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The torrent has 224 files, total 990.0MB, created at Jan. 10, 2015.

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misery index

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(2002) Misery Index+Commit Suicide/06. Commit Suicide - Open Casket (Death cover).mp311.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/06. Aborted - Generic Murder Concept.mp311.0MB

(2003) Misery Index+Structure Of Lies/04. Structure Of Lies - The Wake (live).mp311.0MB

(2008) Traitors/05. Ghosts Of Catalonia.mp311.0MB

(2006) Discordia/01. Unmarked Graves.mp310.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/07. The Seventh Cavalry.mp310.0MB

(2008) Traitors/11. Black Sites.mp310.0MB

(2008) Traitors/06. Occupation.mp310.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/07. Aborted - Suffer The Children.mp310.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/10. Exception To The Ruled (Live).ogg10.0MB

(2008) Traitors/02. Theocracy.mp310.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/10. Exception To The Ruled.mp310.0MB

(2004) Dissent [EP]/02. Dissent II - Exception to The Ruled.mp310.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/05. Demand The Impossible.mp310.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/25. Demand The Impossible.mp310.0MB

(2003) Misery Index+Structure Of Lies/06. Misery Index - Demand The Impossible.mp310.0MB

(2006) Discordia/09. Discordia.mp310.0MB

(2003) Misery Index+Structure Of Lies/01. Structure Of Lies - Hell Carried On.mp310.0MB

(2001) Overthrow/02. Your Pain Is Nothing.mp39.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/02. Your Pain Is Nothing.mp39.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/09. Misery Index - Your Pain Is Nothing.mp39.0MB

(2001) Overthrow/09. Blood On Their Hands , Pulling Out The Nails (Live On 88.9 WERS-Boston).mp39.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/04. Angst Isst Die Seele Auf.mp39.0MB

(2006) Discordia/06. Sensory Deprivation.mp39.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/12. The Devil's Onion Ring.mp39.0MB

(2001) Overthrow/06. Manufacturing Greed (Live On 88.9 WERS-Boston).mp39.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/11. Unmarked Graves (Live).ogg9.0MB

(2008) Traitors/10. Thrown Into The Sun.mp39.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/06. The Illuminaught.mp38.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/14. Conquistadores.mp38.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/30. Manufacturing Greed (Live).mp38.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/11. Birth Of Ignorance.mp38.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/02. Fed To The Wolves.mp38.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/03. The Carrion Call.mp38.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/02. Drowning - Creation.mp38.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/12. Conquistadoers (Live).ogg8.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/11. The Imperial Ambition.mp38.0MB

(2004) Dissent [EP]/03. Dissent III - The Imperial Ambition.mp38.0MB

(2001) Overthrow/01. Manufacturing Greed.mp38.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/08. Misery Index - Manufacturing Greed.mp38.0MB

(2006) Discordia/02. Conquistadores.mp38.0MB

(2008) Traitors/03. Partisans Of Grief.mp38.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/01. Manufacturing Greed.mp38.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/10. History Is Rotten.mp38.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/08. The Unbridgeable Chasm.mp37.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/01. Retaliate.mp37.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/08. Reality Distortion (Disrupt Cover).mp37.0MB

(2002) Misery Index+Commit Suicide/03. Misery Index - Reality Distortion (Disrupt cover).mp37.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/08. Discordia (Acoustic Version).ogg7.0MB

(2003) Misery Index+Structure Of Lies/02. Structure Of Lies - Listen Carefully.mp37.0MB

(2006) Discordia/04. Breathing Pestilence.mp37.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/13. Defector (Thinning The Herd).mp37.0MB

(2004) Dissent [EP]/05. Defector (Thinning The Herd).mp37.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/19. Discordia (Acoustic Version).mp37.0MB

(2001) Overthrow/05. Dead Shall Rise (Terrorizer cover).mp37.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/08. Plague Of Objects.mp37.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/05. Dead Shall Rise (Terrorizer Cover).mp37.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/05. The Spectator.mp37.0MB

(2006) Conquistadores (Split with Bathtub Shitter)/01. Misery Index - Conquistadores.mp36.0MB

(2002) Misery Index+Commit Suicide/05. Commit Suicide - With Not Distaste.mp36.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/10. Sleeping Giants.mp36.0MB

(2006) Discordia/08. Dystopian Nightmares.mp36.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/04. Heirs To Thievery.mp36.0MB

(2006) Discordia/03. Outsourcing Jehovah.mp36.0MB

(2006) Conquistadores (Split with Bathtub Shitter)/03. Bathtub Shitter - P.O.P (People On The Paper).mp36.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/02. The Lies That Bind.mp36.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/15. Walls Of Confinement (Napalm Death Cover).mp36.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/09. Sheep And Wolves.mp36.0MB

