Van Halen - The Collection (2015 Remasters) {FLAC} vtwin88cube

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The torrent has 113 files, total 2.0GB, created at May. 10, 2015.

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van halen - the collection {flac} vtwin88cube 2015 remasters

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CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/06.Everybody Wants Some!! (Live).flac56.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/23.Eruption (Live).flac48.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/24.Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (Live).flac44.0MB

CD7/02.Me Wise Magic (2015 Remastered Version).flac44.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/25.Jump (Live).flac43.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/18.Romeo Delight (Live).flac42.0MB

CD3/03.Fools (2015 Remastered).flac42.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/16.Hot For Teacher (Live).flac41.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/12.You Really Got Me (Live).flac39.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/14.I'll Wait (Live).flac37.0MB

CD7/01.Can't Get This Stuff No More (2015 Remastered Version).flac37.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/19.Mean Street (Live).flac36.0MB

CD6/06.Hot For Teacher (2015 Remastered).flac36.0MB

CD6/08.Girl Gone Bad (2015 Remastered).flac36.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/01.Unchained (Live).flac36.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/09.Hear About It Later (Live).flac35.0MB

CD4/01.Mean Street (2015 Remastered).flac34.0MB

CD6/07.I'll Wait (2015 Remastered).flac34.0MB

CD3/02.Everybody Wants Some!! (2015 Remastered).flac33.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/21.Ice Cream Man (Live).flac33.0MB

CD4/04.Hear About It Later (2015 Remastered).flac33.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/05.Tattoo (Live).flac33.0MB

CD3/09.In A Simple Rhyme (2015 Remastered).flac32.0MB

CD3/04.Romeo Delight (2015 Remastered).flac32.0MB

CD6/05.Drop Dead Legs (2015 Remastered).flac31.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/13.Dance The Night Away (Live).flac31.0MB

CD6/02.Jump (2015 Remastered).flac31.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/22.Panama (Live).flac30.0MB

CD2/08.D.O.A. (2015 Remastered).flac30.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/17.Women In Love (Live).flac30.0MB

CD4/02.Dirty Movies (2015 Remastered).flac30.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/04.I 'm The One (Live).flac29.0MB

CD5/07.Dancing In The Street (2015 Remastered).flac29.0MB

CD5/09.Little Guitars (2015 Remastered).flac29.0MB

CD1/05.I'm The One (2015 Remastered).flac28.0MB

CD1/08.Feel Your Love Tonight (2015 Remastered).flac28.0MB

CD1/04.Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (2015 Remastered).flac28.0MB

CD2/10.Beautiful Girls (2015 Remastered).flac28.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/02.Runnin' With The Devil (Live).flac27.0MB

CD2/09.Women In Love.....(2015 Remastered).flac27.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/15.And The Cradle Will Rock... (Live).flac27.0MB

CD5/02.Hang 'Em High (2015 Remastered).flac26.0MB

CD6/03.Panama (2015 Remastered).flac26.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/20.Beautiful Girls (Live).flac26.0MB

CD1/06.Jamie's Cryin' (2015 Remastered).flac26.0MB

CD3/01.And The Cradle Will Rock...(2015 Remastered).flac25.0MB

CD1/01.Runnin' With The Devil (2015 Remastered).flac25.0MB

CD6/09.House Of Pain (2015 Remastered).flac25.0MB

CD4/05.Unchained (2015 Remastered).flac25.0MB

CD4/06.Push Comes To Shove (2015 Remastered).flac25.0MB

CD1/09.Little Dreamer (2015 Remastered).flac25.0MB

CD5/04.Secrets (2015 Remastered).flac25.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/07.Somebody Get Me A Doctor (Live).flac24.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/08.China Town (Live).flac24.0MB

CD5/11.The Full Bug (2015 Remastered).flac24.0MB

CD5/01.Where Have All The Good Times Gone! (2015 Remastered).flac23.0MB

CD2/06.Light Up The Sky (2015 Remastered).flac23.0MB

CD5/06.(Oh) Pretty Woman (2015 Remastered).flac23.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/10.(Oh) Pretty Woman (Live).flac23.0MB

CD4/07.So This Is Love (2015 Remastered).flac23.0MB

CD1/07.Atomic Punk (2015 Remastered).flac23.0MB

CD4/03.Sinner's Swing! (2015 Remastered).flac22.0MB

CD3/07.Take Your Whiskey Home (2015 Remastered).flac22.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/03.She's The Woman (Live).flac22.0MB

CD1/11.On Fire (2015 Remastered).flac22.0MB

CD6/04.Top Jimmy (2015 Remastered).flac22.0MB

CD2/02.Dance The Night Away (2015 Remastered).flac22.0MB

CD1/10.Ice Cream Man (2015 Remastered).flac22.0MB

CD2/04.Bottoms Up! (2015 Remastered).flac21.0MB

CD2/03.Somebody Get Me A Doctor (2015 Remastered).flac21.0MB

CD2/01.You're No Good (2015 Remastered).flac20.0MB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/11.Me & You (Drum Solo) (Live).flac20.0MB

CD2/05.Outta Love Again (2015 Remastered).flac20.0MB

CD1/03.You Really Got Me (2015 Remastered).flac20.0MB

CD3/08.Could This Be Magic (2015 Remastered).flac19.0MB

CD5/10.Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now) (2015 Remastered).flac19.0MB

CD3/06.Loss Of Control (2015 Remastered).flac18.0MB

CD4/09.One Foot Out The Door (2015 Remastered).flac14.0MB

CD5/05.Intruder (2015 Remastered).flac13.0MB

CD4/08.Sunday Afternoon In The Park (2015 Remastered).flac12.0MB

CD1/02.Eruption (2015 Remastered).flac11.0MB

CD6/01.1984 (2015 Remastered).flac6.0MB

CD5/03.Cathedral (2015 Remastered).flac6.0MB

CD5/12.Happy Trails (2000 Remastered).flac6.0MB

CD3/05.Tora! Tora! (2015 Remastered).flac5.0MB

CD2/07.Spanish Fly (2015 Remastered).flac5.0MB

CD5/08.Little Guitars (Intro) (2015 Remastered).flac4.0MB

Spectros/Runnin' With The Devil (2004 Best Of Both Worlds) Bitrate 1028 kbps.bmp301.0KB

Spectros/Runnin' With The Devil (2015 Remastered) Bitrate 1009 kbps.bmp301.0KB


CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/Lossless Audio Checker.log4.0KB

CD8 (Live At Tokyo Dome)/cue.cue3.0KB

CD5/Lossless Audio Checker.log2.0KB


CD1/Lossless Audio Checker.log2.0KB

CD2/Lossless Audio Checker.log2.0KB

CD6/Accurip Log.txt2.0KB

CD3/Lossless Audio Checker.log2.0KB

CD4/Lossless Audio Checker.log2.0KB

CD6/Lossless Audio Checker.log2.0KB





CD5/Accurip Log.txt1.0KB


CD1/Accurip Log.txt1.0KB

CD3/Accurip Log.txt1.0KB

CD4/Accurip Log.txt1.0KB

CD2/Accurip Log.txt1.0KB

CD7/Lossless Audio Checker.log1.0KB

CD7/Accurip Log.txt1.0KB


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