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Birx (ed) - Encyclopedia of Anthropology.pdf140.0MB

Ingold - What is an animal.pdf82.0MB

Salzmann (ed) - When nomads settle.pdf74.0MB

Barth - Ethnic Groups and Boundaries.pdf61.0MB

Barth - Nomads of South Persia.pdf60.0MB

Wolf - Peasants.pdf59.0MB

Stets&Turner (eds) - Handbook of the Sociology of Emotions.pdf49.0MB

Craddock - Scientific Investigation of Copies, Fakes and Forgeries.pdf40.0MB

Eriksen - Ethnicity and Nationailsm.pdf35.0MB

Caforio (ed) - Handbook of the Sociology of the Military.pdf33.0MB

Montgomery et al (eds) - How Professionals Make Decisions.pdf27.0MB

Tomlinson - Cultural imperialism.pdf26.0MB

Fentress&Whickham - Social memory.pdf25.0MB

Grivetti&Shapiro (eds) - Chocolate ~ History, Culture and Heritage.pdf24.0MB

Brooker - A Glossary of Cultural Theory.pdf22.0MB

Sutton-Smith et al (eds) - Children's Folklore - A Source Book.pdf21.0MB

Brumberg - Fasting Girls ~ The emergence of Anorexia Nervosa as a modern disease.pdf20.0MB

Aguar&Aguar - Wrightscapes.pdf20.0MB

Riggio&Feldman (eds) - Applications Of Nonverbal Communication.pdf19.0MB

Silverman&Ruggles - Cultural Heritage and Human Rights.pdf15.0MB

Galician - Sex, Love and Romance in the Mass Media.pdf14.0MB

Demeny&McNicoll (eds) - Encyclopedia of Population.pdf13.0MB

Anderson et al (eds) - Handbook of Cultural Geography.pdf12.0MB

Garfinkel - Studies in Ethnomethodology.pdf12.0MB

Demorest - Psychology's Grand Theorists.pdf12.0MB

Florman - Myth and Metamorphosis ~ Picasso's Classical Prints.pdf11.0MB

Kalof et al - Essentials Of Social Research.pdf10.0MB

Halliwell&Morely (eds) - American Thought And Culture in the 21th c.pdf10.0MB

Henderson (ed) - Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations of the World A Dictionary.pdf9.0MB

Dictionary of Publishing and Printing.pdf9.0MB

Hill - The Everyday Language of White Racism.pdf9.0MB

Miles - Urban Avant-Gardes.pdf8.0MB

Shore&Nugent (eds) - Elite Cultures ~ Anthropological Perspectives.pdf8.0MB

Walklate - Understanding Criminology.pdf7.0MB

Lewin (ed) - Feminist Anthropology ~ A Reader.pdf7.0MB

Boardman&Sauser - Systems Thinking ~ Coping with 21st c Problems.pdf7.0MB

Wierzbicki - Film Music - A History.pdf7.0MB

Dictionary of Media Studies.pdf7.0MB

Valsiner&Rosa (eds) - Cambridge Handbook of Sociocultural Psychology.pdf6.0MB

Crawford&Kelley - American Indian Religious Traditions.pdf6.0MB

Block - Defending the Undefendable.pdf6.0MB

Duggan&Hunter - Sex Wars.pdf6.0MB

Bell - Middle Class Families.pdf6.0MB

Castex - Architecture of Italy.pdf6.0MB

Bryan et al (eds) - 21st Century Sociology vol.1 Traditional&Core Areas.pdf6.0MB

Harriford&Thompson - When the Center is on Fire ~ Passionate Social Theory for Our Times.pdf6.0MB

Dictionary of Information and Library Management.pdf6.0MB

McNeill - The Human Condition.pdf5.0MB

Prono - Encyclopedia of Gay and Lesbian Popular Culture.pdf5.0MB

Turnbull - Masons tricksters and cartographers.pdf5.0MB

Pecher&Zwaan - Grounding Cognition.pdf5.0MB

BarnardSpencer (eds) - Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology.pdf5.0MB

Bennett et al - Culture Class Distinction.pdf5.0MB

Felleman - Art in the Cinematic Imagination.pdf5.0MB

Kara - Sex Trafficking ~ Inside the Business of Modern Slavery.pdf5.0MB

Woods - Vietnam.pdf5.0MB

Chibnik - Crafting Tradition ~ The making and marketing of Oaxacan wood carvings.pdf5.0MB

Graziano - Cultures of Devotion ~ Folk Saints of Spanish America.pdf4.0MB

Wheeler - Practical Cinematography.pdf4.0MB

Eisen&Keefe (eds) - The Cambridge Mozart Encyclopedia.pdf4.0MB

Bryan et al (eds) - 21st Century Sociology vol.2 Specialty Fields.pdf4.0MB

Casey&Edgerton (eds) - A Companion to Psychological Anthropology ~ Modernity and Psychocultural Change.pdf4.0MB

