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The torrent has 126 files, total 629.0MB, created at Dec. 11, 2014.

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oldies and goldies collection

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Classic 50's/22. The Closer To The Bone.mp38.0MB

Central 40's/04. Happiness is a Thing Called Joe.mp37.0MB

Classic 50's/23. When You're Smiling.mp37.0MB

Classic 50's/10. Makin' Whoopee.mp37.0MB

Classic 50's/08. Jezebel.mp36.0MB

Central 40's/11. Pennies From Heaven.mp36.0MB

Classic 40's/05. Clarinet Marmalade.mp36.0MB

Classic 40's/10. Riverboat Shuffle.mp36.0MB

Classic 50's/21. That's Amore.mp36.0MB

Delta 40's/14. Ration Blues.mp36.0MB

Central 40's/18. The Dipsy Doodle.mp36.0MB

Central 40's/06. It Don't Mean A Thing.mp36.0MB

Central 40's/13. Rum and Coca Cola.mp36.0MB

Central 40's/14. Sing, Sing, Sing.mp36.0MB

Delta 50's/18. Smokestack Lightnin'.mp36.0MB

Delta 40's/12. Open The Door, Richard.mp35.0MB

Delta 50's/07. In The Still Of The Night.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/08. G.I. Jive.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/19. What's the Use of Getting Sober (When You Gonna Get Drunk Again).mp35.0MB

Delta 50's/13. Mannish Boy.mp35.0MB

Classic 40's/07. Goin' Places.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/15. Rock Around The Clock.mp35.0MB

Classic 40's/06. Come On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp.mp35.0MB

Classic 50's/14. My Guardian Angel.mp35.0MB

Classic 50's/04. Auf Wiederseh'n, Sweetheart.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/01. Ain't That Just Like A Woman.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/09. Inflation Blues.mp35.0MB

Classic 40's/13. You're Driving Me Crazy.mp35.0MB

Classic 50's/07. Count Every Star.mp35.0MB

Central 40's/17. There'll Be a Hot Time in the Town of Berlin.mp35.0MB

Classic 40's/03. Blue Skies.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/04. Did You Ever Love A Woman.mp35.0MB

Delta 50's/05. Got My Mojo Working.mp35.0MB

Classic 40's/11. Stringing The Blues V.2.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/11. Mercy Mr. Percy.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/16. That'll Get It.mp35.0MB

Central 40's/08. I Haven't Time To Be A Millionaire.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/07. Gangster's Blues.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/05. Everybody Eats When They Come to My House.mp35.0MB

Delta 50's/04. Framed.mp35.0MB

Classic 50's/12. Manhattan Spiritual.mp35.0MB

Central 40's/16. Strip Polka.mp35.0MB

Delta 50's/03. Bo Diddley.mp35.0MB

Central 50's/19. Sh Boom.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/03. Choo Choo Ch'Boogie.mp35.0MB

Delta 50's/15. No Particular Place To Go.mp35.0MB

Central 40's/20. Victory Polka.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/02. Caldonia Boogie.mp35.0MB

Classic 50's/20. Springtime in Monaco.mp35.0MB

Central 50's/26. You Can Have Her.mp35.0MB

Delta 50's/17. Rags To Riches.mp35.0MB

Classic 50's/17. The Peanut Vendor.mp35.0MB

Delta 50's/02. Boom Boom.mp35.0MB

Central 40's/02. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.mp35.0MB

Classic 50's/16. Ooh Baby Ooh.mp35.0MB

Classic 40's/08. Good Little Bad Little You.mp35.0MB

Classic 40's/01. Beatin' The Dog.mp35.0MB

Delta 40's/18. The Fat Man.mp35.0MB

Central 40's/07. I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams.mp35.0MB

Classic 50's/05. Che La Luna.mp35.0MB

Central 50's/02. At The Hop.mp35.0MB

Classic 40's/09. Happy Feet.mp35.0MB

Central 50's/12. Money (That's What I Want).mp35.0MB

Classic 50's/02. After the Lights Go Down Low.mp35.0MB

Delta 50's/14. Nadine.mp35.0MB

Classic 50's/11. Mambo Italiano.mp35.0MB

Central 50's/11. Maybe.mp35.0MB

Classic 50's/01. 900 Miles.mp35.0MB

Classic 40's/12. The Best Things In Life Are Free.mp35.0MB

Central 40's/12. Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition.mp35.0MB

Delta 50's/20. Who Do You Love.mp34.0MB

Classic 40's/02. Belleville.mp34.0MB

Classic 50's/15. Oh Marie.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/09. Don't Let Go.mp34.0MB

Classic 50's/13. My Bonnie Lassie.mp34.0MB

Delta 50's/08. I Put A Spell On you.mp34.0MB

Central 40's/19. The Pessimistic Character.mp34.0MB

Delta 50's/12. Lucille.mp34.0MB

Classic 50's/03. Ain't That A Kick In The Head.mp34.0MB

Delta 50's/01. Ain't That A Shame.mp34.0MB

Central 40's/15. Straighten Up and Fly Right.mp34.0MB

Delta 50's/06. Honey Love.mp34.0MB

Classic 50's/19. Return To Me.mp34.0MB

Delta 40's/17. That Chick's Too Young To Fry.mp34.0MB

Central 40's/21. Why Don't You Do Right.mp34.0MB

Delta 40's/06. Friendship.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/17. Rebel Rouser.mp34.0MB

Delta 50's/16. One Kiss Led to Another Brazil.mp34.0MB

Classic 50's/18. Pennies From Heaven.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/14. Mr. Sandman.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/07. Come Softly To Me.mp34.0MB

Central 40's/05. Held For Questioning.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/22. Teen Beat.mp34.0MB

Delta 50's/19. Speedoo.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/08. Donna.mp34.0MB

Central 40's/01. Baby It's Cold Outside.mp34.0MB

Delta 50's/09. Keep A Knockin'.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/01. All I Have To Do Is Dream.mp34.0MB

Classic 50's/09. Let The Good Times Roll.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/03. Book Of Love.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/25. Why Do Fools Fall In Love.mp34.0MB

Classic 50's/06. Chow Mein.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/15. Not Fade Away.mp34.0MB

Delta 40's/13. Pachuko Hop.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/24. That'll Be The Day.mp34.0MB

Delta 40's/10. I Can't Lose With the Stuff I Use.mp34.0MB

Delta 50's/11. Long Tall Sally.mp34.0MB

Delta 50's/10. Ling Ting Tong.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/23. Tequila.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/18. Rock Around the Clock.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/10. Forty Miles Of Bad Road.mp34.0MB

Central 40's/03. Buttons And Bows.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/13. Movin' N' Groovin'.mp34.0MB

Central 50's/06. Come On Let's Go.mp34.0MB

Central 40's/09. Java.mp33.0MB

Central 40's/10. Let It Snow.mp33.0MB

Central 50's/21. Summertime Blues.mp33.0MB

Central 50's/05. C'mon Everybody.mp33.0MB

Central 50's/04. Cannonball.mp33.0MB

Central 50's/20. Stood Up.mp33.0MB

Central 50's/16. Rave On.mp33.0MB

Classic 40's/04. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon.mp33.0MB

Classic 40's/Folder.jpg43.0KB

Central 50's/Folder.jpg40.0KB

Classic 40's/AlbumArtSmall.jpg8.0KB

Central 50's/AlbumArtSmall.jpg8.0KB

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