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The torrent has 40 files, total 2.0GB, created at Nov. 22, 2014.

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rosetta discography alac

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The Galilean Satellites CD1 (2005)/04. Itinérant.m4a103.0MB

The Galilean Satellites CD1 (2005)/05. Au Pays Natal.m4a99.0MB

The Galilean Satellites CD2 (2005)/05. Sol.m4a93.0MB

The Galilean Satellites CD2 (2005)/04. Ross 128.m4a90.0MB

Project Mercury (2007)/05. Clavius ~ Rosetta.m4a84.0MB

Wake Lift (2007)/07. Monument.m4a84.0MB

Wake Lift (2007)/01. Red In Tooth And Claw.m4a82.0MB

The Cleansing Undertones of Wake Lift (2007)/01. I.m4a79.0MB

Wake Lift (2007)/06. (Temet Nosce).m4a76.0MB

The Galilean Satellites CD1 (2005)/02. Europa.m4a76.0MB

The Galilean Satellites CD1 (2005)/03. Absent.m4a74.0MB

The Galilean Satellites CD2 (2005)/02. Capella.m4a73.0MB

Project Mercury (2007)/04. TMA-1 ~ Rosetta.m4a72.0MB

The Cleansing Undertones of Wake Lift (2007)/04. IV.m4a69.0MB

The Cleansing Undertones of Wake Lift (2007)/02. II.m4a67.0MB

A Determinism of Morality (2010)/07. A Determinism of Morality.m4a66.0MB

The Cleansing Undertones of Wake Lift (2007)/03. III.m4a65.0MB

Project Mercury (2007)/02. Kaddish ~ Balboa.m4a63.0MB

Wake Lift (2007)/05. Wake.m4a61.0MB

The Galilean Satellites CD1 (2005)/01. Départe.m4a60.0MB

Split (2009)/04. Year Of No Light - Cimmeria.m4a60.0MB

Project Mercury (2007)/06. Project Mercury ~ Balboa+Rosetta.m4a58.0MB

The Galilean Satellites CD2 (2005)/03. Beta Aquilae.m4a58.0MB

Split (2009)/03. East Of The Wall - Scumbrella 3-Dirt Merchant.m4a50.0MB

The Galilean Satellites CD2 (2005)/01. Deneb.m4a49.0MB

Split (2009)/06. Rosetta - Homesick.m4a47.0MB

A Determinism of Morality (2010)/02. Je N'en Connais Pas la Fin.m4a46.0MB

A Determinism of Morality (2010)/05. Revolve.m4a43.0MB

A Determinism of Morality (2010)/06. Renew.m4a39.0MB

A Determinism of Morality (2010)/03. Blue Day for Croatoa.m4a38.0MB

Wake Lift (2007)/04. Lift (Part 3).m4a38.0MB

A Determinism of Morality (2010)/04. Release.m4a37.0MB

Wake Lift (2007)/02. Lift (Part 1).m4a34.0MB

A Determinism of Morality (2010)/01. Ayil.m4a33.0MB

Split (2009)/05. Year Of No Light - Metanoia.m4a32.0MB

Project Mercury (2007)/03. Planet of Slums ~ Balboa.m4a23.0MB

Project Mercury (2007)/01. Primitive Accumulation ~ Balboa.m4a19.0MB

Wake Lift (2007)/03. Lift (Part 2).m4a18.0MB

Split (2009)/01. East Of The Wall - Scumbrella 1-Mud Button.m4a10.0MB

Split (2009)/02. East Of The Wall - Scumbrella 2-Silt.m4a4.0MB

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