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Singles/[2014.01.29] Chocolate/02. B. LIVE at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo 2013.11.28 ~part 2~.mp360.0MB

Singles/[2014.01.29] Chocolate/02. A. LIVE at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo 2013.11.28 ~part 1~.mp354.0MB

Singles/[2014.01.29] Chocolate/02. C. LIVE at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo 2013.11.28 ~part 3~.mp340.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/05. Hello.mp313.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/07. Chocolate (Album ver.).mp311.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/12. Kibou no Hoshi.mp310.0MB

Singles/[2014.01.29] Chocolate/01. Chocolate.mp310.0MB

Singles/[2014.01.29] Chocolate/03. Chocolate (Instrumental).mp310.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/06. Time after Time.mp310.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/09. Still.mp310.0MB

Singles/[2013.05.22] Message/03. Kokoro no Katachi (Live at AKASAKA BLITZ 2014.3.17).mp310.0MB

Singles/[2012.09.12] Bless You/02. Ijiwaru na Kamisama.mp310.0MB

Singles/[2012.09.12] Bless You/05. Ijiwaru na Kamisama (Instrumental).mp310.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/03. Kokoro no Ka· ta· chi.mp310.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/03. Silly.mp310.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/05. Kokoro no Ka・ta・chi ~Another Story~.mp310.0MB

Singles/[2014.11.19] Silly/01. Silly.mp310.0MB

Singles/[2014.11.19] Silly/04. Silly (Instrumental).mp310.0MB

Singles/[2013.05.22] Message/03. Mister (Live at AKASAKA BLITZ 2014.3.17).mp310.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/09. Ijiwaru na Kamisama.mp310.0MB

Singles/[2012.09.12] Bless You/03. Kokoro no Ka· ta· chi.mp310.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/13. Silly (Another Version).mp310.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/02. Ijiwaru na Kamisama.mp310.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/06. ripe.mp310.0MB

Singles/[2012.09.12] Bless You/06. Kokoro no Ka· ta· chi (Instrumental).mp310.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/08. Lady Mary.mp310.0MB

Singles/[2015.02.11] miss you/01. miss you.mp310.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/01. miss you.mp310.0MB

Singles/[2015.02.11] miss you/07. miss you (Instrumental).mp310.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/10. Mister.mp39.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/02. little blue.mp39.0MB

Singles/[2012.02.15] Sabrina/02. ripe.mp39.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/12. Lady Mary.mp39.0MB

Singles/[2012.02.15] Sabrina/04 ripe (Instrumental).mp39.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/16. Say Goodbye.mp39.0MB

Singles/[2013.05.22] Message/04. Kimi Dake (Live at AKASAKA BLITZ 2014.3.17).mp39.0MB

Singles/[2012.05.16] Shine/02. Hello.mp39.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/03. a boy.mp39.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/09. Fake Love.mp39.0MB

Singles/[2015.02.11] miss you/06. a boy (from IEIRI LEO LIVE 12.13 ~thanks 2014~).mp39.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/15. Bless You.mp39.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/10. Hello.mp39.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/07. Kimi Dake.mp39.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/13. Fake Love.mp39.0MB

Singles/[2012.05.16] Shine/05. Hello (instrumental).mp39.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/04. Too many.mp39.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/12. Last Stage.mp39.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/11. Mister.mp39.0MB

Singles/[2015.02.11] miss you/05. Shine (from IEIRI LEO LIVE 12.13 ~thanks 2014~).mp39.0MB

Singles/[2013.05.22] Message/03. Sabrina (Live at AKASAKA BLITZ 2014.3.17).mp39.0MB

Singles/[2014.07.30] Junjou/03. a boy (Acoustic Version).mp39.0MB

Singles/[2013.11.06] Taiyo no Megami/02. Kimi ni Todoke.mp39.0MB

Singles/[2014.11.19] Silly/02. Negaigoto.mp39.0MB

Singles/[2014.11.19] Silly/05. Negaigoto (Instrumental).mp39.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/04. Ashita Mata Hare Masu You ni.mp38.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/14. Kimi ni Todoke.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2012.09.12] Bless You/04. Bless You (Instrumental).mp38.0MB

Singles/[2012.09.12] Bless You/01. Bless You.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2013.11.06] Taiyo no Megami/05. Kimi ni Todoke (Instrumental).mp38.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/14. Linda.mp38.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/08. Bless You.mp38.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/05. Ashita Mata Hare Masu You ni.mp38.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/01. Sabrina.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2014.07.30] Junjou/01. Junjou.mp38.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/08. Junjou.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2014.07.30] Junjou/04. Junjou (Instrumental).mp38.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/07. For you.mp38.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/07. Kimi Dake.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2014.07.30] Junjou/02. For you.mp38.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/04. lost in the dream.mp38.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/09. Shine.mp38.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/03. Say Goodbye.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2014.07.30] Junjou/05. For you (Instrumental).mp38.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/06. TWO HEARTS.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2012.02.15] Sabrina/01. Sabrina.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2012.02.15] Sabrina/03. Sabrina (Instrumental).mp38.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/01. Sabrina.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2012.05.16] Shine/01. Shine.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2012.05.16] Shine/04. Shine (instrumental).mp38.0MB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/11. Second Dream.mp38.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/04. Shine.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2013.05.22] Message/05. Message (Instrumental).mp38.0MB

