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spagna 1987-2012

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Albums/1997-Dance Collection/Cover/Front.png34.0MB

Albums/2005-Diario Di Bordo/Cover/Back.png34.0MB

Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/Cover/Front.png30.0MB

Albums/2005-Diario Di Bordo/Cover/Front.png30.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/Cover/Back .png22.0MB


Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/Cover/Back.png19.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/16-Call Me 12'' (Popstand Remix).mp317.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/Cover/Front.png16.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/11.Easy Lady (Extended Version).mp315.0MB

Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/Cover/Front.png15.0MB


Albums/1994-Lady Madonna (Single)/02.Lady Madonna (Lee Marlow Valencia Mix).mp313.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/08 Even More (Feat.Brian Auger).mp313.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/16.I Always Dream About You (L & D Dub Mix).mp313.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/11-I Always Dream About You.mp313.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/13.Call Me (Special Viva Mix).mp313.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/02 Listen To Your Heart (Feat.Dominic Miller-Gregg Kofi Brown-Fabrizio Bosso).mp312.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/14.I Wanna Be Your Wife (Extended Version).mp312.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/14.Every Girl And Boy (Special Bang Bang Remix).mp312.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/17-Easy Lady 12'' (Gypsies Remix).mp312.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/01.Easy Lady (Remix).mp312.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/14.No More Words.mp312.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/02.Sarah.mp311.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/01 I Know Why (Feat.Ronnie Jones-Lou Marini).mp311.0MB

Albums/1994-Lady Madonna (Single)/04.Lady Madonna (Ivana Club Mix).mp311.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/02.Sarah.mp311.0MB


Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/15-Lady Madonna 12'' (Dance Remix).mp311.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/04.Lady Madonna (D.Monti Euromix 133 B.P.M.).mp311.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/08-Come Il Cielo.mp311.0MB

Albums/1994-Lady Madonna (Single)/03.Lady Madonna (D. Monti Euromix).mp311.0MB

Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/08.Number One.mp311.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/08.Why Can't I Say (I love You babe).mp311.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/12 - L'ora dei ricordi.mp311.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/08.Why Can't I Say (I Love You Babe).mp311.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/02.Easy Lady.mp311.0MB

Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/04.Love At First Sight.mp311.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/06.Easy Lady.mp311.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/06.Easy Lady.mp311.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/15.Easy Lady (Original).mp311.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/07.Love at First Sight.mp311.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/01-Easy Lady.mp311.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/06.Love At First Sight.mp311.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/07-Love At First Sight.mp311.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/04 - Aspettavo te.mp311.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/03 Upside Down (Feat.Eumir Deodato).mp310.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/09.Baby Blue.mp310.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/09.Baby Blue.mp310.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/03 - Un po' d'amore.mp310.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/10 - Anche un momento.mp310.0MB


Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/01.Only Words.mp310.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/03.Dedicated To The Moon.mp310.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/03.Dedicated To The Moon.mp310.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/12.Only Words.mp310.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/08.Dedicated To The Moon.mp310.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/03.I Always Dream About You.mp310.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/07 Vulnerabile.mp310.0MB

Albums/2002-Woman-2002/02.Never Say You Love Me.mp310.0MB

Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/07.I Always Dream About You.mp310.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/06 - Mi amor.mp310.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/12-No Way Out.mp310.0MB

Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/05.Me And My Love.mp310.0MB

Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/03.No Way Out.mp310.0MB

Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/10.I'll Walk Away.mp310.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/11.Me And You.mp310.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/13.No Way Out.mp310.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/13-Never Say You Love Me.mp310.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/09-Me And You.mp310.0MB

Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/06.You Are My Energy.mp310.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/09.You're My Energy.mp310.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/07 - Domani.mp310.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/Cover/Front.png10.0MB

Albums/2002-Woman-2002/10.A New Day.mp310.0MB

Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/05.Why Are You Leaving Me.mp310.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/06 Like An Angel (Feat.Ronnie Jones-Lou Marini).mp310.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/13.Love At First Sight (Groove Radio Version).mp310.0MB

Albums/2002-Woman-2002/09.Do It With Style.mp310.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/Cover/Back.png10.0MB

Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/09.I Miss You.mp310.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/02 - Con il tuo nome.mp310.0MB


Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/09.You & I (2).mp310.0MB

Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/03.You'll Be Mine.mp310.0MB

Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/10.I Only Dance With You.mp310.0MB

Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/06.If You Really Love Me.mp310.0MB

Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/07.There's A Love.mp310.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/15.Don't Call It Love.mp310.0MB


Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/10.Girl, It's Not The End Of The World.mp39.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/07.Dance Dance Dance.mp39.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/11.Dance Dance Dance.mp39.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/07.Dance Dance Dance.mp39.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/10.Girl It's Not The End Of The World.mp39.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/03.Dance Dance Dance.mp39.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/05 My Lover (Feat.John Tropea).mp39.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/03-Dance Dance Dance.mp39.0MB

Albums/2002-Woman-2002/03.A Day Without You.mp39.0MB

Albums/1996-Lupi Solitari/02_ti_amo.mp39.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/05.Why Me.mp39.0MB

Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/11.March 10, 1959 (Memories Of The Taste Of Freedom).mp39.0MB

Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/02.Why Me.mp39.0MB

Albums/2005-Diario Di Bordo/01.Prova D' Amore.mp39.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/15.Lady Madonna (Radio Edit 128 B.P.M.).mp39.0MB

Albums/1994-Lady Madonna (Single)/01.Lady Madonna (Radio Edit).mp39.0MB


Albums/1996-Lupi Solitari/01_colpa_del_sole.mp39.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/05.The Power Of Money.mp39.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/01.Call Me.mp39.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/01.Call Me.mp39.0MB

Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/02.You Break Into My Heart.mp39.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/05.The Power Of Money.mp39.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/01.Call Me.mp39.0MB

Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/03.Let Me (Say I Love You).mp39.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/02.Call Me.mp39.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/10.Let Me (Say I Love You).mp39.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/10_colpa_del_sole.mp39.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/13 - Claire de lune.mp39.0MB

Albums/2002-Woman-2002/07.Lady In Black.mp39.0MB


Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/02-Call Me.mp39.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/01 - Gloria.mp39.0MB

Albums/1995-Siamo in due/06_il_cerchio_della_vita.mp39.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/08.I Wanna Be Your Wife.mp39.0MB

Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/01.I Wanna Be Your Wife.mp39.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/05.I Wanna Be Your Wife.mp39.0MB

Albums/2005-Diario Di Bordo/07.Donna Invisibile.mp39.0MB

Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/09.Donґt Call It Love.mp39.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/10-Lupi Solitari.mp39.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/08 - Anime sole.mp39.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/07_come_il_cielo.mp39.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/05-I Wanna Be Your Wife.mp39.0MB

Albums/2002-Woman-2002/01.Ivana Spagna Woman.mp39.0MB

Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/01.If I Listened To My Heart.mp39.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/12.Jelaousy.mp39.0MB

Albums/1995-Siamo in due/09_uno_come_te.mp39.0MB

Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/07.Why Donґt We Talk Anymore.mp39.0MB


Albums/2005-Diario Di Bordo/02.A Chi Dice No.mp39.0MB

Albums/1991-No Way Out (US)/06.I Don't Wanna Fall In Love.mp39.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/14-Indivisibili.mp39.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/09.This Generation.mp39.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/04.So Easy.mp39.0MB


Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/02.This Generation (IIII).mp38.0MB

Albums/1987-Dedicated To The Moon (Japan)/04.So Easy.mp38.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/06.This Generation.mp38.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/06-This Generation.mp38.0MB

Albums/1995-Siamo in due/07_gente_come_noi.mp38.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/12.Why Me (Radio Edit).mp38.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/09 - Messages of love.mp38.0MB

Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/Cover/Back.png8.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/04 I'll Give You My Life.mp38.0MB


Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/03_il_cerchio_della_vita.mp38.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/05 - Acqua.mp38.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/07.Don't Go Away Tonight.mp38.0MB


Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/04.Don't Go Away Tonight.mp38.0MB

Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/08.Matter Of Time.mp38.0MB

Albums/2002-Woman-2002/08.Comme C'est Bizarre La Vie.mp38.0MB

Albums/1995-Siamo in due/03_mai.mp38.0MB


Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/10.Woman In Love.mp38.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/05_siamo_in_due.mp38.0MB

Albums/1997-Dance Collection/10.Every Girl And Boy.mp38.0MB

Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/08.Every Girl & Boy.mp38.0MB

Albums/2002-Woman-2002/06.Mas Alla Del Cielo Azul.mp38.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/16.Every Girl And Boy (7' Version).mp38.0MB

Albums/2005-Diario Di Bordo/03.Anche Solo Per Un Istante.mp38.0MB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/04.Every Girl and Boy.mp38.0MB

Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/04.Friday.mp38.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/04-Every Girl And Boy.mp38.0MB

Albums/1996-Lupi Solitari/08_se_perdo_te.mp38.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/09 I Know Why (Radio Edit).mp38.0MB

Albums/1995-Siamo in due/01_davanti_agli_occhi.mp38.0MB

Albums/1995-Siamo in due/02_siamo_in_due.mp38.0MB

Albums/2002-Woman-2002/11.Rain And Tears.mp38.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/10 Upside Down (Radio Edit).mp38.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/06_davanti_agli_occhi_miei.mp38.0MB

