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140 original hits wartime 6cd

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CD1/5. Run Rabbit RunIf You Were The Only Girl In The World And I Were The Only Boy.mp39.0MB

CD4/14.Robb Wilton The Home Guard.mp39.0MB

CD1/11.Arthur Askey Richard Murdoch Blacking Out The Flat.mp38.0MB

CD3/1.Gracie Fields Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.mp35.0MB

CD4/21.Vera Lynn I'll Be Seeing You.mp35.0MB

CD2/23.Vera Lynn Abide With Me.mp35.0MB

CD3/14.Turner Layton Laughing On The Outside.mp35.0MB

CD6/5.Eric Winstone His Band You're The Rainbow.mp34.0MB

CD3/16.Binnie Hale Room 504 (1995 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD6/14.Max Miller Max In An Air Raid (I Never Slept A Wink All Night) (Live At The Finsbury Park Empire).mp34.0MB

CD2/20.Dorothy Squires Orchestra Memories Of You.mp34.0MB

CD3/20.Len Camber Geraldo His Orchestra You'll Never Know.mp34.0MB

CD3/18.Geraldo His Orchestra At Last.mp34.0MB

CD6/18.Betty Kent There Must Be A Way (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD4/12.George Evans Geraldo His Orchestra I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo.mp34.0MB

CD3/11.Leslie 'Hutch' Hutchinson A Door Will Open.mp34.0MB

CD6/8.Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening (1995 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD3/3.Flanagan Allen Underneath The Arches.mp34.0MB

CD5/16.Geraldo His Orchestra Dorothy Carless That Lovely Weekend (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD4/19.Noel Coward Orchestra Could You Please Oblige Us With A Bren Gun.mp34.0MB

CD2/21.Steve Conway I Can't Begin To Tell You.mp34.0MB

CD6/12.Ivy Benson Her Girls Band How Sweet You Are.mp34.0MB

CD5/2.Eric Winstone His Band Choo Choo Special (2008 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD6/21..Dorothy Carless No Love, No Nothin'.mp34.0MB

CD1/4.Noel Coward London Pride.mp34.0MB

CD5/14.Steve Conway Promises (Mono).mp34.0MB

CD1/2.Al Bowlly Goodnight Sweetheart.mp34.0MB

CD4/15.Teddy Foster His Band Sentimental Journey.mp34.0MB

CD6/15.Hutch I'll Always Be With You.mp34.0MB

CD4/8.Beryl Davis Geraldo Strings Skylark (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD3/2.Vera Lynn As Time Goes By (1999 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD5/10.Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans Rita Williams It's Been A Long Long Time.mp34.0MB

CD4/7.Archie Lewis The Geraldo Strings In The Land Of Beginning Again.mp34.0MB

CD5/21.Paul Adam His Mayfair Music Frank Holmes Portrait Of Jennie (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD1/20.Dorothy Carless Geraldo His Orchestra This Is No Laughing Matter.mp34.0MB

CD2/22.Jack Payne Jane Lee We'll Gather Lilacs (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD2/7.Ivy Benson Her Girls Band The Home Coming Waltz.mp34.0MB

CD5/7.Paul Fenoulhet The Skyrockets Please Don't Say No (Say Maybe).mp34.0MB

CD1/3.Leslie 'Hutch' Hutchinson A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square.mp34.0MB

CD6/13.Joe Loss His Orchestra I'll Never Smile Again.mp34.0MB

CD1/14.Jack Payne Betty Carless Love Is My Reason (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD2/5.Dorothy Carless Geraldo His Orchestra I'm Sending My Blessings.mp34.0MB

CD1/22.Joe Loss His Band American Patrol (1995 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD1/9.Ella Mae Morse With Freddie Slack And His Orchestra Cow-Cow Boogie (2000 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD6/6.Tommy Trinder With Jan Ralfini And His Quad Of Swing And Hammond Organ Der Fuehrer's Face.mp34.0MB

CD2/3.Harry Roy His Band Don't Get Around Much Anymore.mp34.0MB

CD6/9.Oscar Rabin His Band With Bob Dale Far Away Places (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD6/1.Joe Loss His Orchestra In The Mood.mp34.0MB

