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folk me

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Eliza Carthy - Blow the Winds-The Game of Dr.mp310.0MB

Pentangle - Jack Orion.mp310.0MB

John Roberts & Tony Barrand - Robin Hood and the Bishop of H.mp310.0MB

Pentangle - Cruel Sister.mp39.0MB

John McCutcheon - - Scu.mp39.0MB

Eliza Carthy - Zycanthos Jig-Tommys Foot-Que.mp38.0MB

john renbourne - John Barleycorn is Dead.mp38.0MB

celtic fiddle festival - mrs kenny's.mp37.0MB

old blind dogs - tramps and hawkers.mp37.0MB

Buffy Sainte-Marie - Sir Patrick Spens.mp37.0MB

paul brady - arthur mcbride.mp36.0MB

kathryn tickell - Johnny Cope-Tipsy Sailor.mp36.0MB

Martin Simpson - Lord Gregory (Live).mp36.0MB

Sandra and Nancy Kerr - The Great Silkie.mp36.0MB

The Bothy Band - The Kesh Jig Give Us A Drink Of Water The Flower Of The Flock Famous Ballymore.mp35.0MB

Dick Gaughan - Erin-Go-Bragh.mp35.0MB

the Watersons - Seven Yellow Gypsies.mp35.0MB

Sid Kipper - Jack Onion.mp35.0MB

celtic fiddle festival - Johny's Big Set- Lochinside-Christma.mp35.0MB

solas - jigs.mp35.0MB

old blind dogs - Black-Haired Lad.mp35.0MB

John Roberts & Tony Barrand - Tom of Bedlam.mp35.0MB

Dervish - Molly & Johnny.mp35.0MB

Dervish - The Dancing Bear.mp35.0MB

the Waterson Carthy - Rackabello.mp35.0MB

kathryn tickell - alnick sunderland lasses .mp35.0MB

martin hayes - Sean Ryan's Jig.mp35.0MB

dubliners - Black Velvet Band.mp35.0MB

The Pogues & The Dubliners - irish rover.MP35.0MB

irish folk festival - jackie daly & seamus creagh.mp34.0MB

John Roberts & Tony Barrand - Get Up Jack, John Sit Down.mp34.0MB

Dervish - Jim Coleman's Set.mp34.0MB

Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger - Hughie the Graeme (Chorus from.mp34.0MB

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan - The Berkshire Tragedy.mp34.0MB

The House Band - Pharoah.mp34.0MB

Barry Dransfield - Robin Hood and the Pedlar.mp34.0MB

Johnny Handle - Dance To Yer Daddy.mp34.0MB

dervish - Slides & Reels.mp34.0MB

Dervish - The Trip to Sligo Set.mp34.0MB

Stan Rodgers - Barratt's Privateers.mp34.0MB

solas - adieu lovely nancy.mp34.0MB

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan - Jack Orion + Rusty Jack.mp34.0MB

