Delius - Delius Edition - Charles Mackerras (2011) [FLAC]

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2011 flac delius - delius edition - charles mackerras

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CD4/01 - Delius - Violin Concerto.flac92.0MB

CD6/07 - Piano Concerto In C Minor.flac85.0MB

CD2/12 - A Song of the High Hills II. Slow and solemnly.flac60.0MB

CD6/08 - Paris.flac59.0MB

CD1/01 - Delius - Brigg Fair.flac58.0MB

CD2/13 - Over the Hills and Far Away.flac51.0MB

CD3/07 - Florida Suite I. Daybreak.flac50.0MB

CD1/02 - In a Summer Garden.flac49.0MB

CD4/09 - Dance Rhapsody no 1.flac48.0MB

CD5/01 - Delius - Cello Sonata In 1 Movement.flac47.0MB

CD2/11 - A Song of the High Hills I. With quiet easy movement.flac41.0MB

CD2/10 - Appalachia X. Marcia. Molto lento maestoso.flac39.0MB

CD1/03 - The Walk to the Paradise Garden.flac38.0MB

CD3/09 - Florida Suite III. Sunset.flac38.0MB

CD8/04 - IV. The walk to the paradise garden.flac35.0MB

CD5/04 - Quartet 1916 I. With Animation.flac34.0MB

CD1/07 - North Country Sketches IV. The March of Spring.flac33.0MB

CD4/08 - Dance Rhapsody no 2.flac32.0MB

Art/Delius Edition Booklet.pdf31.0MB

CD3/10 - Florida Suite IV. At night.flac31.0MB

CD5/06 - Quartet 1916 III. Late Swallows.flac30.0MB

CD1/06 - North Country Sketches III. Dance.flac28.0MB

CD7/14 - IV. The Dream of Sali and Vrenchen.flac28.0MB

CD1/04 - North Country Sketches I. Autumn.flac27.0MB

CD5/07 - Quartet 1916 IV. Very Quick and Vigorously.flac26.0MB

CD3/08 - Florida Suite II. By the river.flac25.0MB

CD7/06 - II. Vreli Sali.flac25.0MB

CD7/13 - III. Dearest, I'll leave you no more..flac23.0MB

CD8/10 - VI. See, the moonbeams.flac22.0MB

CD7/07 - Interlude-Prelude to Scene 3.flac21.0MB

CD7/03 - III. How strange the wind sounds.flac21.0MB

CD4/04 - On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring.flac21.0MB

CD6/02 - A Song Before Sunrise.flac19.0MB

CD6/03 - Air and Dance.flac19.0MB

CD7/02 - II. A shame it is.flac19.0MB

CD6/04 - Koanga - Act 2 La Calinda.flac19.0MB

CD3/01 - Delius - Sea Drift I. Once Paumanok.flac19.0MB

CD8/03 - III. Well well gracious me.flac18.0MB

CD6/06 - 2 Pieces For Cello and Chamber Orchestra - 2. Elegy.flac18.0MB

CD5/03 - 2 Pieces For Cello and Piano II. Elegy.flac17.0MB

CD3/05 - Sea Drift V. O reckless despairing carols.flac17.0MB

CD7/12 - II. Ah, the night is approaching.flac17.0MB

CD3/02 - Sea Drift II. Till of a sudden.flac17.0MB

CD4/05 - Summer Night on the River.flac17.0MB

CD4/06 - Intermezzo (from Fennimore and Gerda).flac16.0MB

CD8/07 - III. 'Tis almost night.flac16.0MB

CD8/09 - V. Halleo Halleo.flac16.0MB

CD2/04 - Appalachia IV. Molto moderato.flac16.0MB

CD3/03 - Sea Drift III. Yes, my brother, I know.flac16.0MB

CD3/06 - Sea Drift VI. O brown halo in the sky.flac16.0MB

CD7/08 - Scene 3 I. I knew we'd meet again.flac16.0MB

CD1/05 - North Country Sketches II. Winter Landscape.flac16.0MB

CD7/15 - V. Ah, it was a dream.flac15.0MB

CD5/05 - Quartet 1916 - II. Quick and Lightly.flac15.0MB

CD2/06 - Appalachia VI. Lento e molto tranquillo.flac15.0MB

CD5/10 - To Be Sung Of A Summer Night On The Water.flac15.0MB

CD4/07 - Irmelin Prelude.flac15.0MB

CD5/09 - On Craig Dhu.flac15.0MB

CD8/06 - II. So you want to know.flac13.0MB

CD6/01 - Delius - Hassan - Intermezzo and Serenade.flac13.0MB

CD2/05 - Appalachia V. Con molto.flac13.0MB

CD7/01 - Delius - A Village Romeo and Juliet - Scene 1 I. Prelude.flac13.0MB

CD7/09 - II. O Sali, I'm afraid.flac13.0MB

CD5/11 - The Splendour Falls On Castle Walls.flac12.0MB

CD2/01 - Delius - Appalachia I. Molto moderato.flac12.0MB

CD8/01 - Village Romeo and Juliet - Scene 5 I. Prelude.flac12.0MB

CD5/02 - 2 Pieces For Cello and Piano I. Caprice.flac11.0MB

CD6/05 - 2 Pieces For Cello and Chamber Orchestra - 1. Caprice.flac11.0MB

CD7/04 - IV. 'Twixt us, methinks, will lie the bidding.flac10.0MB

CD2/08 - Appalachia VIII. Lento sostenuto e tranquillo.flac10.0MB

CD7/10 - III. Shameless hussy.flac10.0MB

CD8/08 - IV. Come and live with us.flac10.0MB

CD2/02 - Appalachia II. Poco piu vivo ma moderato.flac9.0MB

CD2/09 - Appalachia IX. Allegro all marcia.flac8.0MB

CD7/11 - Scene 4 I. Prelude.flac8.0MB

CD2/03 - Appalachia III. Andante.flac8.0MB

CD5/08 - Midsummer Song.flac7.0MB

CD8/02 - II. O Sali, see.flac7.0MB

CD4/03 - Two Aquarelles II. Gaily, but not quick.flac7.0MB

CD4/02 - Two Aquarelles I. Lento, ma non troppo.flac7.0MB

Art/Delius Edition Box.png7.0MB

CD2/07 - Appalachia VII. Andante con grazia.flac6.0MB

CD7/05 - Scene 2 I. Prelude.flac6.0MB

CD3/04 - Sea Drift IV. O rising stars.flac6.0MB

CD8/05 - Scene 6 I. Dance along.flac5.0MB



CD7/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD7.log15.0KB

CD8/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD8.log11.0KB

CD2/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD2.log10.0KB

CD5/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD5.log9.0KB

CD3/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD3.log8.0KB

CD4/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD4.log8.0KB

CD6/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD.log7.0KB

CD1/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD1.log6.0KB

CD7/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD7.cue5.0KB

CD2/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD2.cue4.0KB

CD5/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD5.cue4.0KB

CD3/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD3.cue4.0KB

CD6/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD.cue4.0KB

CD8/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD8.cue3.0KB

CD4/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD4.cue3.0KB

CD1/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD1.cue3.0KB


CD2/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD2.m3u1.0KB

CD7/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD7.m3u1.0KB

CD5/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD5.m3u1.0KB

CD3/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD3.m3u1.0KB

CD8/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD8.m3u1.0KB

CD4/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD4.m3u1.0KB

CD6/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD.m3u1.0KB

CD1/Delius - Delius Edition (Decca) (2011) [FLAC] CD1.m3u1.0KB

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