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2002 Dreams D'Azur/08- Marea (Part 1, 2 & 3).mp327.0MB

1996 Arte Novecento/10- Carnival.mp322.0MB

1996 Arte Novecento/07- Nursery Rhyme.mp319.0MB

2001 Novembrine Waltz/02- Everasia.mp319.0MB

1996 Arte Novecento/09- Will.mp318.0MB

2002 Dreams D'Azur/06- Swim Seagull In The Sky.mp318.0MB

1996 Arte Novecento/01- Pioggia... January Tunes.mp318.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/06- Swim Seagull In The Sky.mp317.0MB

2006 Materia/03- Reason.mp317.0MB

1996 Arte Novecento/06- A Memory.mp316.0MB

2001 Novembrine Waltz/07- Valentine (Almost An Instrumental).mp316.0MB

2007 The Blue/10- Zenith.mp316.0MB

2001 Novembrine Waltz/09- Conservatory Resonance.mp316.0MB

2006 Materia/06- Geppetto.mp316.0MB

2006 Materia/07- Comedia.mp315.0MB

2007 The Blue/09- Cantus Christi.mp315.0MB

2002 Dreams D'Azur/02- Novembre.mp315.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/02- Novembre - Its Blood.mp315.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/09- Winter 1941.mp315.0MB

2001 Novembrine Waltz/04- Child Of The Twilight.mp315.0MB

2001 Novembrine Waltz/03- Come Pierrot.mp314.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/07- Onirica East.mp314.0MB

2001 Novembrine Waltz/06- Flower.mp314.0MB

2006 Materia/10- Croma.mp314.0MB

2007 The Blue/12- Deorbit.mp314.0MB

2002 Dreams D'Azur/05- Sirens In Filth.mp314.0MB

2001 Novembrine Waltz/01- Distances.mp314.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/08- Nostalgia - Its Haze.mp314.0MB

2006 Materia/11- Nothijngrad.mp314.0MB

2007 The Blue/04- Bluecracy.mp313.0MB

2001 Novembrine Waltz/08- Venezia Dismal.mp313.0MB

2007 The Blue/03- Cobalt Of March.mp313.0MB

2006 Materia/02- Memoria Stoica - Vetro.mp313.0MB

2002 Dreams D'Azur/01- The Dream Of The Old Boats.mp313.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/05- Sirens In Filth.mp313.0MB

2002 Dreams D'Azur/10- The White Eyed.mp313.0MB

2006 Materia/05- Jules.mp313.0MB

2006 Materia/01- Verne.mp313.0MB

2006 Materia/09- Materia.mp313.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/02- Tales From A Winter To Come.mp312.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/11- The White Eyed.mp312.0MB

2006 Materia/08- The Promise (Arcadia Cover).mp312.0MB

2007 The Blue/08- Sound Odyssey.mp312.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/01 The Dream Of The Old Boats.mp312.0MB

2007 The Blue/11- Argentic.mp312.0MB

1996 Arte Novecento/05- Worn Carillon.mp312.0MB

1996 Arte Novecento/03- Remorse.mp312.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/11- Colour Of An Eye.mp312.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/01- Cold Blue Steel.mp312.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/09- Behind My Window - My Seas Of Youth.mp312.0MB

2006 Materia/04- Aquamarine.mp311.0MB

2007 The Blue/07- Iridescence.mp311.0MB

2001 Novembrine Waltz/05- Cloudbusting (Kate Bush Cover).mp311.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/10- Old Lighthouse Tale.mp311.0MB

1996 Arte Novecento/02- Homecoming.mp311.0MB

2007 The Blue/02- Triesteitaliana.mp311.0MB

2007 The Blue/05- Architheme.mp311.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/04- My Starving Bambina.mp310.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/12- Tales From A Winter To Come (Demo).mp310.0MB

2002 Dreams D'Azur/09- Old Lighthouse Tale.mp310.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/05- Love Story.mp310.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/06- L'Epoque Noire (March The 7th 12973 A.D.).mp310.0MB

2007 The Blue/01. Aenemia.mp310.0MB

2007 The Blue/06- Nascence.mp310.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/03- Nostalgiaplatz.mp310.0MB

2002 Dreams D'Azur/11- Neanderthal Sands.mp39.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/08- Foto Blu Infinito.mp39.0MB

2002 Dreams D'Azur/03- Nottetempo.mp39.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/03- Night - At Once.mp39.0MB

2002 Dreams D'Azur/07- The Music.mp39.0MB

2002 Dreams D'Azur/12- Christal.mp39.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/07- The Music.mp39.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/12- Neanderthal Sands.mp38.0MB

1996 Arte Novecento/04- Stripped (Depeche Mode Cover).mp37.0MB

2002 Dreams D'Azur/04- Let Me Hate.mp37.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/04- Let Me Hate.mp37.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/10- Outro - Spirit Of The Forest (Tales... Reprise).mp36.0MB

1999 Classica (2008 Re-Release)/13- Winter 1941 (Demo).mp36.0MB

1996 Arte Novecento/08- Photograph.mp35.0MB

1994 Wish I Could Dream It Again/13- Christal.mp34.0MB

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