Digital Tutors - Creating an Armored Beast in ZBrush [2013]

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digital tutors - creating an armored beast in zbrush 2013

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40. Setting up the camera and editing materials.mkv60.0MB

2. Informing our design with animal anatomy reference.mkv59.0MB

46. Using texture overlay to enhance our render.mkv51.0MB

41. Setting up the lighting for our scene.mkv50.0MB

22. Adding secondary pieces of armor and creating leather straps.mkv49.0MB

47. Final touches.mkv46.0MB

39. Importing our objects into KeyShot.mkv45.0MB

44. Compositing a background for the render.mkv43.0MB

34. Painting the armor of our creature.mkv40.0MB

36. Continuing the paint process and posing our character.mkv38.0MB

43. Creating an ambient occlusion pass.mkv38.0MB

29. Continuing to detail the armor.mkv37.0MB

45. Using the clown pass to adjust the render.mkv37.0MB

25. Adding spikes to the armor and detailing the creature.mkv36.0MB

14. Beginning to sculpt the back feet of the character.mkv34.0MB

17. Using QRemesher to retopologize our creature.mkv32.0MB

21. Making face armor for our creature.mkv32.0MB

12. Continuing to adjust the silhouette of our creature.mkv31.0MB

42. Continuing to composite the render.mkv30.0MB

35. Painting the accessories.mkv29.0MB

16. Reading the character from a distance.mkv29.0MB

13. Continuing to build teeth for our character.mkv29.0MB

11. Adjusting silhouette and beginning sculpting the feet.mkv28.0MB

24. Detailing accessories and creating elbow armor.mkv28.0MB

15. Adding muscle structure and refining secondary form.mkv26.0MB

4. Continuing to build our base mesh.mkv25.0MB

19. Building back armor for our creature.mkv25.0MB

10. Further defining the anatomy of the creature.mkv25.0MB

33. Adding secondary details to the paint.mkv24.0MB

27. Adding detailed props.mkv24.0MB

5. Blocking in the main forms.mkv23.0MB

30. Using the slash brush to detail the armor.mkv22.0MB

23. Adding accessories to the saddle.mkv22.0MB

8. Continuing to refine the creature.mkv22.0MB

7. Refining major muscle groups.mkv22.0MB

31. Beginning painting the body of the creature.mkv21.0MB

28. Beginning to detail the armor and accessories.mkv21.0MB

9. Adding muscle structure and refining form.mkv21.0MB

26. Using alphas to detail the creature.mkv20.0MB

20. Building the saddle.mkv20.0MB

18. Beginning to create the armor for our creature.mkv20.0MB

6. Continuing blocking in the forms of our character.mkv20.0MB

3. Using ZSpheres to create a base mesh.mkv18.0MB

32. Continuing to paint the creature.mkv18.0MB

38. Decimating the subtools to prepare for export.mkv17.0MB

37. Exporting the textures.mkv13.0MB

1. Introduction and project overview.mkv7.0MB


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