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Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/08. CHAOTIC BELL.mp315.0MB

Singles/2006.11.08 - REBORN/01. REBORN.mp314.0MB

Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/02. REBORN.mp314.0MB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/01. PROGRAM.mp313.0MB

Singles/2007.02.28 - WINTER MOON/01. WINTER MOON.mp313.0MB

Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/07. WINTER MOON.mp313.0MB

Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/11. SCRAP.mp313.0MB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/11. A new story.mp313.0MB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/09. Gospel.mp312.0MB

Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/06. DARK SNOW.mp312.0MB

Singles/2006.11.08 - REBORN/02. Dear [MASTER].mp312.0MB

Singles/2006.11.08 - REBORN/03. DARK SNOW.mp312.0MB

Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/10. HOLOCAUST.mp312.0MB

Singles/2009.03.25 - Usubeni no Kakera/01. Usubeni no Kakera.mp312.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/11. Usubeni no Kakera.mp312.0MB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/10. Reflect.mp312.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/13. SIGN -mechanism of concealed clue-.mp312.0MB


Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/04. EASTER AGAIN.mp311.0MB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/03. CONVICTION.mp311.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/09. Prelude.mp311.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/02. PANDEMIC.mp311.0MB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/09. PRAY.mp311.0MB


Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/09. Jisho no Chiheisen.mp311.0MB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/04. THE TOWER OF BABEL.mp311.0MB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/01. LOVE STORY.mp311.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/12. MICRO WAVE SLIDER.mp311.0MB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/05. Kirisame Hoo wo Nurashite.mp311.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/14. Rosario.mp311.0MB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/07. White fury.mp311.0MB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/08. DECESE.mp311.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/07. BUTTERFLY.mp310.0MB

Singles/2006.11.08 - REBORN/04. CRUCIFIX.mp310.0MB

Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/08. DANCE.mp310.0MB

Singles/2013.08.14 - OUTBREAK (Limited Edition)/02. Rebirth.mp310.0MB

Singles/2010.02.17 - Hikari no Kioku (Regular Edition)/03. RAINBOW.mp310.0MB

Singles/2010.02.17 - Hikari no Kioku (Regular Edition)/01. Hikari no Kioku.mp310.0MB

Singles/2010.02.17 - Hikari no Kioku (Tegami Bachi Edition)/01. Hikari no Kioku.mp310.0MB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/11. Shinapusu.mp310.0MB

Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/12. SQUALL.mp310.0MB

Singles/2010.07.28 - El Dorado (Sengoku Basara ED)/03. El Dorado (Instrumental).mp310.0MB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/07. Koe ni Naranai Koe.mp310.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/04. Bara no Hana.mp310.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/03. SISTER.mp310.0MB

Singles/2010.07.28 - El Dorado (Sengoku Basara ED)/01. El Dorado.mp310.0MB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/04. RIP.mp310.0MB

Singles/2010.08.25 - FATE (Sengoku Basara II ED)/01. FATE.mp310.0MB

Singles/2010.08.25 - FATE (Sengoku Basara II ED)/03. FATE (Instrumental).mp310.0MB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/03. PERFECT PLAN.mp310.0MB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/11. Ruins.mp310.0MB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/02. FEATHER.mp310.0MB

Singles/2007.02.28 - WINTER MOON/02. EDEN.mp39.0MB

Singles/2010.02.17 - Hikari no Kioku (Tegami Bachi Edition)/02. Last song.mp39.0MB

Singles/2012.02.22 - Calvary/01. Calvary.mp39.0MB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/02. Calvary.mp39.0MB

Singles/2010.02.17 - Hikari no Kioku (Regular Edition)/02. Last song.mp39.0MB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/04. THE CROCK OF ULTIMATE.mp39.0MB

Singles/2013.08.14 - OUTBREAK (Limited Edition)/01. OUTBREAK.mp39.0MB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/10. Mukui no Niji.mp39.0MB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/08. Script error.mp39.0MB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/06. Climax Show.mp39.0MB

Singles/2009.03.25 - Usubeni no Kakera/03. End Symptom.mp39.0MB

Singles/2010.02.17 - Hikari no Kioku (Tegami Bachi Edition)/03. Hikari no Kioku (Tegami Bachi Sound ver.).mp39.0MB

Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/03. Hakuchuumu.mp39.0MB

Singles/2012.02.22 - Calvary/03. Forbidden Fruit.mp39.0MB

Singles/2008.06.11 - CHAOTIC BELL/01. CHAOTIC BELL.mp39.0MB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/05. SANDS OF TIME.mp39.0MB

Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/09. MORE PAIN.mp39.0MB

Singles/2009.03.25 - Usubeni no Kakera/02. MULTI PERSONALITY.mp39.0MB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/01. Deep Psyche.mp39.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/10. STEADY.mp39.0MB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/03. My Strife.mp39.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/06. Gokurakuchou.mp39.0MB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/02. SCARE.mp39.0MB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/08. SCENARIO.mp39.0MB

Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/01. Ikyou ni Saku Hana.mp39.0MB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/12. RETINA.mp39.0MB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/10. Manic State High Pressure.mp38.0MB

Singles/2008.10.22 - SISTER/02. ULTIMATE WORLD.mp38.0MB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/06. PLOSIVE.mp38.0MB

Singles/2008.10.22 - SISTER/01. SISTER.mp38.0MB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/05. Rensa.mp38.0MB

Singles/2012.02.22 - Calvary/02. SEVEN DEADLY SINS.mp38.0MB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/06. Flashback.mp38.0MB

EP/2007.12.21 - THE FREAK SHOW/01. HE IS A MONKEY.mp37.0MB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/07. Ares.mp37.0MB

Singles/2008.06.11 - CHAOTIC BELL/03. Kesshou.mp37.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/08. Voice of the cradle.mp37.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/10. MADMAN MAKE QUANTUM VARIATION.mp36.0MB

Singles/2008.06.11 - CHAOTIC BELL/02. SIGN.mp36.0MB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/08. EVE.mp36.0MB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/06. Speak to deep colors.mp36.0MB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/05. Hikari no Kioku.mp36.0MB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/02. El Dorado.mp36.0MB

EP/2007.12.21 - THE FREAK SHOW/05. Destruction impulse.mp36.0MB

EP/2007.12.21 - THE FREAK SHOW/04. CEREMONY.mp36.0MB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/07. FATE.mp36.0MB

Singles/2014.10.08 - SCARE/03. Crave to you.mp36.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/12. Beginning.mp36.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/02. FAITH.mp36.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/05. Hyogetsu.mp35.0MB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/09. Rasen.mp35.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/04. Doll.mp35.0MB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/10. Last song.mp35.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/11. Sozo no Rakuen.mp35.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/03. OUTBREAK.mp35.0MB

EP/2007.12.21 - THE FREAK SHOW/03. NEO HADES.mp35.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/09. CONTRACT.mp35.0MB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/01. Blind Light.mp35.0MB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/03. Noise.mp35.0MB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/04. DESIGN OF INFINITE CIRCLE.mp35.0MB

Singles/2014.10.08 - SCARE/02. Brainwash.mp35.0MB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/11. Lotus bloom.mp35.0MB

Singles/2014.10.08 - SCARE/01. SCARE.mp35.0MB

EP/2007.12.21 - THE FREAK SHOW/06. SEE YOU AGAIN.mp35.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/07. Display.mp35.0MB

EP/2007.12.21 - THE FREAK SHOW/02. Danmatsuma ni Mimi Sumashite.mp35.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/06. HOLYWAR.mp34.0MB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/01. Ruthless reward -Instrumental-.mp33.0MB

Singles/2010.08.25 - FATE (Sengoku Basara II ED)/02. FATE (TV edit).mp33.0MB

Singles/2010.07.28 - El Dorado (Sengoku Basara ED)/02. El Dorado (TV edit).mp33.0MB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/01. The opinion by METALLIC FEELER.mp33.0MB

Singles/2008.06.11 - CHAOTIC BELL/cover.jpg119.0KB

Albums/2007.04.18 - REBIRTH OF NEWBORN BABY/cover.jpg117.0KB

Singles/2010.07.28 - El Dorado (Sengoku Basara ED)/cover.jpg116.0KB

Albums/2009.04.22 - METALLIC BUTTERFLY/cover.jpg112.0KB

EP/2007.12.21 - THE FREAK SHOW/cover.jpg109.0KB

Singles/2007.02.28 - WINTER MOON/cover.jpg108.0KB

Singles/2010.02.17 - Hikari no Kioku (Tegami Bachi Edition)/cover.jpg95.0KB

Singles/2013.08.14 - OUTBREAK (Limited Edition)/cover.jpg85.0KB

Singles/2014.10.08 - SCARE/cover.jpg78.0KB

Albums/2014.12.17 - PSYCHE/cover.jpg78.0KB

Singles/2010.08.25 - FATE (Sengoku Basara II ED)/cover.jpg74.0KB

Singles/2009.03.25 - Usubeni no Kakera/cover.jpg74.0KB

Albums/2011.10.05 - BABEL/cover.jpg66.0KB

Albums/2013.11.27 - FAITH/cover.jpg53.0KB

Singles/2012.02.22 - Calvary/cover.jpg51.0KB

Singles/2010.02.17 - Hikari no Kioku (Regular Edition)/cover.jpg48.0KB

Albums/2012.11.14 - RETINA/cover.jpg47.0KB

Singles/2006.11.08 - REBORN/cover.jpg45.0KB

Singles/2008.10.22 - SISTER/cover.jpg31.0KB

Albums/2010.10.06 - Design/cover.jpg27.0KB

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