Chopin - 24 Etudes, Op.10 & Op.25 (Freddy Kempf)

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chopin - 24 etudes freddy kempf

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19.Etude No.7 in cis-moll, Op.25 (Cello).mp314.0MB

06.Etude No.6 in es-moll, Op.10.mp310.0MB

22.Etude No.10 in h-moll, Op.25 (Octaves).mp310.0MB

03.Etude No.3 in E-dur, Op.10 (Tristesse).mp39.0MB

23.Etude No.11 in a-moll, Op.25 (Winter Wind).mp38.0MB

17.Etude No.5 in e-moll, Op.25 (Wrong Note).mp37.0MB

24.Etude No.12 in c-moll, Op.25 (Ocean).mp37.0MB

11.Etude No.11 in Es-dur, Op.10 (Arpeggio).mp36.0MB

13.Etude No.1 in As-dur, Op.25 (Aeolian Harp).mp36.0MB

08.Etude No.8 in F-dur, Op.10 (Sunshine).mp36.0MB

12.Etude No.12 in c-moll, Op.10 (Revolutionary).mp36.0MB

09.Etude No.9 in f-moll, Op.10.mp35.0MB

18.Etude No.6 in gis-moll, Op.25 (Double Third).mp35.0MB

10.Etude No.10 in As-dur, Op.10.mp34.0MB

01.Etude No.1 in C-dur, Op.10 (Waterfall).mp34.0MB

04.Etude No.4 in cis-moll, Op.10 (Torrent).mp34.0MB

05.Etude No.5 in Ges-dur, Op.10 (Black Keys).mp34.0MB

15.Etude No.3 in F-dur, Op.25 (The Horseman).mp34.0MB

16.Etude No.4 in a-moll, Op.25 (Paganini).mp33.0MB

07.Etude No.7 in C-dur, Op.10 (Toccata).mp33.0MB

02.Etude No.2 in a-moll, Op.10 (Chromatic).mp33.0MB

14.Etude No.2 in f-moll, Op.25 (The Bees).mp33.0MB

20.Etude No.8 in Des-dur, Op.25 (Sixths).mp33.0MB

21.Etude No.9 in Ges-dur, Op.25 (Butterfly).mp32.0MB


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