A.L. Lloyd - The Two Magicians.mp34.0MB

bonny lightorsman.mp34.0MB

Dervish - Bold Doherty.mp34.0MB

clancy brothers - Will You Go Lassie Go.mp34.0MB

the watersons - beggar man.mp34.0MB

various - the chieftains & ricky skaggs.mp34.0MB

old blind dogs - to the beggin' i will go.mp34.0MB

celtic fiddle festival - pigeon on the gate.mp33.0MB

old blind dogs - the ferret set.mp33.0MB

dubliners - The Fields of Athenry.mp33.0MB

The Wolfe Tones - Some Say the Divi.mp33.0MB

ceili house band - garrett barry's jig set.mp33.0MB

The Fureys and Davey Arthur - garret barry.mp33.0MB

Jean Redpath & Abby Newton - Lowlands - 05 - Lassie Wi' the .mp33.0MB

dubliners - Back in Durham Gaol.mp33.0MB

Johnny Handle - Durham Big Meeting Day.mp33.0MB

kathryn tickell - jean's reel.mp33.0MB

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan - Reel Du Pendu.mp33.0MB

Celtic-Sam Bush, Joshua Bell, Edgar Meyer - Death By Triple .mp33.0MB

the wolfe tones - The Dying Rebel.mp33.0MB

Dubliners - The Rocky Road To Dublin.mp33.0MB

Sweeney's Men - The House Carpenter.mp33.0MB

the watersons - the bonny lighthorseman.mp33.0MB

Martin Carthy & Bert Jansch - Scarborough Fair.mp33.0MB

Celtic Music - Sweeney's Buttermilk.mp33.0MB

Maddy Prior - Twankydillo.mp33.0MB

Pentangle - The Trees They Do Grow High.mp33.0MB

the Watersons - Sweet William.mp33.0MB

dick gaughan - The Knight And The Shepherd's Daughter.mp33.0MB

Johnny Handle - Elsie Marley.mp33.0MB

Roy Harris - The Methody Parson.mp33.0MB

The Wolfe Tones - The Foggy Dew.mp33.0MB

Kate Rusby - The Cobbler's Daughter.mp33.0MB

The Baltimore Consort - The Old Maid Of The Mil.mp33.0MB

Baltimore Consort - The Old Maid Of The Mil.mp33.0MB

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - The Skewbald.mp33.0MB

Dick Gaughan - Rattlin' Roarin' Willie The Friar's Britches.mp33.0MB

Martin Carthy - Famous Flower of Serving Men.mp33.0MB

tommy makem & liam clancy - the cobbler.mp33.0MB

planxty - I. The Acorny Lasses, II. The Old Wheels Of The Wo.mp33.0MB

ceili house band - whelan's (jig set).mp33.0MB

the drovers - Trad Reels.mp33.0MB

Old Blind Dogs - Willies aul trews.mp33.0MB

The Wolfe Tones - The Hare in the H.mp33.0MB

Dave Burland - Moving On Song.mp33.0MB

planxty - I. The Queen Of The Rushes, II. Paddy Fays Jig.mp33.0MB

irish folk - Tin Whistle.mp33.0MB

unkown could be dubliners and clancy bro. or Chieftans -.mp33.0MB

Kathryn Tickell - A B Hornpipe Mrs Bolowski's.mp33.0MB

old blind dogs - the trooper and the maid.mp33.0MB

gannetwing-The Gannet.mp33.0MB

dubliners - cork hornpipe.mp33.0MB

nic jones - jackie tar.mp33.0MB

Frankie Armstrong - The Crafty Maids Policy.mp33.0MB

The Wolfe Tones -General Munroe.mp33.0MB

Pentangle - Lord Franklin.mp33.0MB

gannetwing -Mackeral Shoals.mp32.0MB

gaelic storm - the farmer's frolic.mp32.0MB

The Wolfe Tones -A Row In The T.mp32.0MB

Dubliners - The Wild Rover.mp32.0MB

Dave Burland - Haul Away For Rosie.mp32.0MB

The Exiles - The Moving On Song.mp32.0MB

hill noel & tony macmahon - the ash plant the black hair.mp32.0MB

Ewan MacColl - Song Of The Iron Road.mp32.0MB

dolores keane - Kyle Brack Rambler Miss McGuinness Speed the.mp32.0MB

John Roberts & Tony Barrand - The Ballad of Minepit Shaw.mp32.0MB

shirley collins - the magpie's nest.mp32.0MB

gaelic storm - mccloud's reel.mp32.0MB

Dave Burland - Here's the Tender Coming.mp32.0MB

