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2000-09-18 Steve Bosell -Magazine Quiz.mp313.0MB

2000-02-10 Rudy Canoza -Valentine's Day Tips.mp310.0MB

2000-03-20 Ted Bell -Tiger Woods Should Throw Some Matches.mp310.0MB

2000-08-23 Doug Dannger -Gay Riot.mp310.0MB

2000-06-29 Jim Sadler -Gay Dog Bashing.mp39.0MB

2000-07-18 Rudy Canoza -Brazilian Bikini Wax.mp38.0MB

2000-02-16 Margaret Gray -The Dog Show.mp38.0MB

2000-01-03 Steve Bosell -Y2Ky Jelly.mp38.0MB

2000-06-30 Steve Bosell -Boogie Nights.mp38.0MB

2000-03-01 Brad Rifkin -Gun Safety For Preschoolers.mp37.0MB

2000-02-17 Phil Hendrie -Anonymous Tom -OJ Simpson May Have Been Framed.mp37.0MB

2000-06-15 Ted Bell -Stolen Sunvisor.mp37.0MB

2000-01-04 David G Hall -Y2K Tards.mp37.0MB

2000-10-02 Rudy Canoza -Birth Control Pill For Men.mp37.0MB

2000-03-26 Chris Norton - Columbone.mp36.0MB

2000-06-14 Margaret Gray -American Men Want To Cross-Dress.mp36.0MB

2000-07-14 Steve Bosell -Mexican Workers are Better Workers and Don't Even Sweat.mp36.0MB

