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The torrent has 22 files, total 3.0GB, created at Jan. 12, 2015.

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x264 hdtvrip semen_52-tnc patrol 960x

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[MULT] 23. Pups Great Race + Pups Take the Cake.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4202.0MB

[MULT] 22. Pups and the Lighthouse Boogie + Pups Save Ryder.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4186.0MB

[MULT] 11. Pups Save a Hoedown + Pups Save Alex.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4186.0MB

[MULT] 14. Pups Save a Pool Day + Circus Pup Formers.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4184.0MB

[MULT] 06. Pups Pit Crew + Pups Fight Fire.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4183.0MB

[MULT] 04. Pups Save the Circus + Pup A Doodle Do.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4182.0MB

[MULT] 01. Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe + Pups Save The Train.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4181.0MB

[MULT] 08. Pups Save the Bay + Pups Save a Goodway.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4179.0MB

[MULT] 07. Pups Save the Bunnies + Puptacular.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4178.0MB

[MULT] 10. Pups Save the Treats + Pups Get a Lift.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4177.0MB

[MULT] 05. Pup Pup Goose + Pup Pup and Away.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4175.0MB

[MULT] 03. Pups Save the Sea Turtles + Pup and the Very Big Baby.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4174.0MB

[MULT] 15. Pups Make a Splash + Pups Fall Festival.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4173.0MB

[MULT] 09. Pups Get a Rubble + Pups Save a Walrus.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4172.0MB

[MULT] 24. Pups and the Bean Stalk + Pups Save the Turbots.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4170.0MB

[MULT] 17. Pups On Ice + Pups and the Snow Monster.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4170.0MB

[MULT] 13. Pups Save a School Day + Pups Turn on the Lights.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4169.0MB

[MULT] 25. Pups Save the Camping Trip + Pups Turtle Trouble.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4166.0MB

[MULT] 18. Pups Save a Super Pup + Pups Save Ryder's Robot.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4165.0MB

[MULT] 02. Pup Pup Boogie + Pups in a Fog.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4163.0MB

[MULT] 20. Pups Save a Bat + Pups Save a Toof.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4156.0MB

[MULT] 19. Pups Go All Monkey + Pups Save a Hoot.HDTVRip.x264.960x(semen_52-TNC).mp4155.0MB

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