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The torrent has 146 files, total 3.0GB, created at Nov. 21, 2014.

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Suicide Pact - You First/11 Sister.m4a111.0MB

Crooked Timber/09 Magic Mountain.m4a68.0MB

High Anxiety/11 Rust.m4a67.0MB

Crooked Timber/05 Crooked Timber.m4a41.0MB

Crooked Timber/10 Bad Excuse For Daylight.m4a40.0MB

Nurse/07 Gone.m4a40.0MB

Crooked Timber/04 Exiles.m4a39.0MB

Infernal Love/11 30 Seconds.m4a38.0MB

Infernal Love/07 Bad Mother.m4a38.0MB

Pleasure Death/01 Skinning Pit.m4a38.0MB

Infernal Love/03 A Moment Of Clarity.m4a38.0MB

Infernal Love/08 Me Vs You.m4a37.0MB

Suicide Pact - You First/05 Big Cave In.m4a37.0MB

Nurse/05 Neck Freak.m4a37.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/16 Ten Year Plan.m4a36.0MB

Suicide Pact - You First/08 Ten Year Plan.m4a36.0MB

Babyteeth/07 Dancin' With Manson.m4a36.0MB

Babyteeth/03 Punishment Kiss.m4a35.0MB

One Cure Fits All/13 Walk Through Darkness.m4a34.0MB

Semi-Detached/08 Straight Life.m4a34.0MB

Suicide Pact - You First/06 Six Mile Water.m4a34.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/10 Six Mile Water.m4a34.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/05 Straight Life.m4a33.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/07 Fat Camp.m4a33.0MB

Suicide Pact - You First/03 Jam Jar Jail.m4a33.0MB

Semi-Detached/11 Tramline.m4a33.0MB

Nurse/09 Deep Sleep.m4a33.0MB

Shameless/06 Theme From Delorean.m4a33.0MB

One Cure Fits All/06 Dopamine, Seratonin, Adrenaline.m4a32.0MB

Suicide Pact - You First/07 Little Tongues First.m4a31.0MB

Shameless/02 Dance.m4a30.0MB

Crooked Timber/02 Enjoy The Struggle.m4a30.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/02 Bad Karma Follows You Around.m4a30.0MB

Crooked Timber/07 Somnambulist.m4a30.0MB

Troublegum/08 Trigger Inside.m4a30.0MB

Shameless/08 Endless Psychology.m4a29.0MB

Pleasure Death/04 Prison Breaker.m4a29.0MB

Shameless/07 Joey.m4a29.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/04 Meat Abstract.m4a29.0MB

One Cure Fits All/02 Sprung.m4a29.0MB

High Anxiety/06 If It Kills Me.m4a29.0MB

Troublegum/09 Lunacy Booth.m4a29.0MB

Semi-Detached/07 Safe.m4a28.0MB

Infernal Love/10 Diane.m4a28.0MB

Suicide Pact - You First/02 Wall Of Mouths.m4a28.0MB

Troublegum/11 Turn.m4a28.0MB

One Cure Fits All/07 Unconsoled.m4a28.0MB

One Cure Fits All/09 Private Nobody.m4a28.0MB

Troublegum/04 Stop It You're Killing Me.m4a28.0MB

One Cure Fits All/08 Our White Noise.m4a28.0MB

Babyteeth/01 Meat Abstract.m4a28.0MB

Shameless/03 This One's For You.m4a27.0MB

Crooked Timber/06 I Told You I Was Ill.m4a27.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/09 Nausea.m4a27.0MB

One Cure Fits All/12 Heart Beat Hits.m4a27.0MB

Crooked Timber/03 Clowns Galore.m4a27.0MB

Infernal Love/06 Misery.m4a27.0MB

Infernal Love/01 Epilepsy.m4a26.0MB

One Cure Fits All/05 Lose It All.m4a26.0MB

Semi-Detached/06 Stay Happy.m4a26.0MB

Semi-Detached/09 Heaven's Gate.m4a26.0MB

Babyteeth/06 Innocent X.m4a26.0MB

Infernal Love/04 Jude The Obscene.m4a26.0MB

Troublegum/14 Brainsaw.m4a26.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/03 Perish The Thought.m4a26.0MB

Shameless/04 I Am The Money.m4a25.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/07 Polar Bear.m4a25.0MB

Troublegum/07 Unbeliever.m4a25.0MB

Semi-Detached/05 Born Toon Soon.m4a25.0MB

Nurse/03 Disgracelands.m4a25.0MB

High Anxiety/04 Nobody Here But Us.m4a25.0MB

Nurse/01 Nausea.m4a25.0MB

Shameless/05 Wicked Man.m4a25.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/06 Teethgrinder.m4a25.0MB

