Steve Bassett 2009-2015 (Collection 4 CD)

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The torrent has 53 files, total 451.0MB, created at Jan. 23, 2015.

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steve bassett 2009-2015 collection 4 cd

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Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/04. My Lady Music.mp313.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/03. My Lady Music.mp313.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/11. The Other Woman.mp313.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/09. The Thrill Is Gone.mp313.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/05. It Hurts Me.mp311.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/01. There's Something On Your Mind.mp311.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/12. Lucky Man.mp311.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/08. I'm Gonna Eat Y'all.mp310.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/04. Jesus Just Left Chicago.mp310.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/11. Someday.mp310.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/09. Someday.mp310.0MB

Steve Bassett-2015-Shelter Me/03. All There Is Is Now.mp310.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/02. I Need A Good Woman Bad.mp310.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/06. Right In The Middle.mp310.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/08. Mercy.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/03. Use The Blues.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2015-Shelter Me/10. Too Far Gone.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/05. You Don't Know Me.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/07. Soul Shake.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/01. Soul Shake.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/10. Go With The Flow.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/02. A Part Of Your Heart.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2015-Shelter Me/02. I've Had My Way Long Enough.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2015-Shelter Me/08. You'd Still Be Mine.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/07. That's The Kind Of Love You Ne.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/07. Mean Woman Blues.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/03. Don't Wanna Lose You.mp39.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/14. On A Saturday Night.mp38.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/08. Since My Baby Went Away.mp38.0MB

Steve Bassett-2015-Shelter Me/01. Shelter Me.mp38.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/13. Only The Strong Survive.mp38.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/10. I Don't Wanna Cry.mp38.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/04. Keep Pushing Me.mp38.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/09. Let It Go.mp37.0MB

Steve Bassett-2015-Shelter Me/06. I Am Lost Without Your Love.mp37.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/02. Hold What You've Got.mp37.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/05. We're Gonna Make It.mp37.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/10. Tools For The Soul.mp37.0MB

Steve Bassett-2015-Shelter Me/05. Only Love Can Mend A Broken Heart.mp37.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/01. Only Love Can Mend A Broken Heart.mp37.0MB

Steve Bassett-2015-Shelter Me/07. I'm Gonna Hold What I Got.mp37.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/06. People Gotta Be Free.mp37.0MB

Steve Bassett-2015-Shelter Me/09. Cajun Moon.mp36.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/12. Pain In My Heart.mp36.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/15. I'll Miss Show Business.mp36.0MB

Steve Bassett-2015-Shelter Me/04. What Would I Do Without You.mp36.0MB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/12. I Got An Attitude.mp36.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/06. Chicken Bones.mp35.0MB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/11. I Need Some Money.mp35.0MB

Steve Bassett-2015-Shelter Me/cover.jpg53.0KB

Steve Bassett-2009-I Got An Attitude/cover.jpg46.0KB

Steve Bassett-2011-Lucky Man/cover.jpg42.0KB

Steve Bassett-2009-Let It Go/cover.jpg32.0KB

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