2000-02-02 Ted Bell -Those Who Don't Drink Are Lightweights.mp36.0MB

2000-08-28 Steve Bosell -Baseball Bat Warning Label.mp36.0MB

2000-09-27 Jay Santos -Urine Tests.mp36.0MB

2000-02-03 Art Griego -Heart Of The Sea.mp36.0MB

2000-03-09 Jay Santos -Greasy Punks.mp36.0MB

2000-06-26 Margaret Gray -OPEC's Jail Bitch.mp36.0MB

2000-03-03 Bobbie Dooley -Steve Cheating (2nd e-mail account).mp36.0MB

2000-02-08 Chris Norton -Riding the Crimson Wave.mp36.0MB

2000-04-21 David G Hall -Jesus Was Jewish.mp36.0MB

2000-05-05 Margaret Gray -A Day At The Races.mp36.0MB

2000-01-17 Dave Oliva -Confederate Flag Hunger Strike.mp36.0MB

2000-02-18 Chris Norton -Condom Hate.mp36.0MB

2000-02-11 Dave Oliva -Keeping Latino's In School.mp36.0MB

2000-01-05 Lloyd Bonafide -Lap Dance Customer Service.mp36.0MB

2000-09-07 Doug Dannger -McCormick Emmy or Gay Boycott.mp36.0MB

2000-05-24 Brad Rifkin -Charlton Heston's Quote.mp36.0MB

2000-11-30 RC Collins -New Youth Nation.mp36.0MB

2000-03-30 Brad Rifkin -Energy Locator (Shovel).mp36.0MB

2000-01-04 Dave Oliva -White Women.mp36.0MB

2000-01-19 Margaret Gray -Son Sleeps In Bed With Her.mp36.0MB

2000-01-10 Bobbie Dooley -Normal Website A.K.A. Piledriver.mp36.0MB

2000-01-06 Harvey Wireman -Harvey & Jeff Criminal Athletes.mp36.0MB

2000-01-18 Chris Norton -Porn Magazine Taken On Airplane.mp36.0MB

2000-07-26 Brad Rifkin -Innocent Simpson.mp36.0MB

2000-05-09 Phil Hendrie -Talks About Steve Bosell Lawsuits with Callers.mp36.0MB

2000-03-02 David G Hall -Radio Tradio.mp36.0MB

2000-03-27 RC Collins -Goth Beaver Hunt.mp36.0MB

2000-02-07 Bobbie Dooley -Signature Hairdo & Seduction.mp36.0MB

2000-02-11 Steve Bosell -Hot Barbie Dolls.mp36.0MB

2000-07-21 Jim Sadler -Combining Dentistry & Gynecology.mp36.0MB

2000-11-23 Alf Berger & Dave Oliva -Florida Voter Confusion.mp36.0MB

2000-05-26 Harvey Wireman -Suing Elian Gonzales' Rescuer.mp36.0MB

2000-09-12 Larry Grover -Republican Subliminal Campaign Ad ('Rats').mp36.0MB

2000-03-07 Chris Norton -Women Faking Orgasm.mp36.0MB

2000-03-07 Dave Oliva -Make A Wish Foundation.mp36.0MB

2000-10-31 David G Hall -Demon Posessions.mp36.0MB

2000-01-10 David G Hall -Selling His Sperm.mp36.0MB

2000-03-10 Art Bell -Mars Rocket 3 & Chrome Buttock Mold.mp36.0MB

2000-08-25 Ted Bell -Newly Rich People.mp36.0MB

2000-12-05 Vernon Dozier -OJ Chase.mp36.0MB

2000-02-15 Jeff Dowder -Murder At A Subway.mp36.0MB

2000-11-21 Dean Wheeler -Revote in Florida.mp35.0MB

2000-04-19 Lloyd Bonafide -Laugh At Veterans Jokes.mp35.0MB

2000-07-13 Jay Santos -Police Beatings.mp35.0MB

2000-06-29 Bobbie Dooley -Rape Defense Techniques.mp35.0MB

2000-05-10 Ted Bell -How To Be Rich.mp35.0MB

2000-06-08 Dave Oliva -OJ & Double Jeopardy.mp35.0MB

2000-02-28 Margaret Gray -Seatbelts & Jason J.mp35.0MB

2000-01-17 Doug Dannger -Looney Tunes.mp35.0MB

2000-09-01 Dean Wheeler -Jerry Lewis Telethon with Warren Benman.mp35.0MB

2000-04-28 Bobbie Dooley -Pre-Dawn Raid.mp35.0MB

2000-04-13 Charlie LaFountaine -The Elian Gonzales Audition Tape.mp35.0MB

2000-05-16 Bob Green -Columbine Tragedy.mp35.0MB

2000-09-20 Bob Green -Grocery Shoppers Opening Packages.mp35.0MB

2000-11-08 Dave Oliva -Screwed Up Ballots.mp35.0MB

2000-10-15 Art Griego -Elderly Ride Along Program.mp35.0MB

2000-05-03 Jay Santos -Columbine Tragedy.mp35.0MB

2000-07-11 Pastor William Rennick -Can't Believe Blacks Support George Bush.mp35.0MB

2000-04-11 Mavis Leonard -Elian Gonzalez Should Get A Beating.mp35.0MB

2000-03-20 Margaret Gray -Cuban Paradise.mp35.0MB

2000-07-07 Steve Bosell -Super Glues His Penis.mp35.0MB

2000-05-25 Jay Santos -Full Body Cavity Search.mp35.0MB

2000-02-10 Lloyd Bonafide -Veterans Without Syndromes.mp35.0MB

2000-10-27 Jeff Dowder -Jesus Clone (The Second Coming).mp35.0MB

2000-08-01 Larry Grover -Wining The Gay And Black Vote.mp35.0MB

2000-08-07 Dean Wheeler -Breast Fear.mp35.0MB

2000-04-25 Harvey Wireman -Apple Treeing Census Taker.mp35.0MB

2000-12-22 David G Hall -Working On Christmas.mp35.0MB

2000-04-20 Dave Oliva -Citizens Catching Speeders.mp35.0MB

2000-03-31 Bobbie Dooley -Son Caught Homosexuality.mp35.0MB

2000-08-02 Bob Green -Joys Of Miscarriage.mp35.0MB

2000-06-08 Ted Bell -Ted's Is A Monopoly.mp35.0MB

2000-06-16 Austin Amarka -Guard Dogs.mp35.0MB

2000-04-13 Phil Hendrie -Favorite Bits & Santos Introduces New Theme.mp35.0MB

2000-06-09 Jim Sadler -'Pitfall' Gameshow For Physically Challenged.mp35.0MB

2000-10-27 Margaret Gray -Margaret, David, & Mavis Gary Oldman Interview.mp35.0MB

2000-03-24 Harvey Wireman -Daytime Talk Shows.mp35.0MB

2000-04-12 Steve Bosell -Lie Detector Test.mp35.0MB

2000-09-19 Bobbie Dooley -Baptising Jewish Child.mp35.0MB

2000-05-04 Steve Bosell -Love And A 2x4.mp35.0MB

2000-02-04 Austin Amarka -Church Donations.mp35.0MB

2000-06-13 Jay Santos -Turn Off Air Conditioner.mp35.0MB

2000-06-16 Jay Santos -No AC Allowed.mp35.0MB

2000-06-05 Bobbie Dooley -Smelly Grandparents.mp35.0MB

2000-07-12 Brad Rifkin -Referee.mp35.0MB

2000-04-20 Bobbie Dooley -No Handicapped Ramps.mp35.0MB

2000-01-19 Don Bell -13th Floor.mp35.0MB

2000-03-14 Rudy Canoza -Round Two Makeup.mp35.0MB

2000-10-12 David G Hall -Middle East.mp35.0MB

2000-08-08 Dave Oliva -Philly Cop Shooting.mp35.0MB

2000-11-21 Bobbie Dooley -Depression (Falltacular).mp35.0MB

2000-08-04 Art Griego -Damn the Wright Brothers.mp35.0MB

2000-03-27 Pastor William Rennick -Bill Cosby.mp35.0MB

2000-05-29 Lloyd Bonafide -The Value Of War.mp35.0MB

2000-03-21 Art Griego -DB Cooper.mp35.0MB

2000-09-05 Chris Norton -Photo Booth.mp35.0MB

2000-08-22 Art Griego -TWA 800 and Competitive Dieting.mp35.0MB

2000-06-13 Bobbie Dooley -Family Portrait & Vietnam Flashback.mp35.0MB

2000-06-13 Colleen Kristen Brewster -NYC Perverts.mp35.0MB

2000-04-25 Mavis Leonard -Nigger In A Cage.mp35.0MB

2000-11-01 Jay Santos -Safe E-mail.mp35.0MB

2000-09-18 Ted Bell -MTA Strike.mp35.0MB

2000-10-11 Lloyd Bonafide -School Strip Search.mp35.0MB

2000-04-27 Margaret Gray -Superman And Fetal Cell Tissue.mp35.0MB

2000-05-22 Bobbie Dooley -Smothering Her Kids.mp35.0MB

2000-08-29 Bobbie Dooley -Screening Potential Residents.mp35.0MB

2000-04-14 Dave Oliva -Lunch Lady.mp35.0MB

2000-09-13 Chris Norton & Harvey Wireman -Contraceptive Testing Center.mp35.0MB

2000-03-23 Alf Berger -Kills Wife.mp35.0MB

2000-04-06 Jay Santos -Elian Crowd Control.mp35.0MB

2000-11-13 Margaret Gray -Bush Is An Alchie.mp35.0MB

2000-05-02 Dave Oliva -Guest Host (Booty Call).mp35.0MB

2000-07-27 Jeff Dowder -Napster Applied To Real Life.mp35.0MB

2000-07-24 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Dick Cheney.mp35.0MB