(2004) Dissent [EP]/01. Dissent I - Sheep and Wolves.mp36.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/03. The Great Depression.mp36.0MB

(2006) Conquistadores (Split with Bathtub Shitter)/04. Bathtub Shitter - The End Of The Rainbow (Jap Version).mp35.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/09. You Lose.mp35.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/01. Drowning - Days Of Decline.mp35.0MB

(2001) Overthrow/04. Pulling Out The Nails.mp35.0MB

(2006) Discordia/05. Meet Reality.mp35.0MB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/04. Misery Index - Meet Reality.mp35.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/04. Pulling Out The Nails.mp35.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/23. Meet Reality.mp35.0MB

(2008) Traitors/04. Traitors.mp35.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/04. Meet Reality (2007 Version).ogg5.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/06. Order Upheld - Dissent Dissolved.mp35.0MB

(2001) Overthrow/08. My Untold Apocalypse (Live On 88.9 WERS-Boston).mp35.0MB

(2006) Discordia/10. Pandemican.mp35.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/12. Multiply By Fire.mp35.0MB

(2004) Dissent [EP]/04. Dissent IV - Multiply By Fire.mp35.0MB

(2008) Traitors/09. American Idolatry.mp35.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/26. Panopticon.mp35.0MB

(2003) Misery Index+Structure Of Lies/07. Misery Index - Panopticon.mp35.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/09. Sheep & Wolves (Live).ogg5.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/29. My Untold Apocalypse (Live).mp35.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/07. Servants Of Progress.mp35.0MB

(2006) Discordia/07. The Medusa Stare.mp35.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/06. My Untold Apocalypse.mp35.0MB

(2002) Misery Index+Commit Suicide/01. Misery Index - My Untold Apocalypse.mp35.0MB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/01. Misery Index - Ruling Class Cancelled.mp34.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/20. Ruling Class Canceled.mp34.0MB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/03. Misery Index - The Color Of Blood.mp34.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/22. The Color Of Blood.mp34.0MB

(2008) Traitors/07. Ruling Class Cancelled.mp34.0MB

(2001) Overthrow/07. Alive (Live On 88.9 WERS-Boston).mp34.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/01. Ruling Class Cancelled (7'' Version).ogg4.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/09. Bottom Feeders.mp34.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/03. The Color Of Blood (7'' Version).ogg4.0MB

(2008) Traitors/08. The Arbiter.mp34.0MB

(2006) Conquistadores (Split with Bathtub Shitter)/02. Misery Index - Walls Of Confinement (Mass Hysteria Version).mp34.0MB

(2008) Traitors/01. We Never Come In Peace.mp34.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/28. Alive (Live).mp34.0MB

(2007) Hang Em High [EP]/04. Discordia (acoustic).mp34.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/07. Alive.mp34.0MB

(2002) Misery Index+Commit Suicide/02. Misery Index - Alive.mp34.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/04. Brodequin - Raped In The Back Of Chad's Day.mp34.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/11. Day Of The Dead.mp34.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/01. Embracing Extinction.mp34.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/27. Screaming At A Wall (Minor Threat Cover).mp34.0MB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/06. Mumakil - Control.mp34.0MB

(2002) Misery Index+Commit Suicide/04. Commit Suicide - In All This Revelation.mp34.0MB

(2001) Overthrow/03. Blood On Their Hands.mp33.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/Covers/booklet (3-3).jpg3.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/03. Blood On Their Hands.mp33.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/03. Brodequin - From The Anatomical Deeps.mp33.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/05. Brodequin - The Garotte.mp33.0MB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/05. Mumakil - Mass Murder Institution.mp33.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/16. Scene And Not Heard.mp33.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/05. Scene And Not Heard (Demo Version).ogg3.0MB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/07. Mumakil - Apathy.mp33.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/Covers/Booklet_Front.jpg3.0MB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/Covers/front1.jpg3.0MB

(2007) Hang Em High [EP]/02. Scene And Not Heard.mp33.0MB

(2006) Conquistadores (Split with Bathtub Shitter)/cover.jpg2.0MB

(2006) Conquistadores (Split with Bathtub Shitter)/cover2.jpg2.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/18. Love It Or Leave It.mp32.0MB

(2002) Misery Index+Commit Suicide/photo.jpg2.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/07. Love It Or Leave It (Demo Version).ogg2.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/06. Hang 'Em High (Demo Version).ogg2.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/17. Hang 'Em High.mp32.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/Covers/back.jpg2.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Booklet01.jpg2.0MB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/Inside01.jpg2.0MB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/Inside02.jpg2.0MB

(2007) Hang Em High [EP]/03. Love It Or Leave It.mp32.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Booklet02.jpg2.0MB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/Inside05.jpg2.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/Covers/inlay.jpg1.0MB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/Inside04.jpg1.0MB

