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1970-Black Sabbath/05 A Bit Of Finger - Sleeping Village - Warning.mp332.0MB

1975-Sabotage/04 Megalomania.mp322.0MB

1970-Black Sabbath/03 Wasp - Behind The Wall Of Sleep - Basically - N.I.B..mp322.0MB

1975-Sabotage/08 The Writ.mp320.0MB

1972-Vol. 4/01 Wheels Of Confusion - The Straightener.mp318.0MB

1970-Paranoid/01 War Pigs.mp318.0MB

1981-Mob Rules/03 The Sign Of The Southern Cross.mp317.0MB

1983-Born Again/05 Zero The Hero.mp317.0MB

1976-Technical Ecstasy/08 Dirty Women.mp316.0MB

1970-Paranoid/06 Hand Of Doom.mp316.0MB

1980-Heaven And Hell/04 Heaven And Hell.mp316.0MB

1989-Headless Cross/04 When Death Calls.mp315.0MB

1992-Dehumanizer/08 Too Late.mp315.0MB

1990-TYR/04 The Sabbath Stones.mp315.0MB

1978-Never Say Die!/03 Junior's Eyes.mp315.0MB

1989-Headless Cross/08 Nightwing.mp315.0MB

1976-Technical Ecstasy/02 You Won't Change Me.mp315.0MB

1986-Seventh Star/07 Heart Like A Wheel.mp315.0MB

1983-Born Again/07 Born Again.mp315.0MB

1987-The Eternal Idol/09 Eternal Idol.mp315.0MB

1975-Sabotage/03 Symptom Of The Universe.mp314.0MB

1989-Headless Cross/02 Headless Cross.mp314.0MB

1978-Never Say Die!/02 Johnny Blade.mp314.0MB

1970-Black Sabbath/01 Black Sabbath.mp314.0MB

1973-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/02 A National Acrobat.mp314.0MB

1970-Paranoid/08 Fairies Wear Boots.mp314.0MB

1992-Dehumanizer/01 Computer God.mp314.0MB

1971-Master Of Reality/08 Into The Void.mp314.0MB

1990-TYR/01 Anno Mundi.mp314.0MB

1995-Forbidden/10 Kiss of Death.mp314.0MB

1978-Never Say Die!/04 A Hard Road.mp313.0MB

1994-Cross Purposes/10 Evil Eye.mp313.0MB

1987-The Eternal Idol/01 The Shining.mp313.0MB

1975-Sabotage/05 The Thrill Of It All.mp313.0MB

1992-Dehumanizer/05 Master Of Insanity.mp313.0MB

1973-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/04 Sabbra Cadabra.mp313.0MB

1970-Paranoid/04 Iron Man.mp313.0MB

1972-Vol. 4/10 Under The Sun - Every Day Comes And Goes.mp313.0MB

1980-Heaven And Hell/08 Lonely Is The Word.mp313.0MB

1994-Cross Purposes/06 Dying For Love.mp313.0MB

1983-Born Again/03 Disturbing The Priest.mp313.0MB

1994-Cross Purposes/04 Virtual Death.mp313.0MB

1973-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/01 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.mp313.0MB

1990-TYR/08 Feels Good To Me.mp313.0MB

1992-Dehumanizer/02 After All (The Dead).mp313.0MB

1973-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/05 Killing Yourself To Live.mp313.0MB

1983-Born Again/09 Keep It Warm.mp312.0MB

1980-Heaven And Hell/02 Children Of The Sea.mp312.0MB

1981-Mob Rules/09 Over And Over.mp312.0MB

1973-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/08 Spiral Architect.mp312.0MB

1972-Vol. 4/06 Snowblind.mp312.0MB

1987-The Eternal Idol/02 Ancient Warrior.mp312.0MB

1971-Master Of Reality/02 After Forever.mp312.0MB

1971-Master Of Reality/06 Lord Of This World.mp312.0MB

1978-Never Say Die!/07 Over To You.mp312.0MB

1987-The Eternal Idol/06 Nightmare.mp312.0MB

1989-Headless Cross/06 Call Of The Wild.mp312.0MB

1986-Seventh Star/05 Seventh Star.mp312.0MB

1971-Master Of Reality/04 Children Of The Grave.mp312.0MB

1978-Never Say Die!/06 Air Dance.mp312.0MB

1978-Never Say Die!/05 Shock Wave.mp312.0MB

1989-Headless Cross/05 Kill In The Spirit World.mp311.0MB

1992-Dehumanizer/09 I.mp311.0MB

1976-Technical Ecstasy/04 Gypsy.mp311.0MB

1971-Master Of Reality/01 Sweet Leaf.mp311.0MB

1976-Technical Ecstasy/05 All Moving Parts (Stand Still).mp311.0MB

1981-Mob Rules/08 Falling Off The Edge Of The World.mp311.0MB

1971-Master Of Reality/07 Solitude.mp311.0MB

1995-Forbidden/08 Rusty Angels.mp311.0MB

1973-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/07 Looking For Today.mp311.0MB