2000-07-06 Art Griego -JFK Crash.mp35.0MB

2000-03-29 David G Hall -Prayer.mp35.0MB

2000-10-31 Bob Green -Name One Steve Allen Song.mp35.0MB

2000-05-19 Austin Amarka -NRA Megastore.mp35.0MB

2000-10-03 Brass Villanueva -Presidential Debates.mp35.0MB

2000-06-14 Dave Oliva -Puerto Rican Day Parade.mp35.0MB

2000-03-22 Roland Schwinn -Uncomfortable Pews.mp35.0MB

2000-05-17 Bobbie Dooley & Harvey Wireman -Bobbie Gets Sued For Playing Crusades.mp35.0MB

2000-04-06 Bobbie Dooley -Slapped By Steve.mp35.0MB

2000-11-06 Rudy Canoza -Women In Politics - Get on Your Knees and Get Something To Eat.mp35.0MB

2000-04-24 Austin Amarka -Elian Danger.mp35.0MB

2000-04-18 Bob Green -Mobile Homes & Tornadoes.mp35.0MB

2000-10-27 Dean Wheeler -Halloween Hell House.mp35.0MB

2000-03-24 Doug Dannger -Oscar Winners.mp35.0MB

2000-08-21 Margaret Gray -Jason J Loses Harry Potter Role.mp35.0MB

2000-05-29 Dave Oliva -Women In The Indy 500.mp35.0MB

2000-07-27 Steve Bosell -Male Encounter Group.mp35.0MB

2000-07-11 Dave Oliva -New Breed LAPD.mp35.0MB

2000-04-17 Jeff Dowder -Toilet To Tap.mp35.0MB

2000-10-13 Ted Bell -Palestinians & Spas.mp35.0MB

2000-07-10 Bobbie Dooley -Bitch Slap Festival.mp35.0MB

2000-05-31 Chris Norton -Sexuality Dot Com.mp35.0MB

2000-09-11 Austin Amarka -Bobby Knight.mp35.0MB

2000-05-16 Brad Rifkin -Columbine.mp35.0MB

2000-03-22 Mavis Leonard -Elian Gonzalez.mp35.0MB

2000-04-17 Ted Bell -Selling Rides in Car & Wife For Sex.mp35.0MB

2000-09-07 Margaret Gray -Reagan Love Letters.mp35.0MB

2000-09-25 Bobbie Dooley -Sofa.mp35.0MB

2000-06-12 Clara Bingham -Internet Sex Quest.mp35.0MB

2000-08-31 Art Griego -Making Fuel From Birds.mp35.0MB

2000-12-15 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Senior Cruise.mp35.0MB

2000-06-30 Ted Bell -Princess Diana Park for Retarded Children.mp35.0MB

2000-08-08 Larry Grover -Super Jew.mp35.0MB

2000-04-07 Rudy Canoza -Elian Gonzales.mp35.0MB

2000-09-25 Colleen Kristen Brewster -MTA Strike.mp35.0MB

2000-05-24 Chris Norton -Wants To Join NOW.mp35.0MB

2000-10-13 Doug Dannger -Meg Ryan.mp35.0MB

2000-06-28 Lloyd Bonafide -Broke into Korean Neighbour's House.mp35.0MB

2000-04-13 Bobbie Dooley -Fat Workout Partner.mp35.0MB

2000-12-07 Ted Bell -Nativity Scene.mp35.0MB

2000-07-10 Jay Santos -Stop Porn Week.mp35.0MB

2000-09-11 Margaret Gray -All The Gay TV Shows (with Doug Dannger).mp35.0MB

2000-10-16 Chris Norton -Chippendale.mp35.0MB

2000-06-13 Robert Leonard -Basketball Kidnapping Done For Ratings.mp35.0MB

2000-05-19 Chris Norton -Nightclub Fire.mp35.0MB

2000-05-05 Brass Villanueva -Cinco De Mayo.mp35.0MB

2000-07-18 Margaret Gray -Her Son & Acting School.mp35.0MB

2000-08-11 Chris Norton -Democratic Convention Delegate.mp35.0MB

2000-06-12 Chris Norton -Sperm Donor.mp35.0MB

2000-05-22 Bob Green -Weighs People Leaving His Grocery Store.mp35.0MB

2000-07-26 Dave Oliva -Police Sniper Accident.mp35.0MB

2000-07-27 Harvey Wireman -Buy Some Closure From OJ's Website.mp35.0MB

2000-04-28 Brad Rifkin -Elian For Colgate.mp35.0MB

2000-03-29 Dave Oliva -Seagrams.mp35.0MB

2000-05-22 Steve Bosell -The Full Moon.mp35.0MB

2000-08-24 Brass Villanueva -Viva Bush.mp35.0MB

2000-07-21 David G Hall -Male Beefcake Pageant Fashion Show.mp35.0MB

2000-12-21 Steve Bosell -Daughter Wants A Pony.mp35.0MB

2000-07-25 Art Griego -Concorde Crash (Accident Photos).mp35.0MB

2000-09-15 Bob Green -Mongo Chow.mp35.0MB

2000-08-10 Bobbie Dooley -Southern California Lifestyles.mp35.0MB

2000-10-18 Steve Bosell -The Rat Called Me 'Puddles'.mp35.0MB

2000-08-07 Steve Bosell -Pierced Ear.mp35.0MB

2000-10-27 Bobbie Dooley -Lying Neighbor.mp35.0MB

2000-12-01 Bob Green -Chicken Head In McNuggets.mp35.0MB

2000-06-29 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Darva Conger.mp35.0MB

