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hard rock forever

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CD 3/66_Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven.mp318.0MB

CD 3/65_Judas Priest - Alone.mp317.0MB

CD 1/63_Black Sabbath - The Sign Of The Southern Cross.mp317.0MB

CD 2/66_Van Halen - Once.mp317.0MB

CD 3/64_Guns N Roses - Civil War.mp317.0MB

CD 1/64_Deep Purple - Burn.mp317.0MB

CD 1/60_Deep Purple - Walk On.mp316.0MB

CD 1/62_Black Sabbath - When Death Calls.mp315.0MB

CD 2/65_Judas Priest - Beyond The Realms Of Death.mp315.0MB

CD 3/63_Nazareth - God Save The South.mp315.0MB

CD 2/64_Black Sabbath - Eternal Idol.mp314.0MB

CD 3/62_Black Sabbath - Nightwing.mp314.0MB

CD 1/58_Black Sabbath - Heart Like A Wheel.mp314.0MB

CD 3/61_Motley Crue - Droppin Like Flies.mp314.0MB

CD 1/61_Def Leppard - Pearl Of Euphoria.mp314.0MB

CD 1/59_Guns N Roses - Sorry.mp314.0MB

CD 1/57_Whitesnake - Summer Rain.mp314.0MB

CD 1/56_David Coverdale & Whitesnake - Take Me Back Again.mp313.0MB

CD 1/55_Aerosmith - Amazing.mp313.0MB

CD 2/63_Deep Purple - Strangeways.mp313.0MB

CD 2/62_Black Sabbath - Master Of Insanity.mp313.0MB

CD 2/60_Acdc - Ride On.mp313.0MB

CD 2/61_Black Sabbath - Dying For Love.mp313.0MB

CD 2/59_Nazareth - May Heaven Keep You.mp313.0MB

CD 2/58_David Coverdale & Whitesnake - Too Many Tears.mp313.0MB

CD 3/60_Deep Purple - Somke On The Water.mp313.0MB

CD 1/54_Guns N Roses - Madagascar.mp312.0MB

CD 2/57_Guns N Roses - Knockin On Heavens Door.mp312.0MB

CD 3/59_Black Sabbath - Ancient Warrior.mp312.0MB

CD 2/56_Whitesnake - til The End Of Time.mp312.0MB

CD 1/52_Guns N Roses - This I Love.mp312.0MB

CD 1/51_Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow - Black Masquerade.mp312.0MB

CD 2/55_Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow - Hall Of The Mountain King.mp312.0MB

