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The torrent has 208 files, total 2.0GB, created at Dec. 17, 2014.

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5.LOSSLESS/[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (WAV)/DEPAPEPE - Let's Go!!!.wav445.0MB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/07. Share My World feat.Sin(from Singular).wav116.0MB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/11. かがやける日々.wav102.0MB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/01. UNION.wav96.0MB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/03. Memories feat.coba.wav91.0MB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/06. あの橋を渡ろう.wav88.0MB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/02. ツバメ.wav80.0MB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/10. Happy Birthday.wav79.0MB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/09. 風薫る.wav76.0MB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/08. always.wav72.0MB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/05. SPARK!.wav72.0MB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/04. Three Minutes Cooking.wav62.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/15 - Special Lady (The Wedding Anthem).mp313.0MB

1.SINGLE/02.[2005.11.30] Spur - Swingin Happy X Mas/01 - Spur - Winter Version '05.mp313.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/01. シュプール -WINTER VERSION '05.mp313.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2009.12.02] DEPACLA2 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS 2〜/01. 交響曲第9番~第4楽章.mp313.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/13. THIS WAY -B.O.R. ver.-.mp313.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/07. Share My World feat.Sin(from Singular).mp313.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/12 Sakura Kaze.mp312.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/03 - Sailing.mp312.0MB

3.MINI/01.[2004.02.05] ACOUSTIC FRIENDS/07. Ki more you no nakade.mp312.0MB

3.MINI/01.[2004.02.05] ACOUSTIC FRIENDS/08. This Way.mp312.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/11. かがやける日々.mp311.0MB

1.SINGLE/03.[2006.03.15] ラハイナ/02. きっとまたいつか.mp311.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/12. きっとまたいつか.mp311.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/04 - 紫陽花.mp311.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/01. UNION.mp310.0MB

3.MINI/01.[2004.02.05] ACOUSTIC FRIENDS/04. Suimen ni uka bu kingyobachi.mp310.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/07 Marine Drive.mp310.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/08. Hello.mp310.0MB

3.MINI/02.[2004.07.15] Sky! Sky! Sky!/01. Sky! Sky! Sky!.mp310.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2009.12.02] DEPACLA2 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS 2〜/06. 亡き王女のためのパヴァーヌ.mp310.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2009.12.02] DEPACLA2 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS 2〜/02. 行進曲「威風堂々」.mp310.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2009.12.02] DEPACLA2 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS 2〜/10. 主よ、人の望みの喜びよ.mp310.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/03. Memories feat.coba.mp310.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/04. One(ABCテレビ「LIFE~夢のカタチ~」テーマ曲).mp310.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/03. Beautiful Wind.mp310.0MB

1.SINGLE/01.[2005.07.20] SUMMER PARADE/04 - Hoshi no Kazu Dake Negai Todoku.mp39.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/06. あの橋を渡ろう.mp39.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/04. Snow Dance -winter session-.mp39.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/02. Night & Day.mp39.0MB

3.MINI/02.[2004.07.15] Sky! Sky! Sky!/03. さざなみ.mp39.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/09. DAYS.mp39.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/14. 晴れ 時どき 雪.mp39.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/11. 哀愁バイオレット.mp39.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/10 - ジャンボリー.mp39.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/09 - Dolphindance.mp39.0MB

3.MINI/01.[2004.02.05] ACOUSTIC FRIENDS/05. Kaze.mp39.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/05. Starry Night.mp39.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/10. Happy Birthday.mp39.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.11.28] DEPACLA 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS〜 (192)/06 - Bolero (Ravel).mp39.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/02 Ready! GO!!.mp39.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/02. ツバメ.mp39.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/12. 白い花.mp38.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/07 - 二人の写真.mp38.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2009.12.02] DEPACLA2 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS 2〜/04. グリーンスリーヴスによる幻想曲.mp38.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/02. Lion(tvk「saku saku」オープニングテーマ).mp38.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2009.12.02] DEPACLA2 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS 2〜/09. 夜想曲第2番.mp38.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/10. Pride.mp38.0MB

3.MINI/01.[2004.02.05] ACOUSTIC FRIENDS/03. Mayonaka no Kaitou.mp38.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/09. 風薫る.mp38.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/07. パステル通り.mp38.0MB

1.SINGLE/02.[2005.11.30] Spur - Swingin Happy X Mas/02 - Swingin' Happy X'mas.mp38.0MB

1.SINGLE/06.[2009.04.22] KATANA/01. KANATA.mp38.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/01 - ラハイナ.mp38.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/02 - Katana.mp38.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/08 - Orange.mp38.0MB

1.SINGLE/06.[2009.04.22] KATANA/02. KANATA staging Diggy-MO'.mp38.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/08. always.mp38.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2009.12.02] DEPACLA2 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS 2〜/05. アダージョ.mp38.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/05. SPARK!.mp38.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/11 THIS WAY B.O.R. ver..mp38.0MB