1987-The Eternal Idol/03 Hard Life To Love.mp311.0MB

1994-Cross Purposes/01 I Witness.mp311.0MB

1976-Technical Ecstasy/07 She's Gone.mp311.0MB

1995-Forbidden/01 The Illusion of Power.mp311.0MB

1983-Born Again/08 Hot Line.mp311.0MB

1970-Paranoid/05 Electric Funeral.mp311.0MB

1992-Dehumanizer/10 Buried Alive.mp311.0MB

1987-The Eternal Idol/04 Glory Ride.mp311.0MB

1995-Forbidden/05 I Won't Cry for You.mp311.0MB

1972-Vol. 4/05 Supernaut.mp310.0MB

1992-Dehumanizer/07 Sins Of The Father.mp310.0MB

1989-Headless Cross/03 Devil And Daughter.mp310.0MB

1970-Black Sabbath/04 Wicked World.mp310.0MB

1980-Heaven And Hell/06 Die Young.mp310.0MB

1972-Vol. 4/03 Changes.mp310.0MB

1990-TYR/07 Valhalla.mp310.0MB

1994-Cross Purposes/02 Cross Of Thorns.mp310.0MB

1981-Mob Rules/02 Voodoo.mp310.0MB

1970-Paranoid/03 Planet Caravan.mp310.0MB

1995-Forbidden/03 Can't Get Close Enough.mp310.0MB

1994-Cross Purposes/08 The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.mp310.0MB

1986-Seventh Star/02 No Stranger To Love.mp310.0MB

1986-Seventh Star/06 Danger Zone.mp310.0MB

1980-Heaven And Hell/07 Walk Away.mp310.0MB

1980-Heaven And Hell/03 Lady Evil.mp310.0MB

1970-Black Sabbath/02 The Wizard.mp39.0MB

1994-Cross Purposes/09 Cardinal Sin.mp39.0MB

1978-Never Say Die!/09 Swinging The Chain.mp39.0MB

1983-Born Again/01 Trashed.mp39.0MB

1975-Sabotage/07 Am I Going Insane (Radio).mp39.0MB

1992-Dehumanizer/04 Letters From Earth.mp39.0MB

1992-Dehumanizer/06 Time Machine.mp39.0MB

1994-Cross Purposes/05 Immaculate Deception.mp39.0MB

1973-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/06 Who Are You.mp39.0MB

1973-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath/03 Fluff.mp39.0MB

1989-Headless Cross/07 Black Moon.mp39.0MB

1990-TYR/09 Heaven In Black.mp39.0MB

1995-Forbidden/04 Shaking off the Chains.mp39.0MB

1980-Heaven And Hell/05 Wishing Well.mp39.0MB

1987-The Eternal Idol/08 Lost Forever.mp39.0MB

1981-Mob Rules/06 Country Girl.mp39.0MB

1976-Technical Ecstasy/03 It's Alright.mp39.0MB

1992-Dehumanizer/03 TV Crimes.mp39.0MB

1990-TYR/03 Jerusalem.mp39.0MB

1995-Forbidden/02 Get a Grip.mp39.0MB

1975-Sabotage/01 Hole In The Sky.mp39.0MB

1994-Cross Purposes/07 Back To Eden.mp38.0MB

1972-Vol. 4/07 Cornucopia.mp38.0MB

1980-Heaven And Hell/01 Neon Knights.mp38.0MB

1990-TYR/02 The Law Maker.mp38.0MB

1978-Never Say Die!/01 Never Say Die.mp38.0MB

1995-Forbidden/09 Forbidden.mp38.0MB

1976-Technical Ecstasy/01 Back Street Kids.mp38.0MB

1981-Mob Rules/07 Slipping Away.mp38.0MB

1975-Sabotage/06 Supertzar.mp38.0MB

1987-The Eternal Idol/05 Born To Lose.mp38.0MB

1986-Seventh Star/01 In For The Kill.mp38.0MB

1981-Mob Rules/01 Turn Up The Night.mp38.0MB

1983-Born Again/06 Digital Bitch.mp38.0MB

1995-Forbidden/07 Sick & Tired.mp38.0MB

1986-Seventh Star/03 Turn To Stone.mp37.0MB

1995-Forbidden/06 Guilty as Hell.mp37.0MB

1976-Technical Ecstasy/06 Rock 'N' Roll Doctor.mp37.0MB

1981-Mob Rules/05 The Mob Rules.mp37.0MB

1994-Cross Purposes/03 Psychophobia.mp37.0MB

1972-Vol. 4/02 Tomorrow's Dream.mp37.0MB

1986-Seventh Star/08 Angry Heart.mp37.0MB

1981-Mob Rules/04 E5150.mp36.0MB

1972-Vol. 4/08 Laguna Sunrise.mp36.0MB

1970-Paranoid/02 Paranoid.mp36.0MB

1990-TYR/06 Odin's Court.mp36.0MB

1978-Never Say Die!/08 Breakout.mp35.0MB

1986-Seventh Star/09 In Memory...mp35.0MB

1970-Paranoid/07 Rat Salad.mp35.0MB

1972-Vol. 4/09 St.Vitus' Dance.mp35.0MB

1987-The Eternal Idol/07 Scarlet Pimpernel.mp34.0MB

1983-Born Again/02 Stonehenge.mp34.0MB

1972-Vol. 4/04 FX.mp33.0MB

1971-Master Of Reality/05 Orchid.mp33.0MB

1986-Seventh Star/04 Sphinx (The Guardian).mp32.0MB

1990-TYR/05 The Battle Of Tyr.mp32.0MB

1989-Headless Cross/01 The Gates Of Hell.mp32.0MB

1975-Sabotage/02 Don't Start (Too Late).mp31.0MB

1983-Born Again/04 The Dark.mp31.0MB

1971-Master Of Reality/03 Embryo.mp31.0MB

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