High Anxiety/07 Not In Any Name.m4a25.0MB

Nurse/06 Perversonality.m4a25.0MB

High Anxiety/03 Stand In Line.m4a25.0MB

Semi-Detached/02 Tightrope Walker.m4a24.0MB

Troublegum/12 Femtex.m4a24.0MB

Semi-Detached/12 The Boy's Asleep.m4a24.0MB

Suicide Pact - You First/04 Hate Kill Destroy.m4a24.0MB

Shameless/10 Body Bag Girl.m4a24.0MB

Semi-Detached/03 Black Eye, Purple Sky.m4a24.0MB

High Anxiety/10 Last Blast.m4a24.0MB

One Cure Fits All/11 Fear Of God.m4a24.0MB

High Anxiety/01 Hey Satan - You Rock.m4a24.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/13 Last One To Heaven's A Loser.m4a23.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/13 Diane.m4a23.0MB

Crooked Timber/01 The Head That Tried To Strangle Itself.m4a23.0MB

Pleasure Death/02 Fantasy Bag.m4a23.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/10 Long Distance.m4a23.0MB

Infernal Love/09 Loose.m4a23.0MB

Troublegum/03 Hellbelly.m4a23.0MB

Nurse/02 Teethgrinder.m4a23.0MB

Infernal Love/02 Stories.m4a23.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/12 He's Not That Kind Of Girl.m4a22.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/12 Save The Sermon.m4a22.0MB

Suicide Pact - You First/01 He's Not That Kind Of Girl.m4a22.0MB

Babyteeth/04 Animal Bones.m4a22.0MB

One Cure Fits All/03 Deluded Son.m4a22.0MB

Babyteeth/05 Loser Cop.m4a22.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/08 Rock You Monkeys.m4a22.0MB

Troublegum/13 Unrequited.m4a22.0MB

Troublegum/10 Isolation.m4a22.0MB

Shameless/11 Tango Romeo.m4a22.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/11 The Ship Is Sinking.m4a22.0MB

One Cure Fits All/04 Into The Light.m4a22.0MB

One Cure Fits All/10 Rain Hits Concrete.m4a21.0MB

High Anxiety/02 Who Knows.m4a21.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/08 Stories.m4a21.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/01 Rise Up (Make Yourself Well).m4a21.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/05 So Called Life.m4a21.0MB

Troublegum/06 Die Laughing.m4a20.0MB

High Anxiety/09 Limbo.m4a20.0MB

Semi-Detached/01 Church Of Noise.m4a20.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/03 Die Laughing.m4a20.0MB

Crooked Timber/08 Blacken The Page.m4a20.0MB

Nurse/08 Zipless.m4a20.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/04 Here Be Monsters.m4a20.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/02 Die Like A Motherfucker.m4a20.0MB

Semi-Detached/10 Don't Expect Roses.m4a20.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/11 Church Of Noise.m4a20.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/01 Screamager.m4a20.0MB

Troublegum/02 Screamager.m4a20.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/15 Potato Junkie.m4a19.0MB

Shameless/01 Gimme Back My Brain.m4a19.0MB

Infernal Love/05 Bowels Of Love.m4a19.0MB

Shameless/09 Alrite.m4a19.0MB

Nurse/10 Hypermania.m4a19.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/09 Dead.m4a19.0MB

Pleasure Death/06 Potato Junkie.m4a18.0MB

Semi-Detached/04 Lonely, Cryin', Only.m4a18.0MB

So Much For The Ten Year Plan/14 Nowhere.m4a18.0MB

Troublegum/05 Nowhere.m4a18.0MB

Pleasure Death/03 Shitkicker.m4a18.0MB

Shameless/12 Stalk & Slash.m4a18.0MB

Babyteeth/02 Skyward.m4a17.0MB

High Anxiety/08 My Voodoo Doll.m4a17.0MB

Pleasure Death/05 D.L.C..m4a16.0MB

Nurse/04 Accelerator.m4a16.0MB

High Anxiety/05 Watch You Go.m4a16.0MB

Never Apoligise Never Explain/06 Panic.m4a14.0MB

Suicide Pact - You First/09 God Kicks.m4a14.0MB

Troublegum/01 Knives.m4a14.0MB

Suicide Pact - You First/10 Other People's Misery.m4a12.0MB

One Cure Fits All/01 Outro.m4a2.0MB

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