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The torrent has 75 files, total 642.0MB, created at Jan. 12, 2015.

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1970-1987 andrew collection webber lloyd 256-320kbps - smg

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The Phantom of the Opera/21_Down_Once_More_Track_Down_This_Murderer.mp321.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/10_Notes..._Prima_Donna.mp320.0MB

Cats (Disc 2)/03_Growltiger_s_Last_Stand_including_The_Ballad_of_Billy_McCaw_.mp317.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/17_Notes..._Twisted_Every_Way.mp317.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 2)/01. The Last Supper.mp316.0MB



Cats (Disc 1)/11_The_Jellicle_Ball.mp313.0MB

Cats (Disc 2)/05_Macavity.mp312.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 2)/02. Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say).mp312.0MB


Cats (Disc 2)/02_Gus_The_Theatre_Cat.mp312.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/04. Everything's Alright.mp311.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 2)/08. Trial Before Pilate (Including The 39 Lashes).mp311.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/12. Damned for All Time Blood Money.mp311.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/19_Wandering_Child_Bravo_Monsieur.mp311.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/16_Masquerade_Why_So_Silent.mp311.0MB


Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/07. Simon Zealotes Poor Jerusalem.mp310.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/09. The Temple.mp310.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/07_The_Music_of_the_Night.mp310.0MB

Cats (Disc 1)/02_Prologue_Jellicle_Songs_for_Jellicle_Cats.mp310.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/20_The_Point_of_No_Return.mp310.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/02. Heaven on Their Minds.mp310.0MB


Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 2)/09. Superstar.mp39.0MB

Cats (Disc 2)/09_The_Ad-dressing_of_Cats.mp39.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 2)/07. Judas' Death.mp39.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/03. What's the Buzz Strange Thing Mystifying.mp39.0MB

Cats (Disc 1)/05_The_Old_Gumbie_Cat.mp39.0MB

Cats (Disc 2)/07_Memory.mp39.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 2)/10. Crucifixion.mp39.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/06_The_Phantom_of_the_Opera.mp39.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/01. Overture.mp39.0MB


Cats (Disc 1)/10_Old_Deuteronomy.mp38.0MB

Cats (Disc 2)/04_Skimbleshanks_The_Railway_Cat.mp38.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/11. I Don't Know How to Love Him.mp38.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/05. This Jesus Must Die.mp38.0MB

Cats (Disc 1)/08_Bustopher_Jones.mp37.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/13_All_I_Ask_of_You.mp37.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 2)/03. The Arrest.mp37.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/03_Think_of_Me.mp37.0MB


Cats (Disc 1)/09_Mungojerrie_and_Rumpelteazer.mp37.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 2)/06. King Herod's Song (Try It And See).mp36.0MB

Cats (Disc 2)/06_Mr[1]._Mistoffelees.mp36.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/18_Wishing_You_Were_Somehow_Here.mp36.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/12_Why_Have_You_Brought_Me_Here_Raoul_I_ve_Been_There.mp36.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 2)/05. Pilate And Christ.mp36.0MB


The Phantom of the Opera/08_I_Remember_Stranger_Than_You_Dreamt_It.mp36.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/14_All_I_Ask_of_You_Reprise_.mp36.0MB

Cats (Disc 2)/01_The_Moments_of_Happiness_Memory.mp35.0MB

Cats (Disc 1)/06_The_Rum_Tug_Tugger.mp35.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/02_Overture.mp35.0MB

Cats (Disc 1)/12_Grizabella_The_Glamour_Cat.mp35.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/15_Entr_acte.mp35.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/11_Poor_Fool_He_Makes_Me_Laugh.mp35.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/05_Little_Lotte_The_Mirror_Angel_of_Music_.mp35.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 2)/11. John Nineteen Forty-One.mp34.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/06. Hosanna.mp34.0MB

Cats (Disc 1)/01_Overture.mp34.0MB

Cats (Disc 1)/07_Grizabella.mp34.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/04_Angel_of_Music.mp34.0MB

Cats (Disc 1)/03_The_Naming_of_Cats.mp34.0MB

Cats (Disc 1)/04_The_Invitation_to_the_Jellicle_Ball.mp34.0MB

Cats (Disc 2)/08_The_Journey_to_the_Heaviside_Layer.mp33.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/01_Prologue.mp33.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/08. Pilate's Dream.mp33.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 2)/04. Peter's Denial.mp33.0MB

Cats (Disc 1)/13_Memory.mp32.0MB

The Phantom of the Opera/09_Magical_Lasso....mp31.0MB

Jesus Christ Superstar (Disc 1)/10. Everything's Alright.mp31.0MB

Andrew.Lloyd.Webber.Collection.1970-1987.MP3.256-320kbps - SMG.nfo8.0KB

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