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the roots

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-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/13-the_roots-the_seed-melting_pot-web_(live).mp324.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-14 You Got Me.m4a15.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/203-TH~1.MP313.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/14-the_roots-din_da_da.mp312.0MB

-1993- Organix/15 The Session (Longest Posse Cut In History).m4a11.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/102-TH~1.MP311.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/4-17 The Return to Innocence Lost.m4a11.0MB

-2004- The Tipping Point/01 Star_pointro.mp310.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/13+Can't+Stop+This.mp39.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/09-the_roots-silent_treatment.mp39.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/10 Water.m4a9.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/206-TH~1.MP39.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/16-the_roots-double_trouble_(feat_mos_def).mp38.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/201-TH~1.MP38.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/301-TH~1.MP38.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/01-the_roots-sacrifice_(live).mp38.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/01-the_roots-no_hometro-proceed_2_(feat_roy_ayers).mp38.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/101-TH~1.MP38.0MB

-1994- From The Ground Up EP/05 Worldwide [London Groove].m4a7.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/11-the_roots-thoughtatwork.mp37.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/16 The Unlocking.m4a7.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/02-the_roots-no_alibi.mp37.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/17 Rhymes And Ammo_Thirsty.m4a7.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/08-the_roots-adrenaline_(feat_dice_raw_and_beanie_sigel).mp37.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/07-the_roots-star.mp37.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/303-TH~1.MP37.0MB

-2004- The Tipping Point/07 Guns Are Drawn.mp37.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/207-TH~1.MP37.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/03-the_roots-what_they_do.mp37.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/13-the_roots-act_too_(love_of_my_life)_(feat_common).mp37.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/215-TH~1.MP37.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/15-the_roots-its_comin_(feat_elo)_(live).mp37.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/205-TH~1.MP36.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/09 Break You Off.m4a6.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/08-the_roots-the_hypnotic_(feat_dangelo).mp36.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-12 Silent Treatment.m4a6.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/311-TH~1.MP36.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/14 Something In The Way Of Things (In Town).m4a6.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/10-the_roots-you_got_me_(feat_jill_scott_and_eve).mp36.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/04-the_roots-break_you_off_(dub-sound_check).mp36.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/14-the_roots-do_you_want_more.mp36.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/06-the_roots-the_lesson_(feat_dice_raw).mp36.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/11-the_roots-clones_(feat_mars_and_dice_raw).mp36.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/110-TH~1.MP36.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/Phrenology (Bonus DVD-A)/04 The Ultimate (Live MTV 2 Dolla Bill).m4a6.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/114-TH~1.MP36.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/209-TH~1.MP36.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/14 Silent Treatment.m4a6.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/109-TH~1.MP36.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/12-the_roots-what_you_want_(feat_jaguar_wright).mp36.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/313-TH~1.MP36.0MB

-1993- Organix/07 Grits.m4a6.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/03-the_roots-essaywhuman_(organix_version).mp36.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/10-the_roots-yall_know_who.mp36.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/310-TH~1.MP36.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/106-TH~1.MP36.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/304-TH~1.MP36.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/05-the_roots-good_music.mp36.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/104-TH~1.MP36.0MB

-2004- The Tipping Point/11 Why.mp36.0MB

-1994- From The Ground Up EP/01 It's Comin'.m4a5.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/103-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/112-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/314-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/208-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/111-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/309-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/04-the_roots-the_next_movement.mp35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/105-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2004- The Tipping Point/05 Somebody's Gotta Do It.mp35.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-10 Adrenaline!.m4a5.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/308-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/08 What They Do.m4a5.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/305-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/06 Episodes.m4a5.0MB

-2004- The Tipping Point/08 I Don't Care.mp35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/210-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/108-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/113-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/06-the_roots-pass_the_popcorn_(revisited).mp35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/307-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2004- The Tipping Point/06 The Mic.mp35.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/09 Double Trouble.m4a5.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/04+Don't+Feel+Right.mp35.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/18 One Shine.m4a5.0MB

-1993- Organix/02 Pass The Popcorn.m4a5.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/211-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/212-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/10 What Goes On Pt. 7.m4a5.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/214-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/11+Clock+With+No+Hands.mp35.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/09+Long+Time.mp35.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/312-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/16 The Hypnotic.m4a5.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/302-TH~1.MP35.0MB