2000-06-16 Jeff Dowder -School Music Programs.mp35.0MB

2000-05-30 Mavis Leonard -Black People and Fried Chicken.mp35.0MB

2000-10-05 Chris Norton -Videotaping Birth.mp35.0MB

2000-05-15 Margaret Gray -Wheelchair Encounter at Restaurant.mp35.0MB

2000-05-03 Charlie LaFountaine -Tiger Woods Nike Ad & Black Actors.mp35.0MB

2000-07-20 Brass Villanueva -Taco Bell Dog.mp35.0MB

2000-05-15 Steve Bosell -Million Mom Marcher.mp35.0MB

2000-08-24 Bob Green -SIDS.mp35.0MB

2000-11-16 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Katherine Harris.mp35.0MB

2000-09-06 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Gloria Steinem.mp35.0MB

2000-07-13 Ted Bell -Cell Phone Usage Tips.mp35.0MB

2000-08-30 Margaret Gray -Gay Men Make Better Parents (300 Pounds Of Donut Oil).mp35.0MB

2000-08-04 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Slim Fast.mp35.0MB

2000-10-20 Art Griego -We Don't Need Radar.mp35.0MB

2000-10-05 Jay Santos -Slavia Uprising.mp35.0MB

2000-07-25 Doug Dannger -Barbara Walters 4 OJ.mp35.0MB

2000-10-04 Jim Sadler -Dog's Right To Life.mp35.0MB

2000-07-20 Vernon Dozier -Straight Arrow Ministries.mp35.0MB

2000-11-27 Doug Dannger -Robert Downey Jr is Coming Out.mp35.0MB

2000-05-26 Art Griego -Zero Tolerance Hijacking Policy.mp35.0MB

2000-07-24 Bobbie Dooley -Hitlers Brown Shirts.mp35.0MB

2000-10-20 Pastor William Rennick -Jimmy Carter.mp35.0MB

2000-07-07 Chris Norton -Hot Ware.mp35.0MB

2000-08-22 Dave Oliva -Democratic National Convention.mp35.0MB

2000-08-09 Margaret Gray -Cool Looking Hotel Workers.mp35.0MB

2000-12-05 Steve Bosell -The Bon Jovi Concert.mp35.0MB

2000-08-03 Margaret Gray -Turn Off Your AC.mp35.0MB

2000-08-11 Jay Santos -Clearing Protesters at Convention.mp35.0MB

2000-09-28 Carl Misla -Olympics.mp35.0MB

2000-06-06 Lloyd Bonafide -D-Day Car Pull.mp35.0MB

2000-05-04 Bobbie Dooley -I Love You Virus.mp35.0MB

2000-08-11 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Travel Tips.mp35.0MB

2000-02-04 Doug Dannger -Origin Of AIDS.mp34.0MB

2000-11-03 Larry Grover -Bush's DUI.mp34.0MB

2000-08-02 Mavis Leonard -President Ford's Strokes.mp34.0MB

2000-08-29 Charlie LaFountaine -Firestone Tires.mp34.0MB

2000-03-22 Steve Bosell -Erin Brockovich.mp34.0MB

2000-07-19 Chris Norton -Perfume.mp34.0MB

2000-11-29 Margaret Gray -Robert Downey JR.mp34.0MB

2000-11-27 Bobbie Dooley -Nativity Scene.mp34.0MB

2000-07-24 Dean Wheeler -Tiger Woods.mp34.0MB

2000-11-16 Bob Green -Soul Coke.mp34.0MB

2000-06-02 Art Griego -Golf Carts - No.mp34.0MB

2000-12-22 Chris Norton -Chris & Harvey Vibrator Christmas Gift.mp34.0MB

2000-08-21 Clara Bingham -Gay Reversal Expert.mp34.0MB

2000-08-03 Bobbie Dooley -Republican Convention.mp34.0MB

2000-04-06 Art Griego -Black Box For Sale.mp34.0MB

2000-11-01 Bobbie Dooley -Razor Scooters.mp34.0MB

2000-04-14 Chris Norton -Having Sex On Airplanes.mp34.0MB

2000-05-23 Ted Bell -Child Support & Dotcoms.mp34.0MB

2000-08-09 Ted Bell -Firestone Tires & Women Drivers.mp34.0MB

2000-11-28 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Assisted Suicide Travel Packages.mp34.0MB

