Swinging Hamburg (18 CD Box Set)

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The torrent has 393 files, total 3.0GB, created at Nov. 27, 2014.

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swinging hamburg 18 cd box set

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CD15/01. On The Street Where You Live.mp317.0MB

CD5/01. My One And Only Love.mp316.0MB

CD5/02. What A Difference A Day Made.mp316.0MB

CD6/13. Original dixieland one step.mp314.0MB

CD2/16. Makin' Whoopee.mp313.0MB

CD9/03. Limehouse Blues.mp313.0MB

CD8/18. JAZZyouNITES.mp313.0MB

CD18/02. When You're Smiling.mp313.0MB

CD18/06. Jivin' In Jazzland.mp312.0MB

CD8/10. Carry Me Back To Old Virginia.mp312.0MB

CD7/06. Echoes Of Harlem.mp312.0MB

CD13/23. Panama.mp312.0MB

CD9/11. Change Of Key Boogie.mp312.0MB

CD4/16. Blue Moon.mp312.0MB

CD3/18. Dinah.mp312.0MB

CD9/04. Dream Blues.mp312.0MB

CD4/11. My Old Flame.mp312.0MB

CD18/05. Ow.mp312.0MB

CD12/22. Wiebke.mp312.0MB

CD14/03. Melancholy.mp312.0MB

CD2/13. When You And I Were Young, Maggie.mp312.0MB

CD10/12. Alice Blue Gown (1985).mp311.0MB

CD7/07. Struttin' With Some Barbecue.mp311.0MB

CD2/11. It Don't Mean A Thing When It Ain't Got That Swing.mp311.0MB

CD13/22. Fidgedy Feet.mp311.0MB

CD8/16. Cherokee.mp311.0MB

CD12/21. Breeze.mp311.0MB

CD10/16. Honea Pie (1981).mp311.0MB

CD2/08. Wild Man Blues.mp311.0MB

CD11/18. In A Sentimental Mood.mp311.0MB

CD4/19. Too Busy.mp311.0MB

CD11/17. Intermission Riff.mp311.0MB

CD12/17. In A Sweet Bye And Bye.mp311.0MB

CD14/06. Stars Fell On Alabama.mp311.0MB

CD9/05. When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo.mp311.0MB

CD13/02. The Man I Love.mp310.0MB

CD10/10. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (1997).mp310.0MB

CD18/07. Grafitti Express.mp310.0MB

CD14/21. Second Line.mp310.0MB

CD18/19. Roll 'Em Pete.mp310.0MB

CD10/08. Sweeping The Blues Away (1997).mp310.0MB

CD14/01. Panama Rag.mp310.0MB

CD9/16. Moulin A Cafe.mp310.0MB

CD2/14. Standing Room Only.mp310.0MB

CD10/18. Black & Tan Fantasy (2001).mp310.0MB

CD7/21. Trouble In Mind.mp310.0MB

CD5/03. Snake Charmer.mp310.0MB

CD10/20. Two Sleepy People (1998).mp310.0MB

CD3/05. Riverside Blues.mp310.0MB

CD9/10. The Old Music Masters.mp310.0MB

CD18/17. All The Things You Are.mp310.0MB

CD7/08. Someday You'll Be Sorry.mp310.0MB

CD15/02. Just Keep On Going.mp310.0MB