Singles/[2013.05.22] Message/06. Wake you up (Instrumental).mp38.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/13. Linda.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2015.02.11] miss you/04. Taiyou no Megami (from IEIRI LEO LIVE 12.13 ~thanks 2014~).mp38.0MB

Singles/[2013.05.22] Message/01. Message.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2014.11.19] Silly/03. Yuuki no Shirushi.mp38.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/05. Message.mp38.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/11. Yuuki no Shirushi.mp38.0MB

Singles/[2013.11.06] Taiyo no Megami/01. Taiyou no Megami.mp37.0MB

Singles/[2013.11.06] Taiyo no Megami/04. Taiyou no Megami (Instrumental).mp37.0MB

Singles/[2013.05.22] Message/02. Wake you up.mp37.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/02. Last Stage.mp37.0MB

Singles/[2012.05.16] Shine/03. Colorful.mp37.0MB

Singles/[2015.02.11] miss you/02. I am foolish.mp37.0MB

Singles/[2015.02.11] miss you/08. I am foolish (Instrumental).mp37.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/02. Taiyou no Megami.mp37.0MB

Singles/[2014.07.30] Junjou/03. Taiyou no Megami (Acoustic Version).mp37.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/10. Kiss Me.mp37.0MB

Singles/[2013.11.06] Taiyo no Megami/03. Who's that.mp37.0MB

Singles/[2014.11.19] Silly/06. Yuuki no Shirushi (Instrumental).mp37.0MB

Singles/[2013.11.06] Taiyo no Megami/06. Who's that (Instrumental).mp37.0MB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/06. Second Dream.mp37.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/10. love & hate.mp37.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/11. Carnival.mp36.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/01. Lay it down.mp36.0MB

Singles/[2015.02.11] miss you/03. Driving day.mp36.0MB

Singles/[2015.02.11] miss you/09. Driving day (Instrumental).mp36.0MB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/12. Last Song.mp36.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/13. Papa & Mama.mp36.0MB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/08. Free.mp34.0MB

Singles/[2014.01.29] Chocolate/cover 2.jpg2.0MB

Singles/[2014.01.29] Chocolate/cover 1.jpg2.0MB

Singles/[2014.01.29] Chocolate/cover 3.jpg1.0MB

Singles/[2013.11.06] Taiyo no Megami/cover 1.jpg1.0MB

Singles/[2013.05.22] Message/cover 1.jpg605.0KB

Singles/[2013.05.22] Message/cover 2.jpg603.0KB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/cover 2.jpg578.0KB

Singles/[2013.11.06] Taiyo no Megami/cover 2.jpg578.0KB

Singles/[2013.05.22] Message/cover 3.jpg537.0KB

Singles/[2012.05.16] Shine/cover 1.jpg520.0KB

Singles/[2012.05.16] Shine/cover 2.jpg460.0KB

Singles/[2015.02.11] miss you/Limited Edition cover.jpg431.0KB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/cover 1.jpg412.0KB

Singles/[2012.09.12] Bless You/cover 1.jpg398.0KB

Singles/[2015.02.11] miss you/Regular Edition cover.jpg312.0KB

Live Albums/[2013.03.20] LEO ~1st Live Tour~/cover.jpg290.0KB

Singles/[2012.02.15] Sabrina/cover 2.jpg267.0KB

Singles/[2012.02.15] Sabrina/cover 1.jpg259.0KB

Singles/[2014.07.30] Junjou/cover 2.jpg248.0KB

Albums/[2012.10.24] LEO/cover 2.jpg232.0KB

Albums/[2014.02.19] a boy/cover 1.jpg211.0KB

Singles/[2014.11.19] Silly/cover 2.jpg207.0KB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/Limited Edition cover.jpg201.0KB

Singles/[2014.11.19] Silly/cover 1.jpg161.0KB

Singles/[2014.07.30] Junjou/cover 1.jpg160.0KB

Albums/[2015.02.25] 20/Regular Edition cover.jpg145.0KB

Singles/[2012.09.12] Bless You/cover 3.jpg135.0KB

Singles/[2012.09.12] Bless You/cover 2.jpg124.0KB

Singles/[2014.11.19] Silly/cover 3.jpg110.0KB

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