1.SINGLE/03.[2006.03.15] ラハイナ/01. ラハイナ.mp38.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/05 Horizon.mp38.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/11 - Papapa.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/06. Notes For Flora.mp37.0MB

1.SINGLE/01.[2005.07.20] SUMMER PARADE/01 - Summer Parade.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/06 Tabi no Sora Kara.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/09. Wind On The Coastline.mp37.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/10 - SUNSHINE SURF!!.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/06 - 最後の晩餐.mp37.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/03. 夕焼けサイクリング.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/04 Kinjirareta Koi.mp37.0MB

1.SINGLE/06.[2009.04.22] KATANA/03. HighRock!!.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/07. Route 128.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/05 - HighRock!!.mp37.0MB

3.MINI/04.[2005.05.19] Hi! Mode!! (192)/06 - Shupuuru.mp37.0MB

3.MINI/02.[2004.07.15] Sky! Sky! Sky!/05. 微風.mp37.0MB

1.SINGLE/04.[2006.10.11] Night & Day (VBR)/01 Night & Day.mp37.0MB

1.SINGLE/01.[2005.07.20] SUMMER PARADE/03 - Old Beach.mp37.0MB

1.SINGLE/05.[2007.02.21] 桜風 (192)/01. Sakura Kaze.mp37.0MB

3.MINI/02.[2004.07.15] Sky! Sky! Sky!/02. Sabamba.mp37.0MB

3.MINI/02.[2004.07.15] Sky! Sky! Sky!/04. Time.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/01 - Fake.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/11 GIGIO2.mp37.0MB

3.MINI/03.[2004.12.02] PASSION OF GRADATION (VBR)/04. Snow Dance.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/13 - Quarrel.mp37.0MB

3.MINI/03.[2004.12.02] PASSION OF GRADATION (VBR)/05. Arigatou.mp37.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/05. TIME.mp37.0MB

1.SINGLE/06.[2009.04.22] KATANA/04. 雨音.mp37.0MB

3.MINI/01.[2004.02.05] ACOUSTIC FRIENDS/02. La Tanta.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/01. 恋水(ABCテレビ「おはよう朝日です」お天気コーナーBGM).mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/10 VIVA! JUMP!.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/12 - 真夏の疑惑.mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/01 FESTA!!.mp37.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2009.12.02] DEPACLA2 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS 2〜/03. 結婚行進曲.mp37.0MB

1.SINGLE/01.[2005.07.20] SUMMER PARADE/02 - B.B.D.mp37.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/12 Arigatou. (for you ver.).mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/04. Three Minutes Cooking.mp37.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.11.28] DEPACLA 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS〜 (192)/03 - G-Ray aria (Bach).mp37.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/03 Great Escape.mp36.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/02 - Start.mp36.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/08 ROSY.mp36.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/05 Komorebino nakade (brilliant ver.).mp36.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/09 - Wedding Bell.mp36.0MB

1.SINGLE/03.[2006.03.15] ラハイナ/03. JAC(K) IN THE BOX.mp36.0MB

3.MINI/04.[2005.05.19] Hi! Mode!! (192)/05 - Hantsuki.mp36.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2009.12.02] DEPACLA2 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS 2〜/07. トルコ行進曲.mp36.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/02 - Sky!Sky!Sky!.mp36.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/06 - Kazami dori.mp36.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/13 - Sky!Sky!Sky! -'07ver -.mp36.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/03 Sky!Sky!Sky! '07 ver..mp36.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/06. Dreams.mp36.0MB

1.SINGLE/04.[2006.10.11] Night & Day (VBR)/03 HACHIROKU.mp36.0MB

3.MINI/01.[2004.02.05] ACOUSTIC FRIENDS/06. Itsukamita michi.mp36.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.11.28] DEPACLA 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS〜 (192)/04 - Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor 13 Pathetique (Beethoven).mp36.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/01 Kaze ('07 ver.).mp35.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/11 - 星の数だけ願いは届く.mp35.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/10 Snow Dance winter session.mp35.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.11.28] DEPACLA 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS〜 (192)/01 - Pachelbel's Canon (Johann Pachelbel).mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/08 - Ame agari.mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/09 - Kitto Mata Itsuka (album version).mp35.0MB

1.SINGLE/05.[2007.02.21] 桜風 (192)/02. DAYS.mp35.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/13 SINGING BIRD.mp35.0MB

1.SINGLE/04.[2006.10.11] Night & Day (VBR)/02 PASTEL Doori.mp35.0MB

3.MINI/03.[2004.12.02] PASSION OF GRADATION (VBR)/01. GEKIJOU Melancholic.mp35.0MB

3.MINI/04.[2005.05.19] Hi! Mode!! (192)/01 - Aishu Violet.mp35.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/04 Sazanam (splash ver.).mp35.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/09 - さざなみ.mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/11 - SUNSHINE SURF!!.mp35.0MB