-2004- The Tipping Point/03 Don't Say Nuthin'.mp34.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-08 Don't See Us.m4a4.0MB

-2004- The Tipping Point/10 Stay Cool.mp34.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/115-TH~1.MP34.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/13 No Alibi_.m4a4.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/07-the_roots-dont_say_nuthin_(remix).mp34.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-11 Essaywhuman_!!.m4a4.0MB

-1994- From The Ground Up EP/04 Dat Scat.m4a4.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/02 Respond_React.m4a4.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/315-TH~1.MP34.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/15 The Lesson Pt. 1.m4a4.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/08+Here+I+Come.mp34.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/202-TH~1.MP34.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/107-TH~1.MP34.0MB

-1993- Organix/14 Common Dust.m4a4.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/09-the_roots-the_lesson_pt_3_(feat_dice_raw_and_jaguar_wright).mp34.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/05+In+The+Music.mp34.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/07 Lazy Afternoon.m4a4.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-05 Mellow My Man_Jusufckwithi.m4a4.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/12 UNIverse at War.m4a4.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/11 Clones.m4a4.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/03+Game+Theory.mp34.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/17 Ital (The Universal Side).m4a4.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/11 Essaywhuman_!!!__!.m4a4.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/07 Thought @ Work.m4a4.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/10 Act Too (Love of My Life).m4a4.0MB

-2004- The Tipping Point/09 The Web.mp34.0MB

-1994- From The Ground Up EP/03 Mellow My Man.m4a4.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/05 It Just Don't Stop.m4a4.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/13 Complexity.m4a4.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/06 Dynamite.m4a4.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/04 Sacrifice.m4a4.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/13 You Ain't Fly.m4a4.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/07 Push Up Ya Lighter.m4a4.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/04 Mellow My Man.m4a4.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/19 The Adventures In Wonderland.m4a4.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/Phrenology (Bonus DVD-A)/04 Proceed.m4a4.0MB

-1993- Organix/06 Good Music.m4a4.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/02 Proceed.m4a4.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/05-the_roots-quicksand_millennium.mp34.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/08 Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New.m4a4.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/15 No Great Pretender.m4a4.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-09 100% Dundee.m4a4.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/16 Don't See Us.m4a4.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/12 Pussy Galore.m4a4.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-13 The Notic.m4a4.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/08 The Seed (2.0).m4a4.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/13 Adrenaline! (feat. Dice Raw & Beanie Seigel).m4a4.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/Phrenology (Bonus DVD-A)/04 Distortion to Static.m4a4.0MB

-2004- The Tipping Point/04 Boom.mp34.0MB

-1993- Organix/10 Essaywhuman !!! (Live At The Soulshack).m4a4.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/11 Quills.m4a4.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/15 You Got Me (feat. Erykah Badu).m4a4.0MB

-1994- From The Ground Up EP/02 Distortion To Static.m4a3.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/03 Distortion To Static.m4a3.0MB

-1993- Organix/09 I'm Out Deah.m4a3.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/03 Section.m4a3.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/07 Without a Doubt.m4a3.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/204-TH~1.MP33.0MB

-1993- Organix/12 Popcorn Revisited.m4a3.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/03 The Next Movement (feat. D.J. Jazzy Jeff & Jazzyfatnastees).m4a3.0MB

-1993- Organix/08 Leonard I-V.m4a3.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/2-01 What You Want.m4a3.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/05 I Remain Calm.m4a3.0MB

-1999- The Legendary EP/03 The Ultimate.m4a3.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/2-04 All I Know.m4a3.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/2-03 The Lesson Part III (It's Over Now).m4a3.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-07 The Ultimate.m4a3.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/11 100% Dundee.m4a3.0MB

-1999- The Legendary EP/05 The Next Movement.m4a3.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/05 The Spark.m4a3.0MB

-1993- Organix/03 Anti-Circle.m4a3.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/12-the_roots-boom.mp33.0MB

-2004- The Tipping Point/02 Duck Down.mp33.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/12 Swept Away.m4a3.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-02 The Next Movement.m4a3.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/10 Concerto Of The Desperado.m4a3.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-06 Love of My Life (Featuring.m4a3.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/05 Rolling With Heat.m4a3.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/06 Datskat.m4a3.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/02 Table of Contents, Pts. 1 & 2.m4a3.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/06+Take+It+There.mp33.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/07+Baby.mp33.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/2-05 Ya'll Know Who.m4a3.0MB

