Final Fantasy IV - Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption

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final fantasy iv - echoes of betrayal light of redemption

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MP3/Bonus Tracks/B-08 Spiraling Decay (The Final Battle) [Children of the Monkey Machine].mp354.0MB

MP3/Bonus Tracks/B-05 Triaminotrinitrobenzene (Bomb Ring) [Children of the Monkey Machine].mp316.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-12 Finale Part Two ~ Genesis of Destruction (The Final Battle) [Various Artists].mp311.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-13 Edward's Dream Quartet (Edward's Harp) [Abadoss, James George].mp310.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-08 A Savior Ascends (Lunar Whale) [Vampire Hunter Dan].mp39.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-02 The Might of Baron (Kingdom of Baron) [audio fidelity].mp38.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-12 The Skies Hold No Angels for Us (Damcyan Castle) [Level 99, audio fidelity].mp38.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-08 Emerald Beauty (Rydia) [Cyril the Wolf].mp38.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-04 Journey to Solace (Sorrow and Loss) [Avaris].mp38.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-12 Fallen Dragoon (Suspicion) [AeroZ].mp38.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-03 Path of Deception (The Land of Summons) [bLiNd].mp38.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-15 Fighting for Tomorrow (Fabul) [OA, Nutritious, The Fabul Men's Choir].mp38.0MB

MP3/Bonus Tracks/B-06 Phantom of the Zeromus (The Final Battle) [Nutritious, lisabela, audio fidelity].mp37.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-13 Fallen Ascent (Tower of Zot) [Children of the Monkey Machine].mp37.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-05 Treason (Battle with the Four Fiends) [Kidd Cabbage].mp37.0MB

MP3/Bonus Tracks/B-03 Smooth Sun of Magma (Land of Dwarves) [Monobrow, Protricity].mp37.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-16 Lacrima (Sorrow and Loss) [Rozovian].mp37.0MB

MP3/Bonus Tracks/B-04 Morphine Kyck (Battle 1) [2Radical].mp37.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-04 Calcobrena After a Night of Dinner and Dancing (Dancing Calbrena) [Level 99].mp37.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-14 Kind of Green (Rydia) [Abadoss, audio fidelity, bustatunez, theultravisitor].mp37.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-13 Facing (Epilogue) [Fishy].mp37.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-06 Rhymes with Elixir (Chocobo Chocobo) [The Scuba Divers featuring Liontamer].mp37.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-01 Full of Courage (The Red Wings) [Nutritious].mp37.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-08 Blue Planet in Mode 7 (The Airship) [Nathan Rich].mp37.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-14 Golbez 'N Goblins (Golbez, Clad in Darkness) [bLiNd].mp37.0MB

MP3/Bonus Tracks/B-07 Zeromus the Serialist (The Final Battle) [audio fidelity].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-09 RDX Necklace (Bomb Ring) [Children of the Monkey Machine, audio fidelity].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-06 Until the Tower Falls (Tower of Bab-il) [Various Artists].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-03 Overture ~ Tellah's Prophecy (Medley) [AeroZ].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-11 Somewhere to Hide (Somewhere in the World...) [Hy Bound, Loka LaFevre].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-10 Bridge to Eternity (Within the Giant) [bLiNd].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-07 Evoking the Dawn (The Prelude) [BogusRed].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-09 Goodbye Cid... (Hey Cid!) [Wiesty, audio fidelity, OA].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-17 Theme of Love for Guitar Duet (Theme of Love) [Pot Hocket].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-09 The Still Land (The Lunarians) [James George].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-10 Almost Fell for the Trojan (Troian Beauty) [ilp0].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-01 Mystic Variations (Mystic Mysidia) [AeroZ].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-14 Survival Instinct (Battle 2) [Audix].mp36.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-02 In the Land of Dwarves (Giott, King of the Dwarves) [ilp0].mp35.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-11 Finale Part One ~ Eminence Grise (Another Moon) [OA, DragonAvenger].mp35.0MB

MP3/Bonus Tracks/B-01 All Your Calcobrena Are Belong to Us (Dancing Calbrena) [John Revoredo].mp35.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-10 Of Fiend and Man (Battle 1) [Tweek].mp35.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-05 Ana(pro)logue (Prologue) [Another Soundscape].mp35.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-05 Long Time Gone (A Long Way to Go) [the prophet of mephisto].mp35.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-04 Step Into the Light (Into the Darkness) [Nutritious].mp35.0MB

MP3/Act 3 - Redemption/3-01 Tundra of Dwarves (Land of Dwarves) [Long Dao].mp34.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-07 Read the Sine (Welcome to Our Town!) [Mazedude].mp34.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-03 Smiling Hilltop for Four Hands (Mt. Ordeals) [Long Dao].mp34.0MB

MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-06 The Flying Machine (Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY IV) [John Revoredo].mp33.0MB

MP3/Bonus Tracks/B-02 I Love This Radio (Theme of Love) [Theory of Nonexistence].mp33.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-02 Metal Mage (Palom and Porom) [Cyril the Wolf, Lil' Wolfie, OA].mp33.0MB

MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-15 OMFG! GET OUT OF THERE!!! (Run!) [Cyril the Wolf].mp33.0MB


MP3/Act 1 - Betrayal/1-11 Interlude ~ Yay! (Fanfare) [DragonAvenger].mp31.0MB


MP3/Act 2 - Strife/2-07 Interlude ~ Nom! (Enter Fat Chocobo) [DragonAvenger].mp31.0MB




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