Inman et al (eds) - Electronic collaboration in the humanities.pdf4.0MB

Poole (ed) - A Companion to Latin American Anthropology.pdf4.0MB

Parker&Aggleton (eds) - Culture, Society and Sexuality.pdf4.0MB

Simpson - Language and National Identity in Africa.pdf4.0MB

Biolsi (ed) - A Companion to the Anthropology of American Indians.pdf4.0MB

Pawlyn&Carnaby (ed) - Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities ~ Nursing Complex Needs.pdf3.0MB

Fry et al (eds) - A Handbook For Teaching & Learning in Higher Education.pdf3.0MB

Memon et al - Psychology and Law.pdf3.0MB

Duranti - Linguistic Anthropology.pdf3.0MB

Matsue - Making Music in Japan's Underground hardcore scene.pdf3.0MB

Brown (ed) - Handbook Of Pediatric Psychology In School Settings.pdf3.0MB

Feenberg - Transforming Technology - A Critical Theory Revisited.pdf3.0MB

Hamm - Philosophical Issues In Education.pdf3.0MB

Harris et al - Managing Cultural Differences.pdf3.0MB

Robertson (ed) - A Companion to the Anthropology of Japan.pdf3.0MB

Giger - Verdi & French Aesthetic.pdf3.0MB

Al-Hawaj et al (eds) - Higher Education In The 21th Century.pdf3.0MB

Szakolczai - Sociology, Religion and Grace.pdf3.0MB

Sitsky - Australian Piano Music of the Twentieth Century.pdf3.0MB

Zalasiewicz - The Earth After Us.pdf3.0MB

Rodgers (ed) - Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture.pdf3.0MB

Nugent&Vincent (eds) - A Companion to the Anthropology of Politics.pdf3.0MB

Deegan - Africa Today.pdf2.0MB

Edwards (ed) - Cultural Theory.pdf2.0MB

Carson&Bull (eds) - Handbook of Psychology in Legal Contexts.pdf2.0MB

Hendry - An Anthropologist in Japan.pdf2.0MB

Olson - An Ethnohistorical Dictionary China.pdf2.0MB

Barnard - History and Theory in Anthropology.pdf2.0MB

Dawson&Spannagle - The Complete Guide to Climate Change.pdf2.0MB

Firth et al - Families and Their Relatives ~ Kinship in a middle-class sector in London.pdf2.0MB

Delanty&Isin (eds) - Handbook of Historical Sociology.pdf2.0MB

Faulk&Usunier - AIDS and business.pdf2.0MB

Rosser&Harris - The Family and Social Change ~ A study of family and kinship in a South Wales town.pdf2.0MB

Hughes&Reader (eds) - Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture.pdf2.0MB

Pemberton&Nijhawan - Shared Idioms Sacred Symbols And Articulation Of Identities (South-Asia).pdf2.0MB

Tremblay et al (eds) - Developmental Origins of Aggression.pdf2.0MB

Moses - German Intellectuals and the Nazi Past.pdf2.0MB

Barz&Cooley - Shadows in the Field (ethnomusicology).pdf2.0MB

Kellog et al - In an Influential Fashion.pdf2.0MB

Pearson - Wicca & the Christian heritage.pdf2.0MB

Palmer - Historical Dictionary of Architecture.pdf2.0MB

Hoare - Thailand A Global Studies Handbook.pdf2.0MB

Franklin - Tourism An introduction.pdf2.0MB

Ramet - Gender Reversals and Gender Cultures ~ Anthropological and historical perspectives.pdf2.0MB

Weinstein - Marriage Rituals Italian Style ~ A historical anthropological perspective on Early Modern Italian Jews.pdf2.0MB

Edelman&Haugerud (eds) - The Anthropology of Development and Globalozation ~ From classical political economy to contemporary neoliberalism.pdf2.0MB

Banyard et al (eds) - Trauma and Physical Health.pdf2.0MB

Delanty (ed) - Handbook contemporary European social theory.pdf2.0MB

Moore - Music and Revolution (Socialist Cuba).pdf2.0MB

Eriksen&Nielsen - A History of Anthropology.pdf2.0MB

Izod - Myth Mind and the Screen.pdf2.0MB

Pitzl - Encyclopedia of Human Geography.pdf1.0MB

Malesevic - The Sociology of Ethnicity.pdf1.0MB

Ferguson - Phenomenological Sociology ~ Insight and Experience in Modern Society.pdf1.0MB

Durkheim - Suicide ~ A study in sociology.pdf1.0MB

Guillebaud - The Tyranny of Pleasure.pdf1.0MB

Brueggemann&Burch (eds) - Women and Deafness ~ Double Visions.pdf1.0MB

Beattie - Other Cultures ~ Aims, Methods and Achievements in Social Anthropology.pdf1.0MB

