Sam Cooke+Soul Stirrers - Complete Specialty Recordings (3CD)

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The torrent has 84 files, total 514.0MB, created at Nov. 21, 2014.

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soul stirrers - complete specialty recordings sam cooke

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CD3/3-25 Nearer To Thee.mp319.0MB

CD3/3-24 Be With Me Jesus.mp317.0MB

CD2/2-12 All Right Now (Take 2 Alternate).mp38.0MB

CD3/3-23 I Have A Friend Above All Others.mp38.0MB

CD2/2-22 I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last Always).mp37.0MB

CD1/1-21 Let Me Go Home (Take 1 Alternate).mp37.0MB

CD2/2-20 One More River.mp37.0MB

CD3/3-16 That's Heaven To Me (Take 1 _ Alt.).mp37.0MB

CD2/2-02 He'll Welcome Me.mp37.0MB

CD2/2-21 Nearer To Thee.mp37.0MB

CD2/2-03 He's My Friend Untill The End.mp37.0MB

CD1/1-29 Someday Somewhere.mp37.0MB

CD1/1-12 How Far Am I Canaan.mp36.0MB

CD3/3-01 The Last Mile Of The Way.mp36.0MB

CD3/3-15 Lord Remember Me.mp36.0MB

CD2/2-15 He'll Make A Way (Take 2 Alternate).mp36.0MB

CD2/2-04 He's My Friend Untill The End (Take 2 Alternate).mp36.0MB

CD3/3-14 Forever.mp36.0MB

CD2/2-30 The Last Mile Of The Way (Take 2 Alternate).mp36.0MB

CD1/1-27 How Far Am I Canaan (Incomplete Take 2 Alternate).mp36.0MB

CD1/1-05 I'm On The Firing Line.mp36.0MB

CD2/2-01 End Of My Journey.mp36.0MB

CD1/1-23 Jesus Paid The Debt.mp36.0MB

CD2/2-13 All Right Now (Take 4 Alternate).mp36.0MB

CD1/1-01 Come, Let Us Go Back To God.mp36.0MB

CD1/1-25 How Far Am I Canaan.mp36.0MB

CD3/3-06 Must Jesus Bear This Cross Alone _.mp36.0MB

CD3/3-12 I Don't Want To Cry.mp36.0MB

CD1/1-06 I'm On The Firing Line.mp36.0MB

CD1/1-24 Jesus Paid The Debt (Take 2 Alternate).mp36.0MB

CD2/2-24 He's My Guide (Take 4 Alternate).mp36.0MB

CD1/1-02 Peace In The Valley.mp36.0MB

CD1/1-20 Just Another Day.mp36.0MB

CD1/1-08 Until Jesus Calls Me Home.mp36.0MB

CD1/1-15 It Won't Be Very Long (Take 1 Alternate).mp36.0MB

CD1/1-19 Jesus Will Lead Me To That Promised Land.mp36.0MB

CD2/2-14 He'll Make A Way.mp36.0MB

CD2/2-07 Come And Go To That Land (Take 1 Alternate).mp36.0MB

CD1/1-16 It Won't Be Very Long (Take 2 Alternate).mp36.0MB

CD1/1-22 Let Me Go Home.mp36.0MB

CD2/2-19 Any Day Now (Take 6 Alternate.).mp36.0MB

CD2/2-06 Come And Go To That Land.mp36.0MB

CD2/2-16 Jesus, I'll Never Forget.mp36.0MB

CD2/2-27 Pilgrim Of Sorrow.mp36.0MB

CD3/3-22 Mean Old World.mp36.0MB

CD3/3-21 Mean Old World (Take 3 _ Alt.).mp35.0MB

CD2/2-08 Come And Go To That Land (Take 3 Alternate).mp35.0MB

CD1/1-14 It Won't Be Very Long.mp35.0MB

CD1/1-13 Christ Is All.mp35.0MB

CD2/2-26 He's My Guide (Take 13).mp35.0MB

CD1/1-11 He's My Rock (Wait On Jesus).mp35.0MB

CD1/1-04 I'm Gonna Build On That Shore.mp35.0MB

CD2/2-17 Jesus, I'll Never Forget (Take 5 Alternate).mp35.0MB

CD3/3-19 Where You There _ (Take 5 _ Alt.).mp35.0MB

CD3/3-20 Where You There _.mp35.0MB

CD2/2-09 I'd Give Up All My Sins And Serve The Lord.mp35.0MB

CD2/2-23 Be With Me Jesus.mp35.0MB

CD1/1-10 Jesus Gave Me Water.mp35.0MB

CD3/3-05 Farther Along.mp35.0MB

CD2/2-18 Any Day Now.mp35.0MB

CD3/3-11 Lovable.mp35.0MB

CD3/3-17 That's Heaven To Me.mp35.0MB

CD3/3-13 That's All I Need To Know.mp35.0MB

CD3/3-02 He's So Wonderful.mp35.0MB

CD2/2-10 I'm So Happy In The Service Of The Lord.mp35.0MB

CD2/2-05 I Have A Friend Above All Others.mp35.0MB

CD3/3-07 Pilgrim Of Sorrow.mp35.0MB

CD1/1-09 Jesus Done Just What He Said.mp35.0MB

CD1/1-03 I'm Gonna Build On That Shore.mp35.0MB

CD1/1-28 Someday Somewhere.mp35.0MB

CD3/3-10 I'll Come Running Back To You.mp35.0MB

CD1/1-07 Joy, Joy To My Soul.mp34.0MB

CD3/3-04 Jesus, Wash Away My Troubles.mp34.0MB

CD3/3-03 Touch The Hem Of His Garment.mp34.0MB

CD3/3-09 I Need You Now.mp34.0MB

CD3/3-08 Happy In Love.mp34.0MB

CD2/2-11 All Right Now.mp34.0MB

CD1/1-26 How Far Am I Canaan (Incomplete Take 1 Alternate).mp34.0MB

CD2/2-28 Pray(Incomplete).mp33.0MB

CD2/2-25 He's My Guide (Incomplete (Take 12 Alternate).mp33.0MB

CD3/3-18 Where You There _ [False Start] (Takes 1-4).mp32.0MB

CD1/complete specialty.jpg42.0KB

CD2/complete specialty.jpg42.0KB

CD3/complete specialty.jpg42.0KB

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