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40. 2003 AIME II Problem 8.mp415.0MB

23. Exponential Growth.mp415.0MB

38. Series Sum Example.mp414.0MB

30. Parametric Equations 4.mp413.0MB

39. Complex Determinant Example.mp413.0MB

8. Proof- lim (sin x):x.mp413.0MB

29. Parametric Equations 3.mp410.0MB

35. Basic Complex Analysis.mp410.0MB

36. Exponential form to find complex roots.mp410.0MB

15. Binomial Theorem (part 2).mp410.0MB

6. Limit Examples w: brain malfunction on first prob (part 4).mp410.0MB

9. More Limits.mp49.0MB

14. Binomial Theorem (part 1).mp49.0MB

16. Binomial Theorem (part 3).mp49.0MB

1. Introduction to Limits (HD).mp49.0MB

27. Parametric Equations 1.mp49.0MB

43. Vi and Sal Talk About the Mysteries of Benford's Law.mp48.0MB

20. Compound Interest and e (part 2).mp48.0MB

31. Introduction to Function Inverses.mp48.0MB

41. Logarithmic Scale.mp48.0MB

17. Introduction to interest.mp48.0MB

21. Compound Interest and e (part 3).mp47.0MB

34. Function Inverses Example 3.mp47.0MB

12. Permutations.mp47.0MB

19. Introduction to compound interest and e.mp47.0MB

28. Parametric Equations 2.mp47.0MB

44. Benford's Law Explanation (Sequel to Mysteries of Benford's Law).mp47.0MB

33. Function Inverses Example 2.mp47.0MB

24. Polar Coordinates 1.mp47.0MB

13. Combinations.mp47.0MB

11. Sequences and series (part 2).mp47.0MB

10. Sequences and Series (part 1).mp46.0MB

32. Function Inverse Example 1.mp46.0MB

37. Complex Conjugates.mp46.0MB

5. Limit Examples (part3).mp46.0MB

3. Limit Examples (part 1).mp46.0MB

25. Polar Coordinates 2.mp46.0MB

18. Interest (part 2).mp46.0MB

22. Compound Interest and e (part 4).mp46.0MB

2. Introduction to Limits.mp45.0MB

26. Polar Coordinates 3.mp45.0MB

7. Squeeze Theorem.mp45.0MB

4. Limit Examples (part 2).mp45.0MB

42. Vi and Sal Explore How We Think About Scale.mp43.0MB

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