CD3/6.The Two Leslies (Leslie Sarony And Leslie Holmes) (We're Gonna Hang Out) The Washing On The Siegfried Line.mp34.0MB

CD1/15.Eric Winstone His Band Anywhere.mp34.0MB

CD2/19.Margaret Whiting Moonlight In Vermont.mp34.0MB

CD2/16.Noel Coward Don't Let's Be Beastly To The Germans.mp34.0MB

CD2/17.Leslie 'Hutch' Hutchinson Sand In My Shoes.mp34.0MB

CD1/17.Pied Pipers We'll Be Together Again (1992 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD6/16.Noel Coward The Last Time I Saw Paris.mp34.0MB

CD4/10.Harry Kaye Joe Loss His Orchestra Is My Baby Blue Tonight.mp34.0MB

CD4/22.Al Bowlly Over The Rainbow.mp34.0MB

CD2/4.Elizabeth Batey Joe Loss His Orchestra Let Him Go Let Him Tarry (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD1/12.Flanagan Allen Life Begins Again.mp34.0MB

CD6/17.Paula Green Her Orchestra I'm Gonna Love That Guy (Like He's Never Been Loved Before).mp34.0MB

CD6/20.Jack Payne The Gypsy.mp34.0MB

CD1/19.Bill Currie With Harry Roy His Band April Played The Fiddle.mp34.0MB

CD3/19.Eric Winstone His Band Stage Coach (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD2/1..Geraldo His Orchestra Beneath The Lights Of Home (1995 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD5/6.Nat Gonella His New Georgians Juanita (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD2/10.Eric Winstone His Band I Walked In (With My Eyes Wide Open).mp34.0MB

CD5/19.Dorothy Squires Orchestra Dreams Of Yesterday.mp34.0MB

CD4/11.Lou Preager His Orchestra Coming Home.mp34.0MB

CD2/2.Oscar Rabin His Band With Harry Davis I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD4/9.Eric Winstone His Band It Could Happen To You (Alt Master).mp34.0MB

CD2/11.Archie Lewis Bells Of St Mary's.mp34.0MB

CD5/15.Flanagan And Allen Byjay Wilbur His Orchestra The Smiths And The Jones.mp34.0MB

CD3/13.Betty Driver The World Will Sing Again.mp34.0MB

CD5/1.Paul Adam His Mayfair Music Smoke! Smoke! Smoke (That Cigarette) (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD5/17.Jo Stafford The Things We Did Last Summer (2000 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD5/11.The Organ The Dance Band And Me Julie Dawn Pennsylvania Polka (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD6/24.Vera Lynn Tony Osbourne And His Orchestra The White Cliffs Of Dover (2007 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD2/14.George Formby Home Guard Blues.mp34.0MB

CD3/7.Jo Stafford This Is Always.mp34.0MB

CD4/17.Margaret Whiting In Love In Vain (Digitally Remastered 00).mp34.0MB

CD6/19.Margaret Whiting Come Rain Or Come Shine (Digitally Remastered 00).mp34.0MB

CD1/1.Vera Lynn We'll Meet Again (1999 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD3/9.George Formby Bless 'Em All (The Service Song).mp34.0MB

CD5/20.Vera Lynn There'll Always Be An England (1999 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD5/18.Al Bowlly Au Revoir But Not Goodbye.mp34.0MB

CD2/15.Pied Pipers The Trolley Song.mp34.0MB

CD6/7.The Andrews Sisters Ferry Boat Serenade (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD2/18.Gracie Fields Wish Me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye).mp34.0MB

CD6/10.Beryl Davis Geraldo His Orchestra I'm Old Fashioned.mp34.0MB

CD4/3.Ivy Benson Her Girls Band I'm In The Mood For Love (Every Night At Eight).mp34.0MB

CD1/18.Geraldo With Carole Carr The Little Old Mill (2003 Digital Remaster).mp34.0MB

CD3/5.Joe Loss His Orchestra Somewhere In France With You.mp34.0MB

CD5/5.Joe Loss His Orchestra The Spitfire Song.mp33.0MB

CD6/4.George Formby When I'm Cleaning Windows.mp33.0MB

CD5/22.Gracie Fields Moon River (Breakfast At Tiffany's).mp33.0MB

CD5/8.Archie Lewis Geraldo His Orchestra I Dream Of You More Than You Dream I Do.mp33.0MB

