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Passage 1977/On The Balcony Of The Casa Rosada - Don't Cry For Me, Argentina.flac44.0MB

Passage 1977/Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft.flac42.0MB

Passage 1977/B'wana She No Home.flac35.0MB

Carpenters 1971/Bacharach-David Medley- Knowing When To Leave-Make It Easy On Yourself_Always Something There To Remind Me_I'll Never Fall in.flac31.0MB

Made in America 1981/When It's Gone (It's Just Gone).flac31.0MB

Passage 1977/Man Smart, Woman Smarter.flac29.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Winter Wonderland, Silver Bells, White Christmas.flac28.0MB

Horizon 1975/I Can Dream Can't I .flac28.0MB

Lovelines 1989/Lovelines.flac28.0MB

Voice of the heart 1983/Look To Your Dreams.flac27.0MB

Made in America 1981/Because We Are In Love (The Wedding Song).flac26.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Selections from 'Nutcracker'- Overture Miniature, Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies, Valse Des Fleurs.flac26.0MB

Now and then 1973/This Masquerade.flac26.0MB

Horizon 1975/Only Yesterday.flac26.0MB

Voice of the heart 1983/Two Lives.flac25.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/Someday.flac25.0MB

A song for you 1972/A Song For You.flac25.0MB

Passage 1977/All You Get From Love Is A Love Song.flac24.0MB

Horizon 1975/Solitaire.flac24.0MB

Made in America 1981/Those Good Old Dreams.flac24.0MB

Now and then 1973/Yesterday Once More.flac24.0MB

Close to you 1970/(They Long To Be) Close To You.flac24.0MB

Lovelines 1989/Kiss Me The Way You Did Last Night.flac24.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing.flac24.0MB

Horizon 1975/Happy.flac24.0MB

A song for you 1972/Goodbye To Love.flac23.0MB

Voice of the heart 1983/Sailing On The Tide.flac23.0MB

Lovelines 1989/Where Do I Go From Here.flac23.0MB

Passage 1977/I Just Fall In Love Again.flac23.0MB

Close to you 1970/Another Song.flac23.0MB

Horizon 1975/(I'm Caught Between) Goodbye And I Love You.flac23.0MB

Lovelines 1989/If I Had You.flac23.0MB

Made in America 1981/(Want You) Back In My Life Again.flac22.0MB

A song for you 1972/Crystal Lullaby.flac22.0MB

Made in America 1981/When You've Got What It Takes.flac22.0MB

Made in America 1981/I Believe You.flac22.0MB

Voice of the heart 1983/Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore.flac22.0MB

A song for you 1972/I Won't Last A Day Without You.flac22.0MB

Lovelines 1989/Remember When Loving Took All Night.flac22.0MB

Passage 1977/Two Sides.flac22.0MB

Lovelines 1989/The Uninvited Guest.flac21.0MB

Made in America 1981/Strength Of A Woman.flac21.0MB

A song for you 1972/Road Ode.flac21.0MB

Voice of the heart 1983/Make Belive It's Your First Time.flac21.0MB

Now and then 1973/Jambalaya (On The Bayou).flac21.0MB

Carpenters 1971/Superstar.flac21.0MB

Lovelines 1989/You're The One.flac20.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/Ticket To Ride.flac20.0MB

Close to you 1970/Crescent Noon.flac20.0MB

Carpenters 1971/(A Place To) Hideaway.flac20.0MB

Voice of the heart 1983/You're Enough.flac20.0MB

Voice of the heart 1983/Now.flac20.0MB

Carpenters 1971/Rainy Days And Mondays.flac20.0MB

Made in America 1981/Somebody's Been Lyin'.flac20.0MB

Passage 1977/Sweet, Sweet Smile.flac20.0MB

Lovelines 1989/If We Try.flac20.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Medley- Here Comes Santa Claus, Frosty The Snowman, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Good King Wenceslas.flac19.0MB

Carpenters 1971/One Love.flac19.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/I'll Be Home For Christmas.flac19.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.flac19.0MB

Horizon 1975/Desperado.flac19.0MB

A kind of hush 1976/I Need To Be In Love.flac19.0MB

Voice of the heart 1983/Prime Time Love.flac19.0MB

Lovelines 1989/Slow Dance.flac19.0MB

Made in America 1981/Beechwood 4-5789.flac19.0MB

Close to you 1970/Help.flac18.0MB

A kind of hush 1976/You.flac18.0MB

Made in America 1981/Touch Me When We're Dancing.flac18.0MB

A kind of hush 1976/Sandy.flac18.0MB

Voice of the heart 1983/At The End Of A Song.flac18.0MB

Horizon 1975/Please Mr. Postman.flac18.0MB

Voice of the heart 1983/Ordinary Fool.flac18.0MB

Now and then 1973/Sing.flac18.0MB

Close to you 1970/Mr. Guder.flac18.0MB

Lovelines 1989/Little Girl Blue.flac18.0MB

A song for you 1972/Top Of The World.flac18.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/Turn Away.flac18.0MB