2000-12-14 Brass Villanueva -Tejas.mp34.0MB

2000-07-12 Margaret Gray -Actors & Heroin.mp34.0MB

2000-08-08 Doug Dannger -Gay Cell Phone Access.mp34.0MB

2000-07-17 Dean Wheeler -Tobaccy Truck.mp34.0MB

2000-10-31 Art Griego -Halloween Flight (with intro).mp34.0MB

2000-05-30 Bobbie Dooley -Overweight Kids & Chocolate Milk.mp34.0MB

2000-11-28 Roland Schwinn -News Commentators.mp34.0MB

2000-04-27 Bob Green -Spirit Of Jonbenet Ramsey.mp34.0MB

2000-11-12 Jay Santos -Thanksgiving Grocery Inspections.mp34.0MB

2000-08-13 Clara Bingham -Ramsey Murder.mp34.0MB

2000-10-26 Austin Amarka -Trick-or-Treaters.mp34.0MB

2000-08-25 David G Hall -More Women (Gay Friendly Show).mp34.0MB

2000-01-10 Doug Dannger -Rock N Roll List.mp34.0MB

2000-11-01 Clara Bingham -Illegal Abortions.mp34.0MB

2000-07-25 Lloyd Bonafide -Women Shouldn't Own Guns.mp34.0MB

2000-04-19 Jay Santos -Malt Shops & Columbine.mp34.0MB

2000-12-19 Jay Santos -Jay & Mavis Depressed Women And Poker.mp34.0MB

2000-10-30 Margaret Gray -Halloween Candy For Jason.mp34.0MB

2000-12-05 David G Hall -The Heaviest Guy Plays Santa.mp34.0MB

2000-09-05 Brad Rifkin -Jesus Hates Your Football Team.mp34.0MB

2000-05-18 RC Collins -Taboo Magazine.mp34.0MB

2000-12-00 Steve Bosell -Tribute To Steve Bosell.mp34.0MB

2000-03-21 Lloyd Bonafide -Fighting His Way Off Hold.mp34.0MB

2000-04-10 Bob Green -Ramsey Theory.mp34.0MB

2000-08-10 Pastor William Rennick -Stereotypes.mp34.0MB

2000-07-10 David G Hall -Dr Laura.mp34.0MB

2000-09-24 Dave Oliva -Cop Beatings.mp34.0MB

2000-06-07 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Engagement Ring.mp34.0MB

2000-07-20 Warren Benman -Straight Arrow Ministries.mp34.0MB

2000-10-24 Lloyd Bonafide -Arab Neighbours.mp34.0MB

2000-10-19 Bob Green -Babies Killing Pets.mp34.0MB

2000-01-27 Doug Dannger -Cell Phone Police.mp34.0MB

2000-10-26 Chris Norton -Naked Massage.mp34.0MB

2000-05-02 Doug Dannger -Columbine Video as Film Art.mp34.0MB

2000-11-08 Jay Santos -Seniors Defacing Currency.mp34.0MB

2000-09-22 Chris Norton -Breast Exam Clinic.mp34.0MB

2000-11-17 Larry Grover -Gore Stealing The Election.mp34.0MB

2000-02-02 Mavis Leonard -White History Month (Ran Out Of Black Role Models).mp34.0MB

2000-01-12 Bob Green -Return Of The Sensitive Man.mp34.0MB

2000-10-11 Bobbie Dooley -Half Goblins And Weber Cauldrons.mp34.0MB

2000-12-07 Austin Amarka -Texas Execution Record.mp34.0MB

2000-11-15 Art Griego -Newton vs. Orlando.mp34.0MB

2000-08-30 Pastor William Rennick -40 oz Bible Reading.mp34.0MB

2000-09-21 Jeff Dowder -Rick Springfield.mp34.0MB

2000-06-15 Art Griego - Patrick Swayze.mp34.0MB

2000-10-24 Vernon Dozier -Clemens vs. Piazza.mp34.0MB

2000-06-12 Steve Bosell -Costco And Sprinklers.mp34.0MB

2000-09-06 Lloyd Bonafide -Furby Sexual Assault.mp34.0MB

2000-03-15 Rudy Canoza -Covering Evidence Of Abuse.mp34.0MB

2000-08-25 Colleen Kristen Brewster -White Pilot Guarantee.mp34.0MB

2000-08-09 Harvey Wireman -Death Penalty For Retarded People.mp34.0MB

2000-11-02 Ted Bell -Sony Playstation Two.mp34.0MB

2000-11-06 Dean Wheeler -Middle East Needs To Get Laid.mp34.0MB

2000-11-02 Bob Green -Depressed Babies.mp34.0MB

2000-01-10 Dave Oliva -Video Store Clerk.mp34.0MB

2000-11-20 Margaret Gray -Kicked Out of Douglas-Zeta Jones Wedding.mp34.0MB

2000-11-10 Brad Rifkin -Elian the Midget Works for the Cuban Secret Service.mp34.0MB

2000-10-09 Margaret Gray -Richard Farnsworth.mp34.0MB

2000-02-14 Ted Bell -Diorama Kids.mp34.0MB

2000-10-25 Jeff Dowder -Good Year Pain Management.mp34.0MB

2000-09-01 Jim Sadler -Illusion Of Virginity.mp34.0MB

2000-12-19 Jeff Dowder -Handicapped Concert.mp34.0MB

2000-11-14 Alf Berger & Mavis Leonard -Florida Voting.mp34.0MB

2000-11-06 Chris Norton -Spice Channel.mp34.0MB

2000-11-13 Jeff Dowder -Florida Hand Counters.mp34.0MB

2000-12-18 Rudy Canoza -Catholic Condoms.mp34.0MB

2000-09-19 Art Griego -Rudder Problems.mp34.0MB

2000-04-19 Margaret Gray -Oklahoma Bombing Play.mp34.0MB

2000-05-12 Jay Santos -Los Alamos Fire.mp34.0MB

2000-10-11 Mavis Leonard -Bush-Gore Texas Debate.mp34.0MB

2000-10-02 Bobbie Dooley -Black TV Shows.mp34.0MB

2000-10-10 Colleen Kristen Brewster -RU-486 And Cleaning Up.mp34.0MB

2000-10-26 Jay Santos -Copycat Kid Bombers.mp34.0MB

2000-05-09 Roland Schwinn -Fat Rights.mp34.0MB

2000-08-30 Raj Fahneen -Princess Diana Crash.mp34.0MB

2000-02-18 Ian Anderson -Backstreet Boys Are Gay.mp34.0MB

2000-10-30 Dave Oliva -Fake Gun.mp34.0MB

2000-08-31 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Diana Crash Tour.mp34.0MB

