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The White Stripes/Elephant/01 Seven Nation Army.mp314.0MB

The Smashing Pumpkins/Live In Washington D.C(Cd 2)/04 Bullet With Butterfly Wings.mp313.0MB

Stone Temple Pilots/Core/09 Plush.mp311.0MB

Oasis/(What's the Story) Morning Glory_/10 Morning Glory.mp311.0MB

Coldplay/X&Y/04 Fix You.mp310.0MB

Seven Mary Three/American Standard/02 Cumbersome.mp39.0MB

Offspring/Smash/04 Gotta Get Away.mp38.0MB

Filter/Title of Record/06 Take a Picture.mp38.0MB

Green Day/American Idiot/04 Boulevard of Broken Dreams.mp38.0MB

Offspring/Greatest Hits/06 Gone Away.mp38.0MB

Coldplay/Live 2003/08 Moses.mp37.0MB

Coldplay/X&Y/07 Speed of Sound.mp37.0MB

T.I_/Paper Trail/06 Whatever You Like.mp37.0MB

Foo Fighters/The Colour and the Shape/11 Everlong.mp37.0MB

Compilations/Metallica/01 Enter Sandman.mp37.0MB

Oasis/(What's the Story) Morning Glory_/12 Champagne Supernova.mp36.0MB

Fabolous/Ghetto Fabolous [Clean]/11 Can't Deny It.mp36.0MB

Nelly/Country Grammar/1-07 Ride Wit Me.mp36.0MB

G-Unit/G-Unit Radio, Pt. 3/08 P.I.M. P Remix.mp36.0MB

Limp Bizkit/Greatest Hitz/03 Nookie.mp36.0MB

Radiohead/Pablo Honey/02 Creep.mp36.0MB

50 Cent vs. Chris Brown ft. Juelz Santan/Unknown Album/16 Run Encore In Da Club (POMATIC's.mp36.0MB

Everclear/Ten Years Gone_ The Best of Everclear, 1/01 Wonderful.mp36.0MB


Various Artists/Now, Vol. 17/13 One Thing.mp36.0MB

Queens Of The Stone Age/Songs for the Deaf/02 No One Knows.mp36.0MB

Juvenile/The Greatest Hits/11 Mamma Got A__.mp36.0MB

Soundgarden/Superunknown/08 Spoonman.mp36.0MB

OutKast/Stankonia/05 Ms. Jackson.mp36.0MB

Kid Rock/Devil Without a Cause/01 Bawitdaba.mp36.0MB

Sean Paul/The Trinity/07 Give It Up to Me.mp36.0MB

Silverchair/Frogstomp/02 Tomorrow.mp36.0MB

Murphy Lee/Murphy_s Law/18 Shake Your Tailfeather -Feat. Nel.mp36.0MB

Foo Fighters/There Is Nothing Left to Lose/03 Learn to Fly.mp36.0MB

Coldplay & Richard Ashcroft/Cover/Bitter Sweet Sympony.mp36.0MB

Fatboy Slim/Incredible Adventures in Brazil/15 Praise You [Fatboy Slim Full Leng.mp36.0MB

OutKast/Stankonia/11 B.O.B..mp35.0MB

Nirvana/MTV Unplugged in New York/01 About a Girl.mp35.0MB

Alien Ant Farm/ANThology/12 Smooth Criminal.mp35.0MB

Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head/10 A Rush of Blood to the Head.mp35.0MB

Colby O'Donis/Colby O/01 What You Got.mp35.0MB

Eminem/The Eminem Show/1-13 Superman.mp35.0MB

Foo Fighters/Foo Fighters/01 This Is a Call.mp35.0MB

Eminem/Curtain Call_ The Hits/1-08 Sing for the Moment.mp35.0MB

Primitive Radio Gods/Rocket/03 Standing Outside a Broken Phone B.mp35.0MB

Snow Patrol/Eyes Open/03 Chasing Cars.mp35.0MB

Audioslave/Audioslave/08 I Am the Highway.mp35.0MB

Compilations/5/02 Fly Away.mp35.0MB

Local H/As Good as Dead/03 Bound for the Floor.mp35.0MB

Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head/08 Warning Sign.mp35.0MB