(2007) Hang Em High [EP]/01. Hang Em' High.mp31.0MB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/08. Mumakil - Get Wasted Or Die.mp31.0MB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/Inside00 + Front.jpg1.0MB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/02. Misery Index - 49 Seconds Of Hate.mp31.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/21. 49 Seconds Of Hate.mp31.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Booklet06.jpg1.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Booklet04.jpg1.0MB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/02. 49 Seconds Of Hate (7'' Version).ogg1.0MB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/24. The Living Shall Envy The Dead.mp31.0MB

(2003) Misery Index+Structure Of Lies/05. Misery Index - The Living Shall Envy The Dead.mp31.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/Covers/booklet (2-3).jpg1.0MB

(2004) Dissent [EP]/Covers/Back.jpg1.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Booklet08.jpg1.0MB

(2007) Hang Em High [EP]/Covers/Cover.jpg1.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/Covers/Back.jpg1.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/Covers/front1.jpg1.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/Covers/inside.jpg1.0MB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/Inside03.jpg1.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Booklet07.jpg1.0MB

(2004) Dissent [EP]/Covers/Front1.jpg1.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Booklet05.jpg1.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Booklet03.jpg1.0MB

(2003) Retaliate/Covers/Inlay.jpg1.0MB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/Back.jpg1.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Back.jpg1.0MB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/Covers/booklet (1-3).jpg1.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Front1.jpg1.0MB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/Covers/booklet (1-3).jpg1.0MB

(2008) Traitors/Covers/Booklet_Front.jpg1.0MB

(2007) Hang Em High [EP]/Covers/Back.jpg1.0MB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/Covers/booklet (2-3).jpg1.0MB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Inlay.jpg961.0KB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/Covers/inside-front.jpg951.0KB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/Covers/booklet (3-3).jpg920.0KB

(2003) Retaliate/Covers/CD.jpg832.0KB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/CD.jpg821.0KB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/CD.jpg783.0KB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/Covers/back.jpg743.0KB

(2008) Traitors/Covers/Back.jpg727.0KB

(2006) Discordia/11. Diggin In (Nasum Cover).mp3711.0KB

(2004) Dissent [EP]/Covers/Front.jpg702.0KB

(2004) Dissent [EP]/Front.jpg702.0KB

(2001) Overthrow/10. Blank.mp3664.0KB

(2003) Misery Index+Structure Of Lies/03. Structure Of Lies - Procession Of Fools.mp3645.0KB

(2003) Retaliate/Covers/Front.jpg639.0KB

(2003) Retaliate/Front.jpg639.0KB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/Inlay.jpg596.0KB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Covers/Front.jpg580.0KB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/Front.jpg580.0KB

(2007) Hang Em High [EP]/Covers/Front.jpg574.0KB

(2007) Hang Em High [EP]/Front.jpg574.0KB

(2008) Traitors/Covers/Inlay.jpg551.0KB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/Front.jpg539.0KB

(2006) Discordia/Front.jpg539.0KB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/vinyl2.jpg462.0KB

(2006) Discordia/Covers/vinyl1.jpg453.0KB

(2007) Hang Em High [EP]/Covers/vinyla.jpg450.0KB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/Covers/Front.jpg428.0KB

(2002) Created To Kill (Split with Drowning, Brodequin, Aborted)/Front.jpg428.0KB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/Covers/Front.jpg333.0KB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/Front.jpg333.0KB

(2008) Traitors/Covers/Front.jpg328.0KB

(2008) Traitors/Front.jpg328.0KB

(2008) Traitors/Covers/CD.jpg310.0KB

(2006) Conquistadores (Split with Bathtub Shitter)/vinyl2.jpg292.0KB

(2007) Hang Em High [EP]/Covers/vinylb.jpg247.0KB

(2008) Traitors/Covers/Booklet05.jpg233.0KB

(2008) Traitors/Covers/Booklet02.jpg229.0KB

(2008) Traitors/Covers/Booklet03.jpg197.0KB

(2006) Conquistadores (Split with Bathtub Shitter)/vinyl.jpg194.0KB

(2007) Ruling Class Cancelled (Split with Mumakil)/Covers/cd.jpg192.0KB

(2008) Traitors/Covers/Booklet01.jpg189.0KB

(2008) Traitors/Covers/Booklet04.jpg153.0KB

(2001) Overthrow/Front1.jpg95.0KB

(2008) Dead Sam Walking/Front.jpg93.0KB

(2010) Heirs To Thievery/photo.jpg92.0KB

(2010) Pulling Out The Nails/Front.jpg72.0KB

(2003) Misery Index+Structure Of Lies/cover.jpg48.0KB

(2002) Misery Index+Commit Suicide/cover.jpg42.0KB

(2001) Overthrow/Front.jpg36.0KB

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