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The torrent has 45 files, total 240.0MB, created at Dec. 17, 2014.

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Reliving the Past/06 Random.mp38.0MB

Reliving the Past/08 Waifland.mp37.0MB

Reliving the Past/04 Intoxicating.mp37.0MB

Manipulative Little Bitch/04 Sista Darknez (Morbid Monja Mix).mp37.0MB

Love, Sex, Trust and Other Illusions/07 Bitter.mp36.0MB

Manipulative Little Bitch/03 Save Yourself (Alien Demo Mix).mp36.0MB

Love, Sex, Trust and Other Illusions/04 Final Temptation.mp36.0MB

Manipulative Little Bitch/02 The Empty Center of Affection (Scott Walldren Mix).mp36.0MB

1 A.D_/03 The Last Dance.mp36.0MB

Manipulative Little Bitch/01 Black Dreams Open Doors (R3k Remix).mp36.0MB

Love, Sex, Trust and Other Illusions/05 Familiar.mp36.0MB

Love, Sex, Trust and Other Illusions/03 Now She Only Comes In Dreams.mp35.0MB

Gangsta Goth/01 Your Every Desire.mp35.0MB

Reliving the Past/01 Where She Ends [and I Begin].mp35.0MB

1 A.D_/02 Of the Flesh V1.0.mp35.0MB

Reliving the Past/07 Make (Me) Believe.mp35.0MB

1 A.D_/04 The Seduction.mp35.0MB

Reliving the Past/03 Dysfunction Poster Girl [U Can Have Her].mp35.0MB

Gangsta Goth/07 Flavor of the Month.mp35.0MB

Reliving the Past/02 Touch [Me].mp35.0MB

Love, Sex, Trust and Other Illusions/06 Down From Day One.mp35.0MB

Left Behind/03 Moody Bitch Club Six.mp35.0MB

1 A.D_/05 The Siren's Kiss.mp35.0MB

Gangsta Goth/04 Sista Darknez.mp35.0MB

Gangsta Goth/03 The Empty Center of Affection.mp35.0MB

Left Behind/09 Unsaid.mp35.0MB

Gangsta Goth/05 Predator and Prey.mp34.0MB

Left Behind/07 If You Only Knew.mp34.0MB

Love, Sex, Trust and Other Illusions/02 Self Fulfilled Prophecy.mp34.0MB

Gangsta Goth/02 The Underworld is my Bitch.mp34.0MB

1 A.D_/06 Thicker Than Blood.mp34.0MB

Left Behind/01 LSD [Long Slow Deep].mp34.0MB

Gangsta Goth/06 Morbid Curiosity feat. Morbid Monja.mp34.0MB

Left Behind/02 Ritual Sacrifice [A Love Song].mp34.0MB

Left Behind/08 So On.mp34.0MB

Left Behind/04 Cold Sweat.mp34.0MB

Manipulative Little Bitch/05 Soul Catcher (Morbid Monja Adaptation).mp34.0MB

Manipulative Little Bitch/08 Touch Me (Scott Walldren Mix).mp34.0MB

Left Behind/06 Happily Never After.mp34.0MB

Left Behind/05 Formulaic.mp34.0MB

1 A.D_/01 Black Dreams Open Doors.mp34.0MB

Manipulative Little Bitch/06 Touch (the Sky murderbug Remix).mp33.0MB

Love, Sex, Trust and Other Illusions/01 Still Haunted (Black Dreams Part 2).mp33.0MB

Manipulative Little Bitch/07 Touch Me (murderbug remix).mp33.0MB

Reliving the Past/05 I Hate [Trance].mp31.0MB

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