Lynda – Building a Website with Node.js and Express.js

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lynda – building a website with node js and express

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Exercice Files/Ex_Files_Nodejs_Expressjs.zip231.0MB

05. Working with Models, Views, and Routes/05_06-Finishing our speakers` routes and views.mp438.0MB

03. Using Express.js/03_06-Adding partials.mp434.0MB

05. Working with Models, Views, and Routes/05_04-Creating additional routes.mp429.0MB

05. Working with Models, Views, and Routes/05_05-Adding speakers to the homepage.mp427.0MB

02. Getting Started with Node.js/02_03-Building a Hello Node.js application.mp422.0MB

04. Structuring Our Content/04_04-Preparing our site structure.mp422.0MB

05. Working with Models, Views, and Routes/05_03-Passing custom data through routes.mp422.0MB

05. Working with Models, Views, and Routes/05_07-Publishing our application.mp421.0MB

04. Structuring Our Content/04_03-Understanding our data.mp418.0MB

03. Using Express.js/03_05-Using templates.mp418.0MB

04. Structuring Our Content/04_06-Adding static content.mp416.0MB

02. Getting Started with Node.js/02_04-Getting to know the Node package manager.mp416.0MB

04. Structuring Our Content/04_02-Working with real assets.mp416.0MB

05. Working with Models, Views, and Routes/05_02-Using JavaScript loops.mp415.0MB

05. Working with Models, Views, and Routes/05_01-Importing our data.mp415.0MB

04. Structuring Our Content/04_01-Using the Express Generator.mp414.0MB

03. Using Express.js/03_02-Installing Express.js.mp414.0MB

03. Using Express.js/03_03-Building a Hello Express application.mp412.0MB

04. Structuring Our Content/04_05-Creating our header template.mp412.0MB

01. Introduction/01_01-Welcome.mp411.0MB

03. Using Express.js/03_04-Creating routes.mp49.0MB

03. Using Express.js/03_08-Modularizing our routes.mp48.0MB

02. Getting Started with Node.js/02_01-What is Node.js.mp48.0MB

03. Using Express.js/03_07-Using locals and conditional templates.mp47.0MB

02. Getting Started with Node.js/02_02-Installing Node.js.mp45.0MB

06. Conclusion/06_01-Next steps.mp45.0MB

03. Using Express.js/03_01-What is Express.js.mp43.0MB

01. Introduction/01_02-What you should know.mp42.0MB

01. Introduction/01_03-Using the exercise files.mp41.0MB

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