[VA] Anthology of American Music [5LP] - 1992 (lossless)

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anthology of american music lossless - 1992

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05. Vol.5/01. Sound/01. Finger Poppin' Time.flac81.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/12. Cry To Me.flac61.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/09. Build Me Up Buttercup.flac60.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/02. Stand By Me.flac60.0MB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/04. Down The Aisle Of Love.flac58.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/03. Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lonely Daughter.flac58.0MB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/05. Sea Cruise.flac58.0MB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/02. Breathless.flac56.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/10. I Just Can't Help Believin.flac56.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/07. I Know A Place.flac56.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/04. He Will Break Your Heart.flac55.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/06. Twilight Time.flac54.0MB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/12. Baby, Its You.flac54.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/03. My Guy.flac54.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/09. Six Nights A Week.flac54.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/07. Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight.flac53.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/12. It Hurts To Be In Love.flac53.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/09. For You Precious Love.flac53.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/06. Love Is Strange.flac52.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/05. Blue Monday.flac52.0MB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/03. Stormy Weather.flac52.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/11. Shakin All Over.flac52.0MB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/10. Only You.flac52.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/05. You Keep Me Hanging On.flac52.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/01. Down At Papa Joes.flac51.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/10. Soul Twist.flac51.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/02. The Great Pretender.flac51.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/11. Primrose Lane.flac50.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/12. Sea Of Love.flac50.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/04. Backfield In Motion.flac50.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/08. Poor Fool.flac50.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/10. So Many Ways.flac49.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/05. Going Out My Head.flac49.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/01. Holy Cow.flac48.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/04. Let's Start All Over Again.flac48.0MB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/11. Lucille.flac48.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/05. All In My Mind.flac48.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/10. Maybelline.flac48.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/11. See Saw.flac48.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/07. Church Bells May Ring.flac47.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/07. Up On The Roof.flac47.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/12. Rebel Rouser.flac47.0MB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/06. Hey Little Girl.flac46.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/04. Blueberry Hill.flac46.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/08. Oh Oh I'm Falling In Love.flac44.0MB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/07. 40 Miles Of Bad Road.flac44.0MB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/09. My Girl Josephine.flac44.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/08. Short Fat Fanny.flac44.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/06. Fools Rush In.flac43.0MB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/08. Good Golly Miss Molly.flac43.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/11. I Sould My Hesrt To The Junkman.flac42.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/06. Mamma Said.flac42.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/03. True Love, True Love.flac40.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/01. You Were Mine.flac39.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/01. The Angels Listened In.flac39.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/02. A Wonderful World.flac39.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/03. Long Tall Sally.flac38.0MB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/09. Every Beat Of My Heart.flac38.0MB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/08. A Groovy Kind Of Love.flac38.0MB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/02. Yakety Yak.flac37.0MB

01. Vol.1/02. Covers/02. Back.jpg4.0MB

01. Vol.1/02. Covers/01. Front.jpg4.0MB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/cover.jpg4.0MB

02. Vol.2/02. Covers/01. Front.JPG819.0KB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/cover.JPG819.0KB

02. Vol.2/02. Covers/02. Back.JPG798.0KB

03. Vol.3/02. Covers/01. Front.JPG759.0KB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/cover.JPG759.0KB

05. Vol.5/02. Covers/01. Front.JPG756.0KB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/cover.JPG756.0KB

03. Vol.3/02. Covers/02. Back.JPG755.0KB

05. Vol.5/02. Covers/02. Back.JPG720.0KB

04. Vol.4/02. Covers/01. Front.JPG719.0KB

04. Vol.4/01. Sound/cover.JPG719.0KB

04. Vol.4/02. Covers/02. Back.JPG682.0KB

01. Vol.1/02. Covers/03. Side 1.jpg541.0KB

01. Vol.1/02. Covers/04. Side 2.jpg515.0KB

03. Vol.3/02. Covers/03. Side one.jpg123.0KB

02. Vol.2/02. Covers/04. Side two.jpg108.0KB

04. Vol.4/02. Covers/03. Side one.jpg107.0KB

02. Vol.2/02. Covers/03. Side one.jpg104.0KB

04. Vol.4/02. Covers/04. Side two.jpg102.0KB

05. Vol.5/02. Covers/03. Side one.jpg100.0KB

03. Vol.3/02. Covers/04. Side two.jpg100.0KB

05. Vol.5/02. Covers/04. Side two.jpg93.0KB


04. Vol.4/01. Sound/VA - Anthology of American Music Vol.4 (1992).cue2.0KB

01. Vol.1/01. Sound/VA - Anthology of American Music Vol.1 (1992).cue2.0KB

02. Vol.2/01. Sound/VA - Anthology of American Music Vol.2 (1992).cue2.0KB

03. Vol.3/01. Sound/VA - Anthology of American Music Vol.3 (1992).cue2.0KB

05. Vol.5/01. Sound/VA - Anthology of American Music Vol.5 (1992).cue2.0KB

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