CD 3/58_Motley Crue - Uncle Jack.mp312.0MB

CD 2/54_Def Leppard - Paper Sun.mp312.0MB

CD 1/53_Deep Purple - Clearly Quite Absurd.mp312.0MB

CD 3/57_Scorpions - Humanity.mp312.0MB

CD 3/56_Uriah Heep - Angels Walk With You.mp312.0MB

CD 1/50_Deep Purple - Watching The Sky.mp312.0MB

CD 2/53_Aerosmith - Love In An Elevator.mp312.0MB

CD 2/52_Def Leppard - All I Want Is Everything.mp312.0MB

CD 2/51_Deep Purple - You Keep On Moving.mp312.0MB

CD 1/47_Deep Purple - The Aviator.mp312.0MB

CD 1/49_Scorpions - Sly.mp312.0MB

CD 2/50_Aerosmith - Crazy.mp312.0MB

CD 1/48_Black Sabbath - Seventh Star.mp312.0MB

CD 3/55_Whitesnake - Best Years.mp312.0MB

CD 3/54_Scorpions - The Good Die Young.mp312.0MB

CD 1/46_Acdc - Hells Bells.mp311.0MB

CD 3/53_Judas Priest - Youve Got Another Thing Comin.mp311.0MB

CD 3/52_Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion.mp311.0MB

CD 1/45_Black Sabbath - I.mp311.0MB

CD 3/49_Aerosmith - Cryin.mp311.0MB

CD 1/42_Black Sabbath - Kill In The Spirit World.mp311.0MB

CD 1/44_Ufo - Saving Me.mp311.0MB

CD 2/49_Nazareth - Nothing So Good.mp311.0MB

CD 3/51_Guns N Roses - Aint It Fun.mp311.0MB

CD 2/48_Whitesnake - Can You Hear The Wind Blow.mp311.0MB

CD 3/50_Deep Purple - Mitzie Dupree.mp311.0MB

CD 1/43_Def Leppard - Scar.mp311.0MB

CD 1/41_Aerosmith - I Dont Want To Miss A Thing.mp311.0MB

CD 2/47_David Coverdale & Whitesnake - Dont Fade Away.mp311.0MB

CD 1/40_Ufo - Slipping Away.mp311.0MB

CD 3/48_Grand Funk Railroad - Its A Mans World.mp311.0MB

CD 2/46_Deep Purple - Dont Make Me Happy.mp311.0MB

CD 2/45_David Coverdale & Whitesnake - Restless Heart.mp311.0MB

CD 1/39_Deep Purple - Call Of The Wild.mp311.0MB

CD 3/47_Queen - I Cant Live With You.mp311.0MB

CD 2/44_Black Sabbath - Glory Ride.mp310.0MB

CD 3/46_Def Leppard - Love Dont Lie.mp310.0MB

CD 2/43_Deep Purple - Fingers To The Bone.mp310.0MB

CD 1/37_David Coverdale & Whitesnake - All In The Name Of Love.mp310.0MB

CD 1/36_Deep Purple - Bad Attitude.mp310.0MB

CD 1/38_Judas Priest - Conquest.mp310.0MB

CD 2/42_Black Sabbath - Nightmare.mp310.0MB

CD 3/45_Black Sabbath - Devil & Daughter.mp310.0MB

CD 3/44_Ufo - Some Other Guy.mp310.0MB

CD 1/35_Def Leppard - Long Long Way To Go.mp310.0MB

CD 3/43_Nazareth - Let Me Be Your Dog.mp310.0MB

CD 1/34_David Coverdale & Whitesnake - Your Precious Love.mp310.0MB

CD 3/42_Black Sabbath - Cross Of Thorns.mp310.0MB

CD 3/41_Scorpions - Lorelei.mp310.0MB

CD 2/40_Scorpions - The Best Is Yet To Come.mp310.0MB

CD 2/41_Ufo - Baby Blue.mp310.0MB

CD 2/39_Acdc - Cover You In Oil.mp310.0MB

CD 2/38_Queen - I Want It All.mp310.0MB

CD 1/33_Acdc - Hard As A Rock.mp310.0MB

CD 1/32_Nazareth - Open Up Woman.mp310.0MB

CD 1/31_David Coverdale & Whitesnake - Cant Go On.mp310.0MB

CD 3/40_Aerosmith - Dream On.mp310.0MB

CD 2/37_Def Leppard - Blood Runs Cold.mp310.0MB

CD 1/30_Def Leppard - Kiss The Day.mp310.0MB

CD 3/39_Black Sabbath - No Stranger To Love.mp310.0MB

CD 2/36_Motley Crue - Timebombs.mp310.0MB

CD 3/38_Judas Priest - Angel.mp310.0MB

CD 1/29_Aerosmith - Back Back Train.mp310.0MB

CD 2/35_Status Quo - In The Army Now (2010).mp310.0MB

CD 2/34_Deep Purple - Haunted.mp310.0MB

CD 1/28_Acdc - The Razors Edge.mp310.0MB

CD 2/33_Def Leppard - Turn To Dust.mp310.0MB

CD 3/37_Acdc - Rock N Roll Train.mp310.0MB

CD 3/35_Grand Funk Railroad - Life In Outer Space.mp39.0MB

CD 3/36_Scorpions - Love Is War.mp39.0MB

CD 3/34_Deep Purple - I Need Love.mp39.0MB

CD 1/27_Guns N Roses - Since I Dont Have You.mp39.0MB

CD 2/32_Judas Priest - Worth Fighting For.mp39.0MB

CD 1/26_Motley Crue - New Tattoo.mp39.0MB

CD 2/28_Aerosmith - Chip Away The Stone.mp39.0MB

CD 2/29_Def Leppard - Love.mp39.0MB

CD 2/30_Grand Funk Railroad - Dont Lie To Me.mp39.0MB

CD 2/31_Uriah Heep - Heavens Rain.mp39.0MB

CD 3/33_Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls.mp39.0MB

CD 2/27_Motley Crue - Hell On High Heels.mp39.0MB

CD 1/24_Acdc - Sink The Pink.mp39.0MB

CD 1/23_Queen - No One But You.mp39.0MB

CD 3/32_Nazareth - Stand By Your Beds.mp39.0MB

CD 2/26_Def Leppard - Cmon Cmon.mp39.0MB

CD 3/31_Ufo - Kingston Town.mp39.0MB

CD 3/30_David Coverdale & Whitesnake - Stay With Me.mp39.0MB

CD 3/29_Def Leppard - Drive-In Saturday [David Bowie.mp39.0MB

CD 2/25_Judas Priest - Come And Get It.mp39.0MB

CD 2/24_Def Leppard - Breath A Sigh.mp39.0MB

CD 2/22_Acdc - Smash N Grab.mp39.0MB

CD 1/25_Def Leppard - Its Only Love.mp39.0MB

CD 2/23_Deep Purple - Talk About Love.mp39.0MB

CD 2/21_Scorpions - Love Will Keep Us Alive (Radio.mp39.0MB

CD 2/20_Black Sabbath - Lost Forever.mp39.0MB

CD 1/22_Def Leppard - Where Does Love Go When It Die.mp39.0MB

CD 3/28_Scorpions - The Game Of Life.mp39.0MB

CD 2/19_Scorpions - The Future Never Dies.mp39.0MB

CD 3/27_Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow - Silence.mp39.0MB

