DT - CD - Rigging and Animating 2D Characters in After Effects

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The torrent has 85 files, total 5.0GB, created at Apr. 25, 2015.

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dt - cd - rigging and animating 2d characters in after effects

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42-Animating the eyelids dynamically.flv95.0MB

32-Rigging the tongue.flv92.0MB

51-Making the character breathe.flv88.0MB

67-Casting shadows on the wall.flv88.0MB

55-Animating displacement maps.flv88.0MB

37-Shading the first eye.flv87.0MB

72-Animating breathing.flv86.0MB

76-Animating the rest of the neck.flv85.0MB

66-Troubleshooting the shadows.flv84.0MB

25-Making a bouncy nose.flv82.0MB

17-Refining the mesh of the face.flv80.0MB

77-Animate the nose.flv80.0MB

11-Rigging the cuffs to respond realistically.flv80.0MB

46-Transferring the face controls.flv80.0MB

20-Making the eyebrows react.flv80.0MB

14-Rigging the neck.flv78.0MB

69-Animating the camera.flv78.0MB

21-Tightening the facial expressions.flv77.0MB

74-Continue animating.flv77.0MB

9-Rigging a basic cutout character.flv76.0MB

27-Facial wrinkles.flv76.0MB

7-Copying one arm rig to the other.flv75.0MB

18-Building sliders for facial expressions.flv75.0MB

38-Finishing the eye poses.flv74.0MB

56-Linking the 3D spaces.flv74.0MB

73-Managing your system memory.flv74.0MB

4-Organizing your composition.flv73.0MB

52-Setting up for FreeForm Pro.flv73.0MB

5-Creating arm bones with the Puppet tool.flv73.0MB

34-Refining the blink layer mask.flv72.0MB

54-Making a 3D head.flv72.0MB

13-Rigging the shirt collar.flv72.0MB

49-Adjusting the collar.flv72.0MB

62-Adding reflections to the glass.flv71.0MB

60-Finishing up the facial controls.flv70.0MB

33-Working with animated layer masks.flv70.0MB

57-Controlling 3D head rotations.flv70.0MB

23-Adding more expression sliders.flv69.0MB

22-Rigging the lips.flv69.0MB

6-Refining the arm and making cloth cuffs.flv68.0MB

61-Constructing the set.flv68.0MB

16-Placing pins in the face.flv68.0MB

19-Working on teeth and eye brows.flv68.0MB

24-Creating a dynamic jaw.flv68.0MB

31-Tweaking the face.flv67.0MB

39-Importing the new eye poses.flv67.0MB

10-Attaching the arms to the shoulders.flv66.0MB

43-Making the blinks more real.flv65.0MB

50-Rigging a collar.flv65.0MB

47-Finishing the face control transfer.flv64.0MB

36-Adding new eye poses.flv64.0MB

68-Adding dirt to the glass.flv64.0MB

75-Refining the facial rig.flv63.0MB

64-Finish building the set.flv62.0MB

30-Fixing unwanted distortions.flv62.0MB

44-Refining the mouth and lips.flv62.0MB

3-From Photoshop to After Effects.flv62.0MB

12-Controlling hand poses.flv61.0MB

58-Controlling the teeth and tongue.flv61.0MB

28-Cheek wrinkles.flv60.0MB

2-Examining the character's in Photoshop.flv55.0MB

63-Putting the character in the scene.flv54.0MB

65-The properties of point lights.flv54.0MB

26-Making the nose sniff.flv54.0MB

35-Directing the character's gaze.flv52.0MB

48-Adding more controls to the body.flv52.0MB

81-Faking a stop motion look.flv50.0MB

15-Overview of working with the head.flv49.0MB

41-Fixing shading issues.flv47.0MB

29-Mouth wrinkles.flv42.0MB

71-Adding markers to the soundtrack.flv41.0MB

40-Adjusting the eyebrows to work.flv40.0MB

78-Animating the torso.flv39.0MB

79-Animating 3D head rotations.flv37.0MB

45-Troubleshooting puppet meshes.flv33.0MB

53-Reviewing the scene hierarchy.flv33.0MB

59-Connecting identical nulls.flv32.0MB

82-Setting up motion blur.flv30.0MB

83-Fixing an animated mask glitch.flv29.0MB

80-Adjusting the upper lip.flv28.0MB

8-Downloading Duik Tools.flv24.0MB

70-Finishing touches on the set lighting.flv24.0MB

84-Discussing the finished animation.flv9.0MB

1-Introduction and project overview.flv6.0MB

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