano.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Yellow 2 - Dreamlands & R'lyeh.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Green 6 - Dreamlands & Celeano.eon1.0KB


Other World encounters/Green 3 - City of Great Race & Leng.eon1.0KB

Skills/Faith Healing.eon1.0KB

Other World encounters/Red 5 - Abyss & Leng.eon1.0KB


Other World encounters/Yellow 3 - R'lyeh & Yuggoth.eon1.0KB








Skills/Martial Arts.eon1.0KB




Skills/Credit Rating.eon1.0KB


Expansion icon plugin/resources/tut/gs-icon.png1.0KB

Expansion icon plugin/resources/tut/gs-symbol.png1.0KB

Expansion icon plugin/resources/tut/trapezohedron.js1.0KB

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