CD2/6.Bette Roberts With Joe Loss His Orchestra Five O'Clock Whistle.mp33.0MB

CD6/2.Geraldo His Orchestra Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me).mp33.0MB

CD1/7.Paul Adam His Mayfair Music Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens (2003 Digital Remaster).mp33.0MB

CD2/13.Paul Fenoulhet The Skyrockets I'm Always Chasing Rainbows 'Ziegfeld Girl'.mp33.0MB

CD3/22.Nat Gonella His New Georgians Sunrise Serenade (Concert Version).mp33.0MB

CD3/8.Al Bowlly Who's Taking You Home Tonight.mp33.0MB

CD3/17.Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans I Had The Craziest Dream.mp33.0MB

CD6/22.Pied Pipers Dream.mp33.0MB

CD3/23.Lou Preager His Orchestra Did You Ever Get That Feeling In The Moonlight.mp33.0MB

CD3/21.The Andrews Sisters Beer Barrel Polka (Skoda Lasky) (Digitally Remastered '95).mp33.0MB

CD4/16.Vera Lynn Lili Marlene.mp33.0MB

CD1/24.Harry Roy His Band When They Sound The Last All Clear.mp33.0MB

CD1/6.Johnny Mercer And The Pied Pipers Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive.mp33.0MB

CD4/20.Pied Pipers Mairzy Doats (2001 Digital Remaster).mp33.0MB

CD2/9.Teddy Foster His Band Takin' The Trains Out (Chasin' After You).mp33.0MB

CD3/15.Vera Lynn It Had To Be You.mp33.0MB

CD5/12.Geraldo His Orchestra Seems Like Old Times.mp33.0MB

CD4/1.The Andrews Sisters Shoo-Shoo Baby (Digitally Remastered '03).mp33.0MB

CD5/13.Jack Payne His Orchestra The Little Things That Mean So Much.mp33.0MB

CD4/2.Joe Loss His Orchestra Chattanooga Choo Choo.mp33.0MB

CD1/8.George Formby Our Sergeant Major.mp33.0MB

CD1/16.George Evans Geraldo His Orchestra The Lamplighters Serenade.mp33.0MB

CD3/10.The Ink Spots Whispering Grass.mp33.0MB

CD4/18.The Ink Spots Do I Worry.mp33.0MB

CD3/4.Harry Roy His Band You Are My Sunshine.mp33.0MB

CD5/4.Margaret Whiting That Old Black Magic (Digitally Remastered 00).mp33.0MB

CD6/3.Nat Gonella His New Georgians I'm Nobody's Baby.mp33.0MB

CD4/4.Ella Mae Morse Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet.mp33.0MB

CD2/8.Nat Gonella His New Georgians I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles.mp33.0MB

CD1/23.The Andrews Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.mp33.0MB

CD1/13.Jo Stafford Long Ago (And Far Away) (2001 Digital Remaster).mp33.0MB

CD4/6.Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans I'm Going To Get Lit Up When The Lights Go Up In London.mp33.0MB

CD1/10.Fred Astaire Puttin' On The Ritz.mp33.0MB

CD1/21.Carroll Gibbons Savoy Hotel Orpheans I Don't Want To Walk Without You (1995 Digital Remaster).mp33.0MB

CD3/12.Margaret Whiting All Through The Day.mp33.0MB

CD4/13.Paul Adam His Mayfair Music The Old Music Master (2003 Digital Remaster).mp33.0MB

CD4/5.Harry Roy What's The Good Word, Mister Bluebird (2003 Digital Remaster).mp33.0MB

CD2/12.Carroll Gibbons Leslie Douglas If I Had My Way (2003 Digital Remaster).mp33.0MB

CD5/9.Jo Stafford Symphony.mp33.0MB

CD6/23.Gracie Fields Around The World (1995 Digital Remaster).mp33.0MB

CD6/11.Harry Roy His Band Candy.mp33.0MB

CD5/3.Harry Roy His Band Run Rabbit Run.mp32.0MB

CD5/23.Noel Coward You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To (Something To Shout About) (1992 Digital Remaster).mp32.0MB

CD4/23.Gracie Fields Sing As We Go.mp32.0MB


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