2000-09-14 Jay Santos -Menopause Awareness Month.mp34.0MB

2000-08-28 Lloyd Bonafide -Surprise Attack On Russia.mp34.0MB

2000-11-13 Ted Bell -Don't Let Seniors Vote.mp34.0MB

2000-04-21 Don Parsley -Bunny Staring At Him.mp34.0MB

2000-04-24 Steve Bosell -Steve Must Die! (Dixie Chicks).mp34.0MB

2000-11-29 Art Griego -Wrongful Death.mp34.0MB

2000-09-12 Bobbie Dooley -Makes A Crippled Man Walk.mp34.0MB

2000-04-21 Roland Schwinn -Fat Pride Easter Egg Hunt.mp34.0MB

2000-11-02 Museum of TV & Radio -Doug Dannger -Ralph Nader Better Win.mp34.0MB

2000-11-02 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Dress For Success.mp34.0MB

2000-04-04 Clara Bingham -Make the Policeman Think You're Grandpa.mp34.0MB

2000-02-15 RC Collins -KISS Sucks.mp34.0MB

2000-02-15 Jeff Dowder -Sandwich Artists.mp34.0MB

2000-07-14 Bob Green -You Will Smoke Again.mp34.0MB

2000-05-25 Raj Fahneen -Blacks and Asians.mp34.0MB

2000-04-05 Chris Norton -Pamela Anderson.mp34.0MB

2000-01-07 Chris Norton -Unlawful Termination.mp34.0MB

2000-03-20 Chris Norton -Shania Twain.mp34.0MB

2000-12-06 Margaret Gray -Miss America.mp33.0MB

2000-07-21 Jay Santos -Democratic National Convention.mp33.0MB

2000-06-12 Clara Bingham -Bondage.mp33.0MB

2000-05-09 Chris Norton -Speedo Tour.mp33.0MB

2000-01-20 Jay Santos -Celebrity Deaths.mp33.0MB

2000-09-11 Jeff Dowder -Celebrate The Healing.mp33.0MB

2000-10-10 Dean Wheeler -Sexual Harassment.mp33.0MB

2000-07-19 Ted Bell -Heatwave.mp33.0MB

2000-06-01 Brad Rifkin -How To Cure A Homosexual.mp33.0MB

2000-01-24 Ted Bell -Driving To Golden Globes.mp33.0MB

2000-02-11 Mavis Leonard -Affair With FDR.mp33.0MB

2000-08-03 Chris Norton -Speedos 'N Lifeguards.mp33.0MB

2000-12-15 Art Griego -Catching Woman On Wing.mp33.0MB

2000-04-17 RC Collins -Bob Swain Pro Golfer.mp33.0MB

2000-04-03 Steve Bosell -Fingers ID Him as Gay.mp33.0MB

2000-08-23 Chris Norton -Chris & Harvey Dirty Photos.mp33.0MB

2000-03-03 Jeff Dowder -Legalize Opium.mp33.0MB

2000-08-28 Larry Grover -Nixon Book & Abusing Your Wife.mp33.0MB

2000-06-28 Bob Green -Groped By An Angel.mp33.0MB

2000-05-11 Art Griego -Forest Fire.mp33.0MB

2000-06-05 Chris Norton -Adult Entertainment Convention.mp33.0MB

2000-04-07 Roland Schwinn -Camp Bountiful.mp33.0MB

2000-02-28 Steve Bosell -Bridges Of Madison County.mp33.0MB

2000-11-07 Bobbie Dooley - Election Night 2000.mp33.0MB

2000-03-09 Ian Anderson -Son Of Screamin' Jay Hawkins.mp33.0MB

2000-09-06 Viola Grover -Killer Republicans.mp33.0MB

2000-07-26 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Concord Crash.mp33.0MB

2000-12-01 Dave Oliva -Listening.mp33.0MB

2000-09-25 Lloyd Bonafide -Wife Needs An Exorcism.mp33.0MB

2000-09-13 Raj Fahneen -Apartment Owner.mp33.0MB

2000-09-01 Jay Santos -Tire Checks.mp33.0MB

2000-08-21 Larry Grover -Jealous Of Clinton Being Flashed.mp33.0MB

2000-09-15 Baseball -Dodgers vs Parkinson's All-Stars.mp33.0MB

2000-10-18 Baseball -Ross & Rick_ World Series 2000.mp33.0MB

2000-11-20 Ted Bell -Cell Phone in Movie Theater.mp33.0MB

2000-11-20 Steve Bosell -Pleasure Pop.mp33.0MB

2000-06-07 Steve Bosell -Suing Olive Garden.mp33.0MB

2000-09-20 Brass Villanueva -Hispanic Transportation.mp33.0MB

2000-06-01 Bob Green -Ramsey Sexual Tension.mp33.0MB

2000-05-10 Larry Grover -Vote Nazi.mp33.0MB

2000-11-08 Margaret Gray -Leaving The Country.mp33.0MB

2000-07-17 Austin Amarka -The Patriot.mp33.0MB

2000-09-01 Darryl Webber & Rennick -Funky Chicken Cacaphony & Liquor Jamboree.mp33.0MB

