Mudbox 2013 Essential Training

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mudbox 2013 essential training

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Exercise Files/Ex_Files_Mudbox_2013_EssT.zip1.0GB

02. Sculpting/07 Using stencils.mov18.0MB

04. Painting Textures/06 Painting with the advanced tools.mov17.0MB

01. Getting Started/11 Editing materials.mov14.0MB

05. Using Texture Channels/02 Painting bump maps.mov13.0MB

07. Presenting Work/01 Lighting the scene.mov13.0MB

04. Painting Textures/09 Texturing with Ptex.mov13.0MB

02. Sculpting/02 Using the standard sculpting tools.mov12.0MB

05. Using Texture Channels/05 Making normal maps.mov11.0MB

05. Using Texture Channels/01 Understanding texture channels.mov11.0MB

01. Getting Started/12 Using the selection tools.mov11.0MB

02. Sculpting/09 Sculpting custom stamps and stencils.mov11.0MB

02. Sculpting/01 Sculpting in Mudbox.mov11.0MB

05. Using Texture Channels/03 Making the most of texture channels.mov11.0MB

06. Posing a Character/03 Painting weights.mov10.0MB

02. Sculpting/14 Bringing it together - Sculpting demo.mov10.0MB

07. Presenting Work/03 Setting up viewport effects.mov9.0MB

04. Painting Textures/04 Using basic painting tools.mov9.0MB

05. Using Texture Channels/04 Transfering paint layers between models.mov9.0MB

01. Getting Started/07 Customizing hotkeys.mov9.0MB

03. Working with Multiple Objects/05 Cleaning up problems with transfer details.mov9.0MB

04. Painting Textures/02 Creating and importing UVs.mov9.0MB

01. Getting Started/05 Moving the camera.mov9.0MB

02. Sculpting/03 Using the special sculpting tools.mov9.0MB

05. Using Texture Channels/06 Creating ambient occlusion maps.mov8.0MB

03. Working with Multiple Objects/04 Transferring detail between two models.mov8.0MB

07. Presenting Work/04 Rendering still images and movies.mov8.0MB

04. Painting Textures/08 Working with paint layers.mov8.0MB

04. Painting Textures/07 Editing stencils.mov8.0MB

02. Sculpting/06 Using stamps.mov8.0MB

03. Working with Multiple Objects/02 Translating objects.mov8.0MB

03. Working with Multiple Objects/06 Using materials with multiple objects.mov7.0MB

02. Sculpting/04 Sculpting-Customizing the sculpt tools.mov7.0MB

06. Posing a Character/01 Introduction to joints and posing.mov7.0MB

05. Using Texture Channels/07 Generating displacement maps.mov7.0MB

05. Using Texture Channels/08 Preparing texture files for use in other applicat.mov7.0MB

01. Getting Started/13 Hiding and unhiding parts of a model.mov7.0MB

04. Painting Textures/01 Using UV maps.mov6.0MB

01. Getting Started/10 Subdivision level tips and tricks.mov6.0MB

06. Posing a Character/04 Posing a character.mov6.0MB

00. Introduction/01 Introduction.mov6.0MB

07. Presenting Work/02 Using point and image-based lights.mov6.0MB

01. Getting Started/14 Selection tips and tricks.mov6.0MB

00. Introduction/04 Understanding where to store user-made tools.mov6.0MB

01. Getting Started/08 Importing a reference image plane.mov6.0MB

01. Getting Started/03 Understanding the limitations of Mudbox.mov6.0MB

01. Getting Started/09 Working with subdivision levels.mov6.0MB

03. Working with Multiple Objects/01 Using the Object List.mov5.0MB

08. Conclusion/01 Next steps.mov5.0MB

02. Sculpting/10 Sculpting with layers.mov5.0MB

03. Working with Multiple Objects/03 Duplicating and flipping an object.mov5.0MB

02. Sculpting/05 Making a custom crease tool.mov5.0MB

01. Getting Started/04 Loading a model.mov5.0MB

06. Posing a Character/02 Creating joint skeletons.mov5.0MB

02. Sculpting/13 Sculpting-Sculpting symmetrical details on an asymmetrical model.mov4.0MB

02. Sculpting/08 Freezing parts of a sculpt.mov4.0MB

02. Sculpting/12 Working with multiple sculpt layers.mov4.0MB

02. Sculpting/11 Editing sculpt layers.mov4.0MB

01. Getting Started/02 Getting a first look at Mudbox.mov4.0MB

04. Painting Textures/05 Using adjustment painting tools.mov3.0MB

04. Painting Textures/03 Creating paint layers.mov3.0MB

01. Getting Started/06 Focusing and framing.mov2.0MB

01. Getting Started/01 Optimizing a Wacom tablet for Mudbox.mov2.0MB

00. Introduction/02 What you should know before watching this course.mov1.0MB

00. Introduction/03 Using the exercise files.mov1.0MB

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