Eminem/Just Lose It/02 Lose Yourself.mp35.0MB

Beck/Odelay/08 Where It's At.mp35.0MB

Live/Throwing Copper/05 Lightning Crashes.mp34.0MB

Incubus/Morning View/03 Wish You Were Here.mp34.0MB

OutKast/Aquemini/03 Rosa Parks.mp34.0MB

Soundgarden/Superunknown/07 Black Hole Sun.mp34.0MB

Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head/01 Politik.mp34.0MB

Creed/My Own Prison/09 What's This Life For.mp34.0MB

50 Cent/The Massacre/13 Disco Inferno.mp34.0MB

Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head/04 The Scientist.mp34.0MB

Papa Roach/Getting Away with Murder/08 Scars.mp34.0MB

Collective Soul/7even Year Itch_ Collective Soul's Great/03 Shine.mp34.0MB

Godsmack/Godsmack/02 Whatever.mp34.0MB

Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head/05 Clocks.mp34.0MB

Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head/11 Amsterdam.mp34.0MB

Various Artists/Generation X [JCI Collection]/14 Sober.mp34.0MB

M.I.A_/Kala/11 Paper Planes.mp34.0MB

Creed/My Own Prison/10 One.mp34.0MB

Nelly/Nellyville/07 Air Force Ones.mp34.0MB

Coldplay/Cover/Perfect Day.mp34.0MB

Smashing Pumpkins/Siamese Dream/03 Today.mp34.0MB

Live/Secret Samadhi/02 Lakini's Juice.mp34.0MB

Creed/My Own Prison/03 My Own Prison.mp34.0MB

Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head/03 God Put a Smile Upon Your Face.mp34.0MB

Coldplay/X&Y/04 Fix You 1.mp34.0MB

Days of the New/Days of the New/02 Touch, Peel and Stand.mp34.0MB

Stone Temple Pilots/Thank You/04 Big Empty.mp34.0MB

Sugar Ray/Floored/04 Fly.mp34.0MB

Dishwalla/Pet Your Friends/03 Counting Blue Cars.mp34.0MB

Butthole Surfers/Electriclarryland/03 Pepper.mp34.0MB

Audioslave/Like a Stone/01 Like a Stone [Album Version][Vers.mp34.0MB

Soundgarden/A-Sides/14 Burden in My Hand.mp34.0MB

Breaking Benjamin/We Are Not Alone [Clean]/01 So Cold.mp34.0MB

Better Than Ezra/Greatest Hits/08 Desperately Wanting.mp34.0MB

The Lox/Money, Power & Respect/05 Money, Power & Respect.mp34.0MB

Cracker/Kerosene Hat/01 Low.mp34.0MB

Various Artists/The Best Beer Drinking Album in the Worl/06 Closing Time.mp34.0MB