CD 1/21_Acdc - Cant Stop Rock n Roll.mp39.0MB

CD 1/20_Motley Crue - Home Sweet Home.mp39.0MB

CD 1/19_Aerosmith - Blind Man.mp39.0MB

CD 2/18_Whitesnake - All I Want All I Need (Radio E.mp39.0MB

CD 3/25_Def Leppard - Now.mp39.0MB

CD 3/26_Scorpions - We Were Born To Fly.mp39.0MB

CD 3/24_Motley Crue - Driftaway.mp39.0MB

CD 2/17_Scorpions - Raised On Rock.mp39.0MB

CD 3/23_Ufo - Whos Fooling Who.mp39.0MB

CD 1/18_Uriah Heep - Light Of A Thousand Stars.mp39.0MB

CD 2/16_Ufo - Forsaken.mp39.0MB

CD 2/15_Aerosmith - Last Child.mp39.0MB

CD 1/17_Def Leppard - To Be Alive.mp38.0MB

CD 3/20_Ufo - Sympathy.mp38.0MB

CD 1/16_Van Halen - Aint Talkin bout Love.mp38.0MB

CD 3/22_Aerosmith - The Grind.mp38.0MB

CD 1/15_Def Leppard - Guilty.mp38.0MB

CD 3/21_Deep Purple - Never A Word.mp38.0MB

CD 3/16_Deep Purple - Love Conquers All.mp38.0MB

CD 2/14_Acdc - Moneytalks.mp38.0MB

CD 2/13_Motley Crue - Fake.mp38.0MB

CD 2/12_Aerosmith - Come Together.mp38.0MB

CD 1/14_Scorpions - Your Last Song.mp38.0MB

CD 1/13_Motley Crue - Hollywood Ending.mp38.0MB

CD 1/12_Scorpions - Spirit Of Rock.mp38.0MB

CD 1/11_Motley Crue - Poison Apples.mp38.0MB

CD 3/19_Def Leppard - Goodbye.mp38.0MB

CD 3/15_Aerosmith - Deuces Are Wild.mp38.0MB

CD 3/18_Ufo - Hard Being Me.mp38.0MB

CD 3/17_Guns N Roses - You Cant Put Your Arms Around.mp38.0MB

CD 2/11_Def Leppard - Only The Good Die Young.mp38.0MB

CD 3/13_Acdc - Decibel.mp38.0MB

CD 3/14_Def Leppard - Nine Lives (Def Leppard Versio.mp38.0MB

CD 2/10_Nazareth - Light Comes Down.mp38.0MB

CD 1/10_Black Sabbath - Sick & Tired.mp38.0MB

CD 1/09_Def Leppard - Let Me Be The One.mp38.0MB

CD 2/09_Guns N Roses - Down On The Farm.mp37.0MB

CD 1/08_Judas Priest - Diamonds And Rust.mp37.0MB

CD 3/12_Scorpions - Hour I.mp37.0MB

CD 2/08_Scorpions - No Limit.mp37.0MB

CD 3/11_Judas Priest - Before The Dawn.mp37.0MB

CD 3/10_Acdc - Rockin All The Way.mp37.0MB

CD 3/09_Def Leppard - Go.mp37.0MB

CD 3/08_Motley Crue - Bittersuite.mp37.0MB

CD 3/07_Acdc - Spoilin For A Fight.mp37.0MB

CD 2/07_Guns N Roses - Yesterdays.mp37.0MB

CD 1/07_Scorpions - Youre Lovin Me To Death.mp37.0MB

CD 2/06_Scorpions - Sting In The Tail.mp37.0MB

CD 2/05_Acdc - Stormy May Day.mp37.0MB

CD 1/06_Aerosmith - Eyesight To The Blind.mp37.0MB

CD 3/06_Def Leppard - Everyday.mp37.0MB

CD 3/05_Black Sabbath - Angry Heart.mp37.0MB

CD 3/04_Deep Purple - Love Child.mp37.0MB

CD 2/04_Def Leppard - Deliver Me.mp37.0MB

CD 1/05_Grand Funk Railroad - Borderline.mp36.0MB

CD 1/04_Judas Priest - The Ripper.mp36.0MB

CD 3/03_Aerosmith - Temperature.mp36.0MB

CD 1/03_Scorpions - Slave Me.mp36.0MB

CD 1/02_Motley Crue - Loveshine.mp36.0MB

CD 2/03_Judas Priest - Breaking The Law.mp35.0MB

CD 1/01_Black Sabbath - In Memory.mp35.0MB

CD 2/02_Motley Crue - Friends.mp35.0MB

CD 3/02_Def Leppard - Dont Believe A Word [Thin Liz.mp35.0MB

CD 3/01_Black Sabbath - Scarlet Pimpernel.mp34.0MB

CD 2/01_Deep Purple - Contact Lost.mp33.0MB

CD 3/cover.jpg32.0KB

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