CD11/07. The Mooche.mp310.0MB

CD2/04. When I Move To The Sky.mp310.0MB

CD3/11. Getting Some Fun Out Of Live.mp310.0MB

CD10/02. I'll Close My Eyes (1985).mp310.0MB

CD7/19. Saratoga Shout.mp310.0MB

CD14/22. Ain't Misbehavin'.mp310.0MB

CD9/08. Alabamy Bound.mp39.0MB

CD11/04. Riverboat Shuffle.mp39.0MB

CD8/11. The Mooche.mp39.0MB

CD8/19. Flying Home.mp39.0MB

CD9/19. What Is This Thing Called Love.mp39.0MB

CD13/16. Ko Ko Mo.mp39.0MB

CD9/12. King Of The Zulus.mp39.0MB

CD14/05. Bernie' Tune.mp39.0MB

CD18/18. Riverboat Shuffle.mp39.0MB

CD18/12. Wailin' The Blues.mp39.0MB

CD18/01. Mama's Gone, Goodbye.mp39.0MB

CD8/09. Chimes Blues.mp39.0MB

CD7/02. Spain.mp39.0MB

CD14/18. White Cliffs Of Dover.mp39.0MB

CD6/10. Jubilee boogie.mp39.0MB

CD6/20. Dig this menu, please.mp39.0MB

CD3/14. On A Slowboat To China.mp39.0MB

CD10/09. African Queen (1997).mp39.0MB

CD6/17. Jack Geier stomp.mp39.0MB

CD9/09. Blues In The Air.mp39.0MB

CD16/14. The Day Since You've Gone.mp39.0MB

CD2/18. I've Found A New Baby.mp39.0MB

CD18/04. Gettysburg March.mp39.0MB

CD11/08. Swinging The Blues.mp39.0MB

CD17/17. Lily The Pink.mp39.0MB

CD11/13. Kongo Jazz.mp39.0MB

CD3/20. Flying Home.mp39.0MB

CD10/07. Coquette (2001).mp39.0MB

CD6/08. Eine kleine Jazzmusik.mp39.0MB

CD2/07. Bourbon Street Parade.mp39.0MB

CD9/15. East Cost Trot.mp39.0MB

CD17/11. Ha, Ha This Way.mp39.0MB

CD17/06. Do I Look Like Frankenstein.mp39.0MB

CD2/19. Hi Ya!.mp39.0MB

CD3/06. Factory Blues.mp39.0MB

CD12/16. This Love Of Mine.mp39.0MB

CD10/13. Manhattan (1979).mp39.0MB

CD6/09. The lady is a tramp.mp39.0MB

CD16/16. Misery And The Blues.mp39.0MB

CD3/17. The Story Of Love.mp39.0MB

CD3/10. Jazzwave.mp39.0MB

CD18/09. Charleston Mad.mp39.0MB

CD6/21. My baby don't care for me.mp39.0MB

CD17/08. Eis! Eis! Eis!.mp39.0MB

CD13/03. Dr. Jazz Stomp.mp39.0MB

CD11/11. Allotria Swing.mp38.0MB

CD3/03. Sweet Mumtaz.mp38.0MB

CD15/09. Now's The Time.mp38.0MB

CD3/09. Out Of Nowhere.mp38.0MB

CD9/01. Jazz Lips.mp38.0MB

CD11/19. Algiers Waltz.mp38.0MB

CD14/15. As Time Goes By.mp38.0MB

CD12/10. Black And Blue.mp38.0MB

CD2/12. Tishomingo Blues.mp38.0MB

CD12/15. In The Upper Garden.mp38.0MB

CD5/12. Baby Dear.mp38.0MB

CD9/18. Sudden Samba.mp38.0MB

CD10/17. Malinda's Wedding Day (2001).mp38.0MB

CD10/14. Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday on Saturday Night (1979).mp38.0MB