Mullen et al - Stalkers And Their Victims.pdf1.0MB

Luckhurst&Moody (eds) - Theatre and Celebrity in Britain 1660-2000.pdf1.0MB

Ingold (ed) - Key Debates in Anthropology.pdf1.0MB

Sklair - The Sociology of Progress.pdf1.0MB

Krohm-Hansen&Nustad (eds) - State Formation ~ Anthropological Perspectives.pdf1.0MB

van Ginneken - Collective Behavior and Public Opinion.pdf1.0MB

Rapport (ed) - British Subjects ~ An Anthropology of Britain.pdf1.0MB

Cherneff&Hochwald (eds) - Visionary Observers ~ Anthropological Inquiry and Education.pdf1.0MB

Hastrup&Hervik (eds) - Social Experience and Anthropological Knowledge.pdf1.0MB

Kleinig - Ethics and criminal justice.pdf1.0MB

Crouter&Booth (eds) - Children's Influence on Family Dynamics.pdf1.0MB

Saari - Disposing Dictators Demystifying Voting Paradoxes.pdf1.0MB

Wade - Race, Nature and Culture ~ An Anthropological Perspective.pdf1.0MB

Erll&Nunning (eds) - Cultural Memory Studies 1 An international and interdisciplinary handbook.pdf1.0MB

Newman - Playing with videogames.pdf1.0MB

Monteith - American Culture in the 1960s.pdf1.0MB

Scott - Social Theory ~ Central Issues in Sociology.pdf1.0MB

Goulet&Miller (eds) - Extraordinary Anthropology ~ Transformations in the Field.pdf1.0MB

Johnson et al - The Practice of Cultural Studies.pdf1.0MB

Banks - Ethnicity ~ Anthropological Constructions.pdf1.0MB

Fox&King (eds) - Anthropology Beyond Culture.pdf1.0MB

Hedstrom - Dissecting the Social ~ On the principles of analytical sociology.pdf1.0MB

Moore - Ribbon Culture ~ Charity, Compassion and Public Awareness.pdf1.0MB

Bechhofer&Paterson - Principles of Research Design in the Social Sciences.pdf1.0MB

Eldridge - American Culture in the 1930s.pdf1.0MB

Brottman - High Theory Low Culture.pdf1.0MB

de Rivera - Handbook on Building Cultures of Peace.pdf1.0MB

Gadd&Jefferson - Psychosocial Criminology.pdf1.0MB

Thornicroft&Tansella (eds) - Better mental health care.pdf1.0MB

Argyle - Religious Behaviour.pdf1.0MB

Fleming - Adolescence.pdf1.0MB

De Vliert - Climate, Affluence And Culture.pdf1.0MB

Descola&Palsson (eds) - Nature and Society ~ Anthropological Perspectives.pdf1.0MB

Goddard (ed) - Gender, Agency and Change ~ Anthropological perspectives.pdf1.0MB

McRobbie - The Uses of Cultural Studies.pdf1.0MB

Gottschalk - Beyond Hindu and Muslim ~ Multiple Identity in Narratives from Village India.pdf1.0MB

Barnett - When death enters therapeutic space.pdf1.0MB

Harris (ed) - Inside and outside the Law ~ Anthropological studies of authority and ambiguity.pdf1.0MB

Holmes - Gender and Everyday Life.pdf1.0MB

Higgs&Jones - Medical Sociology and Old Age.pdf1013.0KB

Metcalf - Anthropology The Basics.pdf1000.0KB

Shehadeh - Idea of women fundamentalist islam.pdf960.0KB

Nader - The Life of the Law ~ Anthropological Perspectives.pdf959.0KB

Jahn-Sudmann&Stockmann (eds) - Computer games as a sociocultural phenomenon.pdf949.0KB

Nelson&Greene - Signaling Goodness ~ Social Rules & Public Choice.pdf942.0KB

Satzewich - The Ukranian Diaspora.pdf929.0KB

Bowman - Post-Marxism versus Cultural Studies ~ Theory, Politics and Intervention.pdf928.0KB

Donnan (ed) - Interpreting islam.pdf899.0KB

Fellner - Wrestling with Starbucks.pdf880.0KB

Berube (ed) - The Aesthetics of Cultural Studies.pdf860.0KB

Portmann - When bad things happen to other people.pdf859.0KB

Mitchell&Osland - Representing Women and Female Desire.pdf847.0KB

Rugg&Petre - A Gentle Guide to Research Methods.pdf801.0KB

Vertigans - Militant Islam (A.Sociology Of Characteristics).pdf798.0KB

Demsetz - From economic man to economic system.pdf754.0KB

Wilton - Sexual (Dis)Orientation.pdf748.0KB

Kramer - Why classical music still matters.pdf731.0KB

Peacock - The Anthropological Lens ~ Harsh Light, Soft Focus.pdf622.0KB

Luria - The Mind of a Mnemonist.pdf607.0KB


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