Lovelines 1989/Honolulu City Lights.flac18.0MB

Horizon 1975/Love Me For What I Am.flac17.0MB

Now and then 1973/I Can't Make Music.flac17.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire).flac17.0MB

A kind of hush 1976/There's A Kind Of Hush.flac17.0MB

A kind of hush 1976/I Have You.flac17.0MB

A song for you 1972/Bless The Beasts And Children.flac17.0MB

Lovelines 1989/When I Fall In Love.flac17.0MB

A kind of hush 1976/Boat To Sail.flac17.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Little Altar Boy.flac17.0MB

A song for you 1972/It's Going To Take Some Time.flac16.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Silent Night.flac16.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/Your Wonderful Parade.flac16.0MB

Close to you 1970/We've Only Just Begun.flac16.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/Eve.flac16.0MB

A kind of hush 1976/Goofus.flac16.0MB

A song for you 1972/Hurting Each Other.flac16.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Merry Christmas Darling.flac16.0MB

Close to you 1970/I'll Never Fall In Love Again.flac16.0MB

Close to you 1970/Maybe It's You.flac15.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/All of my Life.flac15.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Christ Is Born.flac15.0MB

A kind of hush 1976/One More Time.flac15.0MB

A kind of hush 1976/Can't Smile Without You.flac15.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/What's The Use.flac15.0MB

Close to you 1970/Reason To Believe.flac15.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/It's Christmas Time.flac15.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Home For The Holidays.flac14.0MB

A kind of hush 1976/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.flac14.0MB

Close to you 1970/Baby It's You.flac14.0MB

Carpenters 1971/For All We Know.flac14.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/O Holy Night.flac14.0MB

Carpenters 1971/Let Me Be The One.flac14.0MB

Now and then 1973/Heather.flac13.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/Get Together.flac13.0MB

Now and then 1973/The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.flac13.0MB

Carpenters 1971/Druscilla Penny.flac13.0MB

Now and then 1973/The End Of The World.flac13.0MB

Carpenters 1971/Sometimes.flac12.0MB

Close to you 1970/I Kept On Loving You.flac12.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Sleigh Ride.flac12.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/Don't Be Afraid.flac12.0MB

A song for you 1972/Piano Picker.flac11.0MB

Now and then 1973/Our Day Will Come.flac11.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Ave Maria.flac11.0MB

Now and then 1973/One Fine Day.flac11.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Christmas Waltz.flac11.0MB

Close to you 1970/Love Is Surrender.flac11.0MB

Now and then 1973/Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home).flac11.0MB

Now and then 1973/Fun, Fun, Fun.flac11.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/An Old Fashioned Christmas.flac10.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/All I Can Do.flac10.0MB

Now and then 1973/Deadman's Curve.flac9.0MB

A song for you 1972/Flat Baroque.flac9.0MB

Now and then 1973/Johnny Angel.flac9.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Carol Of The Bells.flac8.0MB

Carpenters 1971/Saturday.flac8.0MB

Horizon 1975/Eventide.flac7.0MB

Horizon 1975/Aurora.flac6.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town.flac6.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/Invocation.flac5.0MB

Now and then 1973/Yesterday Once More (Reprise).flac4.0MB

A song for you 1972/A Song For You (Reprise).flac4.0MB

Christmas portrait 1978/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.flac3.0MB

Ticket to ride 1969/Benedictation.flac3.0MB

A song for you 1972/Intermission.flac2.0MB

Close to you 1970/Close To You.log10.0KB

Christmas portrait 1978/Christmas Portrait.log9.0KB

Now and then 1973/Now And Then.log6.0KB

A song for you 1972/A Song For You.log6.0KB

Ticket to ride 1969/Ticket To Ride.log6.0KB

Lovelines 1989/Lovelines.log5.0KB

Made in America 1981/Made In America.log5.0KB

Voice of the heart 1983/Voice Of The Heart.log5.0KB

Carpenters 1971/Carpenters.log5.0KB

A kind of hush 1976/A Kind Of Hush.log5.0KB

Horizon 1975/Horizon.log5.0KB

Passage 1977/Passage.log4.0KB

Christmas portrait 1978/Christmas Portrait.cue4.0KB

Now and then 1973/Now And Then.cue3.0KB

A song for you 1972/A Song For You.cue2.0KB

Ticket to ride 1969/Ticket To Ride.cue2.0KB

Lovelines 1989/Lovelines.cue2.0KB

Close to you 1970/Close To You.cue2.0KB

Made in America 1981/Made In America.cue2.0KB

Carpenters 1971/Carpenters.cue2.0KB

Voice of the heart 1983/Voice Of The Heart.cue2.0KB

Horizon 1975/Horizon.cue2.0KB

A kind of hush 1976/A Kind Of Hush.cue2.0KB

Passage 1977/Passage.cue2.0KB

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