Diana Ross & The Supremes - Box Set (2000) (4CD)

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2000 the supremes - box set diana ross

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Disc4/17 High Energy.mp39.0MB

Disc1/24 People [Original Version Featuring Florence Ballard].mp38.0MB

Disc4/06 River Deep, Mountain High.mp38.0MB

Disc2/22 You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You [Live @ The Copa, 5_20_1967].mp38.0MB

Disc4/05 Stoned Love.mp37.0MB

Disc4/20 You're The Heart of Me.mp37.0MB

Disc4/14 5_30 Plane.mp37.0MB

Disc4/18 I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking [Extended Version].mp37.0MB

Disc4/15 Bad Weather.mp37.0MB

Disc2/20 Somewhere [Live @ The Copa, 5_20_1967].mp36.0MB

Disc2/03 Everything Is Good About You [Stereo Mix].mp36.0MB

Disc1/19 Stop! In The Name Of Love [Alternate Version].mp36.0MB

Disc3/23 Someday We'll Be Together.mp36.0MB

Disc1/22 Nothing But Heartaches.mp35.0MB

Disc3/20 Can't Take My Eyes Off You [Alternate Version featuring Mary Wilson].mp35.0MB

Disc4/19 You're My Driving Wheel [Promotion-Only Single Mix].mp35.0MB

Disc3/04 Forever Came Today.mp35.0MB

Disc4/08 Touch [Promotion-Only Stereo Single Mix].mp35.0MB

Disc4/16 He's My Man.mp35.0MB

Disc3/07 Love Child.mp35.0MB

Disc4/12 Your Wonderful, Sweet, Sweet, Love.mp35.0MB

Disc3/14 I'm Living In Shame.mp35.0MB

Disc2/07 Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart.mp35.0MB

Disc2/04 Any Girl In Love (Knows What I'm Going Through).mp35.0MB

Disc3/11 I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (w_The Temptations).mp35.0MB

Disc1/20 Back In My Arms Again.mp35.0MB

Disc3/15 The Composer.mp35.0MB

Disc3/13 TCB (w_The Temptations).mp35.0MB

Disc3/08 How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone.mp35.0MB

Disc3/21 The Weight (w_The Temptations).mp35.0MB

Disc1/23 Take Me Where You Go.mp35.0MB

Disc3/19 Stormy.mp35.0MB

Disc2/08 You Can't Hurry Love.mp35.0MB

Disc1/15 Ask Any Girl.mp35.0MB

Disc4/09 Nathan Jones.mp35.0MB

Disc1/14 Baby Love.mp35.0MB

Disc2/19 When You Wish Upon A Star.mp35.0MB

Disc1/16 Come See About Me.mp35.0MB

Disc2/12 Love Is Here And Now You're Gone [Alternate Version].mp35.0MB

Disc4/04 The Day Will Come Between Sunday And Monday.mp35.0MB

Disc3/01 Reflections.mp35.0MB

Disc4/07 You Gotta Have Love In Your Heart.mp35.0MB

Disc3/09 Does Your Mama Know About Me.mp35.0MB

Disc4/02 Bill, When Are You Coming Back [Original 45 Single Mix].mp34.0MB

Disc3/17 No Matter What Sign You Are.mp34.0MB

Disc2/01 I Hear A Symphony.mp34.0MB

Disc2/02 My World Is Empty Without You.mp34.0MB

Disc1/21 It's All Your Fault [Original Mix].mp34.0MB

Disc2/15 My Guy.mp34.0MB

Disc3/16 Are You Sure The Name Of The Game Is Love.mp34.0MB

Disc2/17 The Happening [Demo Version].mp34.0MB

Disc2/10 You Keep Me Hangin' On.mp34.0MB

Disc3/06 The Beginning Of The End of Love.mp34.0MB

Disc1/18 Shake.mp34.0MB

Disc3/02 In And Out Of Love.mp34.0MB

Disc1/13 Where Did Our Love Go_.mp34.0MB

Disc2/16 Falling In Love With Love.mp34.0MB

Disc4/11 Automatically Sunshine.mp34.0MB

Disc4/03 Everybody's Got The Right To Love.mp34.0MB

Disc3/05 Some Things You Never Get Used To.mp34.0MB

Disc2/06 Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine.mp34.0MB

Disc1/05 I Want A Guy [Original 45 Single Mix].mp34.0MB

Disc4/13 I Guess I'll Miss The Man.mp34.0MB

Disc3/22 The Beginning Of The End.mp34.0MB

Disc3/10 He's My Sunny Boy.mp34.0MB

Disc2/14 Come On And See Me [Original Mix].mp34.0MB

Disc3/03 Heaven Must Have Sent You [Original Mix].mp34.0MB

Disc2/09 Mother Dear [Version 2].mp34.0MB

Disc3/12 I'll Try Something New (w_The Temptations).mp34.0MB

Disc1/12 When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes [Original 45 Single Mix].mp34.0MB

Disc4/01 Up The Ladder To The Roof [Original 45 Single Mix].mp34.0MB

Disc2/13 There's No Stopping Us Now [Original 45 Single Mix].mp34.0MB

Disc3/18 The Young Folks [Original 45 Single Mix].mp34.0MB

Disc1/08 Let Me Go The Right Way [Live @ Motor Town Revue, 12_17_1962].mp33.0MB

Disc1/17 Ooowee Baby [Original Mix].mp33.0MB

Disc1/04 The Boy That Got Away.mp33.0MB

Disc2/21 Group Introduction [Live @ The Copa, 5_20_1967].mp33.0MB

Disc2/18 All I Know About You [Stereo Mix].mp33.0MB

Disc2/11 Going Down For The Third Time [Original 45 Single Mix].mp33.0MB

Disc1/09 My Heart Can't Take It No More.mp33.0MB

Disc1/06 Buttered Popcorn [Alternate Version].mp33.0MB

Disc4/10 Floy Joy [Unedited Version].mp33.0MB

Disc1/03 After All.mp33.0MB

Disc2/05 Surfer Boy [Original Mix].mp33.0MB

Disc1/01 Tears of Sorrow (as The Primettes).mp33.0MB

Disc1/07 Your Heart Belongs To Me [Original 45 Single Mix].mp33.0MB

Disc1/11 Run, Run, Run.mp32.0MB

Disc1/10 A Breath Taking, First Sight Soul Shaking, One Night Love Making, Next Day Heart Breaking Guy.mp32.0MB

Disc1/02 Pretty Baby (as The Primettes).mp32.0MB














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Disc2/Supremes-box-set (2).jpg63.0KB


Disc1/Supremes-box-set (2).jpg63.0KB






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