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James Last-Classic Touch-1993/14 Bolero.wma12.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/05 - Don't Cry For Me Argentina.mp39.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/07 - La Entrada Del Bilbao.mp39.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/03 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.wma7.0MB

James Last-Violins In Love/03 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me.wma7.0MB

James Last-Violins In Love/08 You Make Me Feel Brand New.wma7.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/05 Paintings.wma7.0MB

James Last-Violins In Love/04 The Sounds Of Silence.wma7.0MB

James Last-Violins In Love/02 Was ich dir sagen will.wma7.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/08 - Knock On Wood.mp36.0MB

James Last-Violins In Love/06 Unchained Melody.wma6.0MB

James Last-Violins In Love/05 Hey Jude.wma6.0MB

James Last-Violins In Love/10 Violins In Love.wma6.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/12 - James Last - Don't Cry For Me Argentina.mp36.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/13 - Romance For Violin And Orchestra In F Major.mp36.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/11 - The Lonely Shepherd.mp36.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/01 Overture {Marriage of Figaro}.wma5.0MB

James Last-Violins In Love/01 The Air That I Breathe.wma5.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/02 Träumerei.wma5.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/07 Yosaku.wma5.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/03 - Charmaine.mp35.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/06 Rodrigo's Guitar Concerto.wma5.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/04 Intermezzo from 'Cavalleria Rusticana'.wma5.0MB

James Last-Violins In Love/07 Let It Be.wma5.0MB

James Last-Around the World/12 - Barcelona.Mp3.mp35.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/13 Cockles and Mussels.wma5.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/12 Country Train.wma5.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/08 Careless Love.wma5.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/05 Chanson Triste.wma4.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/04 - Morning At Seven.mp34.0MB

James Last-Violins In Love/09 A Whiter Shade Of Pale.wma4.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/15 - Salome.mp34.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/02 Scarborough Fair.wma4.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/11 Theme from Elvira Madigan {Andante from the Concerto for Piano & Orches.wma4.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/01 Going Home (Adagio 'From the New World').wma4.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/06 Abide with Me.wma4.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/09 Adagio from the Sonata Pathetique No. 18 in C Minor Op. 13.wma4.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/03 Amazing Grace.wma4.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/09 - Ballade Pour Adeline.mp34.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/11 - La Golondrina.mp34.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/09 - James Last - La Vie En Rose.mp34.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/10 - Happy Heart.mp34.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/05 - The Donkey Serenade.mp34.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/09 - La Mer.mp34.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/03 - Skokiaan.mp34.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/02 - Begin The Beguine.mp33.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/10 Liebestraum.wma3.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/18 - James Last - The Air That I Breathe.mp33.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/07 - Caravan.mp33.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/07 Barcarolle {from The Tales of Hoffman}.wma3.0MB

James Last-Around the World/14 - Africa.Mp3.mp33.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/04 Es Waren Zwel Königskinder.wma3.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/16 - Sleighride In St. Petersburg.mp33.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/08 In the Hall of the Mountain King {from Peer Gynt Suite No. 1}.wma3.0MB

James Last-Around the World/07 - Woman_Of_Ireland.Mp3.mp33.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/13 - James Last - Biscaya.mp33.0MB

James Last-Around the World/15 - Jamaica_Farewell.Mp3.mp33.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/12 Hungarian Dance No. 5.wma3.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/06 - Hava Nagila.mp33.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/14 - Amboss-Polka.mp33.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/12 - Down By The River Side.mp33.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/15 - James Last - Theme From ' Love Story '.mp33.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/09 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.wma3.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/04 - James Last - Copacabana.mp33.0MB

James Last-Classic Touch-1993/13 Ballet Music {from Prince Igor}.wma3.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/12 - Liechtensteiner Polka.mp33.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/06 - Happy Music.mp33.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/10 - Un Poco Rio.mp33.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/01 - Happy Music.mp33.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/05 - James Last - Canadian Sunset.mp33.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/20 - James Last - Wedding Song (There Is Love).mp33.0MB

James Last-Around the World/02 - Arrivederci_Roma.Mp3.mp33.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/21 - James Last - The Seduction (Love Theme).mp33.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/04 - Always.mp33.0MB

James Last-Around the World/10 - St._Louis_Blues_March.Mp3.mp33.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/16 - James Last - Schiwago Melodie (Lara's Theme).mp33.0MB

James Last-Around the World/01 - Granada.Mp3.mp33.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/19 - James Last - Whiter Sade Of Pale.mp33.0MB

James Last-Around the World/06 - Plaisir_D'amour.Mp3.mp33.0MB

James Last-Around the World/09 - Orange_Blossom_Special.Mp3.mp33.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/14 - James Last - I Left My Heart In San Francisco.mp33.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/11 - James Last - Moon River.mp33.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/06 - James Last - Guantanamera.mp33.0MB

James Last-Around the World/16 - The_Girl_Of_Ipanema.Mp3.mp32.0MB

James Last-Around the World/13 - Blue_Tango.Mp3.mp32.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/02 - Hora Staccato.mp32.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/08 - Carmen 68.mp32.0MB

James Last-Around the World/03 - Wien_Bleibt_Wien.Mp3.mp32.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/11 The Londonderry Air.wma2.0MB

James Last-Around the World/05 - American_Patrol.Mp3.mp32.0MB

James Last-Around the World/04 - Havah_Nagilah.Mp3.mp32.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/01 - James Last - A Man And A Woman.mp32.0MB

James Last-Around the World/11 - April_In_Portugal.Mp3.mp32.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/02 - James Last - Happy Music.mp32.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/07 - James Last - Games That Lovers Play.mp32.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/08 - James Last - Spanish Eyes.mp32.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/10 - James Last - Romeo & Juliet.mp32.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/03 - James Last - Let The Sunshine In.mp32.0MB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/01 - Starparade.mp32.0MB

James Last-Around the World/08 - Londonderry_Air.mp32.0MB

James Last-Romantic Dreams-1987/10 The Rose of Tralee.wma1.0MB

James Last-Greatest hits/17 - James Last - Yesterday.mp31.0MB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/Fanfare - Back.JPG44.0KB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/The Best Of 150 Gold - Back.JPG38.0KB

James Last-The Best From 150 Gold-1969-1979/The Best From 150 Gold - Front.JPG30.0KB

James Last-Fanfare-1967/Fanfare - Front.JPG28.0KB

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