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The torrent has 54 files, total 497.0MB, created at Jan. 10, 2015.

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Lucidity/Delain - Silhouette of a Dancer.mp312.0MB

April Rain/Delain - Start Swimming.mp312.0MB

The Human Contradiction/Delain - Here Come the Vultures.mp312.0MB

April Rain/Delain - No Compliance.mp311.0MB

Lucidity/Delain - No Compliance.mp311.0MB

Lucidity/Delain - Sever.mp311.0MB

Lucidity/Delain - (Deep) Frozen.mp310.0MB

Lucidity/Delain - Frozen.mp310.0MB

Interlude/Delain - Collars and Suits.mp310.0MB

April Rain/Delain - Nothing Left.mp310.0MB

Lucidity/Delain - See Me in Shadow.mp310.0MB

April Rain/Delain - April Rain.mp310.0MB

Lucidity/Delain - Daylight Lucidity.mp310.0MB

Lucidity/Delain - Pristine.mp310.0MB

April Rain/Delain - Come Closer.mp310.0MB

The Human Contradiction/Delain - Sing to Me.mp310.0MB

Lucidity/Delain - Sleepwalker's Dream.mp310.0MB

April Rain/Delain - Stay Forever.mp310.0MB

The Human Contradiction/Delain - Lullaby.mp310.0MB

The Human Contradiction/Delain - Army of Dolls.mp310.0MB

Lucidity/Delain - Shattered.mp39.0MB

The Human Contradiction/Delain - Tell Me, Mechanist.mp39.0MB

April Rain/Delain - Control the Storm.mp39.0MB

April Rain/Delain - On the Other Side.mp39.0MB

April Rain/Delain - Virtue and Vice.mp39.0MB

The Human Contradiction/Delain - The Tragedy of the Commons.mp39.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain - I Want You.mp38.0MB

Interlude/Delain - Cordell.mp38.0MB

The Human Contradiction/Delain - Scarlet.mp38.0MB

April Rain/Delain - Invidia.mp38.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain - Not Enough.mp38.0MB

Interlude/Delain - We Are the Others (new ballad version).mp38.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain - Mother Machine.mp38.0MB

Interlude/Delain - Such a Shame.mp38.0MB

April Rain/Delain - Go Away.mp38.0MB

Lucidity/Delain - A Day for Ghosts.mp38.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain - Milk and Honey.mp38.0MB

Lucidity/Delain - The Gathering.mp38.0MB

Interlude/Delain - Breathe on Me.mp38.0MB

The Human Contradiction/Delain - Your Body is a Battleground.mp38.0MB

April Rain/Delain - I'll Reach You.mp38.0MB

The Human Contradiction/Delain - Stardust.mp37.0MB

April Rain/Delain - Lost.mp37.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain - Electricity.mp37.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain - We Are the Others.mp37.0MB

The Human Contradiction/Delain - My Masquerade.mp37.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain - Babylon.mp37.0MB

The Human Contradiction/Delain - Don't Let Go.mp37.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain - Hit Me With Your Best Shot.mp37.0MB

Interlude/Delain - Smalltown Boy.mp37.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain - Generation Me.mp36.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain - Get the Devil Out of Me.mp36.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain feat. Burton C. Bell - Where Is the Blood.mp36.0MB

We Are The Others/Delain - Are You Done With Me.mp35.0MB

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