CD7/01. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You.mp38.0MB

CD14/13. Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down.mp38.0MB

CD14/12. Moten Shake.mp38.0MB

CD15/10. Here's That Rainy Day.mp38.0MB

CD15/06. Minor Swing.mp38.0MB

CD7/09. Mahogany Hall Stomp.mp38.0MB

CD2/15. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me.mp38.0MB

CD13/01. Sent For You Yesterday.mp38.0MB

CD16/05. Lady Be Good.mp38.0MB

CD17/07. Eh, La Bas!.mp38.0MB

CD8/17. What's New.mp38.0MB

CD6/14. Since my best gal turned me down.mp38.0MB

CD18/08. Travellin' Blues.mp38.0MB

CD12/18. Down Home Rag.mp38.0MB

CD11/10. Omo Pupa.mp38.0MB

CD4/17. There's A Rainbow On My Shoulder.mp38.0MB

CD18/10. St. Louis Blues.mp38.0MB

CD9/13. Do You Call That A Buddy.mp38.0MB

CD16/22. Unchain My Heart.mp38.0MB

CD5/11. Isle Of Capri.mp38.0MB

CD3/16. Just A Little While To Stay Here.mp38.0MB

CD7/15. Rhythm King.mp38.0MB

CD4/12. Clap hands, Here Comes Charlie.mp38.0MB

CD9/02. Put 'Em Down Blues.mp38.0MB

CD16/04. Gettin' Airmail.mp38.0MB

CD11/21. High Heels.mp38.0MB

CD3/21. All Of Me.mp38.0MB

CD8/15. She's My Baby.mp38.0MB

CD6/01. Black bottom stomp.mp38.0MB

CD8/12. Jump In The Line.mp38.0MB

CD8/01. Everybody Loves My Baby.mp38.0MB

CD9/14. Jo Jo Rhythm.mp38.0MB

CD2/06. A Good Man Is Hard To Find.mp38.0MB

CD2/05. Come Back Sweet Papa.mp38.0MB

CD17/20. Schu-bi-du ().mp38.0MB

CD6/04. What you want me to do.mp38.0MB

CD11/01. Fever.mp38.0MB

CD2/17. Button-Down Collar.mp38.0MB

CD10/11. Nobody's Sweetheart (1985).mp38.0MB

CD7/20. St. Louis Shuffle.mp38.0MB

CD16/08. I'm The Boogie Man.mp38.0MB

CD11/03. Willow-Tree-Road 13.mp38.0MB

CD15/22. That's A Plenty.mp38.0MB

CD16/02. Clarinet Special.mp38.0MB

CD12/01. Saturday Night Function.mp38.0MB

CD16/17. Sweet Lotus Blossom.mp38.0MB

CD13/10. Wingy.mp38.0MB

CD17/16. Just A Gigolo.mp38.0MB

CD12/03. When You And I Were Young, Maggie.mp38.0MB

CD7/04. Swing That Music.mp38.0MB

CD5/10. Dextropur.mp38.0MB

CD2/02. Dead Man Blues.mp38.0MB

CD4/04. Georgia On My Mind.mp38.0MB

CD8/04. Alligator Hop.mp38.0MB

CD18/13. Satin Doll.mp38.0MB

CD17/24. Un Po.mp38.0MB

CD8/20. Don't Be That Way.mp38.0MB

CD3/12. Deep Purple.mp38.0MB

CD13/05. Buddy's Habbits.mp38.0MB

CD15/23. Night At Tony's.mp38.0MB

CD11/15. Union Swing.mp38.0MB

CD11/16. Four Brothers.mp37.0MB

CD15/07. Honeysuckle Rose.mp37.0MB

CD6/02. Jelly Bean Blues.mp37.0MB

CD2/01. Big Chief Battleaxe.mp37.0MB

CD1/23. Bambus-Boogie.mp37.0MB

CD4/09. Dream.mp37.0MB

CD8/02. Gallion Stomp.mp37.0MB

CD14/02. Georgia Bobo.mp37.0MB

CD12/12. Postman's Lament.mp37.0MB

CD9/06. Mississippi Blues.mp37.0MB

CD6/19. What is this thing called love.mp37.0MB

CD16/18. Please, Send Me Someone To Love.mp37.0MB

CD18/16. My Man's In Trouble.mp37.0MB

CD14/11. Come Down To New Orleans (Praise Of Nyboder).mp37.0MB

CD5/05. Dreaming Tarzan.mp37.0MB

CD4/10. All Of Me.mp37.0MB

CD17/01. All mein Geld ist beim Finanzamt.mp37.0MB