2000-10-12 Art Griego -Seat Belts.mp33.0MB

2000-10-03 Jeff Dowder -Napster.mp33.0MB

2000-06-05 Larry Grover -Defending John Rocker.mp33.0MB

2000-11-30 Ted Bell -Parking In Handicapped Zones.mp33.0MB

2000-02-08 Art Bell -Alaskan Airlines Crash.mp33.0MB

2000-04-11 Raj Fahneen -Upset Vijay Singh Won The Masters.mp33.0MB

2000-06-30 Margaret Gray -Listeners' Favorite Drink Recipes.mp33.0MB

2000-10-19 Jeff Dowder -Bush and Clinton.mp33.0MB

2000-09-25 Brad Rifkin -Firestone Tires.mp33.0MB

2000-03-27 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Bo And Butt.mp33.0MB

2000-04-04 Brad Rifkin -Should have used a Michelin.mp33.0MB

2000-11-14 Bobbie Dooley -Gift Giving (with David G Hall).mp32.0MB

2000-11-01 Jeff Dowder -Jeffster, The Free Porn Site.mp32.0MB

2000-07-31 Dean Wheeler -Reads The Republican Party Platform.mp32.0MB

2000-06-01 Rudy Canoza -Cuban Secret Service.mp32.0MB

2000-07-06 Bob Green -Zapruter JFK Conspiracy Theory.mp32.0MB

2000-12-11 Chris Norton -Chris & Harvey Suing Stripper.mp32.0MB

2000-08-01 David G Hall -Wants Phil To Act Single (with Sylvia).mp32.0MB

2000-08-02 Ted Bell -Concorde Should Fly.mp32.0MB

2000-09-27 Harvey Wireman -Mark Chapman Killed The Lennon Sisters.mp32.0MB

2000-01-12 Steve Bosell -5-Alarm Chili.mp32.0MB

2000-08-01 Jeff Dowder -Cloning Jesus.mp32.0MB

2000-07-07 Clara Bingham -Harry Potter Teaches Black Magic.mp32.0MB

2000-08-10 Bud Dickman -Ride My Rocket.mp32.0MB

2000-06-26 Brass Villanueva -Staple Centre Riot.mp32.0MB

2000-04-18 Brad Rifkin -Elian Gonzalez.mp32.0MB

2000-05-11 Mavis Leonard -My Marriage Failure & Erectile Dysfunction.mp32.0MB

2000-07-20 Boxing -Mike Tyson vs. Barbra Streisand.mp32.0MB

2000-12-11 Lloyd Bonafide -Slitting Throats & Mash.mp32.0MB

2000-04-24 Ian Anderson -Ozzy & Elvis.mp32.0MB

2000-05-30 Steve Bosell -Hot Dog Lover.mp32.0MB

2000-05-02 Ted Bell -White Trash.mp32.0MB

2000-09-12 Rudy Canoza -La La La La La in Argentina.mp32.0MB

2000-09-20 Doug Dannger -The Melissa Etheridge-Julie Cypher Split.mp32.0MB

2000-12-01 Phil Hendrie -How The Show Works, Another Clip.mp32.0MB

2000-10-24 Phil Hendrie -Calling Time-Life Billing Center.mp32.0MB

2000-10-03 Dave Oliva -Agave Shortage.mp32.0MB

2000-11-17 Bob Bakian -Helicopter Traffic & Airbags.mp32.0MB

2000-07-18 Steve Bosell -Driving and Putting on Makeup.mp31.0MB

2000-06-26 Phil The Prophet -Daughter Dating a Black Man.mp31.0MB

2000-10-23 Brad Rifkin -Wonder Boy.mp31.0MB

2000-01-07 Austin Amarka -10 Commandments.mp31.0MB

2000-06-05 Phil Hendrie -Ragging on Bob Costas.mp31.0MB

2000-04-18 Art Bell -Area 51.mp31.0MB

2000-05-19 Larry Grover -New York Mayoral Race.mp31.0MB

2000-04-12 RC Collins -Detective.mp31.0MB

2000-05-16 Baseball -Ross & Rick_ Dodgers Vs Republican Homos.mp31.0MB

2000-07-31 Baseball -Dogers vs. Famous Cancer Patients.mp31.0MB

2000-09-05 Bob Green -Don't Call Me An A-Hole.mp31.0MB

2000-04-26 Combover Boy -He Sucks Compared To Phil.mp31.0MB

2000-12-20 Mavis Leonard -Tiger Woods.mp31.0MB

2000-05-19 Ian Anderson -Pete Townsend.mp31.0MB

2000-08-21 Combover Boy -I'm Number One.mp31.0MB

2000-04-18 Combover Boy -My Favorite Queer.mp31.0MB

2000-11-02 Bob Bakian -Oprah.mp31.0MB

2000-07-31 Jay Santos -Curbing Drinking at the RNC Convention.mp31.0MB

2000-06-08 Baseball -Dodgers vs. People Who Cry in Public.mp31.0MB

2000-09-27 Pastor William Rennick -Stephen King's Supernatural Powers.mp31.0MB

2000-02-28 Mavis Leonard -Interesting Tidbits.mp31.0MB

2000-06-30 Skippy & Frank -KBUT (Firecrackers Up The Butt).mp31.0MB

2000-02-09 Phil Hendrie -Evening Theater.mp31.0MB

2000-02-09 Pastor William Rennick -Liberty Was Black.mp31.0MB

2000-07-20 Raj Fahneen -I Got Blue.mp31.0MB

2000-08-10 Skippy & Frank -WIMP (Psychology Show).mp31.0MB