Third Eye Blind/Third Eye Blind/04 Jumper.mp34.0MB

Gorillaz/Gorillaz/05 Clint Eastwood.mp34.0MB

Default/The Fallout/03 Wasting My Time.mp34.0MB

The Nixons/Foma/04 Sister 1.mp34.0MB

The Nixons/Foma/04 Sister.mp34.0MB

Juvenile/The Greatest Hits/04 Back That Azz Up.mp34.0MB

Weezer/Weezer/07 Say It Ain't So.mp34.0MB

3 Doors Down/The Better Life/02 Loser.mp34.0MB

Foo Fighters/The Colour and the Shape/07 My Hero.mp33.0MB

Bush/Sixteen Stone/10 Glycerine.mp33.0MB

Bush/Sixteen Stone/10 Glycerine 1.mp33.0MB

Nelly/Country Grammar/04 Country Grammar (Hot...).mp33.0MB


Vertical Horizon/Everything You Want/03 Everything You Want.mp33.0MB

Switchfoot/The Beautiful Letdown/05 Dare You to Move.mp33.0MB

Bush/Sixteen Stone/07 Machinehead 1.mp33.0MB

Bush/Sixteen Stone/07 Machinehead.mp33.0MB

3 Doors Down/Away From The Sun/01 When I'm Gone.mp33.0MB

Fastball/Painting the Corners_ The Best of Fastba/05 The Way.mp33.0MB

Tool/Lateralus/05 Schism.mp33.0MB

Sublime/Sublime/17 Doin' Time [original].mp33.0MB

Usher/Unknown Album/02 Yeah!.mp33.0MB

Bush/Sixteen Stone/05 Comedown.mp33.0MB

Nickelback/All the Right Reasons/03 Photograph.mp33.0MB

Snoop Doggy Dogg/Death Row's Snoop Doggy Dogg Greatest Hi/10 Who Am I (What's My Name)_.mp33.0MB

Various Artists/Totally Hits 2002_ More Platinum Hits/08 Awnaw.mp33.0MB

Busta Rhymes/Genesis/10 Break Ya Neck.mp33.0MB

Various Artists/Now, Vol. 32 [UK] Disc 1/1-82 Gangsta's Paradise.mp33.0MB

Various Artists/Total Rock Disc 1/09 Hemorrhage (In My Hands).mp33.0MB

Live/Throwing Copper/07 All over You.mp33.0MB

Kanye West/Late Registration/20 Diamonds from Sierra Leone [_].mp33.0MB

Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head/09 A Whisper.mp33.0MB

Jimmy Eat World/Bleed American/03 The Middle.mp33.0MB

3 Doors Down/Away From The Sun/06 Here Without You.mp33.0MB

50 Cent/The Massacre/14 Just a Lil Bit.mp33.0MB

Various Artists/BET Awards_ '04 Nominees/01 The Way You Move.mp33.0MB

Nickelback/All the Right Reasons/12 How You Remind Me of Someday 1.mp33.0MB

Nickelback/All the Right Reasons/12 How You Remind Me of Someday.mp33.0MB

Gin Blossoms/New Miserable Experience_ Rarities Editi/02 Hey Jealousy.mp33.0MB

Plain White T's/All That We Needed/13 Hey There Delilah.mp33.0MB

Three Days Grace/Three Days Grace [Bonus DVD]/03 I Hate Everything About You.mp33.0MB

Crash Test Dummies/God Shuffled His Feet/03 MMM, MMM, MMM, MMM.mp33.0MB

Soul Asylum/Black Gold_ The Best of Soul Asylum/08 Runaway Train.mp33.0MB

LEN/You Can't Stop the Bum Rush/01 Steal My Sunshine.mp33.0MB

Various Artists/Now, Vol. 6/17 Drive.mp33.0MB

Matchbox 20/Yourself or Someone Like You/01 Real World.mp33.0MB

Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head/02 In My Place.mp33.0MB

Live/Throwing Copper/03 I Alone.mp33.0MB

Everclear/So Much for the Afterglow/06 Father of Mine.mp33.0MB

The Killers/Hot Fuss/02 Mr. Brightside.mp33.0MB

311/311/01 Down.mp33.0MB

Ludacris/Chicken -N- Beer/03 Stand Up.mp33.0MB

Coldplay/A Rush of Blood to the Head/07 Green Eyes.mp33.0MB

Stone Temple Pilots/Purple/06 Pretty Penny.mp33.0MB

Gorillaz/Demon Days/06 Feel Good Inc..mp33.0MB

Snoop Doggy Dogg/Death Row's Snoop Doggy Dogg Greatest Hi/01 Nuthin' But a _G_ Thang.mp33.0MB

Various Artists/Ultimate Dance Party_ The Best Of/11 Mo Money Mo Problems.mp33.0MB

