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singles 320kbps queen 2010 collection

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(CD3)1984 - Thank God It's Christmas/03 Keep Passing The Open Windows.mp312.0MB

(CD5)1986 - A Kind Of Magic/02 A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling.mp310.0MB

(CD4)1985 - One Vision/02 Blurred Vision.mp310.0MB

(CD13)1989 - Scandal/01 Scandal.mp310.0MB

(CD7)1986 - Pain Is So Close To Pleasure/02 Don't Lose Your Head.mp310.0MB

(CD9)1986 - One Year Of Love/02 Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme).mp310.0MB

(CD9)1986 - One Year Of Love/01 One Year Of Love.mp310.0MB

(CD5)1986 - A Kind Of Magic/01 A Kind Of Magic.mp310.0MB

(CD3)1984 - Thank God It's Christmas/01 Thank God It's Christmas.mp39.0MB

(CD12)1989 - The Invisible Man/02 Hijack My Heart.mp39.0MB

(CD11)1989 - Breakthru/01 Breakthru.mp39.0MB

(CD1)1984 - It's A Hard Life/01 It's A Hard Life.mp39.0MB

(CD6)1986 - Friends Will Be Friends/01 Friends Will Be Friends.mp39.0MB

(CD10)1989 - I Want It All/01 I Want It All (Single Version).mp39.0MB

(CD8)1986 - Who Wants To Live Forever/01 Who Wants To Live Forever.mp39.0MB

(CD4)1985 - One Vision/01 One Vision (Single Version).mp39.0MB

(CD11)1989 - Breakthru/02 Stealin'.mp39.0MB

(CD7)1986 - Pain Is So Close To Pleasure/01 Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (Remix).mp39.0MB

(CD12)1989 - The Invisible Man/01 The Invisible Man.mp39.0MB

(CD10)1989 - I Want It All/02 Hang On In There.mp38.0MB

(CD2)1984 - Hammer To Fall/01 Hammer To Fall (Edit).mp38.0MB

(CD6)1986 - Friends Will Be Friends/02 Princes Of The Universe.mp38.0MB

(CD3)1984 - Thank God It's Christmas/02 Man On The Prowl.mp38.0MB

(CD2)1984 - Hammer To Fall/02 Tear It Up.mp37.0MB

(CD8)1986 - Who Wants To Live Forever/02 Forever (Piano Version).mp37.0MB

(CD13)1989 - Scandal/02 My Life Has Been Saved.mp37.0MB

(CD1)1984 - It's A Hard Life/02 Is This The World We Created.mp35.0MB

Covers/(CD5)1986 - A Kind Of Magic/back.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD9)1986 - One Year Of Love/back.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD11)1989 - Breakthru/front.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD13)1989 - Scandal/back.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD7)1986 - Pain Is So Close To Pleasure/front.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD5)1986 - A Kind Of Magic/front.jpg1.0MB

Covers/Back box.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD8)1986 - Who Wants To Live Forever/front.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD9)1986 - One Year Of Love/front.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD8)1986 - Who Wants To Live Forever/back.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD7)1986 - Pain Is So Close To Pleasure/back.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD6)1986 - Friends Will Be Friends/front.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD3)1984 - Thank God It's Christmas/front.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD6)1986 - Friends Will Be Friends/back.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD2)1984 - Hammer To Fall/front.jpg1.0MB

Covers/(CD13)1989 - Scandal/front.jpg959.0KB

Covers/(CD10)1989 - I Want It All/back.jpg951.0KB

Covers/(CD3)1984 - Thank God It's Christmas/back.jpg896.0KB

Covers/(CD1)1984 - It's A Hard Life/back.jpg836.0KB

Covers/(CD4)1985 - One Vision/front.jpg823.0KB

Covers/(CD1)1984 - It's A Hard Life/front.jpg743.0KB

Covers/(CD12)1989 - The Invisible Man/front.jpg648.0KB

Covers/(CD4)1985 - One Vision/back.jpg644.0KB

Covers/(CD4)1985 - One Vision/cd.jpg567.0KB

Covers/(CD2)1984 - Hammer To Fall/back.jpg550.0KB

Covers/(CD9)1986 - One Year Of Love/cd.jpg548.0KB

Covers/(CD5)1986 - A Kind Of Magic/cd.jpg546.0KB

Covers/(CD13)1989 - Scandal/cd.jpg545.0KB

Covers/(CD8)1986 - Who Wants To Live Forever/cd.jpg535.0KB

Covers/(CD7)1986 - Pain Is So Close To Pleasure/cd.jpg525.0KB

Covers/(CD2)1984 - Hammer To Fall/cd.jpg524.0KB

Covers/(CD11)1989 - Breakthru/back.jpg515.0KB

Covers/(CD12)1989 - The Invisible Man/cd.jpg503.0KB

Covers/(CD11)1989 - Breakthru/cd.jpg498.0KB

Covers/(CD3)1984 - Thank God It's Christmas/cd.jpg498.0KB

Covers/(CD1)1984 - It's A Hard Life/cd.jpg498.0KB

Covers/(CD10)1989 - I Want It All/front.jpg491.0KB

Covers/(CD6)1986 - Friends Will Be Friends/cd.jpg485.0KB

Covers/(CD10)1989 - I Want It All/cd.jpg465.0KB

Covers/(CD12)1989 - The Invisible Man/back.jpg418.0KB

Covers/Front box.jpg52.0KB

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