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course 8267 ttc video - philip daileader - early middle ages dvd4 guide

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L12 - The House of Islam.avi149.0MB

L02 - Diocletian and the Crises of the Third Century.avi149.0MB

L08 - Barbarians at the Gate.avi149.0MB

L22 - Carolingian Europe-Gateway to the Middle Ages.avi149.0MB

L09 - Franks and Goths.avi149.0MB

L24 - Long Shadows and the Dark Ages Revisited.avi149.0MB

L10 - Arthur's England.avi149.0MB

L23 - Family Life - How then Became Now.avi149.0MB

L21 - Al-Andalus-Islamic Spain.avi149.0MB

L17 - Fury of the Northmen.avi149.0MB

L16 - The Carolingian Renaissance.avi149.0MB

L07 - Augustine, Part Two.avi149.0MB

L11 - Justinian and the Byzantine Empire.avi149.0MB

L01 - Long Shadows and the Dark Ages.avi149.0MB

L20 - England in the Age of Alfred.avi149.0MB

L18 - Collapse of the Carolingian Empire.avi149.0MB

L14 - Charlemagne.avi149.0MB

L04 - Pagans and Christians in the Fourth Century.avi149.0MB

L19 - The Birth of France and Germany.avi149.0MB

L03 - Constantine the Great - Christian Emperor.avi149.0MB

L15 - Carolingian Christianity.avi149.0MB

L13 - Rise of the Carolingians.avi149.0MB

L05 - Athletes of God.avi149.0MB

L06 - Augustine, Part One.avi149.0MB


Early Middle Ages.PDF2.0MB

Early Middle Ages.mht256.0KB

Philip Daileader.mht212.0KB


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