Albums/2002-Woman-2002/04.Tears Of Love (2002).mp38.0MB

Albums/1996-Lupi Solitari/05_come_l_alba.mp38.0MB

Albums/1996-Lupi Solitari/07_un_amico.mp38.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/02_il_bello_della_vita.mp38.0MB

Albums/2005-Diario Di Bordo/06.Greta.mp37.0MB

Albums/2007-Domani/11 - Al sole.mp37.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/11_ti_amo.mp37.0MB

Albums/1996-Lupi Solitari/09_se_ti_rivedro.mp37.0MB

Albums/1995-Siamo in due/08_a_pugni_chiusi.mp37.0MB

Albums/1995-Siamo in due/04_chiamami.mp37.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/04_gente_come_noi.mp37.0MB

Albums/2005-Diario Di Bordo/05.Diario Di Bordo.mp37.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/01_e_che_mai_sara.mp37.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/14_lay_da_da.mp37.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/08_e_io_penso_a_te.mp37.0MB

Albums/1996-Lupi Solitari/03_e_io_penso_a_te.mp37.0MB

Albums/1996-Lupi Solitari/06_lupi_solitari.mp37.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/09_lupi_solitari.mp37.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/16_mi_sto_innamorando.mp37.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/12_indivisibili.mp37.0MB

Albums/1996-Lupi Solitari/04_ci_saro.mp37.0MB

Albums/1988-You Are My Energy/05.Me And You.mp37.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/13_dov_eri.mp37.0MB

Albums/1995-Siamo in due/05_come_il_cielo.mp37.0MB

Albums/2005-Diario Di Bordo/04.Day By Day.mp36.0MB

Albums/1995-Siamo in due/10_un_natale_che_non_finira.mp36.0MB

Albums/2010-Dedicated To The Moon/Cover/Back.png6.0MB

Albums/2006-Diario di bordo Voglio sdrairmi al sole/04 - Prova d'amore.MP35.0MB

Albums/2006-Diario di bordo Voglio sdrairmi al sole/10 - Donna invisibile.MP35.0MB

Albums/2006-Diario di bordo Voglio sdrairmi al sole/01 - Noi non possiamo cambiare.MP35.0MB

Albums/1998-E che mai sarа/15_se_fosse_vero_amore.mp35.0MB

Albums/2006-Diario di bordo Voglio sdrairmi al sole/05 - A chi dice no.MP35.0MB

Albums/2006-Diario di bordo Voglio sdrairmi al sole/03 - Voglio sdraiarmi al sole.MP35.0MB

Albums/2006-Diario di bordo Voglio sdrairmi al sole/06 - Anche solo per un istante.MP35.0MB

Albums/2006-Diario di bordo Voglio sdrairmi al sole/02 - Vorrei fossi tu.MP35.0MB

Albums/2006-Diario di bordo Voglio sdrairmi al sole/09 - Greta.MP34.0MB

Albums/2006-Diario di bordo Voglio sdrairmi al sole/08 - Diario di bordo.MP34.0MB

Albums/2006-Diario di bordo Voglio sdrairmi al sole/07 - Day by day.MP34.0MB

Albums/2005-Diario Di Bordo/08.Come Un Raggio Di Sole.mp33.0MB

Albums/1994-Lady Madonna (Single)/Cover/Front.png3.0MB

Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/11.I'll Keep Loving You.mp33.0MB

Albums/1996-Lupi Solitari/10_arrivera.mp33.0MB

Albums/2006-Diario di bordo Voglio sdrairmi al sole/11 - Come un raggio di sole.MP32.0MB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/covers/back.jpg1005.0KB


Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/covers/front.jpg881.0KB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/FOLDER.jpg881.0KB


Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/covers/cd.jpg681.0KB

Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/Cover/Front.png423.0KB

Albums/1993-Matter Of Time/Cover/Back.png325.0KB

Albums/1993-Spagna & Spagna (Greatest Hits)/Cover/Front.png299.0KB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/covers/n.4.jpg268.0KB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/covers/n.6.jpg260.0KB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/covers/n.7.jpg257.0KB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/covers/n.3.jpg248.0KB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/covers/n.8.jpg231.0KB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/covers/n.1.jpg219.0KB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/Back.jpg214.0KB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/covers/n.2.jpg212.0KB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Four 2012/covers/n.5.jpg177.0KB

Ivana Spagna/Ivana Spagna - Dance Collections 2008/Front.jpg164.0KB

Albums/1995-Siamo in due/Ivana_Spagna_Siamo_In_Due.JPG5.0KB

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