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Model Theory/Shelah - Classification Theory.pdf47.0MB

Recursion Theory/Odifreddi - Classical Recursion Theory.pdf36.0MB

Proof Theory/Handbook of Proof Theory.pdf35.0MB

Recursion Theory/Sorensen & Urzyczyn - Lectures on the Curry-Howard Isomorphism.pdf34.0MB

Recursion Theory/Handbook of Computability Theory.pdf33.0MB

Proof Theory/Troelstra - Constructivism in Mathematics Volume 1.pdf29.0MB

Set Theory/Devlin - Constructibility.pdf28.0MB

General Logic/Shoenfield - Mathematical Logic.pdf25.0MB

Miscellaneous/Baader & Nipkow - Term Rewriting and all that.pdf25.0MB

Recursion Theory/Sacks - Higher Recursion Theory.pdf24.0MB

Miscellaneous/Curry - Combinatory Logic Volume II.pdf23.0MB

General Logic/Handbook of Mathematical Logic.pdf22.0MB

Miscellaneous/Rasiowa & Sikorski - The Mathematics of Metamathematics.pdf21.0MB

Miscellaneous/Curry, Feys & Craig - Combinatory Logic Volume I.pdf20.0MB

General Logic/Ershov & Palyutin - Mathematical Logic.pdf18.0MB

Proof Theory/Takeuti - Proof Theory.pdf15.0MB

Model Theory/Ebbinghaus & Flum - Finite Model Theory.pdf14.0MB

Miscellaneous/Guessarian - Algebraic Semantics.pdf12.0MB

Set Theory/Mitchell & Steel - Fine Structure & Iteration Trees.pdf12.0MB

Set Theory/Zeman - Inner Models and Large Cardinals.PDF9.0MB

Set Theory/Enderton - Elements of Set Theory.pdf9.0MB

Miscellaneous/Lambek & Scott - Introduction to Higher Order Categorical Logic.pdf9.0MB

Set Theory/Halbeisen - Combinatorial Set Theory.pdf9.0MB

Recursion Theory/Shoenfield - Recursion Theory.PDF8.0MB

Model Theory/Hodges - Model Theory.djvu6.0MB

Model Theory/Keisler - Model Theory for Infinitary Logic.pdf6.0MB

Proof Theory/Negri & Plato - Structural Proof Theory.pdf5.0MB

Proof Theory/Baaz & Leitsch - Methods of Cut Elimination.pdf4.0MB

Recursion Theory/Barendregt, Dekkers & Statman - Lambda Calculus with Types.pdf4.0MB

Set Theory/Woodin - The Axiom of Determinacy, Forcing Axioms and the Non-Stationary Ideal.pdf4.0MB

General Logic/Mendelson - Introduction to Mathematical Logic.djvu4.0MB

General Logic/Hedman - A First Course in Logic.pdf3.0MB

Recursion Theory/Soare - Recursively Enumerable Sets and Degrees.djvu3.0MB

General Logic/Kunen - The Foundations of Mathematics.djvu3.0MB

Set Theory/Shelah - Cardinal Arithmetic.djvu3.0MB

Miscellaneous/Amadio & Curien - Domains and Lambda Calculi.pdf3.0MB

Proof Theory/Pohlers - Proof Theory.pdf3.0MB

Proof Theory/Troelstra & Schwichtenberg - Basic Proof Theory.djvu3.0MB

Proof Theory/Metcalfe, Olivetti & Gabbay - Proof Theory for Fuzzy Logics.pdf3.0MB

Proof Theory/Simpson - Subsystems of Second Order Arithmetic.pdf2.0MB

Set Theory/Drake - Set Theory.djvu2.0MB

Set Theory/Tordorcevic - Walks on Ordinals.pdf2.0MB

General Logic/Boolos, Burgess & Jeffrey - Computability and Logic.pdf2.0MB

General Logic/Ebbinghaus, Flum & Thomas - Mathematical Logic.djvu2.0MB

General Logic/Enderton - A Mathematical Introduction to Logic.pdf2.0MB

Recursion Theory/Enderton - Computability Theory.pdf2.0MB

Set Theory/Devlin - The Joy of Sets.djvu1.0MB

Set Theory/Neeman - The Determinacy of Long Games.pdf1.0MB

Proof Theory/Schwichtenberg & Wainer- Proofs and Computations.pdf1.0MB

Set Theory/Set Theory and Model Theory.pdf1.0MB

Model Theory/Baldwin - Categoricity.pdf1.0MB

Recursion Theory/Hindley - Basic Simple Type Theory.pdf1.0MB

Proof Theory/Girard - Proofs and Types.pdf844.0KB

Miscellaneous/Isihara - Algorithmic Term Rewriting Systems.pdf612.0KB

Recursion Theory/Barendregt & Barendsen - Introduction to Lambda Calculus.pdf542.0KB

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