-1994- From The Ground Up EP/06 Do You Want More_!.m4a3.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-03 Step Into the Realm.m4a3.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/02+False+Media.mp33.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/09 Do You Want More_!!!__!.m4a3.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/08 _ Vs. Rahzel.m4a3.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/12+Atonement.mp33.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/02 Rock You.m4a2.0MB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/306-TH~1.MP32.0MB

-1999- The Legendary EP/02 Table of Contents(Part 3).m4a2.0MB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/02-the_roots-distortion_to_static_(black_thought_mix).mp32.0MB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/04 Step into the Realm.m4a2.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-04 Proceed.m4a2.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/Phrenology (Bonus DVD-A)/04 Double Trouble (Live MTV 2 Dolla Bill).m4a2.0MB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/10+Livin'+In+A+New+World.mp32.0MB

-1999- The Legendary EP/01 Intro-Jusfckwithis.m4a2.0MB

-1999- The Legendary EP/04 The Battlestar - Eustacula Part 3.m4a2.0MB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/2-06 For The Love of Money.m4a1.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/09 _ vs. Scratch.m4a1.0MB

-1993- Organix/04 Writer's Block.m4a1.0MB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/04 Panic!!!!!_.m4a1.0MB

-1993- Organix/17 Carryin' On.m4a1.0MB

-1993- Organix/01 The Roots Is Comin'.m4a1.0MB

-1993- Organix/13 Peace.m4a1.0MB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/01 Intro_There's Something Goin' On.m4a1.0MB

-1993- Organix/05 Good Music (Prelude).m4a1.0MB

-2002- Phrenology/06 Waok (Ay) Rollcall.m4a989.0KB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/14 Dave vs. US.m4a935.0KB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/01 Act Won (Things Fall Apart).m4a899.0KB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/14 3rd Act_ _ Vs. Scratch 2...Electric Boogaloo.m4a855.0KB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-01 Live at the T-Connection.m4a797.0KB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/12 Diedre Vs. Dice.m4a789.0KB

-1993- Organix/16 Syreeta's Having My Baby.m4a769.0KB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/213-TH~1.MP3765.0KB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/01 Intro.m4a689.0KB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/2-02 We Got You.m4a650.0KB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/01+Dillatastic+Vol+Won(derful).mp3622.0KB

-2002- Phrenology/03 !!!!!!!.m4a437.0KB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/20 Outro.m4a393.0KB

-2002- Phrenology/16 [Blank].m4a368.0KB

-2002- Phrenology/15 [Blank].m4a367.0KB

-2002- Phrenology/01 Phrentrow.m4a337.0KB

-1993- Organix/11 There's A Riot Going On.m4a318.0KB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/18 Act Fore...The End_.m4a145.0KB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/folder.jpg77.0KB

-2006- The Roots - Game Theory/folder.jpg61.0KB

-1999- Come Alive (Limited Edition)/1-15 Encore.m4a52.0KB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/roots.jpg39.0KB

-2004- The Tipping Point/folder.jpg38.0KB

-1999- The Legendary EP/folder.jpg37.0KB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/folder.jpg27.0KB

-1994- From The Ground Up EP/folder.jpg12.0KB

-1996- Illadelph Halflife/folder.jpg12.0KB

-2002- Phrenology/folder.jpg10.0KB

-2002- Phrenology/Phrenology (Bonus DVD-A)/folder.jpg10.0KB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/rcaae.jpg10.0KB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_1/Folder.jpg9.0KB

-1995- Do You Want More_!!!__!/folder.jpg8.0KB

-2005- the_roots-home_grown_the_beginners_guide_to_understanding_the_roots_vol_2/folder.jpg8.0KB

-1999- Things Fall Apart/rcaac.jpg5.0KB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD1/folder.jpg4.0KB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD2/folder.jpg4.0KB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/CD3/folder.jpg4.0KB

-2004- The Roots - Do This Well (Remixes And Rarities 1994-1999)/Front.jpg4.0KB

-1993- Organix/folder.jpg3.0KB

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