Yasunori Mitsuda - Xenogears Original Soundtrack (2005) [MP3 320]

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The torrent has 48 files, total 332.0MB, created at Nov. 29, 2014.

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mp3 320 yasunori mitsuda - xenogears original soundtrack 2005

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CD2/19. SMALL TWO OF PIECES ~Broken Shards~.mp314.0MB

CD2/17. One Who Bares Fangs at God.mp314.0MB

CD1/15. After the Soldiers' Dreams.mp311.0MB

CD2/13. The One Who is Torn Apart.mp311.0MB

CD2/15. Premonition.mp311.0MB

CD1/01. Dark Daybreak.mp311.0MB

CD2/09. Flight.mp311.0MB

CD2/18. The Beginning and the End.mp310.0MB

CD2/04. October Mermaid.mp310.0MB

CD2/16. Awakening.mp310.0MB

CD1/21. The Gentle Breeze Sings.mp39.0MB

CD1/04. My Village is Number One.mp39.0MB

CD1/08. The Blackmoon Forest.mp39.0MB

CD1/24. Thames, Spirit of the Men of the Sea.mp38.0MB

CD1/13. Grahf, Ruler of Darkness.mp38.0MB

CD2/11. Solaris, Celestial Paradise.mp38.0MB

CD2/08. Tears of the Stars, Thoughts of the People.mp38.0MB

CD2/05. The Wind Calls to Shevat in the Blue Sky.mp38.0MB

CD1/11. Dazil, Town of Burning Sands.mp37.0MB

CD1/16. Unstealable Jewel.mp37.0MB

CD2/14. A Prayer for the Joy Man Desires.mp37.0MB

CD1/18. Invasion.mp37.0MB

CD1/25. The Blue Traveler.mp37.0MB

CD1/12. Aspiration.mp37.0MB

CD1/03. Bonds of Sea and Flame.mp37.0MB

CD2/07. A Gathering of Stars in the Night Sky.mp37.0MB

CD1/09. Where the Egg of Dreams Hatches.mp37.0MB


CD2/02. Jaws of Ice.mp36.0MB

CD2/03. Crimson Knight.mp36.0MB

CD2/01. In a Prison of Peace and Regret.mp36.0MB

CD1/19. Stage of Death.mp36.0MB

CD2/06. The Sky, the Clouds, and You.mp35.0MB

CD1/14. Fuse.mp35.0MB

CD1/05. Valley Where the Wind Is Born.mp35.0MB

CD1/07. Steel Giant.mp35.0MB

CD2/10. Wings.mp35.0MB

CD1/22. Our Wounded Bodies Shall Advance Towards the Light.mp34.0MB

CD1/06. Faraway Promise.mp34.0MB

CD1/17. Aveh, The Ancient Dance.mp34.0MB

CD1/23. lost... Broken Shards.mp32.0MB

CD1/20. In A Dark Slumber....mp3916.0KB

CD2/12. Dozing Off (Long Version).mp3568.0KB

CD1/10. Dozing Off (Short Version).mp3400.0KB



CD1/Xenogears Original Soundtrack (Disc 1).m3u1.0KB

CD2/Xenogears Original Soundtrack (Disc 2).m3u1.0KB

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