Harvey Danger/Unknown Album/02 Flagpole Sitta.mp33.0MB

Chingy/Jackpot/04 Right thurr.mp33.0MB

Third Eye Blind/Third Eye Blind/06 How's It Going to Be.mp33.0MB

Crazy Town/The Gift of Game/06 Butterfly.mp33.0MB

Linkin Park/Hybrid Theory/08 In the End.mp33.0MB

Foo Fighters/Foo Fighters/03 Big Me.mp33.0MB

Limp Bizkit/Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavor/06 Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle).mp33.0MB

Sean Paul/The Trinity/05 Get Busy.mp33.0MB

Offspring/Americana/11 Why Don't You Get a Job_.mp33.0MB

Compilations/Are You Gonna Go My Way/01 Are You Gonna Go My Way.mp33.0MB

Chumbawumba/Unknown Album/Tubthumping.mp33.0MB

Dr. Dre/Chronicles_ Death Row Classics/04 Gin and Juice.mp33.0MB

Live/Throwing Copper/02 Selling the Drama.mp33.0MB

50 Cent/The Massacre/07 Candy Shop.mp33.0MB

Linkin Park/Hybrid Theory/05 Crawling.mp33.0MB

Various Artists/Soul Food_ The Best R&B of 2000/06 Thong Song [Uncensored].mp33.0MB

Creed/Greatest Hits/09 One Last Breath.mp33.0MB

Kanye West/Late Registration/04 Gold Digger.mp33.0MB

The Presidents of the United States of A/The Presidents of the United States of A/03 Lump.mp33.0MB

Weezer/Weezer (Green Album)/04 Island in the Sun.mp33.0MB

Papa Roach/Infest/02 Last Resort.mp33.0MB

Everclear/So Much for the Afterglow/02 Everything to Everyone.mp33.0MB

Smashing Pumpkins/Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness D/09 1979.mp33.0MB

Offspring/Smash/Come Out and Play.mp33.0MB

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones/Let's Face It/04 The Impression That I Get.mp33.0MB

Stone Temple Pilots/Thank You/10 Interstate Love Song.mp32.0MB

P.O.D_/Greatest Hits_ The Atlantic Years/06 Youth of the Nation.mp32.0MB

Everclear/Sparkle and Fade/04 Santa Monica.mp32.0MB

Weezer/Beverly Hills, Pt. 1/01 Beverly Hills.mp32.0MB

Linkin Park/Meteora/13 Numb.mp32.0MB

Fun Lovin Criminals/11 Scooby Snacks.mp32.0MB

Sublime/Sublime/06 Santeria.mp32.0MB

311/311/04 All Mixed Up.mp32.0MB

311/311/04 All Mixed Up 1.mp32.0MB

Stone Temple Pilots/Thank You/01 Vasoline.mp32.0MB

Stone Temple Pilots/Thank You/09 Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Hea.mp32.0MB

Nirvana/MTV Unplugged in New York/12 Lake of Fire.mp32.0MB

Collective Soul/7even Year Itch_ Collective Soul's Great/01 Heavy.mp32.0MB

Lit/A Place in the Sun/02 My Own Worst Enemy.mp32.0MB

The Presidents of the United States of A/The Presidents of the United States of A/06 Peaches.mp32.0MB

Dr. Dre/2001/11 The Next Episode.mp32.0MB

Jay-Z/Vol. 3_ Life and Times of S. Carter [Cle/11 Big Pimpin'.mp32.0MB

Green Day/International Superhits!/15 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).mp32.0MB

Faith No More/The Real Thing/02 Epic.mp32.0MB

Stone Temple Pilots/Core/07 Creep.mp32.0MB

Sean Paul/The Trinity/11 Temperature.mp32.0MB

Eminem/Curtain Call_ The Hits/1-03 The Way I Am.mp31.0MB

blink-182/Greatest Hits [Clean]/03 Dammit.mp31.0MB

Blur/Blur/02 Song 2.mp31.0MB

Beck/Odelay/01 Devils Haircut.mp31.0MB

Buckcherry/15/07 Crazy Bitch.mp31.0MB

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