CD3/13. I Got Rhythm.mp37.0MB

CD7/12. Oben ohne.mp37.0MB

CD6/05. Skokiaan.mp37.0MB

CD12/09. If I Had You.mp37.0MB

CD12/08. Limehouse Blues.mp37.0MB

CD7/03. Blue Again.mp37.0MB

CD17/03. By The Beautiful Sea.mp37.0MB

CD18/15. Shake It To A Jelly.mp37.0MB

CD8/21. How High The Moon.mp37.0MB

CD1/12. Shine.mp37.0MB

CD13/08. Everybody Loves My Baby.mp37.0MB

CD12/19. Rent Party Blues.mp37.0MB

CD2/03. Weary Blues.mp37.0MB

CD10/01. West End Blues (1985).mp37.0MB

CD1/10. Dixie.mp37.0MB

CD13/09. A String Of Pearls.mp37.0MB

CD3/08. Bourbon Street Parade.mp37.0MB

CD6/06. 'Tain't what you do.mp37.0MB

CD12/11. Ole Miss.mp37.0MB

CD13/14. Farewell Blues.mp37.0MB

CD11/02. Autumn Leaves.mp37.0MB

CD8/08. Willie The Weeper.mp37.0MB

CD15/17. That's Right, What's Wrong.mp37.0MB

CD7/05. Lester Leaps In.mp37.0MB

CD15/08. The Man I Love.mp37.0MB

CD10/19. Chequepoint Stomp (1998).mp37.0MB

CD13/18. Jackson.mp37.0MB

CD1/21. I Know That You Know.mp37.0MB

CD15/24. Swinging The Blues.mp37.0MB

CD7/14. Prince Of Wails.mp37.0MB

CD4/15. Hysteric Rag.mp37.0MB

CD6/18. East 49th Street Blues.mp37.0MB

CD1/15. Mood Indigo.mp37.0MB

CD11/06. Weary Blues.mp37.0MB

CD14/19. Stardust.mp37.0MB

CD16/25. Kansas City.mp37.0MB

CD4/06. Twinklin'.mp37.0MB

CD5/19. Bouncin' With Basie.mp37.0MB

CD10/03. Whispering (1984).mp37.0MB

CD15/16. Maycock's Bop.mp37.0MB

CD6/07. Too darn hot.mp37.0MB

CD16/07. Jumpin' With Bob.mp37.0MB

CD1/11. Blues-Improvisation.mp37.0MB

CD12/05. Lurchi und Lurchi.mp37.0MB

CD5/08. Do It Again.mp37.0MB

CD16/21. Papa-Da-De-Da.mp37.0MB

CD12/13. Theo, wir fahr'n nach Lodz.mp37.0MB

CD1/17. Boogie ohne Ende.mp37.0MB

CD3/04. Candy Lips.mp37.0MB

CD6/11. Ev'rybody loves my baby.mp37.0MB

CD10/06. Stevedore Stomp (2000).mp37.0MB

CD12/02. Blues My Naughtie Sweetie Gives To Me.mp37.0MB

CD7/13. Harlem Nights.mp37.0MB

CD14/09. North German Lowland Shuffle.mp37.0MB

CD5/09. Santa Fu Stomp.mp37.0MB

CD5/15. Elephant's Wobble.mp37.0MB

CD17/18. Mein Fuhrerschein ist weg.mp37.0MB

CD4/14. Jungle Jamboree.mp37.0MB

CD1/02. A Kiss Goodnight.mp37.0MB

CD8/13. When Spring Comes Peeping Through.mp37.0MB

CD13/12. Swinging The Blues.mp37.0MB

CD1/09. Mitternacht Am Kongo.mp37.0MB

CD4/01. Oh, Lady Be Good.mp37.0MB

CD1/04. Skyliner.mp37.0MB

CD7/18. Skit-Dat-De-Dat.mp37.0MB

CD12/14. Bogalusa Strut.mp37.0MB

CD16/15. When The Boogie Met The Woogie.mp37.0MB

CD8/14. Egyptian Fantasy.mp37.0MB

CD3/02. Red Onion Blues.mp37.0MB

CD8/03. New Orleans Stomp.mp37.0MB

CD13/07. Memphis Bues.mp37.0MB

CD16/10. Barrelhouse Boogie.mp37.0MB

CD9/07. Let's Sow A Wild Oat.mp37.0MB

CD5/07. Twelfth Street Rag.mp37.0MB

CD13/19. Sweet Home Chicago.mp37.0MB

CD1/08. Theme On Drums.mp37.0MB

CD6/12. San.mp37.0MB

CD16/09. Just For You.mp37.0MB

CD15/05. Bye, Bye Blues.mp37.0MB

CD7/10. Coquette.mp37.0MB

CD13/17. The Preacher.mp37.0MB

CD1/14. Rhythmus Revue 2. Teil Night And Day - Begin The Beguine - On The Sunny Side.mp37.0MB