2000-04-10 Combover Boy -Talks About Combover.mp31.0MB

2000-06-09 Art Bell -Art Bell Does Phil.mp31.0MB

2000-05-15 Carl Misla -Human Steaks.mp31.0MB

2000-03-03 Skippy & Frank -WDED Harmony.mp31.0MB

2000-07-31 RC Collins -Handicapable.mp31.0MB

2000-10-10 Raj Fahneen -Running Out Of Rocks.mp31.0MB

2000-12-01 Pastor William Rennick -Civil Rights History.mp31.0MB

2000-05-18 Rudy Canoza -The Pope Is Backed Up.mp31.0MB

2000-08-23 Viola Newberry -Publisher's Clearing House.mp31.0MB

2000-03-31 Art Bell -Retires.mp31.0MB

2000-02-04 Raj Fahneen -Five Steps To The Blues.mp31.0MB

2000-05-26 Skippy & Frank -KOCK Cock Of The Walk.mp31.0MB

2000-01-19 - Bud Dickman -Poor Phil.mp31.0MB

2000-02-09 Skippy & Frank -Getting WOOD In The Morning Part One.mp31.0MB

2000-05-30 Phil Hendrie -This Show Sucks.mp31.0MB

2000-02-09 Skippy & Frank -WDED (WOOD In The Morning Part 2).mp31.0MB

2000-07-13 Bud Dickman -Bud, Jeff & RC How Many Beers Would It Take.mp31.0MB

2000-11-02 Museum of TV & Radio -Art Bell -AM PM Mini Mart.mp31.0MB

2000-09-05 Harvey Wireman -Sigfreid and Roy.mp31.0MB

2000-07-06 Pastor William Rennick -Venus & William.mp31.0MB

2000-08-24 Raj Fahneen -Plane Crash.mp31.0MB

2000-07-26 Phil & Bud -Does Bud Want To Be A Millionaire.mp31.0MB

2000-05-03 RC Collins -Hamlet Soliloquy.mp31.0MB

2000-09-20 Roland Schwinn -More Candy On Halloween.mp31.0MB

2000-02-11 Jay Santos -Phil Collins Is Dead.mp31.0MB

2000-02-17 RC Collins -Make Me Sound Bitchin.mp31.0MB

2000-11-22 Skippy & Frank (with RC Collins) -KBUT The Big Butt.mp31.0MB

2000-09-19 Art Bell -LA MTA Strike.mp31.0MB

2000-06-30 Bud Dickman & Ian Anderson -Voted Off & Rock Star Graves.mp31.0MB

2000-02-11 Bud Dickman -Plays Mood Music From TV.mp31.0MB

2000-11-30 Mavis Leonard -Chaney Didn't Have No Heart Attack.mp31.0MB

2000-12-07 Mavis Leonard -Interesting Tidbits.mp31.0MB

2000-04-18 Phil Hendrie -Phil Talks to his Sister.mp31.0MB

2000-04-19 RC Collins -Venice Party & 420.mp31015.0KB

2000-08-22 Baseball -Dodgers vs. One-Legged Female Celebrities.mp31003.0KB

2000-12-00 Jay Santos -Jay & Mavis Gertrude gets wrapped.mp3961.0KB

2000-01-19 Bob Bakian -Barbara Streisand No Longer Performing Live.mp3957.0KB

2000-03-28 Skippy & Frank -Sports Talk.mp3932.0KB

2000-04-03 Bob Green -Oral Sex Abuse.mp3886.0KB

2000-06-05 Jeff Dowder & RC Collins -Lakers vs. Pacers.mp3872.0KB

2000-04-10 David G Hall - BMW Breaks Down.mp3794.0KB

2000-02-10 Phil Hendrie -Breaking Into Dr Laura's Office.mp3752.0KB

2000-11-02 Chris Norton -Massages For Frigid Women.mp3745.0KB

2000-07-18 Phil The Prophet -Women Who Don't Shut Up & Kennedy Deaths.mp3742.0KB

2000-07-11 Phil Hendrie -Talks To an Indian About All Star Game.mp3731.0KB

2000-05-12 Phil Hendrie -Talks About Websites (Mentions Don).mp3719.0KB

2000-03-10 Bobbie Dooley -Cat Sex.mp3675.0KB

2000-02-07 Bud Dickman -Top 10 Head Injuries.mp3598.0KB

2000-03-01 Phil Hendrie -Evening With The Quaids.mp3575.0KB

2000-09-11 Bob Bakian -Broadway Show 'Cats' is Closing.mp3518.0KB

2000-10-05 Bob Bakian -Rosie O'Donnell is Retiring.mp3493.0KB

2000-11-10 Bob Bakian -Barbara Streisand.mp3449.0KB

2000-03-21 Phil Hendrie -Kafka & Personality Of The Year Award.mp3447.0KB

2000-08-04 Bob Bakian -The Queen Mother's Birthday.mp3413.0KB

2000-03-22 Bob Bakian -Queen Elizabeth.mp3386.0KB

2000-09-25 Dave Oliva -Dick Burns.mp3360.0KB

2000-03-23 Jeff Dowder -Conrad Bain.mp3309.0KB

2000-09-19 Art Bell -Donner Party For Two (MTA strike).mp3191.0KB

2000-07-31 Art Bell -What Happened To Jimmy Hoffa.mp3160.0KB

2000-07-11 Colleen Kristen Brewster -Uncircumsized Men.mp3125.0KB

2000-04-17 Phil Hendrie -Talks About Napster And Websites.mp361.0KB

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