old blind dogs - The ÂŁ5 Flute & reels.mp32.0MB

the wolftones - Botony Bay.mp32.0MB

dubliners - the auld triangle.mp32.0MB

dubliners - Paddy on the Railway.mp32.0MB

Ian Campbell Group - Cushy Butterfield.mp32.0MB

chieftans - Dueling Bagpipes.mp32.0MB

The Johnstons - Ye Jacobites By Name.mp32.0MB

dubliners - the sick note.mp32.0MB

Kelly Family - live 1996 - Bumblebee Jig.mp32.0MB

dubliners - Swallows Tail Reel.mp32.0MB

Countryband - Reaphook and Sickle.mp3.mp32.0MB

old blind dogs - The Birkin Tree.mp32.0MB

frankie gavin & alec finn - Cup of Tea.mp32.0MB

Dave Swarbrick - The Cuckoo's Nest.mp32.0MB

Dervish - Red Haired Mairy.mp32.0MB

Johnny Handle - Farewell to the Monty.mp32.0MB

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - Carthy's Reel+The Return To.mp32.0MB

dick gaughan - The Pound A Week Rise.mp32.0MB

chieftans - double jig.mp32.0MB

Johnny Handle - The Colliers Rant.mp32.0MB

gannetwing - CptJacky.mp32.0MB

gannetwing- Hauling & Sinking Shanties.mp32.0MB

anne briggs - She Moves Through The Fair.mp32.0MB

dubliners - whiskey in the jar.mp32.0MB

clancy brothers - Whack Fol the Diddle.mp32.0MB

clancy brothers and the dubliners - Whikey, You're the D.mp32.0MB

Martin Carthy - Box On Her Head.mp32.0MB

gannetwing-Hadaway tom.mp32.0MB

David Parry - The Shanty Set part 1.mp32.0MB

young dubliners - bodhran.mp32.0MB

Ian Mac Harg, The High Drive.mp31.0MB

gannetwing-The Shepard's Song.mp31.0MB

gannetwing-john brown .mp31.0MB

the watersons - rap her to bank.mp31.0MB

The Wolfe Tones - Fields Of Athenrye.mp31.0MB

Ray & Archie Fisher - Twa Corbies.mp31.0MB

The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - The Boys Won't Leave The.mp31.0MB

Dervish - The Kilavill Set.mp31.0MB

Martin Carthy - The Bonny Black Hare.mp31.0MB

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - Jack Orion.mp31.0MB

Tim Hart & Maddy Prior - Sorry The Day I Was Married.mp31.0MB

John Roberts & Tony Barrand - Song of the Men's Side.mp31.0MB

The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem - Sing Of The Sea - 09_Blo.mp31.0MB

ewan maccoll - the press gang.mp31.0MB

The Pogues & The Dubliners - the rare old mountain dew.mp31.0MB

King of Peace.mp31.0MB

Davy Graham & Shirley Collins - Nottamun Town.mp31.0MB

clancy brothers - Johnson's Motor Car.mp31.0MB

Gannetwing haway me hinnys.mp31.0MB

tommy makem,liam clancy-mary mac.mp31.0MB

clancy brothers and the dubliners - irish fiddle song.mp31.0MB

the watersons - the whitby lad.mp31.0MB

Kathryn Tickell & Friends - Old Morpeth Rant.mp31.0MB

Jez Lowe & Bad Pennies. - Felton Lonnen_ Here's the Tender C.mp31.0MB

the watersons - king arthur's servants.mp31.0MB

Davy Graham & Shirley Collins - Hares On The Mountain.mp31.0MB

Dick FariĂąa & Eric Von Schmidt - Riddle Song.mp31.0MB


eliza carthy - blind fiddler.mp31.0MB

Gannetwing - nancy pickles.mp31.0MB

Dick Gaughan - World Turned Upside Down.mp31.0MB

gaelic storm - Tell Me Ma.mp31.0MB

Jim McGuire - Captain Pugwash.mp31.0MB

Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger - Turpin Hero.mp31.0MB



canny uknown.mp31.0MB

Wild Hills o Wannie Billy Pigg.mp3868.0KB

mc allman-boston harbour.mp3679.0KB

triumph street - Jig (Uillean Pipes).mp3630.0KB

Jolly Rogers - south australia.mp3624.0KB

Eddy and Finbar Furey - Pigeon on the Gate.mp3552.0KB

dervish - bellaghy fair.mp3442.0KB

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