CD1/16. Solitude.mp37.0MB

CD17/04. Hamburg - Hoch im Norden.mp37.0MB

CD13/13. Blues On Parade.mp37.0MB

CD7/11. Struggle Buggy.mp37.0MB

CD5/17. Pick-A-Rip.mp37.0MB

CD3/01. New Sobbin' Blues.mp37.0MB

CD18/03. Please.mp37.0MB

CD17/15. Ich mag so gern am Flie.band steh'n.mp37.0MB

CD4/03. I Lost My Girl From Memphis.mp37.0MB

CD2/09. How'm I Doin'.mp37.0MB

CD1/13. Rhythmus Revue 1. Teil Dinah - Honeysuckle Rose - Blue Skies.mp37.0MB

CD17/22. Sun, Sun, Sun.mp36.0MB

CD14/08. Fair Play.mp36.0MB

CD13/20. Stevedore Stomp.mp36.0MB

CD9/17. In The Bottle Blues.mp36.0MB

CD5/21. Sweet Swing.mp36.0MB

CD18/11. Blue Guitars.mp36.0MB

CD3/07. Diary.mp36.0MB

CD4/07. Pharao's Army.mp36.0MB

CD17/02. Am Sonntag will mein Su.er mit mir Segeln gehn.mp36.0MB

CD15/19. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee.mp36.0MB

CD17/05. Der Clou (The Entertainer).mp36.0MB

CD2/10. Careless Love.mp36.0MB

CD11/22. Bongo Bop.mp36.0MB

CD12/06. In Celle jazzt man auch sehr dufte.mp36.0MB

CD11/12. Captain Cooper & His Crew.mp36.0MB

CD15/04. Alabama Jubilee.mp36.0MB

CD16/13. Lazy River.mp36.0MB

CD14/07. Heideroslein.mp36.0MB

CD16/20. Shiny Stockings.mp36.0MB

CD1/22. Solisten-Parade (Woodchopper's Ball).mp36.0MB

CD5/13. Venetian Moon.mp36.0MB

CD4/18. Doin' The Frog.mp36.0MB

CD15/12. Tip-Top-Rag.mp36.0MB

CD16/06. Tricks An Jokes.mp36.0MB

CD16/01. Finger Buster.mp36.0MB

CD5/20. Cherry Point.mp36.0MB

CD15/21. Duellin' Banjos.mp36.0MB

CD13/11. Two O'Clock Jump.mp36.0MB

CD16/12. Hot Time.mp36.0MB

CD8/07. Stomp Off, Let's Go.mp36.0MB

CD4/21. Blue Stampede.mp36.0MB

CD7/16. The Terror.mp36.0MB

CD5/04. Wrappin' It Up.mp36.0MB

CD14/14. Going Home.mp36.0MB

CD17/10. Gisela (Hallo, kleines Fraulein).mp36.0MB

CD3/19. B-o-o-g-i-e W-o-o-g-i-e.mp36.0MB

CD4/08. Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet.mp36.0MB

CD4/13. Deep Henderson.mp36.0MB

CD13/04. Dallas Blues.mp36.0MB

CD10/05. Clarinet Marmelade (1991).mp36.0MB

CD17/19. Der Mondfrosch geht durch Chicago.mp36.0MB

CD14/10. Swingburger Special.mp36.0MB

CD6/15. K.C. Moon (Traditional).mp36.0MB

CD11/20. Sobbin' Blues.mp36.0MB

CD17/14. Ich bin der gro.te Casanova.mp36.0MB

CD15/11. Tip-Top-Dixie.mp36.0MB

CD15/03. Saturday Night Fish Fry.mp36.0MB

