[Pn8] Death Parade S01 [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p]

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The torrent has 13 files, total 8.0GB, created at May. 19, 2015.

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funi-dl death parade s01 1080p simuldub

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[Pn8] Death Parade S01E02 Death Reverse [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [4F54F571].mp4715.0MB

[Pn8] Death Parade S01E10 Story Teller [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [E300DFED].mp4713.0MB

[Pn8] Death Parade S01E06 Cross Heart Attack [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [A6A51245].mp4713.0MB

[Pn8] Death Parade S01E05 Death March [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [F953E769].mp4712.0MB

[Pn8] Death Parade S01E08 Death Rally [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [699FB76D].mp4712.0MB

[Pn8] Death Parade S01E04 Death Arcade [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [3AD2ECC5].mp4711.0MB

[Pn8] Death Parade S01E07 Alcohol Poison [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [6873CCAD].mp4710.0MB

[Pn8] Death Parade S01E11 Memento Mori [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [826E2131].mp4708.0MB

[Pn8] Death Parade S01E01 Death Seven Darts [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [ED376301].mp4707.0MB

[Pn8] Death Parade S01E03 Rolling Ballade [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [D2374608].mp4703.0MB

[Pn8] Death Parade S01E12 Suicide Tour [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [D6BBC712].mp4692.0MB

[Pn8] Death Parade S01E09 Death Counter [Simuldub] [Funi-DL] [1080p] [680AA463].mp4686.0MB

Extras/[Pn8] Death Parade S01CLP Broadcast Dub Clip [Youtube-DL] [1080p] [5E7FB8C0].mp432.0MB

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