3.MINI/01.[2004.02.05] ACOUSTIC FRIENDS/01. Hi-D!!.mp35.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/04 - FLOW.mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/12 - FLOW.mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/13 - Lahaina (mahalo version).mp35.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.11.28] DEPACLA 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS〜 (192)/05 - Gymnopédie No. 1 (Erik Satie).mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/05 - Nemachi no Tsuki.mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/06 - Sakura Mau.mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/04 - SLOW SUNSET.mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/03.[2008.04.02] Hop! Skip! Jump!/09 A Bottom.mp35.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/06 - SLOW SUNSET.mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/07 - Hakushaku no Koi.mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/01 - Kimidori.mp35.0MB

1.SINGLE/04.[2006.10.11] Night & Day (VBR)/04 Hikari no SAKI e.mp35.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/03 - Over the Sea.mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/10 - Over The Sea.mp35.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/02 - Lahaina.mp34.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/08. 散歩道.mp34.0MB

3.MINI/03.[2004.12.02] PASSION OF GRADATION (VBR)/06. Fun Time.mp34.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/07 - Tokei Jikake no Carnival.mp34.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2009.12.02] DEPACLA2 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS 2〜/08. 天国と地獄.mp34.0MB

3.MINI/04.[2005.05.19] Hi! Mode!! (192)/03 - Harvest.mp34.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/11 - li hi Dattane.mp34.0MB

3.MINI/03.[2004.12.02] PASSION OF GRADATION (VBR)/02. Dunk.mp34.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/07 Gekijou (Melancholic MIX).mp34.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/03 - Wake Up!.mp34.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/05 - SUMMER PARADE.mp34.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/05 - Butterfly.mp34.0MB

3.MINI/04.[2005.05.19] Hi! Mode!! (192)/02 - Yuuyake Cycling.mp34.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/02 La tanta cha cha cha ver..mp34.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/10 - Bravo March.mp34.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/08 - Seishun Comeback.mp34.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/12 - T.M.G..mp34.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/06 Mayonaka no Kaitou.mp34.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/10. Morning Smile.mp34.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/08 - 光ノサキへ.mp34.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/12 - ひと夏の恋.mp34.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/08 Itsuka Mitamichi ('07 ver.).mp34.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/09 DUNK studio session.mp33.0MB

3.MINI/04.[2005.05.19] Hi! Mode!! (192)/04 - Tiger.mp33.0MB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/14 - Mint.mp33.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/01 - Hi-D!!!.mp33.0MB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/03 - judgement.mp33.0MB

2.STUDIO/01.[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (192)/04 - Mtmm.mp32.0MB

3.MINI/04.[2005.05.19] Hi! Mode!! (192)/07 - Morning Smile.mp32.0MB

3.MINI/03.[2004.12.02] PASSION OF GRADATION (VBR)/03. Friends.mp32.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/07 - Happy Shine.mp32.0MB

1.SINGLE/05.[2007.02.21] 桜風 (192)/03. Happy Shine.mp32.0MB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.11.28] DEPACLA 〜DEPAPEPE PLAYS THE CLASSICS〜 (192)/02 - Voice of the invention No. 4 (Bach).mp31.0MB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/11. - Interlude-.mp31.0MB

2.STUDIO/06.[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining/cover.jpg162.0KB

5.LOSSLESS/[2012.10.03] Acoustic & Dining (WAV)/cover.jpg162.0KB

2.STUDIO/02.[2006.04.19] Ciao! Bravo! (192)/folder.jpg114.0KB

1.SINGLE/01.[2005.07.20] SUMMER PARADE/folder.jpg112.0KB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.06.30] デパナツ〜drive! drive!! drive!!!〜 (192)/folder.jpg72.0KB

4.COVER&ETC/[2007.04.25] BEGINNING OF THE ROAD -collection of early songs- (192)/folder.jpg71.0KB

3.MINI/03.[2004.12.02] PASSION OF GRADATION (VBR)/cover.jpg61.0KB

1.SINGLE/06.[2009.04.22] KATANA/cover.jpg47.0KB

1.SINGLE/04.[2006.10.11] Night & Day (VBR)/folder.jpg38.0KB

2.STUDIO/04.[2006.06.03] Do!/cover.jpg30.0KB

3.MINI/01.[2004.02.05] ACOUSTIC FRIENDS/cover.jpg30.0KB

4.COVER&ETC/[2008.11.26] デパフユ~晴れ時どき雪~/cover.jpg26.0KB

3.MINI/02.[2004.07.15] Sky! Sky! Sky!/cover.jpg24.0KB

2.STUDIO/05.[2011.05.18] ONE/cover.jpg20.0KB

1.SINGLE/03.[2006.03.15] ラハイナ/cover.jpg18.0KB

1.SINGLE/02.[2005.11.30] Spur - Swingin Happy X Mas/folder.jpg15.0KB

5.LOSSLESS/[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (WAV)/cover.jpg14.0KB

5.LOSSLESS/[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (WAV)/DEPAPEPE - Let's Go!!!.log4.0KB

5.LOSSLESS/[2005.05.18] Let's Go !!! (WAV)/DEPAPEPE - Let's Go!!!.cue3.0KB

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