CD11/05. I'm Going Home To See My Lord.mp36.0MB

CD10/15. Papa De-Da-Da (1981).mp36.0MB

CD7/17. I'm Going Away To Wear You Off My Mind.mp36.0MB

CD8/06. Yama Yama Man.mp36.0MB

CD14/20. Night And Day.mp36.0MB

CD14/17. Midnight In Moscow.mp36.0MB

CD13/15. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.mp36.0MB

CD5/06. Grandpa's Spell.mp36.0MB

CD18/14. It Don't Mean A Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing.mp36.0MB

CD17/12. Hamburger Deern.mp36.0MB

CD1/18. St. Pauli-Blues.mp36.0MB

CD14/04. It's Only A Papermoon.mp36.0MB

CD3/15. Nummer Vierzehn.mp36.0MB

CD4/02. When The Robert Comes To Town.mp36.0MB

CD17/09. Elisabeth.mp36.0MB

CD15/20. Dardanella.mp36.0MB

CD1/19. Tip Top Boogie.mp36.0MB

CD1/01. The Joint Is Really Jumping Down At Carnegie.mp36.0MB

CD13/06. Black Bottom Stomp.mp36.0MB

CD11/14. Benny Moten Jump.mp36.0MB

CD15/13. The Golden Gate Blues.mp36.0MB

CD1/05. Star Dust.mp36.0MB

CD6/16. Shine for Jesus.mp35.0MB

CD5/22. As Tears Go By.mp35.0MB

CD1/20. Skandinavian Express.mp35.0MB

CD6/03. You're just my type.mp35.0MB

CD12/04. Tishomingo Blues.mp35.0MB

CD5/14. Miss Dixie.mp35.0MB

CD17/13. Hier spielt Meyer's Dampfkapelle.mp35.0MB

CD1/07. Infection.mp35.0MB

CD4/20. Georgia Swing.mp35.0MB

CD1/03. I'm Beginning To See The Light.mp35.0MB

CD1/06. Kinglee-Blues.mp35.0MB

CD17/21. Sellerie.mp35.0MB

CD17/25. Feierabend-Serie.mp35.0MB

CD16/19. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter.mp35.0MB

CD5/18. September Song.mp35.0MB

CD16/24. Gimme A Pigfoot.mp35.0MB

CD17/23. Turkischer Forellentwist.mp35.0MB

CD8/05. Lucky 369.mp35.0MB

CD16/11. Celeste Call.mp35.0MB

CD10/04. Puttin On The Style (1984).mp35.0MB

CD16/03. Clarinet Zyk.mp35.0MB

CD13/21. Fishseller.mp35.0MB

CD4/05. Oh, Sister Ain't That Hot.mp35.0MB

CD15/14. Ladi's Guitar Boogie.mp35.0MB

CD16/23. 'Tain't What You Do.mp35.0MB

CD14/16. Creole Jazz.mp34.0MB

CD15/18. Hot Stuff Patrol.mp34.0MB

CD5/16. Undecided.mp34.0MB

CD15/15. Swing Guitar.mp34.0MB

CD12/07. Oh, Miss Hannah.mp34.0MB

CD5/23. The Times They Are A-Changing.mp34.0MB

CD12/20. Revival Days.mp33.0MB

CD11/09. 0 Uhr Eierschale.mp32.0MB



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